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Episode 6: Matt

Matt Season 1 episode 5

Age: 19
Location: New England
Addicted to: Crack
What’s memorable: What an otherwise decent guy he is.

Official synopsis: Matt, who comes from an upper-middle class home, is addicted to crack-cocaine and has stolen from his family and friends to support his habit. Desperate, his parents turn to an interventionist to save Matt from himself.
Original Air Date: April 2005

Interventionist: Jeff

Categories: Crack, Jeff, Most Likeable Addicts, Season 1


3 Responses to “Episode 6: Matt”

  1. No comments so far? And this is my first comment on your site. This episode touched me – Matt seemed like a good dude, despite his addiction. So sad that he seemed to want to get to know Abrina but he ruined his chances by smoking crack in front of her. I really hope Matt got well and found happiness with someone.

    Posted by Ron | January 25, 2017, 8:46 am

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