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Amanda Intervention Las Vegas

Season 22 Episode 3

Age: 33
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Addiction: Meth

Official Synopsis: Devastated when she lost custody of her son, Amanda began drinking heavily and moved to Las Vegas for a fresh start. Once there, she became seduced by the city’s notorious party culture and started using methamphetamine. (“Lost custody”??? Kind of a bigger deal than that A&E. Please hire me to write your episode synopses)

What’s Memorable:  The heartbreaking tragedy with her son – I can’t imagine anyone could come out of that without some serious emotional and psychological damage. The camps in the Vegas underground tunnels and those kind Holy Smoke folks helping the people living there.  The desperate search for missing Amanda, the successful on-the-street intervention, which might have been exactly what she needed at exactly the right moment, and the very moving followup.

Date Aired: March 29, 2021

Interventionist: Dave Marlon, local Vegas interventionist

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  1. Jack

    As a Minnesotan, this hurt my heart. God bless her and her family. XO

    1. Jack

      I was SO worried she wouldn’t show up. PHEW.

    2. Stefan

      Another Minnesotan here and I agree 100%

      1. Jack Mahon

        Me again. If you are family, or Amanda – I hope we can hear about how she is doing now this year <3 I wish the best!

  2. April

    I was concerned when they had a male interventionist. Because her trauma was so female centered. But, it was such a good call. I realized she was surrounded by caring women. But, she needed a strong male to give her comfort. It was a great call. I was elated to see her at the end. She looked beautiful and so happy. I really hope it continues for her.

  3. Xlio

    This episode felt rushed to me or like it could have covered more. Focused so much on drama of not being able to find her. I would’ve liked to see more of her day to day. And it’s pretty obvious at this point everyone knows an Intervention is coming. But hey I’m still glad it’s running and addicts are getting help!

    1. Stefan

      I still come across many people who have never heard of this show, which has always surprised me. Also keep in mind that most addicts don’t watch much, if any, television.

      1. Elizabeth

        I agree. I’ve had two different conversations recently with two different people where I’ve said like oh I’m watching Intervention, and they both were like what is that? I was shocked lol! And yeah I’d have to agree, especially in Amanda’s case, she probably doesn’t watch much TV and maybe forgot this show even exists, if she knew about it before.

      2. Xlio

        normies? yes i agree. but most drug addicts i know (or have known) are aware or even like the show. but I’m sure this varies.

    2. vegas local

      I don’t think this episode stressed how dangerous the tunnels are. each tunnel for the most part is a different drug, you need to know someone already living in the tunnel to be invited in, and the cameras and lights especially are disturbing their way of life. while it would’ve been interesting to see the day to day, like a typical intervention episode, the cameramen (and everyone around them) were more in danger the longer they stayed in. those living down there don’t come out much, especially someone like Amanda because she didn’t speak to anyone outside of the tunnels and got her drugs there.

      1. Xlio

        interesting! thank you for clarifying

  4. Rebecca O

    The story with Amanda’s son is heart-breaking and infuriating. It’s completely understandable that she needed to escape physically and emotionally. Also I really liked her mom.

  5. Rachel

    Just wanted to give y’all an update on Amanda. She is doing AMAZING! She stayed in California after treatment and moved into sober living. She is now 10 months clean and sober. You can find her on Facebook. Amanda Lewis. 🥰

    1. Jennifer

      I’m so happy to hear this! How wonderful! Please let her know we are all on her side, cheering on her progress! From a fellow Minnesotan, you are doing great, and so relieved to see this update!

  6. KK

    Wow The start of this show I was furious, what happened with her son!!!! But I ended up loving this episode, few moments of tears. The people from Holy Smokes, amazing. The ladies in her life, such lovely supporting people. I can’t believe she hadn’t seen them for two years and she said it was because she didn’t want to burden them, heart wrenching! I know it is was not an ideal circumstance but them catching her as she came out of jail and doing the intervention there on the street turned into the perfect moment to do it. She looked amazing at the end I really wish her and her family the best!

  7. Katrina

    I’m so glad Amanda is doing better now. I loved them showing the Holy Smokes ministry people and like they said, you could see she really did have such a fun, kind, and caring spirit despite her circumstances.

  8. Molly

    Amanda, such a sweet person and a good soul! So overjoyed to see her doing so well at the end. This episode really got to me.

  9. Heather G

    This episode isn’t available on A&E or on demand online, does anyone know why or where it can be watched? Thank you!

    1. April S.

      I caught it the other day on VICE on Dish.

    2. beelove

      if you post an email here i can tell you how you can watch it.

      1. Lily

        I cannot find it anywhere

    3. Amber

      To anyone reading this, you can find the episode and a ton others on Roku 🙂

      1. Chance and Destiny

        thank you!

      2. Pang

        It is also on Hulu right now

    4. Randice

      season 22 just came on Netflix

  10. Susie

    She was reunited with her son. What an amazing thing to happen. Made me tear up for sure

    1. Hannah Davis

      I read somewhere her mom dawn passed away! is this true?

      1. J

        Dawn was Susan’s mother. Susan made a post on one of the big social media sites (i think Instagram?) stating that she had passed