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S12E14 Nick

Season 12, Episode 14


Age: 23
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Addiction: Heroin
What’s memorable: The nasty abscesses and infections, stabbing himself in the gut so he could go to the hospital and get drugs, going once a week to the very sketchy Juarez, Mexico to smuggle heroin over the border. And the girlfriend of his, Crystal, ironically a drug and alcohol counselor, who completely takes care of him like a mother and enables him to stay an addict. And now she’s addicted to heroin too. I’m thinking she might not be a great addiction counselor.

Official Synopsis: Nick, 23, uses his business talents to deal in heroin rather than business. Once the apple of his father’s eye and destined to carry on his successful business practices, Nick’s early rule-breaking and experimentation in drugs landed him as the black sheep of the family. Now abandoned by his family, Nick lives in a heroin daze, crossing the border into Mexico to get his next fix.

Original Air Date: November 2012
Interventionist: Seth

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  1. Gregory Moore

    Very moving episode. The actual intervention of this episode was a serious tear-jerker. Nick derailed, big-time, early-on–and it seems he fell into that classic pattern with his parents (especially his father) of “You already think I’m a fuck-up… so watch THIS!” That’s an awfully difficult thing to climb out of–and then add some heroin to the mix…not to mention his drug-counselor-turned-co-junkie girlfriend! What a disaster! I really did relate to Nick, somehow…and even though his behavior throughout is selfish, irrational and obnoxious, I really hope he’s found his way to the right path. He seems like a good person–a good person who made some horrifically bad life choices.

    1. Christy Palmiter

      I am really interested in finding out how Nick on episode 180 is doing. I was so drawn into him and I really want to know how he is now. Its a shame we can’t find these people on facebook so that we can give them support.

      1. William Mourgos

        I concur completely. So much of this story spoke to the promise and capabilities of people with serious addictions, torn asunder by the inevitable draw of that next high. This one was particularly twisted in the way you could observe first hand a person who seemed on the surface somewhat committed to recovery while deep down the beast is alive and lurking ready to devour them. That he was able to draw in his recovery specialist/girlfriend (!) and the counselor assigned to him at treatment felt he was regularly lying about his commitment did not show good signs of success. I really want to know anything there is to know about each of them going forward, if there has even been a going forward to begin with. After the “car accident” sending him to the hospital with a prescription for morphine, I fear the absolute worst.

        Pray for both of them and that they can wrestle their inner demons to the point of finding peace, because we all deserve it when we choose to embrace it. Good luck, Nick and Crystal.

      2. Casey

        I actually know Nick, & you’ll be happy to know he’s been sober for 5 years now & has an excellent job:)

      3. Ashley

        I just left rehab in November and Nick was there. He acted very aggressive more than once and also had to be hospitalized several times for seizures

      4. Nicole

        Ashley – was Nick still with Crystal at the time you were in rehab together? I hope they are both doing better. I could really relate to Crystal because I had a BF very similar to Nick and it was hard to watch this episode because of that. Heroin eventually tore us apart, but I will always care about him even though he really hurt me. I hope both of them are doing well!

      5. Kay

        I actually was fortunate enough to meet Nick while I was in rehab in 2015. He was doing good; involved in the community, NA and doing service work!! Nick was actually one of the first people I met my first night and sat for hours talking to me. At the time I had no clue who he was. Then we had a class one day where we sat and watched that exact episode of intervention. After we were asked how it made us feel & our thoughts. After a few spoke, Nick stood up from the back and walked up,to the front and owned his actions!!! Sat and answered questions. He is a beautiful soul!!! And from what I have seen, is still doing wonderful.

      6. Amanda

        Me too. I was a sever heroin addict ….so I thought until I saw this episodes and man every 2 hours he needed it I was thinking to myself omg I didn’t it ever 6 hours if I could afford it . LOL but I’m so glad to know he’s still sober to this day. I myself am on Suboxone for 2 years and I’m happy and clean off all opiates don’t crave at all . But ya I was drawn to him as well.

    2. Awshwin

      I heard nick died. What’s the buzz on that? Tell me what’s happening.

      1. Kitty Katt

        Nick is not dead.

  2. marcy lily

    Ugh , this guy ! Anybody living in a border state knows Juarez is Hell on Earth ( Watch the documentary Narco Cultura ) and know how deadly that trip is . This young man’s addiction was near the bottom .
    In the follow up the Drug and Alcohol Counselor girlfriend , Crystal, did take him back . They were happily living together and “said” they were sober . I want to believe that but just don’t . She admitted she had an issue with low self esteem with men and this young man is not healthy for any woman , especially with those issues . I saw her as his replacement for his mom .
    Unless they really are sober , on Methadone treatment or other I see the trips to Juarez keeping on . If that’s the case one or both will be killed . That is how horrifying Juarez is .
    I noticed there was no mention in the follow up about her still being a Drug and Alcohol Counselor which made me wonder if she lost her job after the show . New Mexico is not a largely populated state . It’s people live on the reservations or in areas of little towns close to others and a few large cities so somebody would have recognized her . The addiction they will work with ,but dating a severe addict that you are helping traffic drugs into this country for or a client who you have treated will lose you your license to practice in most states . Not to be mean but until she can help herself how can she help others .

    1. William Mourgos

      Nearly every addiction specialist has some experience with a personal substance abuse problem themselves. If this was inherently disqualifying, there would literally be no addiction specialists anywhere.

    2. Amanda

      It’s the disease of addiction . I lived on the streets of matamoras Mexico and I’m a cute petite girl from San Diego and lots of bad things happening to me that I have PTSD from it but I’m clean on Suboxone and have my own home car and 2 amazing Pitt bulls and my boys in my life and a new grandma I did relapse 2 x before I really got sober so it can happen

  3. William Mourgos

    Is there any information regarding how Nick and Crystal are doing? There are so many parts of their story which personally move me, despite never having any sort of heroin addiction myself or to any form of opiate, for that matter. I was simply touched by his description of the attraction of addictive highs in general, and his relationship with Crystal bore some personally chilling resemblances to a relationship I recently ended for fear that I was dragging her down with me.

    The final scene of the show indicated he was already in relapse by virtue of a car accident sending him to the hospital where he was prescribed morphine, and he ended up returning for a refill after the pain became too much. I fear the worst, but want to hope for the best. Anyone with any continuing information on their story please comment. I wish Nick and Crystal all the best in recovery, together or separated.

    1. annoymus

      Nick is in sober living in winchester VA.

      1. betty7

        do you have any other info? nick’s episode has really stuck with me and i’ve wondered how he was doing for a long time. he seemed like such a good person when he wasn’t under the influence. i really hope he’s doing well.

  4. renee872

    Watching this one again. I think crystal only used because she knew intervention would get her treatment. She is being manipulated but she is so obviously a manipulator.

    1. JOSE

      I worked with him in mew mexico. Hes a good person. Just had some troubles. Good luck nick. Stay strong keep headi g rhe right direction

      1. Nicole

        How recently did you work with him Jose? Is he still dating Crystal? I hope they’re both doing well

    2. Kitty Katt

      Why would someone purposely use just so the show Intervention can get them help. Your theory doesn’t make sense.
      She claimed she only used to find out what makes Nick want heroin so bad. She wanted to try it out and once you try, there’s no going back for the majority of people who turn out being addicts.
      If anything, you could say that she got in touch with Intervention for Nick, knowing now that she’s addicted they probably would offer treatment for her.

  5. Liz Luck

    This was the best intervention I have seen. I really liked Nick and Chrystal and wish the best for them.

  6. William

    How they doing ? I am watching it in Italian and hope they doing well … Hope yhe best for them !

  7. E

    Nick and crystal have a baby together.. Crystal has stayed sober… Nick has been in and out of rehabs but most recently is sober. This is what I heard through good friends .

  8. Christy A

    This episode has stuck with me & I’ve wondered how Nick is doing though I’ve feared the worst after his relapse with the morphine prescription after his accident.

  9. Amanda

    nick started dating someone close to me. he still smoked pot often and sometimes too often it was always “my back hurts and i need it.” or “i hurt my knee today.” weed turned to wax cause the weed wasn’t strong enough. Then he hurt his back again and needed to go to the ER. The close person then had to lie and say he didn’t accept the prescription pills when he actually did. He still looks like the definition of an addict. When he was trying to find more pot he got very frigidity and weird. He was successful in getting my close person to lie for him just like crystal. No longer friends with his girlfriend and do not trust him.

    1. Kelsey

      Is he still in Palm Beach? I feel like he comes into my job…

    2. Amanda

      So what? Smoke pot everyday? So what? As long as he’s not shooting up . Smh . U don’t know him personally I shouldn’t talk 3rd party u know one side of the story so maybe u shouldn’t put people’s personal life on blast like that . So wrong they have a baby together so don’t be saying things u don’t know

      1. Kitty Katt

        How do you know they had a baby together? Do you know them personally? Or are you going by 3rd party info that is state above?

        Mp need to go off on someone who commented on what they’ve heard, scene or know. If true, Nick just switched his addiction to something else which is common in most addicts. Yes, smoking pot is no big deal these days but it’s still a drug. Unless he is smoking medical marijuana, that’s a different story and does not include the same ingrediants.

  10. Melissa S Brown

    Good Luck Nick! Wishing you strength and success!

  11. CF

    Nick is still using I see him about once a week in FL.

    1. N

      You clearly are seeing the wrong person. He has not lived or been in Florida since rehab. He is back in NM and has been for over a year. Sorry to disappoint you.

  12. Angela

    I’ve worked with addicts for years and nick and crystal both totally grossed me out. Nick was a master manipulator and crystal was a pathetic predator. I seriously hope these two got away from one another.

    1. c

      Wow Angela, your very judgemental aren’t you? Sorry you feel the need to be negative. May peace find you!

    2. Liz

      I find it hard to believe you work with addicts when you speak so poorly of them in such a judgmental and nasty way.

    3. Bill

      You’re right. They were just toxic and no good like the thing that bothered me is nick had no remorse and crystal was totally unethical considering she was supposed to be working with addicts.

  13. Tonianne

    Everyone said a completelydifferent follow up in this chat that “knows” him …a little upsetting..would be so nice to get a real follow up on him and her

    1. Melissa

      I feel the same way.
      No matter what I hope he and Crystal are doing well. Probably for the best of they aren’t together. I also hope his family is doing well. They love him so much, and you can tell he loves them too.

  14. Randy

    I found nicks FB page, found his family,,, he’s a personal trainer,,,,,he looks very much alive and well

    1. C

      He is no longer a trainer and he is not doing well. And we all know, FB is not a place to determine how someone is doing… I’ll continue to wish him well. His struggles go deeper then what is known.

  15. Saved by N.A.

    As a recovering addict for 7 years I watch intervention religiously. I have to say I concur with the man that was his case manager at the Florida rehabilitation that he had a salesman quality to him- I usually get emotional watching every episode except this one. The smugness and the way he interacted with his family made me feel that he probably would have to truly hit bottom to get help and he definitely hasn’t hit bottom. I had zero empathy for him and it bothered me that I didn’t have some feelings about him. I do know people like him in program and I refuse to sponsor them.
    I hope one day he sees the light.

    1. Bob D .

      Don’t forget where you came from

  16. Crystal

    How much older was crystal than nick?

    1. Crystal

      Does that really matter? Pathetic!

      1. Z-

        If Crystal met Nick in the capacity of a drug counselor and then used manipulated his addiction for a relationship, then if she is older than him, it actually might matter. She did come across as a predator to me, as well.

  17. Rob D.

    God Bless all addicts in Recovery and especially those sick and suffering addicts that haven’t heard the message of Recovery yet , I hope they hear it soon …!!!! Hey Nick if minor tokd you they love you today , I love you bro . Good luck to you & Crystal …!!!!


      Absolutely it’s so easy for people to forget where they came from or are keyboard assassins being judgemental!! If you haven’t been there you will never truly understand and people say a million different things to judge you not motivate you to continue this battle everyday and it is a battle. Yes I put the drugs down and been sober 7 years Aug 12th but there are times it creeps in but I know I cant romance the high and I have to pick up the phone and call or go to a meeting. Its a lot harder to stay sober than to get high and block out the pain… and unfortunately that’s just the addicts nature. I pray Nick & Crystal are doing well

  18. S

    I pray Nick and Crystal are sober and doing well. Does anyone have real recent info on them?

  19. JustMe

    Nick struck me as having sociopathic qualities. Addiction can drive good people to lie, cheat, steal and manipulate, but it felt different with Nick. More fundamental and inherent. Like his addiction might flow from the impulsivie and self interested nature of his character rather than his flawed character flowing temporarily from his addiction. Crystal’s low self esteem makes her malleable to the point that I think she’s capable of some really bad choices. I always hope for happy endings, but this is the first Intervention I can recall where I found the addicts fundamentally unlikable irrespective of the state of their sobriety. I would step far around these people in real life,

  20. Timothy Chen

    I really hate to say this but I have very little to no sympathy for Nick. He reminds me of Alexandra from the Dr. Phil Family, and not in a good way. And worse, he got his “GF” addicted. I really hope for the best for him now but I honestly don’t believe he’ll be the type to want help. That’s my opinion.

    Feel free to, however, debate this post if you think I’m wrong. I could be.

    1. Elizabeth

      I disagree with your comment that Nick “got his GF addicted.” Crystal chose to use; Nick didn’t force her. Her disease; her responsibility to deal with it.

      1. Timothy Chen

        Well, still. He was a contributing factor for why Crystal got addicted. She was in a very unhealthy environment when she started to date Nick. Yes I do agree she needs to take accountability as well though.

        But, I do have a change of heart towards Nick after watching that video he posted on FB. I hope he can get the help he needs and I hope he can stay strong.

  21. Mandy

    How is he doing? He’s so cute. It’s sad drugs has that much control of someone.

  22. Lyssa

    Nick seems like he has Narcissistic Personality Disorder

  23. Tazz

    He doesn’t look well at all….
    Here’s his Facebook:
    I’m not sure what’s going on, but he looks extremely gaunt in the recent video he posted. I have a feeling that it’s very likely that drugs and addiction have more to do with it than what he is saying in the video. In the comments, he apologizes to his dad for not making him proud.
    I don’t really know what to say or think, but I’m sure he’s in a lot of pain reguardless.

    1. Stefan

      Wow, what a decline. He looked AMAZING before.

    2. Timothy Chen

      I just saw the video. I can honestly say he really does need help and support. I didn’t like him in the Intervention Episode, but I do feel for him at this current state. I really do hope he gets the help he needs. I honestly don’t want him to end up like Kim Jong-hyun. I really hope the best for him. Hopefully things work out better for him.

    3. Janelle

      Wow. He looks very sick. Judging from his appearance and mental state, I’d say his addiction is now end stage, and unless he gets help he won’t be around more than a few more weeks. If he doesn’t OD, then the pancreatitis will kill him.

      But there is hope. There have been other addicts profiled who were at death’s door when they were intervened on (e.g. Aimee from Intervention Canada, Kaila and Trent) who were able to recover and regain their health, so it’s not too late for Nick.

      However, his long-term recovery prospects are poor. Nick shows all the signs of being a sociopath. One of the hallmarks of a sociopath is their inability to acknowledge their own fallibility and take ownership of their problems, so Nick will have a very difficult time admitting he’s an addict and accepting responsibility for his behaviour.

    4. AR

      I just watched his episode today and decided to search for an update. I found his Facebook page in the above comment and after about a year without a single post to his page, he posted a video 2 days ago, May 13 2021… I wasn’t particularly fond of his actions during his episode but I do feel for any addict. I came from a family of them myself. New video he posted is not good … I hate to say it but I don’t think he’ll survive much longer in the state he’s in now.

  24. Tazz

    Very well said. I actually wrote my comment before I got to watching the video. I kept stopping it because it was just hard to watch, really. In so many ways.
    My childhood was completely drenched in emotional abuse. I’m able to immediately and automatically pick up on those sociopathic-like undertones in his voice and body language. It’s uncomfortable for me to watch. Especially after hearing a completely different story than what was conveyed on the show.
    The substantial lack of accountability is life threatening for him at this point.
    You’re probably right, he looks like he’s on the homesteetch of losing his life.
    Like every one of us though, he deserves a happy and healthy life. I do hope he can commit to recovery before it’s too late for him.

    1. Pang

      I am sorry you had to deal with emotional abuse during your childhood. I did in some degree as my dad is bipolar, but nothing like dealing with someone who is sociopathic/has antisocial tendencies. Like you, my “spidey” sense was triggered within 5 minutes of watching this episode and I knew the intervention was not going to work because the treatment (is there any?) would need to be for underlying personality disorders, not just addiction.

      1. Stefan

        Diagnostic Personality Disorder can be an effective treatment for personality disorders. It’s already helping me with my BPD.

  25. Michella

    If you guys want to know how Nick is doing check this out…. not good obviously. He looks soooo sick

    1. Z

      Ultimately, only Nick can help Nick. It looks as if many people have reached out to him with offers of help. He knows what he needs to do.

      1. Timothy Chen

        Z: I definitely agree with you on this one. Knowing the whole Kim Jong-hyun incident, I will have to sadly conclude that Nick is going to have to WANT the help he needs. But I’m sure he will accept help, he is ready now compared to back in the Intervention episode.

  26. Ttfn

    How is she a predator? She simply reacted to his attention, women get it so hard. Nick IS the predator…I’m sure he would agree. Heroin took him and her down. They both look olDer because of it.

  27. Tott

    Event hough this subject is out of place. I really want to thank the show for stepping in and helping addicts as they are fragile and not just lazy losers. I was an addict along time ago and I know how vulnerable they are. It’s like a baby being reintroduced to the world in a way. I was abused clean by my father. Therefore all my dreams of rehab work or good relationshipstuff CLEAN was diminished worst then the addict life. I learned horrible angery coping skills,emotional neglect and low self worth. I want this show to know they are very valuable and it’s amazing to watch people get proper help and most importantly love!!!

  28. Kim

    Seth was awesome in this episode. That guy is so bad ass. I think I have developed a crush on him.

    1. Gigi

      I’m right there with you Kim…Seth is THE MAN!

      1. Kitty Katt

        A few years ago, I googled his name and his email popped up. I let him know how he’s a favorite on this board. I also mentioned Gina & Meghan and how he handled the parents. I told him right off the bat that I was an active addict myself and how crack took my life over but I wasn’t going to let it take my soul. I quit cold turkey. And that was it.
        That same night that I emailed him, a short time later, I get an email from him! I was floored. The man was so caring, wise, taught me a few things, thanked me and was proud of me for staying sober.
        Now who does that? I’m sure he’s quite busy as it is, yet he took the time out to acknowledge me but didn’t brush me off. He honestly didn’t have to do a damn thing but yet he did….and in great lengths.
        So my point here is that Seth is AWESOME! He takes no bullshit but is as kind and gentle too, at the same time.

      2. Dizzy

        Wow, that’s really cool of him to respond. I love him more now.

      3. Pang

        I’ve really enjoyed Seth’s episodes too. I wonder why he only did interventions during the 12th season? Would love them to bring him back. I really liked that he saw straight through Nick’s BS.

  29. D

    I wonder if it is possible to have intervention help him again?

    1. Elizabeth

      I only remember that happening once – for Gamblin Gabe. It seems like it would go against the whole theme of holding bottom lines and letting the addict feel the consequences of his behavior to have the show step in and offer a second shot at help.

      1. Stefan

        Gabe’s second offer for treatment was for depression though.

    2. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

      One addict was helped twice, but it didn’t stick the 2nd time either.

    3. Kitty Katt

      Nick would have to want to get clean and get in touch with Intervention. It’s quite possible they would help. On the flip side of the coin, then every addict who has relapsed should get a chance too. Financially, I don’t think it’s possible for Intervention and the Rehab Facilities to keep doing this.

  30. Hector

    I cried watched his Facebook video from December 31, 2017. His torment is excruciatingly painful. Nick if you are reading this I know you feel like you’re at the end of your rope but you are very much capable of climbing up and living a healthy happy life. Don’t give up!

  31. Andy

    I wish intervention would reach out to him and offer him another treatment stay. I know that wouldn’t be holding down bottom lines but it’s been 5 years and he looks terrible. Also with all the mental health issues he’s been having, I think he deserves another chance. Let’s hope someone reaches out to him before it’s too late.

    1. Kitty Katt

      It’s possible they did and he declined.
      We don’t know what the situation is but one thing is for sure, if Nick really wanted the help, he would reach out to them or to his family. I think Intervention would have possibly helped him again.

  32. Rebecca

    Ikr who really cares who’s older I wish the for Nick and Crystal they’ve both struggled long and hard.prayers for both of you NICK AND CRYSTAL LOVE REBECCA

  33. Artemisia

    Wowww that video. I don’t even know what to think. He’s emotional, but strangely erudite? Someone help him, ffs.

  34. kitty katt

    “Nick’s severe, pervasive antisocial personality disorder likely renders his addiction unfixable.”

    Read this on another website about him. I think they are probably right….from the way it looks presently with him.

    1. Stefan

      Similar to Gabe the Gambler. Personality disorders can be the black hole of psychology, since those who have them tend to view others as the problem.

  35. William

    Wow. If you look at his FB pics, he was doing great and got in shape in 2015/16. And then there is that video and he looks like a completely different person.

  36. Erika

    Just looked at his profile and surprised to see he and I have mutual friends. He looks like he is doing a little better now than back in December and has started a new job in Albuquerque. I wish the best for him but I think his bottom may be death if he doesn’t get some serious treatment for his underlying psychological disorder. People here may feel disgust with him at his behavior but he can’t necessarily help how he is. All he can do is work at being better. Unfortunately this will be a lifetime of work and pain he may never see relief from. I had a brother who suffered bipolar disorder and started self medicating as a teenager. He was an incredibly intelligent person who made the wrong choices. His addiction and suffering tormented and destroyed my mom who ended up having to bury her first born (her pain caused her to take it out on me her youngest being the only one left in the house). Unfortunately the bottom for him led to his suicide. Lets hope Nick is able to break his cycle of addiction and know he has more to offer the world even though he may not feel that way.

  37. JP

    Wow the video. Hard to watch. I agree the coexistence of the manipulative and bizarre things he says and lack of accountability and just the undertone of thinking back to yup that’s the nick I remember stabbing himself so that he could get morphine at The ER, that’s nick alright qualities still very evident in the video, like is the video a cannabis ad, a long shot to medical professionals to give him something, long shot for strangers or fans to send money. So many questions. But who knows how much is that nick and how much is it someone who is obviously very sick and in excruciating emotional and physical pain. Bc I don’t feel that the whole thing is bullshit, you can’t fake many of what is in that video. Despite it all Nick still deserves help and I still truly pray for the best for him and for him to somehow be saved, although I agree he looks like he is in his end state. Unbelievablely hard video to watch, and it’s still heartbreaking no matter what. He was such a good looking young man. And it’s just very painful. Thoughts and prayers and love nick even if you did say they don’t do anything

    1. Nick. Yes, Nick from Intervention.

      Hey JP thanks for your time. And sure you could call it a cannabis ad if you want. But an AD would be something you made money from . Correct? I sure AF will not promote pharmaceuticals of any kind. And you are right. I am healing. I was VERY VERY sick. I am STILL mentally ill and always will be. I have nothing to hide. I want to show ppl that I am human and just because I deal with mental illness doesn’t mean I am ANY LESS of a person. . I just don’t want ppl to go down the road I have. A very dark one. But I don’t guve up. Ever. I’ll fail my waynto the top.

  38. Duchess

    I’ve seen Nick’s episode several times and it’s on A&E again today. I checked his FB and he actually looks pretty good:

    He definitely lives a hard life and he’s seen his share of failure (he and his girlfriend moved to Florida to try to start a new life and it ended badly). It’s good to see him looking healthy; he looks sober and from the things she posts, it looks like his gf is a recovering addict as well so I hope it works out for both of them.

    1. Kitty Katt

      That’s not Nick from Intervention. That’s some random dude because Nick’s last name is Carter and has a FB page under that name.

  39. Spessie

    I hope Nick is doing better now. Does anyone know how Crystal is now?

  40. margaret

    This guy is all over his facebook multiple times a day currently. He is all about cannabis as an exit drug (which I’m all for) but something about his approach is very manic and con-manish. He seems like a desperate person still. He posts a ton of videos of himself including one from today where he is sobbing crocodile tears about losing friends due to drug lifestyle…I empathize with that and support anyone quitting opiates for weed….but he still has the same scammer vibes. And dateline eyes.

    1. Eliza

      I think Nick knows exactly what do to to elicit the responses he wants from people who can’t see past his game. There certainly aren’t a lot of actual tears in these videos, just a lot of self pity and “me versus the world” blaming.

  41. Lu

    So creeping through Nicks Facebook he seems to have it all together, and has become an advocate for the use of cannibis as an alternative to his heroin addiction. There was a particular video where he rants about having hernia surgery and requesting no additional opiates or pain medications afterwards and the doctor giving him a prescription for dilaudid anyways. He even went as far to say that he was never given a paper prescription he could just rip up and they had it ready at Walgreens. This bothered me for a few reasons. 1. Even if they didn’t give him a paper prescription when he went to the pharmacy he could have refused to pick up that particular prescription, but he picked it up and filled it anyways. 2. The bottle he shows isn’t even in his name, it is under the name of ‘Jerry or Terry’ I sincerely hope this was just an attempt to further his cannibis agenda and not something he can look back on later and say “well, that’s why I relapsed the doctors didn’t listen” cause it certainly seems like he has someone else in the family’s prescription for this video. I’m

    1. Linds

      I also hope he picked it up to prove a point, I was wondering the same thing myself. Couldn’t he just have chosen to not pick the drug up? I really hope he is sober and doing well, but I’m starting to think (based on his current social media presence) that he might just be kinda scummy and knows how to play the victim very well, sober or not. Like he seems like a good guy with good intentions but his ranting and complaining videos, there are more on his Instagram, really make him look like the kind of guy who’s always out looking for what’s owed to him or some sort of hand out or freeby in any situation. Like I’m so happy for him if he is sober, but I dont think he is a guy worth looking up to.

      1. Crystal

        Linds, your observation couldn’t be more accurate. I am speaking from personal experience.

      2. Pang

        I wrote this in reply to someone else, but I really think the issue here is a personality disorder (narcissim) combined with sociopathy. Neither of these can be treated/recovered in the same way that addiction. I found him to be the least sympathetic addict of all the interventions I’ve watched. I believe he is a user who is gonna use people as long as they let him.

    2. Janel

      I believe his full name actually is Jerry Nicholas Carter. I hope he will beat his addiction, but I’m not sure if he can 😢

  42. Andy

    He posted on Facebook about a week ago saying he is engaged.

  43. Liss

    Just saw his IG account- 420 the exit drug, if anyone is interested. Wishing him & his family well.

    1. Meg

      YAY! It has always bothered me how Intervention portrays marijuana as just as bad as heroin, meth, alcohol, etc….I remember one of the intervention subjects completely got off pills and alcohol but they made sure to say she “relapsed on marijuana” on her update….really infuriating how they tried to act like using cannabis lessened her incredible recovery.

  44. Sally

    I jus finished messaging him on messenger. I believe it’s him

    1. ccharlesberresford

      Were you able to reach him?

  45. JamesB.

    Only update I’ve found but his IG is down –

  46. KH

    i think this is him @j_nick_carter and his fiance @manduhmermaid

  47. Kat

    I hope he is doing well. I found his IG @chronically_nick. He seems to talk about his mistakes and how he is trying to do/be better although doesn’t seem entirely sober but is off heroin which is great news. He was posting regularly and now hasn’t in over 2 months, hope that’s not bad news. I was really drawn to his episode–you can see the charisma he has on his IG–the kind you’re born with and can’t be taught. I assume that’s what his dad sees as well. Truly a gift.

  48. Chet dug

    Just looked at his fb and Insta. seems like he is really into pot and at some point got into pharms and is now posting allot of stuff related to his health issues in battling addiction for so many years and also coming off pharmaceuticals.

    On the bright side it seems like he has been able to actually channel his salesman type personality into some more positive ventures for himself, such as hosting 420 radio shows, and I can see him branding himself and his story, as well as his relationship with cannabis, so this is not GREAT, but it’s certainly not as bad as it could be. I think he may be suffering with some impulses as he was on heroin and crack 5 years ago. sometimes addicts learn their lesson not with jail or death, but with possibly life long medical problems scaring them into wanting nothing to do with the drug. as someone who has used pharmaceuticals myself this is a story I have seen from people like me and people who used harder street drugs.

    Hope he continues trying to heal, and NO, I really don’t care that he smokes pot. Not everyone on intervention is gonna end up super successful, sometimes they are just alright, and that is better than dead.

    1. Stefan

      That last paragraph is very true, and something which I’ve come to realize in the years since Dizzy has had the site up. Also of note, I know several recovering alcoholics that say that pot saved their life.

  49. Find T. Lindley

    Why do I have a feeling this guy is Ryan’s long lost twin brother..

    1. Kat

      Oh wow. This is so sad. I found his Instagram last year and while he didn’t look totally sober he seemed like he was really trying and looked ok. I noticed recently he hadn’t posted in 8 months and hoped it wasn’t bad news but from this video this really looks like his rock bottom. Nick, it is never too late to change and I hope you are able to get the help you need when you are ready for it

      1. Kitty Katt

        It’s not the same Nick from Intervention. Nick’s last name is Carter.

    2. Kitty Katt

      That’s not him. Nick’s last name is Carter. You have the wrong person.

      1. Kat

        No, that is him. His profile used to say Nick Carter and he changed the last name to Good. He did the same thing on Instagram.

      2. Kathryn

        If you do a little digging on the profile you can confirm it is him by his friend list.

  50. Andy

    Nick is in extremely bad shape. He posted a public video to his FB revealing a black eye swollen shut, ranting about fentanyl and saying he’s barely alive. It’s really bad, guys. I pray he gets back into treatment.

    1. Carter C.

      Think this is a case of someone who simply won’t ever get better? Is this a case where someone fell down on his luck again and started hanging with the wrong people? Really hope he’s able to get the correct treatment he needs before he loses his life, the video is clearly a cry for help TJ some degree.

      1. Kat

        I hope not but at the same time his intravenous heroin use 8 years ago was not only not his rock bottom but seemingly only the tip of the iceberg.

      2. Pang

        I don’t think he will ever get better because I think the root issue is a personality disorder, not addiction.

  51. Pang

    Wow, wow, wow. Within 5 minutes of this show, I was thinking this guy is a narcisstic sociopath. And I mean that in the clinical definition, not the popular derivations of the words as an insult. I am not at all surprised at how the episode ended. I truly believe he is manipulating the people around him every step of the way, both when he is sober and under the influence. I don’t think any of the emotions he displayed were genuine; they were all playacted. I greatly admire Seth for calling him out at the airport. His therapist at the end was also onto him. Stunning to see a real life example of sociopathy.

    1. A.S.

      Okay I’m sorry but you can’t actually diagnose this kid as a sociopath based on one episode of Intervention, come on.

    2. Gigi

      I’m not totally comfortable calling Nick a sociopath but I definitely agree with Pang that a personality disorder is really the root of the issue. Very sad.

  52. Janel

    Nick’s latest posts. I’m still praying for him ❤️

    1. Gigi

      I’ve seen addiction take a shocking toll on people but this REALLY takes the cake! He looks like an 80 year old man. So tragic

      1. Georgia

        So sad but glad he is alive and trying to sort it out. His appearance is shocking, even more so if you compare it to how he looked this time last year. The decline has been rapid in 12 months which I think just shows how much he has been through. Nick certainly has a purpose as he has escaped death countless times and started his addiction as an IV heroin user. What would be the end for most was just the beginning for him. I hope this time he is able to recover.