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Season 10, Episode 3


Age: 30’s
Location: Pennsylvania
Addicted to: Alcohol, gambling
What’s Memorable: That seriously tearjerking intervention.

Legacy Update:

Official synopsis:  Eddie, an All-American baseball player in college with offers to play in the majors, was pursuing two master’s degrees but school pressure and his father’s overbearing expectations pushed Eddie to drink and gamble heavily. His addictions have left him divorced, homeless, and in legal trouble due to five DUI charges. Can an intervention save this once perfect son and hometown hero from self-destruction?

Original Air Date: July 2011
Interventionist: Jeff

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  1. Gregory Moore

    Eddie’s beautiful spirit shines through, even when he was at his lowest. The ending of this episode made me among the happiest of all the recoveries I’ve witnessed on “Intervention”. His life’s path was determined by his father at an early age…and through immaturity and the foolishness of youth, he upset his father’s plans. He was branded a f-up, despite getting two degrees from Duke University. I think his dad meant well, though his techniques were pretty ham-fisted. He wondered why his son was a self-loathing alcoholic? It’s because that is what his father PROGRAMMED him to think of himself. It seems (as of the end of the episode) that Eddie had gotten it together and was pointed in the right direction. Here’s hoping that it worked for him. He seems like such a good, kind and lovely fellow. I wish him the best.

    1. Judith Peterson

      Eddie, you are not alone. Brent Moss from Racine Wi, is 43 years old and still suffers. Your life was the same. Please embrass your recovery. Brent is now on dialysis and still suffers in the past.

  2. Summer

    Wow Eddie. You’re like a completely different person 2 months later. You look great and you speak with the confidence of a Man. Congratulations on your recovery. Hard work..bottom line. Good job.

  3. Steven Nelson

    My name is Steve Nelson my father and my grandmother have both died from alcoholism. I am Eddie as you can here in the episode they say baseball was taken from him at least 5 times. That’s because the politics in baseball are very ugly. You have to be chosen or selected to be in it’s like a rich boyz club. Once Eddie made the mistake he was never going to be apart of the MLB. Playing baseball on the field has nothing to do with who you are off the field and there shouldn’t be a human judgment system over run by billions of dollars at stake from the profits of the mlb and gambling in Vegas. EDDIE I started we’re all athletes are pros and everyone has a chance to call themselves the best. In moneysports you can live a normal life and still live your dream. It’s simple it’s the World Series of poker meets sports were you only get paid if you win !!!! Last thing I will say is I hate seeing guys who get paid millions not go 100% like Pete Rose and Eddie don’t drink I need all the support I can get so if you want to help my cause the doors open

  4. Sandra

    Eddie, your story touched me the most. I have a similar story, but with swimming. I have two masters from Columbia, yet was never perfect enough for my dad. I hope you are sober.

  5. Samantha

    Eddie, I’m so hoping you were able to stay sober. My dad and all his brothers were and are alcoholics. My dad basically died in my life when I was 3 but he is still alive. For him alcohol was always far more important then me or his 2 other kids. When I went to visit him in South Carolina he wanted me to drink with him at the time I was deep in a pain pill addiction and saw pretty much any substance as good. When I couldn’t “keep up” with him he was disappointed in me. My whole life he’s treated me like crap. Then after I got clean I became mentally ill. I believe the pills were making me so numb and covering the depression, anxiety and bipolar. When I told him about this and that I’d gotten help like meds and therapy. He disowned me. He told me no one in our family is so weak they would need those things so I’m not truly a part of the family. I believe he is mentally ill top but drinks to self medicate. My favorite uncle died about 7 years ago because all his organs hardened from the drinking. I just hope you have stayed away so you don’t meet the same fate or something worse that comes from drinking. I hope you have a very happy life and that you and your family have worked everything out!

  6. M

    Anyone know how he’s doing?

  7. K

    This was one of my favorite episodes. I am glad to see Eddie is doing well, and it looks like he is an assistant coach. I’m so happy for him.

  8. Melissity

    I love happy endings :’-)
    Proud of you Eddie! And your family!

  9. Xlio

    Two Master degrees? Wow! It’s so obvious how father wanted to love vicariously through him. Poor dude. I hope he’s still doing well!