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Season 2, Episode 9


Age: 21
Location: Texas
Addiction: Anorexia, Bulimia
What’s memorable: Her eating disorder’s name is Eddie. She throws up, starves herself, and chews and spits out her food and she doesn’t even look sick.

Official synopsis:  Annie is anorexic and bulimic. Now her fiancé, Kevin, desperately wants an intervention because he’s afraid that Annie’s eating disorders will kill her.

Original Air Date: March 2006
Interventionist: Dr Jen Berman

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  1. MissLeopard83

    Just the fact that her parents made her feel inadequate is cause enough to develop an eating disorder. It’s probably a very good thing that she cut all ties with them. I’m not at all surprised that she ended up breaking up with her fiance since she was keeping her rituals secret (like staying up all night on the computer while “chewing and spitting” her food). I hope she is still happy and healthy as the end of the show implied.

  2. Jimmie

    So, was it implying at the end of the show that she married her friend Salina???

    1. Tina

      @JIMMIE No, you were confused somehow.

      The end of the show read that Annie married an old friend (no name given) and they went on to have a daughter together. They also had a photo taken on Annie’s wedding day with Selena by her side as “maid of honor”. Selena gained weight after her own treatment and we can assume she stayed with her supportive husband, Blake, who was also on the show.

  3. Lo

    Her interventionist is Dr. Jenn Berman! So surprised to see her on the show, I don’t think she did any of the others.

  4. Elizabeth

    You really should remove the part that say that she didn’t look sick, that really could make someone relapse, if someone said that about me, I wouldnt look back! So please remove it, in case she looks at this.

    1. Dizzy

      I hear what you’re saying and I appreciate that you’re concerned, but honestly if I had to make sure that no content on this site could possibly trigger anyone towards a relapse, there wouldn’t be a site. That’s just an impossible task. Triggers are different for everyone. Although I try to keep cruel comments off of here, I do not claim that this is a safe space for all recovering addicts. It’s a place to talk about addiction and Intervention.

      1. Jeez

        Saying that she “doesn’t look sick” isn’t triggering. It minimizes her struggles and makes it seem like according to you she doesn’t have a “real problem.” It really easy for you to just delete that line.

      2. ar

        Saying she doesn’t look sick doesn’t minimize her struggles–it exposes them. Part of the show is demonstrating different themes of addiction. And the ability to for one to mask their illness, either from themselves or others, is integral to treatment.

      3. Xlio

        Leave Dizzy alone. I think the point she was trying to get across was clear: even if someone seems “ok” they very well might not be. Annie did a superb job at hiding her disease. I say this as someone who has recovered from anorexia.

      4. Seriously?

        I am no longer going to check your site because of this. Thanks for creating more harm in the world.

    2. EJC

      Bless this comment ☹️

  5. Tori

    Does anyone have any more recent updates on her?

  6. julia

    i’m a bullimic myself and her story came hard on me. wondering how she is today – any news?

  7. Meg

    Really felt for Annie. She likely “didn’t look sick” at 150 calories a day BC she is meant to be much larger. When I had an eating disorder, even at my sickest, I only got to 145lbs. I am now 190lbs and really healthy, like truly healthy. This is part of what makes eating disorders so hard and so dangerous. You can never tell! Much love to you Annie, hope you’re doing so well ❤️