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Season 11, Episode 7


Age: 24
Location: Bradenton, Florida
Addiction: Oxycodone, Xananx, Oxycontin

What’s memorable: What a messed up family she comes from. Her father pretty much ignored her once he had a son and now he outright considers her an investment gone bad. Also, the mother who writes books about being married to a muslim terrorist, and the creepy boyfriend. Wonder what happened to that guy? They don’t mention him after those couple of disturbing scenes. Also, Zeinah’s intervention is one of the most powerful I’ve seen. “I’m not scared of going to fucking rehab, it’s failing I’m scared of.”

Legacy Update:

Official Synopsis: Once a successful, outstanding student, Zeinah turned to drugs to deal with the drama-filled divorce between her Christian mother and Muslim father. After her husband overdosed, her drug use increased, and she lost custody of her daughter. Can Zeinah’s family forget their grudges and religious differences to come together and save her from her prescription pill death spiral?

Original Air Date: February 2012
Interventionist: Jeff

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  1. Internet Detective

    So in Nov. of 2009 she gets popped for child neglect along with her husband. He dies (from an OD?) in February of 2010. I’m guessing she’s gotten worse since then and the intervention show filmed in 2011 sometime.

    1. MSU Vet

      She is still sober and is now a loving mother celebrating life

  2. Dizzy

    Her husband OD’d on pills last year and Zeinah spiralled out of control after that. I don’t know anything about the child neglect charges – don’t think that was mentioned in the episode.

  3. David

    Zeinah, you are the most beautiful young lady on earth.I hope and pray that you find happiness and success in this life. I cried watching your show. That’s not like me. GOD bless and always know that I’m pulling for you.

  4. Sonni

    How is Zeinah now? Would like to talk with her.Thanks

  5. marcy lily

    I know her mom loves her but I detest the parents/siblings that try to flip the intervention process to solely make it all about them . There was a tiny part of me that wondered if her mom did this to get HER face on tv to advance her book/movie plans . I know there were abandonment issues with Zeinah towards her father but he came across as a very loving man . Not some evil extremist creep that the mom painted .
    I can not help but feel like her mom’s drama issues helped mess this woman up in some manner too .

  6. Tommy

    Zeinah Im so glad your doing great. Your Dad seems like a intelligent loving man, who is NOT a member of ISIS like your mom says. If I were you I would write a book about My insane mother who belongs in Arkham Asylum, j/k. You would sell way more than her. But keep up the great work.
    your story is one I can relate to.

  7. Drbzy

    Here is an update on Zeinah via social media. According to her Facebook page ( she is still clean and in contact with her daughter on a regular basis. She’s also in college! So good to hear of a success story!

    1. Melly

      Looks like she’s happily married now! Still sober & doing very well. Best wishes, congratulations, and wishing her a lifetime of happiness

  8. Carla

    Zeinah’s mother passed away in 2013. It seems they made peace, so she might appreciate the general public laying off the “crazy” remarks. I’m sure she did the best she could as a mother.

  9. Dan

    One day at a time Z,, just for today

  10. Anonymous

    I am so happy to hear she is in college and doing great!! Way to go! Love to hear the success stories, what a strong woman to have put up with that kind of mother. Wow her mother was in a category of her own, I hope Zeniah made her peace with her. Blessings to you Zeniah!

  11. Tom

    In episode 205 (Sierra), the show posted an update of Zeinah Skyping with her interventionist, Jeff. She is clean, in college, and a mom. Congratulations to her for her sobriety.

    1. Jeanette

      Just saw this update embedded in the Sierra episode. Zeinah looks amazing – so glad to see she is doing well.

  12. :)

    She now works as a specialist at a rehab! So happy for her!

  13. Rmc

    My daughter went to school with Zeinah. I knew her mother, not her father. Perhaps a misguided mom but she did love her children. Zeinah was always a popular intelligent girl destined for greatness. So glad to see she is living up to all the potential she has.

  14. J

    Her and her husband (who she met while at Hope by the Sea) work at an outpatient center for addiction in CA: . They also have a daughter together.

  15. Stone Harper

    Just checked her Facebook, she is still sober and appears to be very happy!

  16. Sue

    Wow she works and helped start a rehab center! Now there is some good results of sobriety. God bless you girl and your beautiful family.

  17. Pang

    This was a great episode covering all sorts of interesting issues. It is awesome to see she is now director of admissions at a rehab place and looks to be doing great. There is even more back story than we got to see on the episode, you can read about it here: