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Season 21, Episode 1


Age: 25
Location: Sudbury, Ontario
Addiction: Crack

Official Synopsis: Melanie was just eight months old when her dad committed suicide. Her mother’s subsequent trauma went untreated, and she struggled raising her three kids. Melanie, the youngest, suffered the most. She began acting out and getting in trouble to gain attention. When she was nine, she was diagnosed and medicated for ADHD. Then, at 14, Melanie was introduced to crack cocaine by an older boyfriend. She was instantly hooked and ended up in rehab at 15. Melanie got clean and turned things around, going back to school and becoming a Personal Support Worker – a vocation that she loved. At 19, shortly after a breakup, Melanie found out she was pregnant and her ex-boyfriend wanted no part of being a father. She loved her son and was a good mother but, four months after giving birth, she became depressed and starting using crack cocaine again. Now, five years later, Melanie is saddled with a severe addiction. Without an intervention, Melanie will lose custody of her son, or worse, lose her life.

Date Aired: July 20, 2020 in US, originally aired as in Intervention Canada episode on October 20, 2018 on CBC Documentary Channel

Interventionist: Andrew

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  1. Kimbo

    Yay so happy it’s back to the old style of intervention episodes! Also im currently watching and I’m wondering if anyone caught on to where this episode was located? She mentioned something about the one dealer she got from was the cheapest in Sudbury.

    1. Kimbo

      Hahah just as i posted this a sign showed on the screen Hanmer which is located in sudbury. Thats where im from

  2. Rob

    I am THRILLED! I saw the promo for the new season a week ago and thought “how do I get in touch with Dizzy?!?!?” They’ve seriously UNDER-promoted it, which is a shame as its quality television. Hopefully it’s a good, long season (and not comprised of “previously unseen” episodes of Intervention Canada).

    1. Stefan

      I actually think this is an Intervention Canada episode since it took place in Canada, Andrew was the interventionist, and at the end of the credits it said, “A production of Canada”.

      1. Rob

        I haven’t gotten to watch yet, but here’s a synopsis from an episode of Intervention Canada with a Melanie. Does this sound familiar?

        Melanie Oct. 20, 2018
        Melanie was introduced to crack-cocaine at 14. She caught clean and got her life back together, but fell into a depression four months after her son was born, and turned back to drugs. Without an intervention, she’ll lose custody of her son.

      2. Dizzy

        Yeah this is definitely Intervention Canada, the episode aired October 20, 2018 on CBC Documentary channel. Here’s the promo from the IC Facebook page

    2. Dizzy

      Thanks for thinking of me Rob! If you ever want to get in touch my email is dizzy.buzzkill @ gmail. com

      1. Rob

        Thanks Dizzy! I might just take you up on that sometime. Also, thank you thank you THANK YOU for all of the hard work you put into this site.

      2. laura

        Yes, it definitely looks like it’s from the archives and she became even more criminally involved afterward.
        I couldn’t find an outcome of the charges or any more current information. I hope the best for her and her family.

  3. Stormie

    I’m so glad the they are back with more episodes. This show made me want to go to rehab, so glad I did.

    1. Christina

      Stormie, I hope you’re doing well! Many people out here care, I admire you and am sending good energy your way! 💪🏽❤️🏆

    1. Dizzy

      It is, yes.

    2. Rob

      Lovely. She’s stealing wallets from people in hospital now. I really hope her family gets some kind of peace eventually.

    3. Christina

      Oh my goodness, Meela thank you for this update even though it is heartbreaking. I googled, and it’s definitely her. It certainly illustrates how horribly powerful the disease of addiction can be. I’m so sorry for her, her family, and especially her precious son who did nothing to deserve this. 💔 It often takes many attempts to get sober, I’m still hopeful Melanie can pull herself out of this tailspin. I’m in awe of everyone who has overcome this disease.

    4. Maria

      yes sadly

  4. Seth

    I was so excited at the end of the episode, it looked like Melanie would be, as the counselor said, a “success story”. She looked great. But then, boom, it said she quit rehab and relapsed. It was so disappointing. I feel so bad for her son…it looked like he loved his mother so much, but his mother loved the crack pipe more. Sad he has to be a part of that.

    1. Maria

      i know. I am left with such a feeling of loss at this. She DOES love her son, but not enough.

      1. Erica

        This news story is from 2 days ago (July 22, 2020.) Melanie was in jail for a long while and seems to be doing better upon release. The article states she now weighs 150 pounds (she weighed 85 upon admission) and is getting substance abuse treatment as well as mental health treatment for PTSD and DID. Sadly, she also talks about being controlled and pimped by a human trafficking ring. I hope for her continued recovery and a successful reunion with her young son and family.

  5. Alaina

    I really truly enjoyed Andrew as the interventionist. I hope Melanie eventually finds it in her to change for Kaleb, her family, and most importantly herself.

  6. AK

    I don’t think she has a rock bottom. Reading that news article about what happened to her almost made me cry. There is nothing deeper than that.

    I believe this is her last chance. If she will mess it up again, she’ll either die from crack or someone will end her life. This whole thing is absolutely tragic.

  7. jube

    I am not much better than most ppl on this show except for the fact u don’t a use my loved ones to make them drive into to high crime areas to get drugs and use in fro t of some states the vehiles can be seized because it was used in the commission of a crime. It doesn’t matter if its her moms car who’s not using drugs just helping her daughter to get medicine.
    Then theses parents say they would do anything in the world for their kid (after they get high) but won’t even pay the kid any attention before they get dope first. If I had kids I’m sure I’d be the same way.
    But I actually want to talk about the real star of the show,her friend ashley. She is beautiful beyond belief, like the vision that first set fire to the stars. On top of being how beautiful she is she has a heart of gold for helping her friend.if IF I wasn’t married to a beautiful girl like Ashley I would have to search for her.

    1. Dizzy

      Dude this is pretty creepy, maybe don’t talk about searching for people you saw on TV because they’re beautiful.

      1. Xlio

        Agreed, Dizzy! You think a frequent watcher of Intervention would realize how detrimental such objectification and exploitation is..

  8. Rit

    This episode was heartbreaking! As someone who found sobriety 10 years ago I can say that it truly is 1 day at a time. In the beginning I pushed back on support meetings, now I go to meetings because I TRULY enjoy them. I have never left a meeting feeling it was a waste of time, I leave always feeling such gratitude that by the grace of my higher power I am still walking a clean & sober path. My heart has such sadness that Melanie couldn’t hold onto her sobriety. I, along with all addicts I’m sure, completely understand the control that drugs or alcohol have over us. I will keep Melanie along with all those who are suffering with their sobriety in my prayers. If you are struggling, find a meeting! You don’t have to say 1 word, just listen with an open heart & mind. You could not be in a safer environment where you are not judged, you are supported. 1 second, 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day take it slow. Give yourself a break and realize that you are worth saving!

  9. Britty

    😞 Just read the article below. Really hoping she doesn’t take this release for granted. Her son deserves better. Sad to hear she’s endured even more trauma

    “ The court had heard that Beskorowany had been “branded” by one of her human traffickers on the right ankle, producing a serious infection, and that following her bail release early in 2020, she was viciously sexually assaulted, producing internal damage that will require surgery to correct. Beskorowany was also moved around the province by the human traffickers, which resulted in charges in the other four cities, and was involved in a brothel in Barrie…”

    1. Andy

      “young aboriginal woman”. Is this an accurate description?

      1. Pang

        I was wondering that myself, about her being labeled as an aboriginal woman. It is mentioned in another article, so apparently so. I’m guessing she is less than 1/4 aboriginal as it would be hard to identify her as such just by looking at her. It is surprising that was never brought up in the episode since indigenous people are genetically more prone to addiction. Very interesting. Here’s hoping she is doing better.

      2. Mia

        I know at the beginning of the episode her mother spoke to her an another language I didn’t recognize. Is that related maybe?

  10. Elizabeth

    *Reposting my comment because I think I put the wrong email and made typos in the previous one LOL I am watching the episode and typing at the same time my b*
    A lot was upsetting about this episode but at one specific point I was getting upset WITH Melanie and it was when she was panicking and having bad anxiety at her sons birthday party and her friend kept trying to touch her and get close to her space and just KEPT touching her even after Melanie repeatedly said to stop. And then her friend was crying to her mom like “she won’t let me touch her!!” And I get it’s hard but like, when I get bad anxiety I don’t like being touched either. I don’t like people close to my face ESPECIALLY after I tell them to stop, so Melanie was completely valid in reacting how she was! A lot people during anxiety attacks DO NOT want to be touched and crowded. I know the friend meant well, but you have to listen when people having anxiety tell you to stop touching them. Also, I’m a recovering cocaine addict (almost a year clean) and whenever I did too much I would get bad anxiety just like that, and the LAST thing I wanted was to be touched by anyone, it’s like overwhelming and terrible. So yeah that’s my opinion on that lol

    1. Dale

      Poor m
      Melanie got caught up in sex trafficking and crimes she committed. She is supposed!y living w her mom again. She is such a beautiful person.

      The entire article link would not copy. Go to and lookup ‘Runaway train bound to crash’

  11. Rarebit

    Andrew is a stellar interventionist!