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Season 2, Episode 2


Age: 39
Location: California
Addicted to: Alcohol (whiskey)
What’s memorable: How relatively high functioning he is in his career considering his depression and alcoholism.

Official synopsis: Howard, 39, is a driving instructor to celebrities, the CIA, and the FBI, but he drinks when he can’t get high from driving fast. Now, Howard’s doctor has told him his liver is failing, and unless he stops drinking, he will die.
Original Air Date: November 2005
Interventionist: Tara

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  1. Cas

    What became of Howard is he still with his girl?

  2. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

    I would like to know too…does anyone know?

  3. Oran

    I feel for this guy. I can relate to him in his alcoholism and depression. Hope he’s doing well.

  4. Maggie

    I think this is his Facebook page.

    1. John

      That’s good to see he seems okay. Do you know his ex girlfriend’s Facebook?