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Season 15, Episode 11


Age: 28
Location: St Augustine, Florida
Addiction: Dilaudid

What’s Memorable: First of all, Ginjer is awesome. So self-aware, honest, smart, funny. One of the most likable addicts this show has profiled. I think sobriety will suit her well and she’s gonna make a great life for herself. That said, I was not a fan of the way this episode was edited. They focused almost entirely on the whole sugar baby thing which, as upsetting as it was, was likely not the only aspect of her addiction that was worth showing. There was very little interaction with her family, so it’s hard to know how it affected them or how invested they were in her getting sober. Did the audience really need to witness multiple client interactions? Not to mention the audio – I can’t even believe they’re doing that now. This isn’t a show that’s supposed to titillate viewers and I really think they focused on that aspect of Ginjer’s story for that reason – because it was provocative. Come on A&E, we know you can do better than that, and you certainly could have done better by Ginjer.

Official Synopsis: Ginjer is a professional Sugar Baby who trolls ‘dating’ websites to maintain a severe Dilaudid addiction. Once a top contender to become a Naval Officer, Ginjer has fallen so far that she juggles ‘men who pay’ to keep the drugs flowing. Ginjer’s family is desperate, fearing she is on the fast track to an early death.

Date Aired:  June 2016

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  1. KJ

    Man…Ginjer’s story is truly sad. She went through so many set backs & trauma in her life. She was really crying out for an intervention. I haven’t teared up during many of these Interventions (the last was Anne, her husband, & daughter Blaze), but watching Ginjer’s pain & agony of her life was really heartbreaking. That man Percy also has issues, despite speaking in a calm, peaceful tone & wanting to save her. You can tell immediately he was latching on to her for whatever issues he has, after only being together for 5 months…and also meeting her through that hookup website. I knew the outcome that happened would happen (don’t want to spoil for anyone who hasn’t watched yet).
    The most disturbing parts were the “noises” during Ginjer’s meetings with men. I don’t remember any other episodes where moaning & things were played?? Very cringeworthy!

    1. Dizzy

      The sounds thing is something they’ve been doing recently and it’s completely unnecessary and exploitative. Really wish they’d stop with that.

      1. KJ

        Totally agree Dizzy! The viewers already know what is happening, we don’t need to hear all that for proof…

      2. Gord

        Do you think this show, in general, is exploitative? That argument certainly could be made…

  2. Dr.LT

    Wow, Ginjer was one of few addicts on this show that was truly truly READY to take on recovery and really just needed a push. I really have high hopes for her. She really seems like the posterchild for how horribly involvement with the criminal justice system (in addition to drugs) can ruin someone’s life. I don’t see this girl being a “sugar baby” if she did not have to disclose having a felony on job applications – she’s way more intelligent and talented than that and could totally have a “real” well-paying job. I definitely don’t know what the answer is (and I’m not qualified to find one), but I think this exemplifies how having a felony on your record marks you with a scarlet “A” and pushes people to go back to drugs or crime due to no other legal means.

    Go Ginjer!


      As much as I hope and pray for this person for a sober and happy life, I can’t share putting the blame on the employment application. Many poorly screened people who get into sensitive positions take actions that put other people at risk. Felonies shouldn’t exclude them from all jobs, but yes, from some jobs – at least for 10 years.

      1. Alice Schmid

        The felony conviction is just the final nail in the coffin. She doesn’t have an education She has been in prison, and she has, at best, a spotty work history. She comes off as loud and brassy in an interview…… the total package is highly unpredictable. Which is fair, I think. She could do the kind of work that would build a work history (waitressing, drive a cab (maybe), federal employment, non-profit employment) and work up from there.

  3. Theresa

    This was a sad episode but glad to see that Ginjer “gets” it.
    My heart goes out to Percy because he is effective up in his own right. He basically was continuing his first date with Ginjer; getting something from her to make himself feel better.

    I hope that she is in better touch with her family. It’s kind of messes up that there had been little correspondence.

    Glad to see Ken back.

    1. Theresa

      Meant to say that Percy is “effed up.” Auto-correct fail…

  4. Kathi Ingram

    I think Percy is a sweetheart and has a lot of love and dedication. I have a couple of issues like needing a hip replacement, etc and I have given up on finding someone who will help me through. Percy is just the kind of person I wish for. Percy is you’re out there and she is still doing what she was doing, there is a strong, loving and loyal woman who would love to meet you.

  5. justice

    Dilaudid is a new addiction to me I want to know morea…

    1. ShelbyLee

      Its oxymorphone.. Dilaudid is just the name brand of it. Aka “hospital heroin” its a really potent narcotic painkiller.

      1. Jess

        Its actually hydromorphone I believe. Oxymorphone is generic Opana.

  6. Becky

    This was a really interesting episode. I liked how honest Ginjer was about her addiction and you could tell she really wanted to get sober – she just needed the push to do so.

    I had a feeling the relationship with Percy wouldn’t last. He seemed really nice, but you know he had to have some issues of his own to be okay with his girlfriend having sex with other men for money. Interestingly, I saw Ginjer’s Facebook page. Most of the information is private, but it does say she is in a relationship with someone else already. She looks clean and sober and from some of the comments it sounds like she is no longer in Florida.

  7. Shelbylee

    Totally agree with the whole audio thing… Although it wasn’t quite as bad as the Samantha episode – still !! Its unnecessary and not to mention who wants to hear that… Its borderline pornographic!

  8. David n

    This guy Percy attempted to come across as passive, gentle and understanding. As ken implied “b.s” – stand up, show strength, help ginger to become strong, not “gee, I’ll hold her hand to the grave”
    That having been said, ginger is highly intelligent, self aware, and got the push she needed to turn her life around.i think she will do it and become a positive force: the best to her

  9. Elsie

    I didn’t watch this episode for the reasons mentioned in the above comments. I’m not interested in a focus entirely on the selling sex piece of her story and you could tell from the preview, that’s where they were going. Not surprised to hear sexual sounds were included but very disappointed. One of the things I love about this show is that it isn’t overly graphic.

  10. marcy lily

    The sounds were not needed at all but I know exactly why they focused on the sugar baby thing so much . A sugar baby is a prostitute as they too are trading sex for money and it is illegal in every state except certain areas of Nevada . The only difference is that Ginjer was not on a dangerous street corner or in a alley and she didn’t have a pimp . While prostitution over the internet or being a sugar baby is considered safer than standing on a street it is still plenty dangerous, degrading , dysfunctional and in her case it was to pay for her drug habit and bills.There were scenes where she was setting up dates with Percy and children in her house and they even had to leave at least once so a john could meet her for sex in her house . She has no way to know if these men are violent criminals , sex offenders or going to hurt her in her home and hurt others coming into the home .
    There are cases all the time of sex workers getting assualted or murdered by dates the meet on Craigslist , Facebook and dating sites . Sex workers are more prone to violence and murder than anyone working at even a bar or office .It did play into her addiction and the awful dysfunction within her family but I am disappointed they didn’t state that this behavior is dangerous or put any statistics up about the crime rates against people supporting themselves by this type of “job”. Certainly not ever right when children are in the home visiting even if they leave . But again the sound was not needed .

  11. Brisco 40

    Percy u deserve so much better i wish I had met u b4 the strugges ubr battleing. Amazing is the only word. Prayers for the kids and u.

  12. S. Agnew

    My hope is that Ginjer has overcome her addictions and is living the healthy and happy life that she deserves.

    Drug addiction is an epidemic in the US and the negative impact it has on the lives of the addicts along with their loved ones is horrible.

    The interventionist made an interesting comment regarding Percy and that he was addicted as well… too Ginjer.

    I am a little surprised by some of the comments regarding Percy and the lack of empathy shown to him. If the way the show portrayed the relationship was accurate, not only did he take care of Ginjer and the kids in doing things for them, but he also supported her emotionally, and one can only assume helped financially as well.

    And then once Ginjer gets clean and sober, seemingly, if accurate, she leaves him.

    I hope that Percy has gotten help with figuring out why he would chose to love and stay with an addicted person who was a complete user, abuser and monster to him.

  13. Prbeauty

    I agree KJ I’ve never heard moans on other episodes either they could of put it in caption

  14. Nomen Nescio

    Jeebus H Christ, get the full story before expressing sympathy for someone. This woman didn’t get into trouble for a hit and run once, or even twice. Try THREE times. What happened to three strikes? She doesn’t need treatment, she needs prison. And a lot of it.

  15. Beth

    I believe this is her and she looks to be doing really well!

  16. Kristina

    Looks like Ginjer was subjected to sexual abuse while in prison:

    She filed a lawsuit against them. I wonder what the verdict was?

    1. kitty katt

      She was also scamming old men to send her money in prison and walked out with thousands of it. It doesn’t include the amount she made off selling contraband while there too.

  17. Kitty Katt

    She got married last year (not to Percy) and looks fantastic. Sober and clean.

    1. Alice Schmid

      Wow! total change in her life!!!!

  18. Alice Schmid

    Don’t they usually send people across the country? Why did this Floridian get sent to a rehab in Florida?

    Also, why get on a plane?

    1. Melissa

      because Florida’s a big state and the rehab was over 300 miles from her town

  19. Anon

    According to her husband’s facebook, they are four months pregnant! She looks incredible

  20. Anna

    I think maybe they put people go on a plane because there’s less of a chance to flee the situation. If you’re in a car you can, whereas on a plane you can’t just jump out. That’s just a guess.

  21. Janice

    Remember that news article about abuse in prison she was featured in?


  22. Todd

    I found Ginjer to be very bright. I was reading some of the comments and it looks like she has been in and out of jail since she did this program. That’s too bad cuz she’s got a lot going for her. I hope she can get it together.