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Sarah (Intervention Canada)

Season 15, Episode 20

Age: Early 20’s
Location: Trenton, Ontario, Canada
Addiction: Alcohol

What’s Memorable:  Seeing someone as young and bright as Sarah waste away drunk in a crappy motel room is always so sad. The followup was fantastic, so glad she was able to get it together.

Official Synopsis: Hopeful college student succumbs to reckless alcohol abuse while coping with “survivor’s guilt.

Date Aired:  August 2016

Categories: Alcohol, Intervention Canada Episodes, Season 15, Traumatic Incident


2 Responses to “Sarah (Intervention Canada)”

  1. Anybody have an update on Sarah? I found her to be sweet and intelligent despite her addiction to alcohol. How fast and quickly she would get wasted was scary! I’m really rooting for her and hope she’s still sober today!

    Posted by Holly | March 14, 2018, 10:15 am

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