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POLL: Should wealthy families be given Intervention’s offer of free treatment?

There was some debate in the comments about this topic so I thought I’d do a poll. As we all know, long term treatment can be prohibitively expensive for many people and Intervention offers free treatment to the addicts and often extends it to the people close to them. A lot of the families shown on Intervention are not necessarily poor but are working to middle class and even they would have a hard time paying for the kind of treatment that Intervention offers, even with good insurance.

Costs range from about $18,000 to $60,000 for a 90 day program (higher for the more elite places), and that doesn’t include aftercare and sober living housing.  Even if you do have insurance that covers treatment, you would certainly be subject to the deductible and then move into the out-of-pocket max for the year for co-pays, which averages out nationally to be $6,800 (healthcare.gov). What that means is that even with decent insurance, most families would be paying at least $6,800 out of pocket. I don’t know any working class people who could afford that.

Anyway, yeah, it’s expensive. And given that Intervention is offering something that few families could afford to do on their own, maybe the show should focus on the families who actually need that financial help? Giving free treatment to families who don’t need it is not the best use of that valuable resource.

On the other hand, seeing families from varied economic and cultural backgrounds is a good thing – it’s important that people understand that addiction affects people across all classes and that it’s not a poor person’s disease. Also, the addicts from wealthy backgrounds are still in need of help. Just because they can afford to pay for treatment doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t need the intervention, right?

Curious what y’all think. Maybe there’s a compromise?

Should Wealthy Families Be On Intervention?

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Update April 27, 2018

Hello Interventionites! Interventionarians?

Apparently Intervention will be returning on June 5th with a new regular-format season. I haven’t been able to track down the promo or any official info from A&E online but it’s been reported that ads were run on the channel. Those ads are notoriously unreliable, A&E changes its mind a lot when it comes to scheduling, but at least we know that new episodes have definitely been produced and will be aired at some point. Which is fantastic news! We get to delay the heartbreak a while longer. (I’m seriously dreading having to go through the emotional toll of Intervention’s 2nd cancellation).

I’ve been trying to put together stats about the show and I’m stoked to almost be done with data entry.  However, I’m missing a few important pieces of information and I need your help. As you probably know, not all of the episodes are still available to view online. Sometimes because the addict has since passed away, sometimes for other mysterious reasons.  I recently went back and added the Interventionist to every episodes’ page (that wasn’t something I was originally recording when I started the site), but I wasn’t able to get that info on all of them because the episode is now inaccessible for whatever reason. So here is the list of interventions where I don’t know who the interventionist was. Do you know?

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

In other news, I started a Patreon in case anyone is interested in helping me cover my new higher-security hosting costs AND I’ve now been sober for 5 months. Feels like a dang miracle. Thanks for all your support everyone.

Happy Spring!

Barry (Intervention Canada)

Season 15, Episode 5

Age: 50
Location:  Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada
Addiction: Alcohol

What’s Memorable: The father/son relationship, the hopeful ending.

Official Synopsis: Hailing from a small seaside town in Nova Scotia, Barry, 50, was born into a life of alcoholism and turmoil. The victim of childhood abuse at the hands of a close relative, Barry learned to drink with his alcoholic mother as a boy. Both were seeking a way to kill the pain. A gentle giant when sober, but violent and verbally abusive when spiraling on 40 ounces of vodka a day, Barry has alienated just about everyone in his life, including his father, whom he adores, and his 27-year-old son who has cut off all contact. Living day-to-day in run-down motels and struggling to put together a living between binges, Barry has a chance to reclaim his life, his family, and a relationship with his son who has shut him out of his life.

Date Aired: 

Holley (Intervention Canada)

Season 2, Episode 11 of Intervention Canada

Age: 28
Location:  Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Addiction: Alcohol

What’s Memorable: How drunk she gets during the day while she’s taking care of her kids and how great the family was doing after she got help.

Official Synopsis: At the age of 16, Holley witnessed her mother cheating on the father she adored. The strain between mother and daughter never eased and Holley, now 28, acted out through raging alcohol and cocaine abuse. An important member of a loving extended family, Holley’s relatives watched in horror as she gave birth to and raised three children in the dangerous fog of addiction. Her family must now act — to save the children from their mother, and their mother from almost certain death.

Date Aired: November 2012

Who didn’t go to treatment?

I’m finishing up on entering all the data I need in order to start crunching numbers and finding statistics and patterns, which I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I want to verify who ended up not going to treatment at all and I thought you might be able to help, instead of me having to go back and re-watch episodes.

Here are all the addicts I know of who did NOT attend treatment. If they didn’t attend treatment right after the intervention but the followup said they eventually went, they shouldn’t be on this list. These are only the folks who, at the end of the episode, still had not agreed to treatment and never went as far as we know.







Am I missing anyone?



POLL FINAL ROUND: Who Do You Most Want To See A Followup On?

Ok folks, we made it to the final round. Thanks to everyone who voted in all the previous rounds. Now it’s time to pick from the Top 2 vote-getters from each poll. So, who would you most like to see in a followup episode (or at least a legacy Skype update)? The winner will receive, well… bragging rights I guess? But who knows, maybe the producers will find this and take it into consideration when they’re doing followup calls.  Your vote could make the difference!

(Clicking on the name will open up that episode summary in a new tab)

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Poll: The Heroin Triangle Season – Yay or Nay?

The 18th season of Intervention was an interesting departure for the show. Instead of focusing on a single family and intervention, the crew followed a small group of addicts and their families from one community spanning over 6 episodes.  There were still frustrated families, tragic endings, and hopeful futures just like every season, but the different format allowed for some new perspectives, like a deeper dive into the effects of a drug epidemic at the hyper local level, while also sacrificing some of the elements that made the show what it is, such as in-depth individual back stories. There’s been some good discussion about the merits and disappointments of the season right here, but I’m wondering in general how y’all felt about the format.  Feel free to elaborate on your thoughts in the comments.

The Heroin Triangle Season - Yay or Nay?

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Poll: Who Do You Want To See A Followup On? Part 6

It’s the almost the last poll, yay! Once significant results are in we’ll do a FINAL one that takes the top vote-getters from each poll to get the ultimate winner.

Previous Polls:

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Poll: Who Do You Want To See A Followup On? Part 5

Ok so they don’t do whole followup episodes anymore unfortunately, but they do the Skype “Legacy” updates.  So let’s say we have a say in who Intervention reaches out to next. Who do you most hope to see on a future Legacy segment?

This will be done in several parts so that there aren’t too many to choose from.  I couldn’t include every single person that’s ever been on the show, so I had to narrow it down. The people who will be listed in these polls will have 1) not already had a follow up episode or Legacy update  2) have not provided updates here (meaning we know how they’re doing based on their comments) and 3) are the ones who have gotten at least a few “where are they now, does anyone have an update” comments.

If there’s someone listed here that DOESN’T meet those qualifications, just assume that I know that and I included them for a reason.


Previous Polls:

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Ryan (Intervention Canada)

Season 15, Episode 19

Age: 36
Location: St Catherine’s, Ontario, Canada
Addiction:  Crack, pain killers, benzos, alcohol

What’s Memorable:  The rather harrowing scene of him seemingly going crazy in his apartment with his daughters there. The fear and tension in the room was so palpable and uncomfortable.

Official Synopsis: Badly bullied youth turns to drugs for a chance to fit in. Now he’s lost everything–his wife, two daughters, and his sanity.

Date Aired:  August 2016

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