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Intervention Deaths

It’s always shocking to find out one of the addicts profiled has died, usually as a result of their addiction. It shouldn’t be so shocking given that they were in such bad shape that their families felt like the would die without a televised intervention, but still, it is. Maybe it’s because we come to feel like we know them over an hour (I know that’s not possible, but it still feels that way) and we have hope that there will be a happy ending to their story, not a tragic one.

My sincere condolences to the families and friends of the people who have passed on since their intervention. Please know that there are many people out here that became emotionally invested in your story and are deeply sympathetic to the pain that addiction has caused in your lives. We are terribly sorry for your loss.

Bret Cansler

Episode 93. Season 7, Episode 7
Addiction: Alcohol
Died after successful treatment at 105 days sober
Cause of death: Esophageal cancer
Death revealed on first airing, June 2009

Lawrence Ryan
Episode 59. Season 4, Episode 9
Addiction: Alcohol
Cause of death: Esophageal bleeding as a result of cirrhosis of the liver.

Chris Brady
Episode 82. Season 6, Episode 10
Addiction: Alcohol
Cause of death: Suicide while under the influence of alcohol
Interview with Shawn in The Advocate

Sandra (Sandy) Saunders
Episode 84. Season 6, Episode 13
Addiction: Alcohol
Completed treatment, sober 19 months before passing away in June 2011.
Cause of death: Diabetic Ketoacidosis
Sandy’s obituary

Dillon Brewer

Episode 40. Season 3, Episode 6
Addiction: Meth
Left after 31 days of treatment, claimed to be sober
Cause of death: Suicide

Austin A. Powers
Episode 129. Season 10 Episode 3
Addiction: Alcohol
Left treatment after 2 months, claimed to be sober
Cause of death: Heroin overdose
Article 1
Article 2

Mike Fisher

Episode 70. Season 4 (Missing episode)
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Completed treatment and was on medication for OCD until he couldn’t afford it any longer.
Died September 7, 2010
Cause of death: Unconfirmed but suspected suicide

Jackie Wooten
Episode 108. Season 7 Episode 7
Addiction: Alcohol
Died January 10, 2013
Cause of death: Unconfirmed

John Tyrell
Episode 57. Season 4
Addiction: Alcohol, hallucinogens
Died January 7, 2013
Cause of death: Suicide

Sean Messina

Episode 184. Season 11, Episode 11
Addiction: Alcohol
Died January 4, 2014
Cause of death: Liver failure
Facebook page

Megan Wood

Episode 145. Season 10, Episode 5
Addiction: Opiates
Died February 9, 2014
Cause of death: Heroin overdose
Obituary, News Story

Sebastian Ramirez

Episode 97, Season 6
Addiction: Heroin
Died April 2013
Cause of Death: Heart attack or stroke
Memorial Service Video

Charles Weimer

Episode 62, Season 4
Addiction: Heroin
Died March 10, 2014
Cause of Death: Overdose

John Carstens

Episode 76, Season 5
Died September 30, 2014
Cause of Death: Heart Attack
ObituaryMemorial Service Video

Nik Buckmaster

Episode 83, Season 5
Addiction: Heroin
Died November 29, 2014
Cause of Death: Surgery complications

Brooke Renee Boulter

Episode 53, Season 4
Addiction: Pain Medication
Died December 21, 2014
Cause of Death: Overdose

Ryan Bond

Episode 128, Season 8
Addiction: Alcohol
Died December 14, 2014
Cause of Death: Cirrhosis of the liver

Laurie Moses-Roeseler

Episode 33, Season 2
Addiction: Pain killers
Died July 1, 2015
Cause of Death: Not made public

Lauren Rae Buscher

Episode 34, Season 2
Addiction: Heroin
Died May 24, 2016
Cause of Death: Lung Cancer

Brittany Intervention
Brittany Christine Howard

Episode 217, Season 15
Addiction: Heroin
Died August 20th, 2016
Cause of Death: Overdose
Funeral Expense Fundraiser

Jeffrey Karl James

Episode 150, Season 10
Addiction: Alcohol
Died November 17, 2016
Cause of Death: Kidney failure
Facebook Page

Megan Morgan Glass
Episode 15, Season 18 of (Originally an Intervention Canada episode)
Addiction: Inhalants
Died November 28, 2016
Cause of Death: Suicide
Funeral Announcement
Facebook page

Brian Intervention

Brian James Bellamore
Episode 4, Season 1
Addiction: Meth, sex
Died November 29th, 2016
Cause of Death: Medical error while being treated for an infection. His death was not related to his addiction.

Ziggi Tapp

Episode 9, Season 2 of Intervention Canada
Addiction: GHB, Meth
Died December 12, 2016
Cause of Death: Fentanyl overdose
Facebook page

Ben Lowe

Episode 55, Season 4
Addiction: DXM
Died December 21, 2016
Cause of Death: Overdose
Facebook Page

Derek Muzyka
Episode 67, Season 5
Addiction: Alcohol
Died December 30, 2016
Cause of Death: Car accident. Sobriety unknown

Karissa Hilts
Episode 209, Season 12
Addiction: Heroin
Died March 8, 2017
Cause of Death: Car accident. She was sober.
News story

Joshua Turek
Episode 201, Season 14
Addiction: Heroin, Alcohol
Died March 23. 2017
Cause of Death: Overdose

Eric McDonnell
Episode 184, Season 13
Addiction: Heroin
Died August 19, 2017
Cause of Death:  Overdose

Robby (Robyn) Stoneburg
Intervention Canada
Episode 9, Season 16
Addiction: Alcohol
Died November 7th, 2017
Cause of Death: Cancer (unconfirmed)
Death Notice

Taylor Nichole Bittler
Season 18 – The Heroin Triangle
Addiction: Heroin
Died January 22, 2018
Cause of Death: Acute Asthmatic Asphyxiation
Sister’s video about the Intervention experience and Taylor’s death

Betsy ‘Bets’ Bender
Season 2, Episode 17
Addiction: Alcohol
Died August 8, 2018
Cause of Death: Breast Cancer

Vanessa Marquez
Season 1, Episode 2
Addiction: Shopping, agoraphobia
Died August 30, 2018
Cause of Death: Shot by police officer during welfare check
News Story

Joe Spina
Season 8, Episode 7
Addiction: Heroin, Self-Asphyxiation
Died September 1, 2018
Cause of Death: Traumatic Brain Injury
Father’s Facebook posts here and here

Richard Bridgers
Season 7, Episode 17
Addiction: Crack
Died October 23, 2018
Cause of Death: Unconfirmed

Lindsay Devoe
Season 2, Episode 4 of Intervention Canada
Addiction: Oxycontin
Died October 2018
Cause of Death: Overdose (heroin laced with fentanyl)
News article
GoFundMe Fundraiser

Rocky Lockridge
Season 7, Episode 13
Addiction: Crack
Died February 7, 2019
Cause of Death: Stroke complications
News Story

Corinne Renee Stumborg
Season 2, Episode 1
Addiction: Heroin
Died March 19, 2019
Cause of Death: Heroin Overdose
Funeral Notice
Facebook page

Ryan Luken
Season 15, Episode 15 of Intervention, Season 3 Episode 1 of Intervention Canada
Addiction: Crack, alcohol
Died June 30, 2019
Here is his obituary
Cause of Death: Unconfirmed

Conrad Dubois
Season 15 Episode 20 of Intervention, Season 1 Episode 6 of Intervention Canada
Addiction: Oxycontin
Died July 13, 2019
Here is his obituary
Cause of Death: Overdose (News story here)

Brittany Loren Ross
Season 5, Episode 5
Addiction: Dilaudid
Died Sept 9, 2019
Cause of Death: Unconfirmed

Zachary Reeves
Season 18 The Heroin Triangle
Addiction: Heroin
Died April 16, 2020
Cause of Death: Heroin Overdose
Dad’s Facebook post

Courtney Renee Ball
Season 11, Episode 10
Addiction: Heroin
Died May 12, 2020
Cause of Death: Presumed Heroin Overdose
Memorial Notice

Skyler Patrick Russell
Season 11, Episode 8
Addiction: Bath Salts
Died October 16, 2020
Cause of Death: Brain infection and organ failure due to alcohol withdrawal

Joshua Dale Benney
Season 17, Episode 3
Addiction: Hand Sanitizer
Died September 19, 2020
Cause of Death: Organ failure
Facebook post documenting his hospitalization

Tanisha Nicole Parker
Season 6, Episode 6
Addiction: Methadone & Benzos
Died May 29, 2021
Cause of Death: Unconfirmed
Video of her Memorial Service

Ashley Dorothy Ellen King
Season 17, Episode 9
Addiction: Crack, Opioids
Died July 2, 2021
Cause of Death: Car accident – she was sober at the time

Elann Christine Masters
Season 22, Episode 19
Addiction: Alcohol
Died March 2019
Cause of Death: Suicide (intentional overdose)

Trent Gardner Hawn
Season 3, Episode 6
Addiction: Heroin
Died July 22, 2021
Cause of Death: Acute Alcohol Intoxication

Clint Robert Pascal
Season 17, Episode 4
Addiction: Meth, Fentanyl
Died August 10, 2021
Cause of Death: Not made public
Death Notice

Tracey Earl Frederick, Jr.
Season 18, The Heroin Triangle
Addiction: Heroin
Died August 23, 2021
Cause of Death: Not made public

Marie Francesca Poggi
Season 4, Episode 15
Addiction: Alcohol
Died February 19, 2022
Cause of Death: Breast Cancer
Daughter’s FB Post

Adam Lawson

Season 2, Episode 3
Addiction: Heroin
Died December 7th, 2021
Cause of Death: Heart Attack

Amanda Marie Thompson
Season 20, Heroin Hub
Addiction: Heroin
Died December 17, 2022
Cause of Death: Overdose

Aaron Brink
Season 6, Episode 8
Addiction: Meth, Porn
Died May 16, 2023
Cause of Death: Pancreatic Cancer

Theresa Ann ‘Tee’ Ledet
Season 14, Episode 5
Addiction: Alcohol
Died September 5, 2021
Cause of Death: Not Made Public

Rob Rowden
Season 7, Episode 4
Addiction: Alcohol & Meth
Died: July 2023
Cause of Death: Not Made Public

James Michael Garrett
Season 1, Episode 13
Addiction: Alcohol & Cocaine
Died: January 2022
Cause of Death: Suicide

William Robert Jericho
Season 20, Heroin Hub
Addiction: Heroin
Died: February 2023
Cause of Death: Not Made Public

Jeffrey Mack
Season 6, Episode 2
Addiction: Alcohol
Died: November 2023
Cause of Death: Illness

David John Sax
Season 14, Episode 12
Addiction: Meth & Alcohol
Died: July 2023
Cause of Death: Overdose (Unconfirmed)
Mom’s FB

MaryAnn Forsyth Finch
Season 9, Episode 9
Addiction: Alcohol
Died: October 2023
Cause of Death: House fire
Death Notice
News story about fire


Daniel Beck Mewhinney
Season 15, Episode 8
Addiction: Alcohol (vodka)
Died: July 16, 2023
Cause of Death: No Information Available
Death Listing
2021 Mugshot


NOTES ON COMMENTING HERE: I no longer publish comments on this page asking for an update on someone.  This thread is for support, discussion and news about addicts who have passed away.  If you’d like to find out about how someone is doing, or you have information you’d like to share, please do a search of this site for that person (search bar in the top right on every page) and then read the comments on that person’s individual page – someone may have already provided an update. Also, I’ve started an open thread page for people who are suffering from addiction or struggling in recovery and are reaching out for help from this community.  Please visit that page if you’d like to offer your support and recovery wisdom.
Thanks everyone. – Dizzy

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  1. Lenae

    Thank you so much for these updates even though it is so tragic. I wish all of the documentary participants knew how much my friends and I cry for them and want them to do well. My condolences to all the families.

    1. sherry

      i have to comment on the women whose daughters told her time and again the husband was abusing the little girls
      She looked the other way’
      She knew you can see it on her face the anger the girls made her lose her man
      the one girl huffed herself almost to death betrayed by the mother the dad and the dads family
      they let him off and he ran to egypt or some other country’
      I blame her more than the man

      1. Kimberly

        If you’re talking about Allison’s story, it wasn’t the husband who did it. It was a different member of the family. The guy who ran off to another country was the father, not the molester. The mother and father took the molester to trial, but the case was dismissed due to a supposed lack of evidence. Unbelievable. No wonder Allison huffed.

    2. Rebeca Vasquez

      Suicide is an extreme decision based on temporary circumstances. But HOW MUCH PAIN N SUFFERING a person must feel to find suicide to be the BEST OPTION. My SOUL goes out to the victims n their families. Heartbreaking. I can ONLY IMAGINE the struggle behind that decision. The guilt, the pain, the misconception, the isolation….I’m so VERY SORRY in regard to them ALL. All my luv n prayers to them & their families.

      1. seth

        Very well said =)

      2. Broken

        My God. I am so saddened. Soon will come a day that their is no help. No hope. And we all we cry out for death to take us. And death will not come. I after seeing this am forever changed. I would cry and cheer and clap with every seeming success story. Now, I won’t be able too because they all die. This world is not for the good. Not for the people who where their hearts on there sleeves. Only for the corrupted. The wealthy evil, the monsters who harm our children. We are not welcome, nor wanted. Pandemics, fake at that. Fake illness. Cold heartedness will rule the days. If I had known how bad this world would and will continue to get. I would not of brought precious children into it. What a horrible parent and mother I am for doing so. Its child abuse to bring a child into this world. I’m am forever changed by reading this. Hope is dead

      3. Linsey

        All I have to say to this is WOW. So I’m a child abuser for having children ? You have a very skewed and sad look at a multitude of things . People having hope is what makes this world a better place . I feel very sorry for you and I hope you don’t push these beliefs on to your children . Telling them there is no hope in this world is what would make you a horrible mother. Not bringing them into it. Shame on you.

      4. Jeffrey S

        I completely agree wtf right ? You just said all i am thinking – iwasnt sure there was anyone w the same mindset – truth be told our govt could stop these drugs and alcohol but never will !! I had my addictions and will til im dead …wether its hotdogs or coca. Cola !! It will be the death of me – no drugs anymore but i get addicted to everything like food or nicotine patches – i no longer smoke but am hooked on patch!- can fucking win

      5. CBDiva

        It is sad, but many of these people were elderly or died of natural causes unrelated to their addictions. There are many success stories from the show as well.

        It sounds like you might be suffering from depression or just in need of support. I have clinical depression myself so I recognize the negative, pessimistic thoughts a mile away. I hope you’re able to get some help. Things are neither all rose-colored nor all black but somewhere in the middle.

      6. Hope

        Dear broken. I know someone That has power over evil has power over death even. Christ tells us to put our hope in him. If we believe in him and ask him to forgive our sins with a true heart he will revile himself. If all hope is lost what else have you got to loose.

      7. Broken-fixer Upper

        … I’m not corrupt. I’m “wealthy” in the sense that I happily face each and every day ‘gifted’ to me on this beautiful and strange earth. With justo: I proclaim my love for fellow man/woman no matter their predisposition. But YOU…Your grim viewpoints make me VERY uncomfortable for your children. It sounds like you need help. You might be suffering from mental illness. Please go get help.

        I’m a recovering addict. I’ve been sober now for 10 years. If I can face each day with renewed faith, so can you. You might need help. Be courageous enough to accept it.

      8. Taylor Langford

        Pandemic? Why did you say that in 2016??

      9. Zanna

        You are mistaken that a decision to commit suicide is based on temporary circumstances. You must have not felt the pain of being different, of seeing others coping with life and not being able to do the same, of trying years of therapy, of losing the ability to feel any joy. Suicide is a rational choice for those for whom the pain of life is unbearable. Not everyone is so fortunate to have people who love them. Some of us were not shown it as children so we don’t know how to do it as adults. Imagine trying to do everything you can to be accepted and loved, and not being able to “be normal”. To have a lifetime of watching others find love in family, friendships and significant others, but not being able to achieve it for one’s self. It’s horrible. I don’t know why some of us don’t have the ability to do it. It is not because we don’t try. It is because something is basically wrong, like a cancer.

      10. Jessie

        Back in my early twenties, I was so depressed that I intermittently contemplated suicide for a while. I lived with my parents due to the recession & at one point we got in an argument & I was so pissed at them that I threatened to overdose on antifreeze and at one point my dad said, “if u want antifreeze, I will give u antifreeze!” It took me a while to get over that statement and then I just decided to forgive as I realized that it takes 2 to tango. Then I became a mom 3 years ago which resulted in me being traumatized from that statement, along with a bunch of other cold hearted horrible remarks they made to their own child.

      11. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

        When I was in college, I felt suicidal and called my sister to talk about it. She told me “Well, that’s stupid.”

        Ironically, six to eight months ago, she was leaning toward the decision of suicide due to PTSD from domestic assault and physical abuse she suffered for nearly a year. I never told her she was “stupid” for feeling that way, even though part of me was tempted to hurt her the way she hurt me. I am glad I held my tongue – that would have been horrible to do.

        You can only paste a smile on your face for so long. Never be afraid to talk.

      12. LM

        I agree. Depression is a hard illness to cure. My depression developed at 10 years old. I never knew why I felt so sad. In hindsight, it had a lot to do with my mother beating me and screaming at me and my father looking the other way. All in all, my doctors have been very good. I finally was strong enough to go to Europe to do my Masters. Unfortunately, the darkness there made me a bit depressed again so my doctor referred me to an ‘expert’. Well, that expert prescribed me the wrong prescription which was not even used for depression, not even off label, and I got even more depressed. Finally, I just had to quit school and retreat back home. It took me years to get over quitting my masters. It was only until recently reading about the particular drug the ‘expert’ prescribed me that I realized it was most likely that drug that triggered the major depression. I should have known when I was talking with her about my troubles in school and she said ‘Why are you still here then?’ to which I responded ‘What do you mean? I’m here for school’. That was the beginning of a downward spiral where I almost took my life. It was like I was tied down and being tortured constantly. They have since found that depression and physical pain have the same neuro-pathways, so no wonder I described my depression to my doctors as almost physical pain. That’s what depressed people are trying to get away from with suicide. It’s akin to all those people in chronic pain who don’t want to live anymore because it’s unbearable.
        Anyway, I still deal with difficult days sometimes, as does everyone, but at least I’m not clinically depressed. The future looks good.

      13. Rose Barry

        Suicide is an extreme decision, however to the person who commits suicide, it is the only answer to the pain. I lost my mother through suicide and I know how much she suffered through her life.

      14. Doc

        I’m sorry but I have to disagree with your comment about suicide being an extreme decision based on a temporary circumstance. It is anything but extreme nor is it based on temporary circumstances. People who make the definitive decision to end their life have thought long and hard about it. Not for day’s or week’s but months and year’s. THEY PLAN IT OUT! The environment they are in, the way they are treated by other’s, feeling alone, given no self worth, ignored, from the poorest of the poor to the richest of the rich, being treated as if you aren’t good enough is evil, and something that effect’s ALL classes.I find that comment offensive and belittling. Do you honestly think that suicide is that simple because according to you all they have to do is live with their male parent raping, beating, abusing them in every manner you can NOT imagine because our minds aren’t wired to. So when you’re 4 and having that type of thing happen to you and watched while it was done to your mom and siblings, all they have to do is temporarily wait for 14 year’s, and it’s getting worse during that time, so they can escape out the door, IF their rapist got them pregnant, they aren’t going anywhere. There are, of course, infants, babies who can’t hold their heads up by themselves, can’t even SPEAK yet having the same thing’s done to them. It doesn’t even have to be a family member. There are those that have mental illnesses. They get drug from one doctor to the other and given pill after pill FOR YEAR’S and nothing is helping, I suppose they could keep them in a straight jacket for life but I’m thinking that won’t ever happen. I’m guessing you watch Intervention too, since you commented. I challenge you to find ONE. Just ONE person who has passed away or is still alive, that had a temporary problem. They didn’t start drinking because it was their dream come true. They all had a reason and some of them I wondered why they hadn’t started drinking sooner.

        Do NOT mock a pain you have not endured.

      15. Jeana

        Well said. I live in constant pain due to a spine disease. Because of the abuse of pain killers, its becoming more and more difficult for legitimate patients to have their needs met. I have considered taking my life constantly and its not because I don’t want to live, I just don’t know how much longer I can handle the pain.

      16. Justine UK

        Completely agree! Some people have NO clue about the endurance of physical and emotional pain. How they feel they can comment on such deep rooted, individual and personal situations 8n a general matter is just plain ridiculous!

      17. Schmitty Girl

        Indeed…that was beautifully said. I don’t want to say it’s “politically correct” because that’s not the feeling a get from what you wrote…it was totally encompassing morals, illness, grief…a statement that could hold true for all opinions. I love that! I love how you wrote that!

      18. mandy

        Hi Jeana
        My heart goes out to you hon- I lived with chronic unremitting pain for 12 years after a spinal cord injury (caused by EDS type 111) caused scoliosis and paralysis. I know EXACTLY what it feels like to feel life cant go on like that. The pain was unbearable and unremitting.. I was finally offered oromorph and matriphen patches for pain- which really worked but then was told by a neurologist a year later that I was now an addict and needed to go into rehab to come off them! That was the lowest moment of my life- There I was in a wheelchair, partially paralysed, in adult nappies, unable to care for my son age 13, unable to do the job I trained so long for, and told that the pain meds that had made life liveable had turned me into an addict……. So I paid for a top pain specialist to review my case and he told me that as long as I took the meds only when I was in chronic pain and kept to prescribed doses I would not become addicted. Such meds can be very effective for chronic pain sufferers and can dramatically improve their quality of life but sadly are often viewed fearfully by many doctors now. I chose to trust the pain consultant, didn’t go to rehab, and continued to take them. That was ten years ago and those pain meds enabled me to have a life, albeit limited by my disability, but to be present for my growing son and not to be overcome by the neurological pain. Then (as a non believer in miracles -famous last words) I was encouraged to go on a course run by Aliss Cresswell In London Uk and was much to my utter shock was healed… I was able to come off the meds and finally prove to myself once and for all that neurologist had been wrong all along, and the pain consultant right …
        My prayers and heart goes out to all those who live with chronic pain. Its exhausting debilitating, demoralising and takes HUGE courage each day to face and live through.. Unless you’ve lived through it its very hard to understand the depth of endurance needed … But know that those that do face each day in chronic pain are extraordinary people-so courageous – Jeana – hang on Hon- I know it feels unbearable at times but you have such courage to be able to express your feelings so honestly and to keep on pushing through. It inspires others who will then know that they are not alone in their struggle.

      19. Wanette Carter

        Reading your post was almost like reading something I would’ve posted myself. I lost my dad when I was 14, My brother and I were with him when he died from a massive heart attack. After his death I became addicted to food, I know it’s not a drug but it is addictive. It became my best friend/worst enemy. I weighed nearly 550 lbs when I made the decision to have gastric bypass surgery 7/16/04. I lost altogether 378 lbs. And was married to my best friend in 2007. I was a new person, but in 2008 I lost my dear mama. She wa as my best friend, we faced everything together. She had severe Ra, heart disease, diabetes and was nearly wheelchair bound. After she passed I was diagnosed with Ra and Sjogren’s disease and was in constant pain but still walked, exercised and moved on with life but had to take narcotic painkillers in order to function. When all this crap about opioid addiction came out of course my dr.’s jerked the rug out from under me and denied me the one thing that kept me going. I quit walking, exercising and eventually had to have all my teeth pulled and get dentures due to my Sjogren’s condition. That was the last straw. I am self diagnosing and admit I became and have been agoraphobic for nearly a decade and have gained back over 175 lbs. It infuriates me that because of these opioid addicts the whole country is now looked upon as addicts when they have to take painkillers, I struggle daily with emotional pain due to severity of physical pain. I don’t even know the person I’ve become. I feel like Wanette then is a different person from Wanette now and I loathe that person. I have thought many times about suicide because of deep depression and pain but fortunately I have a husband who won’t give up on me and I don’t deserve him. I totally agree and relate to your post and wish there was an answer to all these restrictions those who legitimately need help sometimes with narcotic painkillers, and I think there are more people who commit suicide due to this reason. I wish I had an answer.

      20. Kevin

        I sincerely doubt anyone has ever committed suicide without having spent a large amount of time thinking about it. However, the actual act of suicide is often brought on by extreme recent circumstances. For example a good friend of mine was suicidal for years due to his struggles with drug abuse and depression and legal troubles. I personally talked him out of suicide several times by reminding him that he had so many great things to live for and that he had so many people who loved him and believed with all our hearts that he could beat his demons and have a future full of happiness and love. Eventually he got treatment and started to improve. He no longer spoke of suicide and started to talk about the goals he wanted to achieve and his plans for the future. Then one night he made the mistake of driving after having a few drinks and was observed speeding by police. Due to his previous legal problemss he was facing a significant amount of jail time should he be convicted of another crime. So with his plans for the future now ruined he decided not to pull over. Instead he led police on a high speed chase and after about 15 minutes he spotted a huge boulder on the side of the road. He took off his seatbelt and drove into it at approximately 80 mph and died on impact. I don’t believe he ever would have killed himself had those events not happen that night. I also believe if he had never been suicidal in the past he would not have decided to drive into that rock.

      21. Regina

        I am a recovering sober date is October 2 2010. I was deeply touched by ur explanation on suicide. I guess I was blessed or it wasn’t my time. My addiction took me to very dark places for 43yrs but I could not take my life because I was scared of the unknown. Ironic.. I’m blessed n greatful. My heart is heavy for those who chose death. My heart goes out to anyone who had to go through this. I said chose because there really isn’t a choice. Today being sober I do have a choice pick up that fatal 1st drink or not. I choose not.

      22. k.j. cook

        I imagine most people who do cross the line to end up dying from a suicide attempt are in no way of sound mind. They are either inebriated or so immersed in a depression that they have had very little contact with anyone outside of their own reality– people in pur own reality don’t notice signs like an outsider would. In addition, family and friends of addicts will often hear their addicted family member or friend talk about self harm and/or suicide because most (not all) addicts suffer from what is called Dual Diagnosis– this means addiction is not their sole mental illness. It’s often the clinically psychological illness or disorder which causes the person, who eventually succumbs to the disease of addiction, a disease that lies dormant within the DNA of persons genetically predisposed to addiction/abusing any substance which can act as a form of escape from the persons reality, to seek out reality numbing substances. More often than not, the necessary mental illness to begin addiction is half DNA and half environmental, i.e. a person is born to a sober mother, but the father is addicted to drugs or alcohol, therein the appropriate genetic predisposition exists within the child. Due to the very dysfunctional life, living with an addicted father, inciting all the various facets we know addictions contributes to– poverty, spousal abuse, neglect, inconsistency, constant fighting, lying and disrespect, the predisposed child has the 2nd piece of the puzzle plugged into him via that form of environment within which he is brought up. The environment sets up the otherwise dormant mental illnesses, including addiction, to surface. As far as I’m concerned, there only need be ONE factor in bringing t of dormancy genetic, predisposed mental illness, including addiction and that is serious low self-worth. If a person is not nurtured, they are neglected, they see the same things occurring to the parent who’s not the addict or more chaotic in his or her mental illness, making them wonder “why me?” And eventually coming to recognize how, if the parent who actually cares for them is the same parent who allows the abuses to continue to him or herself as well as her child/ren, the child/ren will also form a poor self.

      23. Michael J Murphy

        Your definition of suicide is partially true. Permanent solution yes but sometimes the circumstances aren’t temporary. Sometimes they can last for decades and things get worse with every day that passes, no matter how hard a person may have tried to end the suffering they were going through.

      24. Paige Moulton

        thats the whole “bi polarness” of addiction. its so sad. i know for myself when i got clean for a couple years and i relapsed… my romance with suicide got stronger. i knew what i could do and what i was capleale of, and i just couldnt do it. i felt SO stuck and so doomed. and its even worse when your loosing people you love to overdoses, or watching somebody you love kill themselves too. Somehow i felt like it was a choice too… and that i just couldnt convince myself to stop but its so much more then that. On top of all that there is also the trauma that perpetuates addiction to begin with. My heart goes out to all these people.
        As sad as it is that alot of these people got sober and died in sobriety, at least they found that sobriety. i always say, if i relapse, i just dont want to die of a od. i dont want to be remembered like that. such a sad existence. i am now sober over a year again, but i have this sadness that lurks within me that is never going anywhere.

        i dont even know why i said all that… but ill end with Rest in Paradise, all you beautiful soulds

    3. Tina Taylor

      Wow didn’t know how many passed even with help n interventions. My daughter died from a drug overdose at age 22. I didn’t know what to do. I see even though people were able to help they still passed anyway. I miss my daughter n wish I could let know how it feels being in my shoes. On the show people watching their loved ones think nothings going to happen cause they’ve been doing the drugs so long. I’m an ex drug addict n hate anyone being in my shoes, I miss my daughter so bad n you know what, I’ve never gotten high to help me forget, I wish I could. Just forget for a day or two.

      1. Avocado

        My thoughts are with you, Tina.

      2. Jeana

        Please accept my deepest condolences on the loss of your beloved daughter.

      3. Rhonda

        Prayers for you. I have a daughter that is 29 and was on the streets of Nashville prostituting for years. The nights of not knowing where she was, if she was alive, etc. were horrible. She chose to not contact her family. Eventually, she got locked up for a year and started suboxone therapy, now she is married with a 4 yr old and one on the way. I worry that someday something may change and it will be all it takes to set her off on her addiction again. It’s a very scary future in the life of an addict.

    4. Joan

      I’ve been watching the heroin triangle episodes for the past few weeks. It alway hits me pretty hard when I’ve found out there passing. It’s not in the least surprising that it comes to that. But still I’m in a wow moment. All the post intervention addicts that have passed. I have watched every episode over and over for years. And I still my heart goes out to them all. I’m an addict named Joan and I will keep coming back.

    5. Cheryl

      Why doesn’t this show “Intervention” ever encourage the participants to go on Methadone or Subuxone. I am just so saddened that their is no Harm Reduction talked about at all on this show. Abstinence or nothing seems to be the only way and it’s not the only way. Words like “clean” and “sober,” should not be the way to define someone. This are words that add to the stigma of drug use. I understand that this is a discussion of those that have passed away, but if there is not discussion about Harm Reduction or Medication Assisted Treatment, so many more that are using heroin are going to die of overdose. Shame on Intervention for not encouraging those using drugs or alcohol into treatment that provides medication to help them. Taylor from the “Heroin Triangle” series could of benefited from Methadone or Suboxone. She went to rehab to please her family and friends. She wasn’t ready. When are we going to start meeting drug users where they are at? Instead of spending the money to put them into a rehab that preaches the 12-steps, why doesn’t this show start encouraging drug users to go into Medication Assisted Treatment? The evidence that is based on Medication Assisted Treatment shows a much higher rate of success than traditional rehab. Instead of publishing the deaths of these people, why not start pushing for easier access to medication assisted treatment.

      1. Dizzy

        I get your point, but Intervention is all about a very specific model of abstinence-based 12-Step treatment. If Intervention encouraged a harm reduction model it wouldn’t be Intervention. What you’re asking for is an entirely different show.

      2. Noel Max

        Methadone is just as bad as Heroin. Suboxone is a good method for detoxing but is not meant for long term therapy. It’s more beneficial to use Suboxone for the short detox process then stop and live substance free.

      3. jacinda godwin

        amen! so many ppl think its meant for long term use and IT IS NOT!

      4. Kelli

        Amen to the Medically Assisted Treatment.Absolutely saved my life. But I’m having a very hard time with finding a job and I have no insurance and it cost a lot of money for the recovery center and the medication itself. I’m truly scared out of my mind that my days are numbered with being able to continue my sober life. Without suboxeon I will go back and I will die. I don’t want to die, but I’m not ready to tackle sobriety without the help of the meds. This is honestly ripping my soul apart and I would rather be dead than go back to being a junkie. Please pray for me. Thank you.

      5. Shar

        I am also on MAT, but am on methadone instead of suboxone. Although, in my case, I am not under the false illusion that I’m sober. To me, it’s trading one thing for another (and sometimes worse) substance. MAT is NOT sobriety!

      6. Katherine Bittler

        They edit that show. I don’t know about anyone else but my daughter’s intervention was poorly executed and bomb dropped on my house. The person that arranged my Taylors intervention had ulterior motives, and it wasn’t to help my daughter. A&E just wanted Good tv….sadly. They didn’t tell our story accurately outside of what came out of mine and Morgan and Taylor’s mouth. They two other players in our story were frauds and A&E took to print what she said without properly vetting her organization. Nadine used my family. Nadine forged my name to get the house A&E filmed at for Nadine is a ponzy. And my family was nothing more than a neck she stepped on to climb on to the national stage. Nadine Blase Psareas is a fraud and A&E did refuse to allow my daughter back to treatment after she left. I have the emails to prove they sent some referral list to us…. Tiffany and Toni got to return after they left. A&E presumes she died from an overdose…Taylor didn’t die from an overdose. How do I know? I’m her and Morgan’s mom.

      7. Stacy D.

        I am sorry for your loss Katherine. No one has expressed this to you from what I’ve read. Your daughter was a beautiful and smart girl. She didn’t deserve to die. No one does. I don’t know why she was denied re-entry into rehab, but I agree, that’s not right considering others were allowed back. I can only imagine the hurt and anger you must feel. Your daughter didn’t have to die. Relapses should be treated especially when your presence has made a network a lot of money.

        I am a Mom myself. My heart hurts for you. Your daughter reminds me a lot of my own daughter in many ways. Beautiful, intelligent, honest, but low self worth. I’m very sorry for your profound loss. Words cannot express how sad I am for you, and for your youngest daughter.

      8. Suzanne Jenkins

        Hi Katherine…I am so sorry for your loss….the grief from the loss of a child is unimaginable…addiction is a horrible thing, and I believe relapse is part of the recovery process…can’t understand why she was not allowed to return to rehab…I believe she would have worked through her issues….just want you to know both you and your daughter are in my thoughts

      9. Anonymous

        My condolences your daughter was absolutely beautiful .I would watch her intervention episode religiously because her story at the time was so similar to mine. I was severely addicted to crack and any opiate I could get my hands on. I’d watch her episode and her emotions on her face where so obvious to me. You could feel her pain and depression just by the sheer amount of quietness she displayed like a drawn on page turned over to the blank side of the canvas she swallowed her emotions and masked them with herion. I WAS so bothered when I one day decided to go back and watch my favourite intervention episodes, to find out she had passed.I cried, I had a moment of disbelief she was soo young and so beautiful .it was watching the success parts of these episodes that helped me conjure the thought of hope these people had made it.They got clean, if they can do it so can I. I’m thankful for this show and your daughters experience,as it helped me in times of my life no one could. Now I’m 8 months clean and take suboxine daily.It’s not like methadone I don’t get high from it nor can I relapse while taking it(well I could but would suffer greatly from acute withdrawal symptoms). I’m clean and fighting my demonds daily. RIP TAYLOR may you never be forgotten and rest beautifully..

      10. Tom

        Cheryl, I 100% agree with you but Intervention is an old theory thats outdated and hardly used anymore. This is why the show is obsolete. If you look at the statistics Methadone and Suboxone are a more reliable and proven treatment. I’m someone who has been there and tried every mode of recovery probably twice. That is except Methadone it has taken almost 3 years and I’m down to 15 mgs but I’m confident this time I will make it.

        I had a bad fall at work. I shattered 2 disks in my neck and herniated one in my back in 1988. I needed to work so I did heavy pain killers until I retired in 2018. I never did street drugs but was on 150 mcg of fentanyl patches and 600 of the lolly pops. The dr said you’re not addicted you’re dependent. Ok take them away for 2 days and i’ll show you an addict asshole.

        My point is I feel sorry for all the families involved addict and family alike. I mean that but until the recovery money machine realizes that their method is at best 10% effective. Total abstinence doesnt work know matter how much money they make. MAT medically assisted treatment has a much better % of clean addicts.

        I know someone who has a 28 year addiction and was offered Vivitrol by an addiction Dr board certified by the way. This is like giving them a gun and saying have at it. We need to look at this in a different way.

        The statistics are all there if you search for them. Good luck to everyone addicted and loved ones.

        I’ll sign myself “Someone who has found the way named Tom”

      11. Joe Buyga

        I think METHADONE should be an absolute, last resort, end of the line solution. I started on methadone and have been clean since August 2017, after I wrecked my Jeep hitting a tree @ 60mph. It does not get me high, It basically saves you from feeling “raw” when your nerves are overly sensitive and it feels like you have your fingers in an electrical socket! Ive been at this clinic for just over 3 years now but Ive met ppl there who have been there for 20+ years! Its very easy to go up in milligrams, it can be difficult to go down. I started at 30mg, went up to 220mg and Im back down to about 35mg per day now. Its not a good high so if thats what youre after, dont waste your time or money. And if your not self motivated, you can easily become a “clinic zombie,” where your life revolves around the damn place!
        Best of luck to everyone here who is struggling with addiction or for those who are suffering because of the ppl we love that are suffering in their addiction. I know you all can find peace and can live the life you want to live, not the life these addictions FORCE US TO LIVE! Kick your addictions ass, break free and take your life back!

      12. Paige

        i completely agree. and i dont know why it would be an entirely different show because there are many paths to recovery and sobriety..people could still get an intervention, and get on methadone or suboxone.. I personally believe somebody on MAT is completely sober. For me i found the 12 steps, and others who dictated the word sober, to be very detrimental to my sobriety.. it took me many years of relapses and ups and downs to realize that every path to recovery is different and ive never had a better life. to some people complete abstinence works and its all that works, but for others a very productive life can be sustained while still smoking weed, or drinking responsibly, or on MAT.

        I do notice though that in the early episodes, the way they talked about methadone being an addiction in its self and almost demonizing it on the show (really pushing that abstinence route). Also, they would class methadone as any other drug and i truly dont believe it is, if your using it properly and with other recovery methods as well (groups, therapist ect.) and now i realize they dont demonize it as much. if that makes sense… lol i was actually watching older episodes and thinking that.

      13. Bracks

        Well said Cheryl. I’ve been in the Suboxone program for 10 years now, and during that time I’ve been able to live a completely normal life. I’ve improved substantially in my career and education, my marriage is perfect, and I’ve had 4 children that I provide for and spend all my time with. I will probably be on it the rest of my life, and that’s ok; because with it I never think about using or worry about anything in regards to it. After you’ve taken it for a few months you don’t get any euphoria or sedating effects from it anymore; you really don’t feel anything at all from it. But thats the good part, I can take one tiny strip every morning to start my day that doesn’t affect my mental status at all, and since my addiction was prescription drugs, the Suboxone has a higher binding affinity so I know that if I were to try to take something it wouldn’t do anything for me because it couldn’t knock the Suboxone off my dopamine receptors anyway.

        This drug has been a life saver and a life giver for me, and while I understand a lot of people who don’t understand any better and have never experienced these things expect all addicts to be able to go back to 100% sobriety and it just isn’t going to work that way for a lot of people. For most addicts who do get completely clean they’re always going to have that DAILY itch in the back of their brain driving them nuts, causing them to daydream about their drug of choice, and constantly having to avoid any triggers like the plague. I don’t have to worry about any of that. I’ve had a lot of loss in the last 10 years I’ve been on Suboxone, tons of triggers and stressors, and I sail through them with ease with my Suboxone.

        They really should talking these drugs up, because for many it may be the only thing that can get them back to being contributing members of society.

      14. Brenda

        Dizzy is right. They are practicing a certain type of Intervention that they’re trained in. I forget the name. They won’t bring up MAT, because they aren’t doctors.

    6. Julia

      I wish every city would come together to combat addiction. I am saddened to hear of all of the lives that were lost who were on this show and for “ALL” of the lives that are lost every single day. My heart goes out to Taylor’s family and friends. May God bless you all.

  2. Julia

    Update: Joseph Minozzi, Season 10 was found dead on the street in San Francisco. He was found stabbed .

    1. Dizzy

      Thanks for posting Julia. Very sad news. I’m not going to include it in the official post-internvetion death list because he wasn’t the addict profiled in the episode and he didn’t have an intervention. (He was Rachel’s boyfriend – here’s the post on her episode)

      1. CS

        I was in rehab with her (Rachel #127) in PA,several years before she was on intervention,I believe she was only 19,and it was her first rehab when I knew her. She looked nothing like she did on the show,she had long,beautiful dark hair,clear skin,and was a real sweet person,she didnt look like a heroin addict then. I didnt even know this was her,till someone told me!

    2. nicole

      I am so glad to know that the killer was found and brought to justice…he is facing 26 years…good job SFPD!!

    3. Theschmitty

      DOC….how do YOU know what kind of pain this person you’re debating has been or is currently going through? And as the Director of a substance abuse and mental health there isn’t a single bit of fact about Suicide that’s scientifically proven. Everyone feels pain (emotionally and physically) differently. The only fact about the last moments leading up to Suicide is that there are no facts. A 15 year old girl who’s being bullied at high school is not at all the same as the parent who loses everything, right? Some are impulsive and some take many years. These people that we’re looking at….they’re REAL people with REAL families who are feeling REAL pain and in some cases REAL relief. Have some respect for the families that are left behind to pick up the pieces….then one day, stop by this page and see all sorts of shattered glass everywhere because of all of the rocks they’ve been chucking. Don’t become so complacent and narrow minded about the world that if its not happening in your living room, it’s not real. One day you’ll find yourself saying, “Is this really happening?” Regarding something horrible and heart breaking. For instance, one holiday night, your moms been throwing them back and suddenly feels compelled to stand on her chair and sing….she slips, smashed her head and dies. The following day under her obit is a bunch of people saying, “GOOD that slob deserved to die. She had some nerve thinking she could climb up on anything! Fat pig…yeah HAVE ANOTHER DRINK MMOOOMMMM….” How does it feel? Maybe the IMMEDIATE subjects are different, but it hurts all the same when people are posting negative comments about your grief.

      Sick world we live in. Sad amd sick.

      1. Paula

        this is so true about many of the ‘reality’ shows, these (hate) people think they can hide behind a keyboard or their phones and say anything they want (and can) with no accountability for the words they say (to me its no different than doing or saying these things in actual public), they would be arrested on the spot if that were the case, it’s become a nightmare (not only to their ‘hate’ victims, families etc) but also to people like you and me (& other nice people) who watch the shows and read these horrible things that upset us, there needs to be laws applied to these people to hold them accountable (when cars were invented, they developed laws to keep the public safe) when the internet was invented, everyone yells about privacy and freedom of speech… when you post on any public site, that should no longer apply (just like cars & roads), these people are liabilities to the safety of others! How long will it take for the law-makers to get on the ‘interstate’ and make these people accountable? (if they did this thru regular mail? federal laws are broken, this is 100x’s worse) Now that the internet is here to stay! its time…..

  3. Jen

    According to the episode list on Wikipedia, Mike from the “Mike / Jenny” episode you have listed under your missing ones, died in Sept. 2011. » [ link ]

  4. Dizzy

    Wow, I missed that about Mike. Very sad.

  5. k

    Cristy, the meth addict from Season 2 also died recently.

    1. Dizzy

      Really? I’ve been hearing rumors of this for years but no proof. Do you have an obituary or news link to verify this? Thanks.

      1. k

        You’re right! I believed this based on the photograph of the newspaper article, but I looked through the LA Times obituaries and there’s no record. That’s good news, I always felt so sorry for her!

      2. Dizzy

        What photograph of the newspaper article are you talking about? I haven’t seen that.

      3. Kelly

        This is actually false. A&E posted on their website that this is a rumor, and she is alive.

      4. PCat

        She is alive and has a baby now. Here’s the recent article I found online:

    2. Em

      Cristy didn’t die. She is alive and back in treatment as I write this. Hopefully this time it works. I did some google searches (more like spent hoyrs actually) as I have always wondered. Found her and her sisters myspace facebook.

    3. FriedKudzu

      Cristy is alive.

      Her aunt shared a pic of the baby she had along with this message:
      BABY NOAH~
      By Alesia Gonzales Allbaugh
      For thse of you that i’ve shared about my niece Cristy, this is her baby boy that was born perfect a true miracle that many prayed for.These will be the only pic’s ever shared as he lives with his daddy…..i’ve shed enough tears so its time to let go~ I love you sweet boy~
      MAR 1, 2015 · PUBLICPublic

      1. jess

        update 2022 check out the page again theres a video of her on drugs

  6. keola

    Thanks for the update….. I actually saw 4 out of the 6 show the people that passed above. It’s very sad and tragic…. Of the 4 I watched I would have to say Sandy and Chris had me crying like a baby. I send all of their families my condolences and prayers

    1. Allea

      Thank you for your condolences. Sandy was my mom. She tried so hard and i am so thankful for the 19 months we had with her sober. Although i miss her every single day, i pray that she is at peace now and that i will see her again someday. ❤

  7. Casandra

    Mike was from episode 72 (season 5, episode 12)

      1. Kelsey

        no actually the person was correct, it is season 5 episode 12. not season 4.
        and tbh you have ALOT of episodes listed wrong on your web page. you should really go over them all (i know its alot) and fix them up.

      2. Dizzy

        If you Google “Intervention Mike Jenny” you will find the first results are from the A&E site with the episode number being #70, Season 4 Episode 22. The clips and episode are not available anymore, but that is still how it is listed. All of the episode numbering on Intervention Directory is consistent with A&E’s episode numbering. That’s what I go by. If you’re looking at Amazon or some other site, you might be seeing different episode numbers because not all of them use A&E’s numbering. There may be a couple here and there that I’ve gotten slightly wrong if I couldn’t find the episode on A&E site, but no for sure not A LOT.

      3. MDE427

        Going by Wikipedia’s show episode listing and by every other source I can find, it shows the Mike & Jenny episode as season 5 episode 12. The link you provided is not good, so it doesn’t lead to any verified information unfortunately. I have found the episode on YouTube as S5E12 and Wikipedia in their season 5 listing at episode 12.

  8. peter

    I am a recovering addict and I cry for these people on the show. I have a little shy of two years and I just pray that they are able to have what I have now. Its not long but my life has changed so much. On July 8th 2011 I put a shotgun in my mouth and pulled the trigger. Through the grace of something unknown the gun jammed. I checked immediately into rehab and have turned my life around. I know this has nothing to do with these addicts that have passed but I guess I just wanted to say, may you find the peace in death that you could not find in life. And to all other addicts, you CAN change. Ive done it and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck and God bless.

    1. Cheryl

      I hope you’re still sober and wish you well Peter! Thanks for sharing your story (I have four years myself.)

    2. kaya3737

      There is a reason the gun did not go off, a reason you are still with us. I have been to that lonely place where death seems like the only way out as well. Embrace the gift of another chance at life you were given. as we can all see by the many deaths on this pages list, not everyone was as blessed as we have been. I wish you all the best in your recovery.

    3. Ashley

      I see you posted this just over 2 years ago. I hope you have been able to remain sober.
      I myself I been sober for 6 years. I still take it one day at a time.
      If you do ever read this please know that someone was thinking of you today. I know your struggle as it was so much my own.
      You are right there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
      -A friend of Bill

    4. karen

      I hope you continue to be sober. I lost a very good friend to addiction and I believe every person saved is saved for a reason. You know that reason, you are loved, cared for and meant to be here. God Bless and all the very best.

    5. Patricia F.

      This post gave me chills. I hope that you’re still holding strong buddy!

    6. Sabrina

      God bless you! Glad to hear the man upstairs had other plans for you. Being suicidal is scary. Mix it with something that impairs your thinking, is a billion times scarier. I’ve been there. Thank you for posting.

    7. Mimi

      I’m on year one of living sober. Watching this show breaks my heart, but it shows me how bad…just how badly I could’ve hit rock bottom. I feel blessed that I got out before it was too late.

      My best wishes to everyone else out there struggling to make it, whether it’s day one or one thousand.

  9. Mojo

    Cristy, the meth addict from season 2 didn’t die. Her sister posted some videos of her this year 2012 to disprove this rumour. She did continue to dance and apparently do drugs until about 2011(not sure) you can see pictures of her as a brunette in dance attire on her myspace which has been inactive for a year or so. Her sister, jaymee celaya, commented on a clip of cristy’s intervention on youtube “Cristy is my sister.. She is not dead.. But alive and well..even if not by choice..She is in a permanent rehab facility until further put that in your pipe and smoke it! :)”. Further more, her youtube account jaycelay85 has at least 3 recent videos of her, short, but clearly her. In this one you can even recognise her dad Armando, right at the beginning of the vid It was posted april 18 2012. Nice to see her alive, plus she really toned down her appearance. Seems like it will take quite a bit of therapy for her to get really well… Hopefully she will stay on this path. 🙂


    1. Shannon

      Cristy is pregnant and due in about a month. She admits to drinking on the weekend because she is “lonely” and posted a picture of distinguishing features of fetal alcohol syndrome… On her Facebook photos there are people begging her to see a doctor concerning her pregnancy.

      1. Fried Kudzu

        Cristy’s aunt said the baby (Noah) was okay.

        Her aunt shared a pic of the baby along with this message:
        BABY NOAH~
        By Alesia Gonzales Allbaugh
        For thse of you that i’ve shared about my niece Cristy, this is her baby boy that was born perfect a true miracle that many prayed for.These will be the only pic’s ever shared as he lives with his daddy…..i’ve shed enough tears so its time to let go~ I love you sweet boy~
        MAR 1, 2015 · PUBLICPublic

    2. Ray

      Cryste Noel Celaya
      Jay Celay is Jaymee

    3. Lisa

      She named the baby Vande1ous.

  10. Sal

    Anyone heard how the ex military guy Adam is?
    You’d think the American military would be all over this.

    1. josh

      I’m in Utah and I heard that a famous skier with anxiety problems killed himself. I dunno if it’s Adam because the internet says nothing about it and the people who told me didn’t know his name.

    2. Sandra

      Adam is sober today, married and have a daughter 🙂

      1. Ellen

        Are you going by the info at the end of Adam’s episode? I wonder how true that was, that he got sober on his own after refusing treatment. And marrying JD? It just didn’t seem like a healthy relationship. But I hope he is sober (and alive)

    3. Becca

      I completely agree! Hurts to know so many brave soldiers come home with so much hurt in their heart. I wish the government would do something to provide hope in a society where addiction is thriving.this includes everyone not just military as a society we have got to do something that does not numb pain but help overcome heart goes out prayers for who struggle with this and hope that I can find myself and maybe help others.

  11. JAH

    Has anyone heard anything about Courtney from miami? She was in Season 11. Her story touched me for a lot of reasons… I hope shes ok.. It seems .she never gave herself enough time walking through the darkness without heroin to get to the light. Its hard to blame her, she would have had to feel the years of pain that built up…i guess it hurt too much in the end 🙁 i believed in her.

    1. Dizzy

      Courtney’s mother has commented on her post here:

  12. Shannon Cummings

    It’s so heart breaking the damage that this illness does to these people and do many others out there.. And that they feel that taking their life most of the time is the only way out because of the powerful control it has upon them.. My thoughts and prays go out to all involved..

  13. Megan

    Sebastian- the Herion addict brothers passed yesterday from a stroke. According to Facebook he had been clean for a year but due to chronic Herion use/damage he had a stroke and fell into a coma. After no brain activity his family made the decision to remove him off life support.

  14. Dizzy

    Thanks for letting us know Megan. Very, very sad news. If you find a copy of the obituary or anything written up in a newspaper, please link here so I know for sure before I include it in the official listing above. Thank you.

    1. Janel

      So very sad. Has Sebastian’s death been verified?

      1. CC (@TStewPrincess14)

        This is all I could find for the death of Sebastian so far. I’ll post anything else I find.

  15. Brieana Saunders Militello

    My mother is Sandy from Episode number 84 season 6 …she was sober for 19 months before she passed away on June 21st 2011 from Diabetic Ketoacidosis……thankyou all for your love and prayers my mother got to attend my wedding sober and my sister Alleas wedding sober….she got to spend a lot of time and make many memories with our children….god bless her soul I miss her more than anything her journey inspired me to go to nursing school and I will be graduating in 7 weeks!

    1. Dizzy

      Thanks for commenting Breiana, I’m so glad you’re doing well and that you got to spend time with your mom sober. Congratulations on nursing school!

    2. Angel Mary

      So deeply sorry for your family’s loss. I’m happy to hear you were able to make memories before she passed. She touched many lives including mine. Your mom was one of the reasons i decided to become a drug & alcohol counselor. Sending you & your family love & light!

    3. S. A. L.

      I was very sad to hear the news about your mother. Your story is so similar to mine. Mom (53) passed away 4/15 from complications due to her dependency. I was also blessed to spend the last few months with my mom sober. I’m probably the same age as you guys. My brother (31) passed away 8/14 from complications of alcoholism and Dad (48) passed away in 5/08 from similar complications. Now it’s just me. We have all been robbed of so much. I hope this cycle stops with our generation. Love and hugs to you girls. -S

      1. Kim

        Wow, I’m so sorry to the both of your losses.
        I also have grown up with alcoholic parents. My mom being Very mean and violent when drunk every night and my father just has always hid and passed out while my brother and I suffered. My mother has almost died twice from drinking herself to death. But she walked out of the hospital and stopped drinking for months and instead would take my dad’s pain pills and her benzos. Honestly, as you both may understand, pills are better than booze any day for bad and mean alcoholics. I’m not 36, thankfully not living with them but they are still drinking and popping pills. I’m nervous for the day something happens. My mother has cirrhosis, hepatitis from a blood transfusion when she her own blood was too poisoned from alcohol, and COPD.
        Brieana, your family’s story hit home when it first aired and I am so sad to find out of her passing. I am also from Massachusetts and I send to you my condolences and want you to know that you are amazing daughters! It showed on camera. Not sure I could handle myself as well as you girls did. Best wishes from the South shore <3

  16. Sarah

    John from season 4 died in January. Anyone have any information? He seemed like he was doing better.

    1. Dizzy

      Are you talking about John T?

      I hope this is just a rumor and not true. Please keep us updated if you find out more. Thanks.

  17. Dana

    Has anyone heard anything about Jessica the heroin addict with the three girls?

    1. Dizzy

      The episode just aired tonight? The followup said she’s sober and living with her daughters.

      1. Dana

        Thank you

    2. Rachel Haven

      she is sober and just regained custody of her girls. 🙂

    3. Elvee

      Jessica was on a recent episode in the follow-up Skyping with Candy. She looks beautiful. She is sober and just had another baby, a boy I think. She lives with all 4 kids. (Hopefully we’re talking about the same one. She was living in a squat on Chicago’s West Side.)

  18. chuck

    Its so sad these people finally lost there battles with drugs or alcohol. My prayers go out for them & their families. At least now their at peace. Being a recovering alcoholic I know how hard it is to try to get sober & stay sober! I just pray everyday that I can stay that way. Its a sickness many people have. Its something addicts have to fight everyday for the rest of their lives. I have been sober over 6 years now but I know all it takes is one bad day and it can all come back. To anyone who still has addictions & haven’t got clean please try before its to late. It is a tough and scary journey but its worth it if you can do it. To these people that lost there battles R.I.P.

  19. Michelle Keller

    Anyone know anything about Dana? She was the one who lost 3 kids in a fire. I’m curious as at the end of the show they talked in the past tense like she had died. I wish they gave more information. I always feel touched and saddened by these stories but then left in the dark when they don’t give updates. I believe the air date was today, June 20th, 2013.

    1. Stephanie

      Dana is still sober, but does not have custody of her surviving son. She owns a small business in Eureka Springs, AR.

    2. Elle

      Dana is alive and doing pretty well. We have been Facebook friends since the episode aired.

  20. celeste

    Hi, I just finished watching Intervention Season 14, Episode 2, about Dana. The final comments are written in past tense when discussing her and her drug abuse. I am trying to find information about her, as the cooments have me guessing she is dead. Anyone know anything, or have seen the just aired episode and don’t agree? Air date June 20th 2013

    1. Tredt

      I also just watched the episode with Dana and am wondering if she’s still alive. All the info at the end of the episode was definitely written in past tense. Her story was very touching. I hope all is well.

      1. Zippy

        I PVR’d it on A&E and to make it worse the recording cut off without making it clear what happened to her. I wish they would stop putting critical content so close to the cut off time.

  21. Kayla's mommy

    I am in a group with Dana’s mom and age just posted about the show, and that she is doing well!

  22. Roxanne

    Just watched the 7/11/13 episode w/Kaila who was suffering anorexia nervosa. Kaila signed herself out of the eating disorder clinic and moved in w/her grandmother. Does anyone know if she is still fighting this disease or what became of her ? It was clear that her body was failing her.

  23. Tiffani

    I was wondering the same thing about Kaila. Anorexia isn’t something that just goes away, it takes care of itself. I’m praying for her.

  24. Amanda

    I was also wondering about Kaila. I cried when I saw her fragile 80 pound body. I hope that she is in recovery and on the road to wellness.

  25. Dizzy

    Pretty sure if Kaila or Dana had died, Intervention would have told us at the end. No reason to think both are not alive. If I find out more I’ll post it here.

    1. ke

      nope shes alive i speak with her

  26. Gina

    Steve thank you for your comment. I don’t remember Kaila saying anything bad about her mother, actually I remember thinking she had a twisted perception of her parents making me feel she wasn’t just anorexic but something more like you said. I guess I really related with the brother. He was so sad but yet angry. Also, I have many members in my family who are mentally ill and sometimes I know they are sick but they are so selfish and I hate having to just accept it!

  27. Kelsey

    Gina – Wanting power and attention are absolutely symptoms of anorexia. It generally stems from trauma or lack of control in the person’s life, so they turn to restricting what they eat as a means of coping. People think that anorexia is about appearances, and in some cases that’s how it starts, but it becomes a mental disorder that is so much more complex than wanting to look thin. Once you get as far into it as Kaila did, the disease has such a strong hold on you, you’re not able to get healthy again without serious, long-term treatment. It’s really very sad, you become a victim of your mind and those terrible behaviors aren’t a choice anymore. It has the highest mortality rate of any psychological disorder.

  28. Sharon Clark

    Couldn’t someone from the show post an update on Kaila? I couldn’t imagine her living much longer without treatment – not the way her body looked when she took her shirt off on the show. Can someone get accurate information about how she is today? I thought her case was one of the saddest I’d ever seen.

    1. appleslover

      Kaila is alive and well. 🙂 Doing good stuff, back in school, moving on with her life. I don’t want to update on where she’s living now.

  29. Amy Z

    Addiction to most things is narcissistic to some degree. It is a decision someone makes to take a personal risk exclusively intended for the users benefit with little regard for the effect it will have on his or her loved ones. To suggest Kaila’s belief that she is fat is a clear indication of a lack of narcissism is completely false. Narcissism doesnt automatically imply high esteem. She is extremely self-involved and finds enjoyment in seeing people suffering via caring for her because she can no longer care for herself. Steve, you stated, “Her obvious desire for attention does not qualify her for any specific mental illness”. It shouldn’t be argued that anyone going to such great lengths to get help/attention isn’t suffering from mental illness; most critically because anorexia alone is a psychological disorder and the episode was entirely based on this. Lastly, it wasn’t Kaila’s mother who treated her poorly “throughout her life”, it was Gina’s; the other young lady featured in the same episode. How one could confuse the two is beyond me, but Kaila’s disorder stemmed from being bullied and her suffering went unnoticed until it was beyond repair. Kaila found revenge in having power she compared to godliness; which is pretty much the most narcissistic statement imaginable.

    Amy Z, PhD

  30. anon

    I was in treatment with Kaila. She was brought back, then left a couple times, but as of February 2013 she is alive. Gotta say, she quiet in treatment, but had a very narcissistic air. Difficult to get to know, and not entirely pleasant.

  31. anon

  32. Gina

    Wow I just checked Facebook out, it makes her even more real, not just a TV person. Looks like she is doing well, great for her!

  33. Pia

    Just had a look at her facebook, she’s on there asking for money to help her go to school. I don’t know. I can’t help but feel like if she was actually wanting to get better she’d go to treatment and just get it done with so her parents can help support her? She’s certainly talking a lot of the talk in saying she’s moving on and getting better but she still appears so ill. Looks like she just found another family member to help fund her existance. If you’re serious about getting better, and you’re an adult, you need to start taking accountability – paying your own way & Considering the feelings of your family that have gone to hell & back for you.

  34. LeeAnne Averyheart << Linda, the fentanyl addict.

    1. ALEXIS

      WOW I am actually super happy about this video!

  35. Anne-Marie

    So Rachael is still alive (although her boyfriend at the time has passed), Kaila is alive and doing great things. Does anyone know about Ashley from Las Vegas? Xanax and black tar heroin.Is she alive and recovered?

  36. melwheat

    Everyone wondering about Kaila heres her facebook page:

  37. Ted Adamson

    Is there a comprehensive list somewhere on how these people are doing? I really wonder about the effectiveness of “Treatment””

  38. B

    Sean from columbus,ohio passed on Jan.4.14 about 2:30 pm. His liver finally failed and he passed on.
    Sean was a great person he will be missed.My heart has been ripped out.Love u Sean.

  39. Norman

    Allie is a good friend of mine. She is working as an aid at a rehab facility.

  40. ginger

    josh from the episode heroin highway passed away from an overdose in June of 2013.

  41. Robin

    There was a guy who died from alcoholism I cant remember his name but he stopped leaving his house. A woman would go to his house every day to check up on him…not sure if she would bring him alcohol or not but he refused to go to rehab. He also was a business owner, not sure if he owned a gym or tanning shops….His Mom had several other sons, raised them all by herself. I know after watching her struggle is when the oldest son started his businesses….so he could care for his Mom and siblings …I remember he had everything at one point in his life but the alcohol eventually killed him. He was found dead in his home…alone. This particular episode truly haunted me for a long time. They all were sad but I couldn’t get this one out of my head for a long time. Does anyone know who Im talking about? I don’t see him listed here.

    1. Robin

      I just got my answer. ……It was Lawrence from Episode 60 He did go into rehab but was kicked out went home and passed away from alcoholism.

      1. justmehere

        That one got to me too

  42. hobolumpkins

    Does anyone know what happened to Sean? The guy who got half way and backed out, went back to his sugar mama and kept drinking?.
    I was so disappointed that his daughter didn’t keep her bottom line.

    1. Janel

      Sean passed away in early January of this year

  43. appleslover

    I am a friend of KAILA and can tell you she is doing well in recovery. She is still living with her grandmother and attending college again.

    1. Stretch

      Glad to hear she’s doing well because her photos on her Facebook page showed her to still be very emaciated and pale; if that’s “recovery” for her, she needs to find another program. Hopefully, she’s not still in denial about her condition and her grandmother isn’t enabling her. Lastly, while she may be angry with her parents for cutting her off, I hope she realizes that their actions no doubt SAVED HER LIFE.

    2. keerica dorsey

      I just watch her intervention… I am happy to know she is ok .. I was very sad

  44. Felicia

    Sebastian Ramirez (he was on with his twin, Marcel) died last year. I couldn’t find an obituary, but came across a youtube video of his funeral. Very sad.

    1. Anon

      Very upsetting. But for clarification purposes only, Marcel wasn’t his twin. He was his younger brother.

  45. Felicia

    Sebastian Ramirez (he was on with his twin, Marcel) died last year. I couldn’t find an obituary, but came across a youtube video of his funeral. Definitely his family. Very sad.

  46. sophie t

    Kaila is still alive and has a youtube channel and website that she posts on. her website says she is “moving on from her eating disorder”

  47. Missy

    This was very good. I always wondered what happened to a lot of them. I was surprised about Sebastian Ramirez, what a shame. You want them all to live but sometimes the demons are just too much for them.

  48. Kevin

    As one person here said in reference to Christopher Brady’s suicide, it wasn’t fair to the audience to drop the sad news on us at the end of the show. I’m a recovering addict myself (and have bipolar depression too and have attempted suicide) so when I read at the end of the show that Chris had stayed in treatment for 3 months, I said out loud, “Good job Chris! Way to go buddy!” But then, just a few seconds later, I learn that he killed himself and it made me cry.

    I enjoy watching “Intervention” because many of the stories parallel mine, but shame on them for that episode; Telling its viewers that Chris was gone could’ve been handled with far more tact than it was. My condolences to his boyfriend Shawn, and to his family and friends. Hopefully they’ll be able to remember Chris as he was before the addiction destroyed him.

  49. Leci Lee

    Sebastien from “Sebastien & Marcel” recently passed away as well; very sad episode.

  50. chelsbak

    I am currently watching the episode with John the diabetic. I’m so scared for him and only watching to see how it ends because I want him to live so badly. I see him in myself..I have chronic illness and am 22 but after I had to drop out of college because it got so bad I isolated myself. Gosh I really hope it says he lives and is okay.

  51. Brian

    John Tyrrell aka Dr Doom committed suicide by overdosing on pills.

  52. Amanda Krzyzanowski

    I just watched the episode of Dillon. Season 3 episode 6. my DVR cut off the end, so I researched to find out his status. I saw the news article and some video regarding his suicide. What confused me was the person on the video that they had listed as his brother. But during the show, he was an only child. Any answers on that?amanda

    1. Dani

      I just watche the same episode as well, my dvr cut it short too. But to answer your question, it was his cousin that he called his little brother. Dillion briefly mentions it. Hope that helps. So sad to hear the outcome of his story.

    2. Tasha

      I was dillons girlfriend and the kid they are referring to as his brother is actually his cousin that looked up to him as his brother… but yes he was an only child.

  53. cornishacid

    I believe there’s a mistake above, confusing season 11’s “Sean”(Sean Messina) with Season 12’s Sean(also an alcoholic,) the hyperlink is from one to the other. I don’t believe season-12-Sean has died[although I’m curious as to what’s happened to him since he got sober.)

    1. Dizzy

      You’re right, thank you. Fixed the link.

  54. heather

    I wish there was a way to look everyone up and see newer updates. Hubert was one of my favorites. I’m sure he stayed sober, but I couldn’t find anything on him. Does anyone know if there are any sites like this containing any updates?

    1. Elvee

      Hubert was in the follow-up feature of one of the episodes in S16. He’s doing great! Sorry I can’t give you the ep. My brain is bad from too many drugs in the 90s.

      1. Brenda

        He’s great. Just bought himself a car. A nice one.

  55. marcy lily

    He was the one that absolutely hurt me the most . To be ignored by peers as a child and adult , to have Type 1 Diabetes and depression . As a mom I could not take seeing his dad back away from him . Not due to what John had going on . He was so depressed not out robbing banks .
    The last thing I ever saw related to him was that he gained 32 lbs but was still having issues . Poor sweet young man .

  56. London

    Addiction is a horrible disease my brother had addition issues abs is no longer with us. I guess no one can be abed until they want to be saved we tried and tried clinic after clinic. He was clean for a bit then would relapse, I wish I could wave a magic wand and help addicts but it comes from within.

  57. Brit

    I just watched Elena´s intervention a couple of nights ago, and it brought me to tears, she really touched my heart. Does anyone know how is she doing? I hope deep in my heart she is still very happy and healthy, she deserves it.

  58. ignoranceisbliss

    I just watched Intervention episode on Donny for the 2nd time. I really want to know if he was able to get back on track after he relapsed? He had a loving wife and 5 children that looked like they all really loved him. I hope he was able to get help.

    1. Noname

      I am late on this reply, but I had met Donny at an NA meeting a few years after the episode aired. He had moved to FL and was visiting back on LI when I had met him. I believe this to be true, because it was a meeting I attended often, which is blocks from his LI home, and he was never there before the night he introduced himself to me. He was not with his wife/kids, and I dont think he had any contact with them when I knew him. He claimed to be a few months clean, but I’m not sure if it’s true or not. We hungout a few times, he was nice, but the drugs had definitely caused permanent damage to his brain. This was about 4 years ago, I don’t know how he is doing now.

      1. JM Hem

        Why do they call it Narcotics ANNOYMOUS?

  59. Holly P

    I’m also wondering about Gabe V. I saw his update and which stated he relapsed once but was attending meetings again with his dad. His story was particularly difficult to watch. That was back in 2009, does anyone know how he’s doing? I hope he’s ok.

  60. Jeb Fleurquin (@djibi94116)

    “No one who is suffering through addiction is ONLY an addict.”

    I totally agree. That’s why addicts have nothing to do in prison. Maybe a locked-down rehab, where they get detox and psychotherapy, but certainly not – NEVER – in prison where none of the underlying issues are being taken care of.

  61. marcy lily

    I do not think he got better or even wanted to . He lost his poor dog , the girlfriend left , jail …… He seemed like a ton of street kids I see and know . They are there because there are no rules . They all have home but would rather form street families and not live in conventional society .

  62. Trish Wyderka

    some of the episodes that are listed where people have passed away are not found under Amazon Prime this normal do they remove them when someone passes

  63. kremyy

    Do you guys know anything about Katie,the blonde girl with alcohol problems/bulimia?

    1. Brian

      Here’s Katie’s Facebook page:

      And her dad set up a GoFundMe page for her treatment;

      Bottom line, it looks like Katie is still struggling with her issues.

      1. Steph

        Just wanted to leave an update: according to Katie’s Facebook page, she’s been sober for 18 months! 🙂

      2. Charles

        Katie is doing great! Amazing, actually.

  64. F

    Charles Michael Weimer from episode 62 passed away on March 10, 2014 (says Nexis Death Records Search)

    1. Dizzy

      Thank you.

  65. Melissa

    Kaila now runs a website and a youtube channel under the name Kaila Bee. While she does not seem to have gotten over her eating disorder, she has not died.

  66. Kristen

    Does anyone know what happened with Sarah and Mikeal? I really felt for that family.

    1. Lexi

      I don’t know what happened to Mikeal, but Sara is one of my friends. She lives in Texas now, after the show she relapsed and moved to Prescott, AZ for treatment. She moved to Texas from Prescott around a year and a half ago. She’s doing really well, has a boyfriend, and works with animals. I’m glad she’s doing so well, she’s really an amazing person. As far as I know her and Mikeal haven’t had contact since the show, but I could be wrong.

  67. Frances

    Sad…but they’re in a much better place now. Trust me.

  68. Sandra

    I’ve been wondering about Dallas, too! I am re-watching the episodes on LMN and there are so many questions!

  69. Carrie

    Tragic stories. My heart goes out to the families.

  70. permdragginfly2

    Might be repeating a question, however, what ever happened to Allison, the young lady who huffed?

    1. Cheryl

      Allison is alive and well, I follow her on Instagram and Twitter. She helps other addicts.

  71. Michelle

    Hey guys, anyone know what happened to Jessie, the medical doctor hopeful who suffered from Bulimia? I believe the programme said she was from Oregon. I always wondered how she was doing

    1. Tara

      Jessie has done a lot better. She still lives in Oregon and is married now with a baby boy and works in the health field. She is very close with her family and has done very well.

  72. julie

    Just watched the Ivan and Dorothy episode. Comments at the end say that Ivan relapsed after 5 months and resumed using PCP. Any updates on him? Wondering if he’s finally sober.

  73. Tim

    What happened to Gabe from Season 1 episode 2, whose episode seems to have been taken out of all circulation?

    1. Xarias

      I would like to know this myself. He and Vanessa have been scrubbed everywhere, though I wonder if maybe it’s really due to Vanessa as there was a followup to Gabe.

  74. Brad Schreiner

    I’m an alcoholic struggling with the recent loss off my mother. Also my brother committed suicide a little over four years ago. I’m breaking inside.

    1. Jennifer montalbano

      Brad, I am so sorry for you. Please, get help and find someone to talk to.

    2. Melody Royal

      Brad, I am sorry for your loss. Your pain is very raw right now. Hold the memory of your mom and your brother and seek help. There are people who can help. You can continue with your life and eventually hold memories that you find comforting. But right now, PLEASE find help. AA, call your county social services, if you have insurance, call them. Live your life in the moment until you can live one day at a time. Hold yourself gently, you cannot go around the pain, you gotta go through it, but you do not have go through is alone. Prayers your way, Melody

  75. Gina

    Brad I am so sorry. Please keep fighting..nothing could be harder but believe there are people out there, even complete strangers:), who care about you. <<33

  76. Nate

    Sebastian passed away from a heart attack. He was clean though.

    1. Patti Bailey

      So very sad to hear about Sebastian!!!!!!! As a reovering opiate addict, Sebastian and Marcel really pulled at my heart strings. I have daughters close in age, that were inseperable like these 2.
      I was inquiring about that crazy girl Cristy and saw the update. I’m so glad for his family that he got clean!!!!! But how unbelievably unfair!!!!!!!! He changed his life, got clean, was living a good life and still was taken from most likely to effects of the damage due to his addiction.
      To Sebastian, I hope you are at peace in Heaven!!!!!! You are a beautiful soul, and have made a difference in many peoples lives. May God bless and keep you, Amen.
      Does anyone know how Mafcel is doing?

      1. Anon

        Marcel is doing great! He has started a campaign to help the homeless in memory of Sebastian’s name. He has a girlfriend and looks healthy.

      2. lori

        I messaged Marcel on fb and follow him on Ig,he’s doing great and has been a lighthouse in the darkness for me.he’s a kind and big-hearted guy,that supported me,even if he didn’t know me in person.his story of addiction and his bond with his brother were similar to my story,and I could relate.So glad he’s clean, sober and happy.

  77. Deja

    I’m trying to reach out to Dallas, Jessa and Marcel ❤️ Please help me reach out to these beautiful wonderful people

  78. One source claims it was a stroke.

  79. HM

    It appears that Mike actually died in September 2010. I found his episode so moving and the fact that financial constraints ultimately stood between him and a healthy, happy life devastating. Here’s his obituary:

    1. Dizzy

      Thank you. Updated the post.

  80. Lynn

    Here’s her fundraiser page:

    Goal of $252,000? Really?

  81. christie

    I found her fb page after I wrote that. It’s sad, she still looks way to skinny but what even more sad is there are girls that write her saying they wish they looked like her. Smh

  82. Gina

    She was one episode where at the end I felt angry at her instead of sympathetic..sorry.

    1. christie

      I agree 100%

  83. Lynn

    I agree too. Infuriating.

  84. Natalie

    Does anyone know what became of Michael of the Brooks , Ian and Michael episode? I know they said Brooks got married and Michael relapsed, but curious to know how hes doing. Also , anyone know Adam, Alissa’ s bf from the Alissa and Brian ep?

    1. Sara

      My prayers and deepest sympathy go,out to John C’s parents on his passing. His Intervention espisode was so sad it made me cry. My heart just ached for he and his parents…gut wrenching.

  85. Ashlyn Farrell

    UPDATE ON PEOPLE FROM INTERVENTION! Ashley from Las Vegas (addicted to black tar and xanax) is doing great! She still lives in vegas but has remained clean. Rachel from NYC who was homeless, now lives in Cali and had a brief relapse. She is clean from everything except pot. Last time I have heard anything, Sarah and Mikael are clean, and are not dating. And Cristy, the meth addict, is saying she is clen except alcohol, but I don’t think she is. She is also expecting a baby boy soon. Hope I answered some people’s questions!

  86. Rebecca Sander

    Did it ever occur to anyone that the intervention could be the cause of some of the deaths? It can be seen as the final display of conditional love, as it was for me. My family held one over a year ago, and though I am doing absolutely great, I do not have a relationship with any of them. They communicated clearly that their love was dependent on my behavior. It has been a traumatic year dealing with that. I am certain that suicide would be tempting.

    1. Hannah

      I’m not sure you understand the difference between love and enabling. A family can love and support a person and their recovery, without loving or supporting a destructive behavior or addiction. That isn’t conditional love. Saying they won’t do certain things including have anything to do with a person as long as they are using is not a sign of conditional love. It is simply allowing that person to reach their bottom. It is making their problem truly, their problem. It is often self preservation. Cutting themselves off from the consequences our actions have cause they aren’t only our consequences. They hurt everyone who loves us too. So those people sometimes have to step aside and let us pick ourselves up. It’s not a bad thing that they’re doing to us, at least not as long as they do it the way they do it in Intervention. If your family did something else and twisted the whole thing, that might have gone wrong, but the show actually has great odds of survival and they do a great job. They save lives. There is no conditional love taking place there.

      1. Yearling

        Sounds conditional to me lol. Get sober or f*** off. When you set a condition for loving behavior, that makes that loving conditional. It might be wrong or right but it is definitely conditional.

    2. Tina Holley

      I am sorry you.feel that way. I know everyones situation is different. My daughter Tiffany was 19 when we had hers from WV and her and l was just watching tv few hours ago. She said mom if you didn’t do that for me and stood your ground with me l would be DEAD now!!!! She has yr half clean is 3months pregnant with her second child she has a wonderful fiance she met at treatment that had convinced Sober Way to let her come back after a brief relapse and now her fiance and her moved back here to WV From AZ IN DEC both have jobs and getting ready move out get their own place she will be 23 this year and l honestly never thought she would of made it this far she was one of the worse of the worse in Heroin. U pray she continues this recovery. Tiffany Shaffer #181 episode l believe the girl that got to do her dream go to Haiti on a missions trip.

      1. Laura

        I’m so glad to hear Tiffany is doing so well. As a mom I just wanted her to get better. God has a plan for her. I hope she continues on her path in life.

  87. Sandra

    Rebecca – it sounds like you feel your family’s love was conditional. That must be a horrible feeling 🙁

    The thing is, you can LOVE someone, and not accept or support their behaviors/continued use. What does love have to do with paying for a car or giving them money for drugs (as we have seen in many cases on the show)?
    Cutting off money, setting boundaries, and kicking someone out of the house makes the user recognize the consequences of their actions.

    Guilt and co-dependency keeps people from getting the help they need. I don’t think anyone has said “I won’t LOVE you anymore if you don’t go to rehab”. It means they love you SO much, and they cannot continue to create an environment that keeps/kept you from getting clean.

    You do not know me, but please know I will keep you in my thoughts and I am rooting for you! ((( HUG )))

  88. funnyasaheartattack

    Congrats Rebecca on your journey!

    Idk….I think there is a difference between “conditional” love & enabling. Its a tough place to be…watching your addicted loved one spiral into the abyss because you love them or love them enough to make them help themselves. No judgment…just a conversation starter. What are your thoughts considering you have been through it?

  89. CosamMel

    Article and semi-recent update on Jennifer (Allson) of Arizona. She seems to be doing well; looking well; and more importantly, feeling well. Blessings!

    1. Kelslynnluns

      i recently spoke with Donny on Facebook (he was season 7 I believe). He is not clean, though he will tell you he is, he also will tell you he’s not working & scraping metal for money. We spoke on the phone and he was high, and I couldn’t understand him. He was mumbling his words and talking about people being after him. Quite sad because he seemed to be doing so well after the intervention.

    2. mikalabug

      Thank you for the update! I live nearby and enjoyed reading about her success. I am looking into volunteering with this organization as well.

  90. Bruce

    Nik from season 5 just passed away this last Saturday. I grew up with nik he was a great guy and will be missed by all.

    1. Dizzy

      That’s terribly sad, I’m sorry for your loss. I was really rooting for him. Do you have a link to an obituary or anything?

      1. Bruce

        Not yet, I guess he had a blood clot after some surgery.

      2. Dizzy

        Ok thanks Bruce. What was his last name? I should be able to find something eventually. I wonder if he was sober when he passed away.

    1. Bruce

      Dizzy his last name was buckmaster.

  91. Allen Fedorick

    In Mastic, NY. I saw the man Donald who was a boxer who broke up with his grlfriend because he relapsed. He was in their early 30s in the show. A very nice troubled young man who didn’t find what he enjoyed in life. Anyways he looked ok. I think he was here to visit his kid. I had heard he went to Florida. I was going to befriend him but that would have led to hitting me up for money. Lets hope hes clean.

  92. Sandra

    I did some searching and cannot find any information about Nik Buckmaster. RIP 🙁

  93. Manda Joy

    It saddens my heart too see that these people have passed and I pray for their families..I pray God gives them some peace in their hearts. . There is on episode(can’t remember which or the name) but it was about a guy who was an addict.. if I recall he already had a sister and a brother die from the same issue..I know he worked at his dad’s company..bless his dads heart he was so devastated.. anyway I was curious if anyone remembered that one and knew what happened to him. .

  94. Nicole

    Ryan from Season 9 died a few days ago

    1. Dizzy

      Wow. Way too many people lately. So terribly tragic.

      Are you talking about Ryan the chef?

      Do you have any other details, or a death notice so I can confirm? Thank you.

  95. Dizzy

    John C. died in September

  96. Dani

    John C, i was hoping he would end up fine. I was truly worried about him. I hope his family is still in good health. I remember his mom had MS and dad was diabetic too, prayers to his family.

  97. Dani

    Brook’s episode was just on the night before last

  98. Shawn

    So sad to see Brooke passed away. I pray she was clean.

  99. Jessica

    I am so sad to hear about Brooke. I just watched her episode for the second time last week and was looking for an update. This was not what I was hoping to find 🙁

  100. Casualkul

    Brooke’s is in a special place in heaven. Poor girl was always in pain. May she rest in peace.

  101. Brittany

    This is Brittany, Brooke’s twin. Brooke died and our family is forever broken. The show did not portray us in good light as I am well aware of how people felt about us. Yes, Brooke was in pain, she had been in and out of rehabs when we got to the point of the show. We were all at that tough love stage. We were all trying to force her to get help. Basically, a 45 min show cannot possibly tell the story of her abuse of drugs. Brooke turned to meth when the pills stopped working. She struggled with her addiction to pills for 14 years, in and out of jail, and rehabs. But it only took 10 months for meth to kill my twin. We are dying inside. Please pray for my family, no matter your opinion of us, we loved her so very much! And I will always miss her. I am a now a twinless twin. But I hold her beautiful soul in my heart always. She is no longer in pain and that’s what matters.

    1. Dizzy

      Thank you for commenting Brittany. I’m so sorry for your heartbreaking loss. You’re right, we can’t possibly understand everything that’s happened in your family and what brought you all to the point of the intervention. We only get a small piece of the story and make judgments based on 45 minutes. I hope you find some solace in knowing that, despite all that, there are a whole lot of people out here who cared about Brooke and were praying for her. And we’re praying for you and your family now.

    2. snugs

      Brittany, I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose a sister, especially a twin. I’m sorry that people were rude to you because of your portrayal on the show. Your family is obviously very strong and y’all will get through this together. We are thinking of you!

    3. amanda

      I hated the way people spoke about your family. When the show aired it was clear to me that Brooke was an addict. I am so sorry that people spoke so badly of you all for trying to save your sister. I am so very sorry for your loss, so sorry. Addiction is evil and an unfair disease. Deep down brooke seemed to be a very gentle and sweet soul. Hold on to that part of her.

    4. LLC

      I’m so sorry, Brittany. I did not think the show portrayed you in a bad light. Addiction is a horrible thing for the families…you did all you could. I truly hope you can find some peace. Much love to you.

    5. B. Spilk

      For what it’s worth, I think the love you and your family had for Brooke was very, very apparent. I never agreed that any of you were being insensitive, you just didn’t know how to help her. That’s not your fault– you all did your best. The episode was one of the most touching I’ve seen, and I hope you realize how much it helped others to see Brooke’s story. I’m so sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you for the new year.

    6. Jamie

      Brooke touched me because I too live with chronic pain. As of now, I am not an addict but I do take more than prescribed due to my body building up immunities to the pain medand it takes more to do the job. I have never been high, passed out or blacked out due to pain meds. I am sure that my liver is suffering from it but other than that I don’t see a problem. I have told my family that I would rather be dead than be a pain riddled invalid. I do what I have to, to have a somewhat normal life. I spend quality time with my husband, daughters, mother and grandchildren. I am not out running laps or doing cartwheels. I am still in pain, I take enough to make it tolerable. I would rather have some sort of life and die young than be amiserable, crying mess of an invalid. I was routing for Brooke to get better and find another way to deal with the pain but I also totally understood why she was like she was. God bless your pain free soul and God bless your family (I also know the pain of losing a child). Love and prayers for all.

      1. pam

        I’m so sorry you’re in pain. I too have chronic pain. However, I do not abuse my med and take as little as possible because I want my liver to last me as long as I can. If it becomes a problem at any point then I will discontinue that pain medication so I can be a very old woman one day. I too have grandchildren and am very close to having one of them graduate high school. I want to be here to see his life unfold in the future, because I put a lot of love in that kid and I want the payoff to be spectacular!!! I’m very sorry that you can’t see past the pain but there are ways to deal with it. You’re right about the pain being increased as your body becomes accustomed to the dosage of each one. However, there are things you can do to help yourself without taking more meds. Rest. Heat on the injured area or pain center. I just had my pain meds reduced and it was really hard to deal with, but I got through it and my pain level isn’t any worse than it was before. I’m going to continue on this path until I have an adjusted pain tolerance level I can live with. Try it yourself and watch your family on earth instead of the view from underneath it. I wish you the best.

      2. ARH

        I just finished rewatching Brooks story. My heart went out to her. It wasn’t until I came back on here that I realized she passed…
        My thoughts are with the family. It’s truly sad. I live with chronic pain also. I take Oxyneo for the pain. I have to openly admit I’m addicted, even though I don’t take much. That’s the problem with a lot of these pain medictations. You can get hooked quick, wether you want to or not. I go through withdrawals everyday. I push it as long as possible between doses, keeping myself in constant pain.
        Living in constant pain is a horrible way to live!
        I can see why people abuse these drugs. Or how they get a hold of you. I wish I had a choice though to get off them.
        My doctor keeps on saying the pain won’t kill me…..
        For anyone living with chronic pain I’m sure some days we wonder??

      3. Shalla

        As a 22 year opiate (pain meds), I can tell you that once your dopamine receptors are damaged through opiate use, it makes your pain worse. I’ve struggled for years with drug abuse, and my story is far different to anyone’s on Intervention to date. Until addicts realize that we are damaging our brains..i.e. the “natural pleasure/pain zone” from use, we will prevent the vicious addiction cycle. I hope that in telling you this you will understand what is going on with your body..the more meds you take, the more you damage your brain and body. My thoughts are with you and those who lost their lives due to addiction.

    7. Kerri B

      I am so sorry for your loss Brittany. I am currently 27 and suffer from severe chronic pain and I could 100% sympathize with what Brooke was going through. I wish she had been able to find a support group of her peers that would have been able to help her and be more understanding of what she is going through (not that you weren’t understanding but you don’t experience pain everyday)I hope her story is able to be put out there on the dangers of trying to self-medicate. My prayers are with your family.

    8. MommyFrazzled

      Brittany I was shocked to see the post on your sisters passing. I so hoped she would pull through. In my opinion you guys never came off in way other than a family who wanted a loved one to live longer. Tough love may look easy but it is not. It is oh so easy to be the outsider looking in saying what you would do, and being the one who has to look the person in the eye and say it. Eyes that show they are not long for this world at the rate they are going. To do nothing is terrible, no you and your family came off as saying you would not stare death in the face.

      Prayers to your family and thank you for again sharing with the world your personal story.

    9. Kyle

      Opiate addicts call methadone meth. It’s common knowledge when you’ve been around there. Here’s a post in bluelight of a guy naming his methadone meth:
      My guess is that after the pills stopped working Brooke hopped up on a methadone plan.

      Another reason that makes me think that this meth is not crystal meth but methadone is that, statistically, the odds of overdosing on crystal meth are orders of magnitude lower than it is than overdosing on meth-methadone.

      It just makes more sense that an opiate addict would upgrade their pill habit to methadone than to switch to a drug that as little pain killing effects, AFAIK.

      Just my 2 cents here. May she rest in peace!

      1. Katherine

        Brooke wasn’t on a methadone plan…..she was abusing crystal meth (as Brookes twin sister expkains, in the comments above). Yes, as many know, an amphetamine does NOT help ease physical pain, but when pain medications stop working for one reason or another, ESPECIALLY when someone abuses them by overmedicating, the abuser will switch to another drug, almost using it as a crutch to get over their original drug of choice. (In Brookes situation, that drug being opiates).
        Take care, stay safe, and may Brooke rest in eternal peace.

      2. Kristen W.

        I’m confused. Why is there a thread about Gabapentin when you’re talking about crystal meth or methadone? I get they’re talking about methadone in it but it’s primarily about the Gabapentin lol I have to take Gabapentin now it is classified as a controlled substance & harder to get & less Dr’s will write for it because of addicts wanting to abuse it. Thank God I’m diabetic & have neuropathy or else I wouldn’t get it for my anxiety. It is the only thing that has ever helped my anxiety. Benzos never did for years. Just made me tired. No dr will believe that they’re for anxiety except the original prescribing dr that gave them to me for anxiety.

    10. Krystle

      Brittany please know that I as well as my family, did not think badly of your family. We completely understood why you said and did certain things as we have been through it quite a few times. We have several addicts in our family, some are in and out of jail, I’ve recently lost two uncles as a result of alcohol and drugs. I have one uncle left and thank god he has been sober for 2 years. When he was drunk I told him I didn’t want anything to do with him and I didn’t speak or see him for 4 years despite the fact he lives a mile away from my parents. We have done and said very similar things. Addiction affects the entire family and families who have never been through it will never understand. I get blank looks from my husbands side of the family if the topic is brought up. They have never dealt with the things I’ve seen and dealt with. It’s a good thing for them that they are lucky enough to not have these problems but hard for me because they don’t understand where I come from. Very sorry for your loss, truly I am. I always wondered about your sister because her story just stayed with me. I’m happy that she is at peace finally even if it means she’s no longer in physical form. Your family is not bad or mean, you did what you had to do to survive for your life, your families life, and your sanity. I understand you all and truly have empathy for what you went through and what you loss!

    11. lorenzamaria

      Brooke’s story is so similar to mine.Same disease,same pain,same things that she said and she was going through.Watching her episode made me THINK and scared me about what I was doing with my pain meds.I briefly abused them to find some relief,but as soon as I realized I was going down the path of addiction,I decided to flush them down the toilet and never take meds ever again.I prefer the pain and being crippled,than end up killing myself with drugs and tear my family apart.I want to thank Brooke for her example;she tried to beat her addiction and deal with the pain, and she has been as strong as she could.I’m sorry it didn’t work out,I understand why.Your story has been an eye-opener and will be my strenght during my battle with the disease.My thoughts and prayers go to her and her loving family every day.So sorry for your loss,brittany.

    12. Cherie

      I saw that episode and was touched very much by your twin sister who was beautiful. Do not worry about how your family was portrayed and what people think. No one is able to judge your feelings and emotions during such a difficult and lengthy time. Addiction wreaks havoc on everyone involved and no one can know how they will feel or react unless they’ve personally been in YOUR shoes because even all families are different.

      I will pray for you all (even though this is 3 years after your post) for continued strength and comfort. Let your memories of your beautiful twin be the ones before addition took hold of her life.

  102. Sherry W

    I am heartbroken over Brooke, she was one of the most memorable…………….it’s a shame she turned to meth after overcoming the pills…………my condolences…..

  103. Casualkul

    Brittany, your family did what they could. Please don’t burden yourself with guilt. Tough love is way better than abandonment. Your family was with her as much as you all could be. Addiction is very hard core on a family. I thought you all were very patient and very supportive. Live in her spirit and know that you truly did what you could.
    She, Brooke will always be a part of you. She is in you, you are forever in her, forever and ever, amen.
    God speed.

  104. Made of the Mist

    Just a quick post to pass along condolences to the Boulter family. I realize that the snippet of time that’s a TV never shows it all; what I saw was a family desperately trying to save someone they loved. That kind of continual pain is something I empathize with, and I’m sad that Brooke’s struggle ended this way. I can’t even imagine what kind of pain the family is in, but know that there are many who send their support and good thoughts for everyone.

  105. Cynthia

    I have a long story and bad past. I really tremendously need help, I am trying to find the best place for dial diagnosis. So far seems to be the best place for treatment. But if anyone has other recommendations , please do let me know. THANK you <3

    1. Cyd

      The P&P Center in Texas. It’s the place Dr. Phil sends people when they need dual diagnosis. Write him a letter..u might be surprised at the result. At the very least. . Look on… it tells all about it. I believe it’s in Dallas TX. Hope this helps.

    2. Kandice

      Hi Cynthia. I hope you find who you need for help. Try Teen Challenge USA (417) 581-2181. God bless you, I will keep you in my prayers.

  106. Joe and Amy

    My wife and I are heartbroken over the news of Brooke, E-53, S4. We both have a chronic illness and before even diagnosed, we were simply given painkillers. One of my own doctors upped my dosage of percocets WITHOUT EVEN DISCUSSING IT WITH ME! Doesn’t take long to become dependent. Luckily we’re still “in control” but pray constantly we don’t lose it. That’s one of the reasons why we watch this show, to be constantly reminded of how easy it can be to lose control! One other note to anyone who reads this: almost every single show involves a divorce and although it may be completely necessary, if there are children involved, ALWAYS put their needs first. God bless. Joe & Amy

    1. Llc

      Please don’t just blame doctors…MOST are caring people that do not want people addicted….you can lose your license. Doctors just dont “up” meds unless a patient is telling them that they are suffering. I have a terminal illness & would be in agony with a doctors help.

  107. Ashlyn P

    Joie from intervention (On Rachel’s episode) died awhile ago. Yesterday marked the 3rd year of his death.
    I do want to say this. And these are Rachel’s own words: “…that show portrayed him in such a horrible way it wasn’t even fair. He was a beautiful soul through and through…”

  108. Kyla

    I just watched Megan’s episode, but I read on here beforehand that she died last year, and that made watching it even more heartbreaking. She was so beautiful, I was mesmerized by her in certain parts. I haven’t seen a lot of Intervention yet (Amazon Prime only has Seasons 10-14), but I feel like of the ones I have watched, she was so hellbent on ending her life. It seemed to be not only about getting high, but about dying. I feel for Megan’s mom who already lost so much of her family to addiction, and now her baby girl. I am glad she went through treatment too, as she seemed reluctant to tell Megan the mistakes she had made. I think that’s really all Megan wanted… I’ve been in that place where you just want someone to acknowledge your pain instead of telling you how bad their life is in comparison. It’s heartbreaking, but I hope she’s found peace now that she has succeeded in leaving us. Her comment broke my heart, “What if it doesn’t work? I’m scared it won’t work.” This show really gets to me, because I know most of these stories, in reality, at least half, didn’t have a happy ending and those emotions you see in the end once the person has completed rehab. It makes me so sad.

  109. Donna

    I am watching an episode from 2011 “Jamie” he reminds me so much of my son but just the way he looks and he is such a well spoken, intelligent young man. I would love to hear good news about him. Thank you.

  110. Melodie

    Does anyone have an update about Emily, who suffered from anorexia? I cried like a baby when I saw that episode. I, too, was date raped in college and turn to anorexia in order to avoid the excruciating flashbacks. We are the same height and weight and had such a similar story so I felt like I was looking in a mirror. My insurance cut after 6 weeks when I was in treatment so I will likely die of my eating disorder. I am so happy that she had the opportunity to get treatment and I hope to God she is doing better now. I pray for her every day.

    1. Jo Leese

      If you need someone to talk to, please mail me. I have been in the same situation.

      1. Melodie

        Thank you so much. I would love to talk to you. It’s comforting to know that I am not alone in this.

    2. Deborah

      Melodie, I am so sorry to hear of this. I also want to know what happened to Emily. Now I am sending prayers of love and healing to you both. This comment was two years ago – where are you now?

  111. candace smithers

    im so sorry for the loss of lives. my stepson died of an overdose. i and my husband are one of the blessed. i am a humble grateful recovering heroin/opiate addict. 7 years thank god. please kids dont do this to yourselves

  112. Jenn

    Nice memorial video for Nik Buckmaster – so sad.

  113. Hugh Jaynhess

    I wonder about the blond haired guy (then younger). He LOVED to drink. He had a dog that seemed important to him. His Mom gave him a beer to pacify him and talk with him during the episode. Did that guy ever get straight? I hope so, but you know how you can usually accurately guess who relapses, and who succeeds at the end of the show? This was a kid (then kid, or young man) who didnt want to stop -i think he refused treatment or accepted, but left and then bought a 40oz right after release.

    Know which guy Im describing? Anyone have an update? I think he was in SoCal, or maybe AZ?

    Oh yeah, and what about the once competitive Bicycle Racer? He competed at or near Professional level. He was into crack cocaine. He had a few Sugar Mamas who would hook him up? That guy seemed like he could get his life together. Know who Im referencing? Any updates?

    As this show ages and more repeats are run in syndication I think a “master list” for viewers to reference and/or friends and family to update would be a helpful tool.

    I wish you all well! Thanks

    1. Dizzy

      Did you look at the other pages on this site? You might consider this site a “Master List.” You can search for people by addiction, name, season, etc. Updates on individuals can be seen on their pages. You’re asking about Kelly F and Chad.

    2. Jess

      I am friends with Chad on Facebook. He is sober and happy.

  114. Jessica

    Im just curious if anyone has herd of AMY P, she sufferd with bulimia, i herd rhumors that she had passed away but not sure if they are true. I am trying desperatly to contact amy p so if anyone know how to get a hold of her, wether its threw email or facebook or even if you know her last name, please let me know, i am an old childhood friend of amy and it is very important that i get a hold of her so please either email me at [email protected] or text me anytime at 705-626-7321. Thank you!

  115. Raven

    I watch Intervention occasionally, as many of us do, I guess, to remind me what an insidious condition/disease addiction is. I am a recovering alcoholic, with 10 and 1/2 years sobriety, and though I have no interest at all in drinking again, I have to admit sometimes I miss the promise of (false) magic that the first drink of the afternoon gave…but not enough to ever go back, I pray.
    When I watch Intervention I cry often and pray for all of our comrades in the trenches. I just saw (for the second time)the episode about Christy, the dancer/alcoholic/meth addict, and I saw from some of your posts that she was pregnant and doing well. What’s the latest? Is her baby okay? I pray that she has made some progress…she had a very hard road to travel, it seemed. I think that when her father left the family it truly damaged her, and I hope against hope that she’ll get free of her attachment to her scars, AND wish that more parents realized how painful their divorces are for their young children. Marriage is difficult, life is difficult, but can’t we all do a bit better? Pray and love, pray and love….Keep fighting the good fight, all….

    1. mandy

      Watching Intervention has been heartbreaking as it reminds me that we can never really know what an addict had been through before they reach their addiction stage. … I was on powerful pain meds for many years after a crippling spinal cord injury devastated my life ( and my families) but thank God I never got addicted and was able to come off them when the pain got better.. but I think watching intervention has filled me with compassion- so many of the addicts seem to deal with so much so young often and then have to deal with it all again when they get caught up in the cycle of addiction…. Its watch …both for the addicts and those families trying to help them…

  116. dan

    does anyone know what happened to the blond haired guy who lived under the bridge with his girlfriend and only cared about getting drunk – and his dog, which his parents got from the kennel to bribe him to go to rehab? Then he walked about of rehab and got a beer? I hope he turned things around

    1. Dizzy

      Search this site for Kelly F. Someone recently left an update there.

  117. brandy s.

    I just saw Brooke’s episode again. They should def update the ending to show she has since passed away. May she RIP.

  118. Jessica

    I know it’s been a while since anyone has posted but I’m really curious to know if anyone has updates on Nick? I believe it was season 12 he had that girlfriend named Crystal and they lived in new mexico. What was his last name? Any updates??

    1. Dizzy

      Please use the search bar at the top to find his page and comments. You may find updates there.

    2. Ashley

      I was just in treatment with Nick Nov-Dec 2015. He was in for heroin and had to be hospitalized several times for severe seizures. The last I heard he was at a sober living in Costa Mesa

      1. N/a

        Nope not in costa Mesa.. Way off. Nick and crystal have a baby together and don’t care to provide any other updates.

  119. Madeline Anderson

    I have finally sat down to watch the new episodes of Intervention. Does anyone know if they are airing the same episodes on LMN and A and E? I keep forgetting to tape the ones on A and E. I just finished with the Samantha C episode. Wow! First, I live very close to there so that really hit home. Does anyone have an update on her? I know it is fairly soon, but it was just heart wrenching to watch her story. The airport scene was unimaginable. I read on other sites all of the negative feedback Ken was given for allowing her behavior to happen. I think he did a great job! I myself am in recovery from a 6 year addiction to Tramadol. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. I would love to see them do an episode on that drug!! Anyway, thanks for the updates on everyone. It is sad to see that some have passed away, but it is also heartwarming to see those that have continued with their recovery!

  120. Jody

    What happened to that guy Ryan that was declared legally blind? Something was wrong with his eyes and he had no depth perception. His mom would bring him beer and cigs like 3 times a week. I felt so sorry for his live in girlfriend who was pregnant with his child. She got arrested on the show for pushing him on the chest after she broke up a fight in her house between Ryan and one of his friends. It first aired on 10/15/12, it was season 13 episode 9 I believe. He was a really bad alcoholic and was really bad off. I was wondering how he’s doing and praying he’s still alive.

    1. Dizzy

      Ryan’s page is here.

      If readers here are looking for updates on addicts, please start by reading the comments on their individual page. Use the search tool at the top of this page or browse by season, addiction, etc., on the right. From now on I’d like to keep the discussion/updates on this page about the addicts who have died. Thanks.

  121. mike

    Sebastian n marcel get to me… as I was in the same shoes as they at the same age. Brought me back. Made me feel a Lil uncomfortable. But joys my heart knowing they both got clean.

  122. Karen

    Found this follow-up to the guy who was arrested for “lying” in Megan’s death:

    Interesting the judge really threw the book at him. He must have seen her Intervention episode.

  123. Doug

    I had the pleasure of knowing Charles Weimer when he was in treatment at a facility in Riverside Ca. He helped me through personal struggles I was having in late 2011, and last time I saw him was Christmas Eve 2011 when I dropped off some money I owed him from when he helped me vacated my old apt and I moved into a sober living. It absolutely breaks my heart that now 3+ years later now I’m sober and he lost his sobriety and is now dead. But in hindsight if you watch his episode he during the intervention he says he’s not done. I believe he never dealt with the issues from that animal of a stepfather who by in my opinion hurting him as a child in actuality ended up killing Charles along with the heroin. RIP Charles, I have been wondering what ever came of you and a random Google search and I found this, later my brother.

  124. Tornado

    With only first or middle names used on the show how do you find out they died with no last name? Just curious…

  125. Raven

    Dear Michael,
    Don’t give up. Pray. Ask, plead with God for help. Look for a rehab center – there are many now. I prayed for years, first to be freed from my addiction, and then (I realized eventually that more specifically) I needed to pray to WANT to be freed from my addiction. Eventually I was graced by the opportunity and the will to get out from under it. It came late, but much better than never. It doesn’t make life perfect, but sooo much closer to it.
    I’ll pray for you.

  126. Greg

    I am a teacher and always show my classes the season 2 episode with Antwahn and Billy. Antwahn is doing well as best I can tell but I can find nothing about Billy whose story so closely resembled my own (heroin). I wish I had an update I could give students on him

    1. W. Wheatley

      I, too, have wondered about Billy from that Antwahn and Billy episode. He reminded me so much of my son who, at the time, was around Billy’s age and was also addicted to heroin (and is now almost 8 yrs sober.). I hope Billy’s outcome was as positive as my son’s.

  127. Sandra

    christy died last then a month ago

    1. Nicole B.

      Sandra, are you referring to Cristy Celaya from season 2?

  128. Roberto R

    my name is Roberto, i would to reach out with Troy season 1 episode 5.
    I’m the one in this episode with him at the hotel, I watch this episode yesterday august 19 2015, the reason was some shame, i would like to tell troy I been clean and sober for over 6 years, Im executive clean at restaurant in Orange my life is much better thanks to the GOD and 12 step program, please if anybody know where is my dear friend my facebook link is

  129. Laura

    Watched Kimberly’s episode last night and it broke my heart…especially hearing the letter that her son wrote about her addiction…I found her blog and she said last month she is very ill, has Hep C and cirrhosis and the doctors told her she has 6 months to live and needs a “new liver.” So sad.

    1. Erin

      What is her blog address?

    2. Ash

      Just saw her blog… That’s unbelievably tragic.

      1. commenter

        I will pray for her, encourage others who choose to, to pray for her. It took courage to go on TV, and to blog.

    3. Karen

      So terribly sad.

    4. Ann Gee

      I looked her up on FB and she looks pretty good. Hopefully she got a liver.

  130. Maria

    My heart goes out to all of the people and families that have dealt and are dealing with the struggle. I have a brother that is currently addicted to heroin and it has been about 8 years. My family is trying to help him but it seems useless. He is about to go to jail for the 4th time and probably for a long time. I’m hoping this helps him see what he has done and it helps him get on the right path. If it wasn’t for drugs he would of had everything right Now because he was looking to buy a home before this started.

  131. kris

    Did Brooke pass from an overdose of methadone or method amphetamines????

    1. Flamingo

      It was methadone.

  132. Thomas

    L you know I am watching an episode now with this beautiful young woman with a beatiful voice and talent who is addicted to heroine , Meghan . I thought wow I want to see how she is doing and was wondering if there was some way to help her and then this , the search reveals she is dead. God how heart breaking . Addiction is disease indeed and she is now free indeed and have to believe is in God’s arms .

    1. melissa

      I just read on another thread from her cousin and a friend that shes doing fine and living back with a partner in Victoria Canada.

      1. sabrina

        sorry to say this is a different Megan you are speaking of, maybe a Canadian version of Intervention. Megan Wood has an official obituary and a news article of how she was found which is all made public. It’s heart breaking, she was one of the brightest most intelligent souls i’ve seen on this show. It was hard not to like her, for anybody, i’m sure.

  133. Ch bu

    Kimberly Carr passed. So sad

    1. Dizzy

      Oh no! Do you have a link to more information (death notice, news article) so I can confirm? Thanks.

    2. Donna

      No she didn’t. It’s a different Kimberly, not the one on Intervention.

    3. FriedKudzu

      Kimberly Carr is still alive. Her last Facebook update was just a few days ago (Oct. 16, 2016).

      On her blog here:
      She made this comment:
      Kimberly Carr July 22, 2015 at 8:55 AM
      This is Kimberly and I have fallen and am very ill. I have cirrhosis and hep. C. THEY haven’t given me long, 6 months, and I need a liver.

      However on her Facebook she looks healthy & makes regular post so I have to wonder with the personality she displayed on the show if she does have cirrhosis & hep.C as she claimed or if she is seeking pity and/or attention. If she is ill or received a new liver there is no mention of illness or surgery on her Facebook.

  134. Carrie

    Is this page still being updated? I notice the last death of anyone from Intervention was listed as July of last year. I am hoping that is true. I know you said you wouldn’t be responding to update info posts but I just wondered if you were still maintaining this list, or if not if there’s someone else doing one. My Google search yielded nothing.

    1. Dizzy

      Yes, still keeping this updated and as far as I know there have been no deaths since July. Which is a good thing! Someone commented that Nicole (eating disorder) passed away but I was unable to confirm that and several people responded that she was alive.

  135. Aleesha

    I would like to thank Dizzy for keeping this going. Its very important to many of us.
    Hats off to you!
    14 months sober and loving every minute of it!
    Thank u Bill W!! ♡♥♡♥


  136. Lala

    Jackie Wooten is listed above. Is she the mother who had younger children and fell in the front yard during her episode? I have tried to find an update on the woman who fell (I forgot her name) and came across this page. I hope that is not her. Thanks anyone who knows who I speak of.

    1. Dizzy

      That may have been Leslie. There was an update on Leslie in one of last season’s episodes, it appeared she was doing really well.

      It also could have been Sylvia Sylvia has been sober since her intervention and was even the interventionist for Erin, Episode 201.

    2. Tom

      You’re thinking of Janet

  137. Dewey

    Thanks for all ur hard work Dizzy????

  138. xarias

    Intervention seems to have pulled every episode in the instance that the subject passed away. Why is this?


      I do not know if that is the policy. I can see how it would be. It would be heartbreaking for the family to know their dead loved one is being broadcast, tonight, with all kinds of hopes and possibility of recovery being discussed by the addict and family; but the family knowing their loved one died after all the hopes and dreams.

  139. Xarias

    Interestingly-the episodes where someone has passed, (Brooke, Brett, so far), are available on Amazon if they are purchased, yet not on their app.
    How tacky.

    “Gabe /Vanessa” disappeared long ago. I’d still like to know what happened there.

    1. Heather

      Yeah it seems pretty effed up. You can’t view the ones where the subject has passed UNLESS you pay for it. And yet they claim it is out of respect for the family. Yeah, right.

  140. Michelle

    I read on Brooks episode that Ian passed away. Do you know if it was drug related?

  141. nobody

    there are only like 5 people max that match up to the season & episode numbers now. I would love it if you could make the adjustments.

    1. Dizzy

      What do you mean? What’s not matching?

  142. christine

    i found this blog, that links to Dallas. I can’t be positive is authentic , but if it is then she is using again, and other drugs for that matter. Please let me know if you can verify this. I have wondered about he since her episode aired.

    1. Dizzy

      Did some cross-referencing, looks like it’s her blog but I can’t gather from her writing that she’s for sure using again.

    2. Kyle

      Do you mean the reference to ecstasy? Normally I wouldn’t worry all that much about ecstasy as it’s a primarily a serotonergic drug and therefore hardly a drug of abuse in the sense that once you’ve used it, you’ve burned all your serotonin and you needs weeks to replete this serotonin: if you take it before your serotonin levels are back to normal, it will hardly work. It also releases a little dopamine but apparently no more than the spike you get from sex or chocolate. I can also speak from experience: the first time I did X, the euphoria was so insane that I absolutely wanted to do some more the next weekend. Boy, what a disappointment. Lesson learned: the less you do ecstasy, the more it will be rewarding.

      That’s why you never had any intervention on an MDMA/X/E/Molly “addict”, unless the ecstasy came with a mix of other addictive drugs such as cocaine, GHB, alcohol, etc.

      However, in the case of a recovering addict, just like it goes for weed, you’re gonna find yourself back on a slippery slope, and this is not a good idea at all.

      Just my 2 cents

      P.S. I live in Europe and our pills or powdered MDMA are tested as pure, whereas in the US, it’s likely been laced with methamphetamine. I dropped one tab once in the US and sure enough I could not sleep for hours and hours after coming back from the club. NEVER AGAIN.

  143. Tornado

    I am just wondering how people are finding out updates on the people featured on the show when their last names are not mentioned on the show. I only know of one person who killed himself because he was from Lindsay Oklahoma and he was featured on the local news. Michael Dillon Brewer

    1. Dizzy

      A lot of people commenting here know the people involved, others figure out how to do a search based on location, police reports, etc.

  144. Christine

    I googled searched several with just the first name, so and so from intervention, and when you scroll to the bottom of the page in the other searches part, it listed a lot of the first names with the last name. I guess from previous people’s searches. The bit where it suggests other popular searches , Facebook, Twitter, and many last names. That’s how I found info.

  145. lorenza

    Brooke’s story is so similar to mine.Same disease,same pain,same things that she said and she was going through.Watching her episode made me THINK and scared me about what I was doing with my pain meds.I briefly abused them to find some relief,but as soon as I realized I was going down the path of addiction,I decided to flush them down the toilet and never take meds ever again.I prefer the pain and being crippled,than end up killing myself with drugs.Brooke,I want to thank you for your example,you tried to beat your addiction and deal with the pain, and you’ve been as strong as you could.I’m sorry it didn’t work out,I understand why.Your story has been an eye-opener and will be my strenght during my battle with the disease.My thoughts and prayers go to you and your loving family every day.

  146. Dewey

    There is no mention of Brittany’s death anywhere but I asked Ken on Facebook and he said he knew about it

  147. Lin da S kender

    I am wanting to see I believe Ryans story of alcohol. It made me cry. His grandfather was buy him vodka and a good guy at that. Ryan had tests done at the last moment and apparently died. Ashes from ryan and girlfriend, friends were strewn (i forgot)where. please let me know if you can which season and episode. girlfriend had red hair if that helps.

    1. BobbyB

      Dang, Jeff, Ben, and Derek all in about a month… So sad. Any updates on John from season 8 or Anthony from 5? John was a flight attendant who was an alcoholic who wrecked his motorcycle all the time and Anthony was a very sad, extreme alcoholic who had to be taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. Both are people I have been curious about but there are no updates on here

  148. linda skender

    last minute decision to get tested. bad hip and deteoriation problems. Grandfather was smart enough to keep alcohol on hand before he had anything done. if not, that would have killed him.

    1. melissa

      that wasn’t intervention. that was a series on nat geo called drugged.

  149. LJ

    I also want to thank Dizzy for this site!

  150. Amanda

    Megan from season 15 episode 18 passed away the 28th. I didn’t know her well, only met her at a few meetings. She is finally at peace.

  151. Chris M

    Just watched Jeffs episode. Man that shit was terribly sad. His kids lost there mom yo drinking, and then lost their dad. its a damn shame, he seemed like an ok dude.

    1. Reb

      What episode was she ? I don’t remember this one and I can’t find it online ..

  152. Kathy

    Ziggi Tapp passed a week or so ago. He was on an episode of Intervention. He was from Langley, B.C.

  153. Kyra

    From Ben’s brother, he passed away sometime last night. Rip Ben Lowe. You were one hell of a man, I will miss seeing your posts everyday and having the conversations we did over the current events you’ve posted

    Hello everyone. This is Ben’s brother Aaron. I think he would want me to let you know that he passed away. The exact time and cause of death are unknown but likely natural causes.

    I am sorry to all of the friends he has made over the years. We’ll provide updates on any news. Donations can be made through Paypal to [email protected] and will go toward cremation as we think he would prefer that to a burial.

    We ask that you care for the ones you love this season and stay safe.


    I am really sad to see Brittany passed. I am a heroin addict also who just got help. I have 19 days sober and counting. I felt like i could relate to her so much. So sad.

    1. Karen

      Paige, I pray that you’re still celebrating sobriety & are doing well 5+ months later! I’ll be praying for your success in staying sober. You can do it dear!


  155. Janelle

    DIZZY: What evidence is there that Derek M died from a drink-driving accident? The obituary link you posted just lists a car accident as the cause of death. If you have another source confirming alcohol as a cause of the wreck then please post.

    1. Dizzy

      If you read the recent comments on his page, several different people commented that he was impaired. No it’s not official but I’m taking them at their word on this one.

      1. Reb

        Where do you see comments ? I see 2 Facebook pages with his name but don’t see any public comments

      2. Dizzy

        Anyway, despite those comments, I removed reference to it being a drunk driving accident because it couldn’t be verified.

  156. Kim

    I’m watching Intervention and wondered how many of these people addicted end up dying, so here I found all these, and remembered many of them in the show! It breaks my heart! The only solace is to think many of them, who completed treatment got a gift of a sober and hapier life for a while! That validates treatment to me! To give people time of sober happy real life with their families and friends. My condolences to all the families

  157. Darlene

    I am praying for all those addicted. Take life one second at a time. It’s not about stopping, it’s about not starting every second. The drugs are not only killing us,they are destroying everything we love. Especially after we die from these horrible drugs. Let’s take are life back starting now doing it one second at a time.

  158. Amanda

    What happened to jennifer? The pill addict that shot up infront of her 2 kids? She had a disabled husband in wheelchair? I can’t get those poor babies out of my mind…i know it said husband kicked her out and has sole custody of kids…but then what? He was only given a few years to live..i pray they haven’t lost both parents…

    1. Kiwi

      I know, for me that was the hardest episode to watch out of all of the Interventions!! I really felt like there was some mandated reporting that should have happened during filming, but i’m not familiar with Canadian laws. Soooooooo sad. sad. sad. sad.

    2. Karen

      That was such a sad story! I felt SO sorry for those kids! Like you, I also wonder how she & her husband are doing. Really a tragedy!

  159. os75

    Chyna, the late former wrestler, was apparently almost on Intervention. The first time she was in talks with the show, she decided to go on the plastic surgery reality show “Botched” instead. The second time, it turned out to be too late.

  160. lagaya

    For the sake of consistency with your home page, as well as convenience, I think it would be a nice change if this page had the most recent death at the top of the page, rather than at the bottom. Just a suggestion. It’s a small matter, but it seems a bit more neat to run all the pages in the same style.

    1. Dizzy

      I will think on this.

  161. Kiwi

    Editing note: Ben’s addiction is listed here as “DMX”. Ben was addicted to “DXM” short for Dextromethorphan, not “DMX” the rapper.

  162. bruce

    R.I.P. Karissa!!

  163. Nurse Sugar

    I’m heartbroken that Karissa is gone! She struggled so hard. Good for you that you crossed the rainbow bridge sober though dollface. Rest easy. ????️‍????

    1. Heather

      Karissa passed? Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear this.

  164. Colin

    My best friend Josh from 201 just died. I’m fucking heartbroken. Don’t yet know the cause. I had just spoken to him and he said he was doing really well. Now 6 days later he’s gone.

    1. Dizzy

      I’m so sorry Colin. I can’t even imagine.

    2. Karen

      I’m SO sorry Colin! I hope you are able to make peace with Josh’ senseless death somehow! You’ll be in my thoughts & prayers.


  165. jacinda godwin

    i am sitting here in utter shock at the added people to this thread. my god. my heart goes out to the families. the disease of addiction is real! this really saddens me damn.

  166. Mack

    Can anyone please give me an update on Jessica from Canada who was addicted to heroin???

  167. Vivienne

    The Jessica in the article above is a different Jessica. Check out the Intervention Canada open thread. Someone linked to Jessica’s mother’s fb showing a picture of Jessica looking well and in rehab. I hope she’s still fighting the good fight. Best of luck to you Jessica, hang in there!

  168. Jen

    I have a HUGE problem with people here saying things like “I was in rehab with her and this is what she was like” or “I saw him at an NA meeting.” What happened to anonimity? What happened to “who you see here, what you hear here, stays here”? How does pulling the six degrees of rehab separation with these people look to those who want to get help? I’ll tell you how it looks: It looks like them waiting twice as long to get help – or never getting help – because you’ve just confirmed their worst fear that nothing is sacred in a meeting. Shame on every single one of you.

    1. Stefan

      Confidentiality only goes for the staff, not the patients.

      1. JENNIFER

        Yeah, super not true!

    2. Jacey

      People get excited when they know people from tv, dude. They can’t help it.

  169. Mandy

    Eric McDonell passed away over the weekend. I was lucky enough to know him from Facebook.

    1. Mandy

      Dizzy, it appears it was an overdose. Hopefully we will learn more details but the wound is still so fresh. He was very loved by his girlfriend, friends and family.

  170. Kevin M

    Sad to hear the news about Eric McDonnell passing. For three months we shared a room at a half way house two years ago. He was doing so good with his step work when I new him. Went to HA meetings with him. A real Boston southy tough guy but I never saw him angry. Just laughing and smiling is how I remember him.

  171. Melissa

    Not Eric…that breaks my heart. He was one my favorites. I really thought he would be a success story. Prayers to his family as im sure they are completely devastated.

  172. Amanda

    I’m so sadden to see this page. My heart broke but glad for the update. God bless these families.

  173. Cass

    I actually found the Mike and Jenny missing episode if anyone would want to watch it.

  174. Ken

    Richard’s wife Sandra from Season 7 passed away this past July. Here is the obituary.

  175. Tracey Hallsworth

    I saw Karissa’s story and felt some connection to her since I live closeby. She pulled at my heart for some reason. A friend told me she had been killed while sober in a car accident. I felt such sadness for her a complete stranger. For she,like many other upstate NY’ers,fought the fight. The epidemic in this rural area has taken many. I had hoped the news of her death was wrong. My condolences to her family. I was so pulling for her,and I’m glad she had fought to conquer her demons.

  176. Stefan

    If Robby is going to be included on this list, then so should other people from Intervention Canada who’ve passed away, namely Megan and Ziggy.

    1. Tazz

      I totally agree.

    2. Dizzy

      You’re right, it’s just because the others I didn’t have posts about (because I wasn’t covering Canada until recently and hadn’t gone back and watched all the eps yet), but regardless I will see if I can gather the info and get them up there.

      1. Tazz

        Thanks Dizzy 🙂

  177. V

    I found the “missing” episode for Mike Fisher/Jenny.

    It can be found here:

    Maybe Mike and Jenny could get a profile?

    for some reason on this website it’s under season 5, #11

  178. J.

    Taylor died from an asthma attack.

    1. Mike M

      Can you please explain how you know this to be the case? I was shocked to hear that Taylor, that beautiful young woman with a long life ahead of her, had passed away. And it saddened me terribly that someone speculated she died from overdose. I would appreciate knowing the real cause of her death.

      Thank you!

      1. lia

        It was posted by her friend Holly the one who was at the intervention on facebook.

  179. Steph

    Thank you! I just finished watching the show and was so sad to hear of her passing.

  180. Dawn Curriston

    For several weeks I have been watching Intervention from the very first episode. It has made me an emotional wreck. Its made me feel blessed that I didn’t end up an alcoholic or addict. I suffered many years of every type of abuse from age 7 till about 37. I lost my mom 18 years ago to cancer. I would of been a ‘perfect’ candidate to be an alcoholic or addict. I was introduced to a few drugs and drank a lot in my 20’s and early 30’s. But I never needed an ‘intervention’. I have a great spouse who loves me and keeps me happy. She has helped me get the right help so I don’t turn to alcohol or drugs. But most of all I have my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to help me stay strong.

    1. kitty katt

      That’s great that your wife has helped you get the right help and all. Just note that intervention isn’t just what you see on the show. Intervention also mean getting someone the right help and/or steering them into the right direction so they won’t turn to alcohol or drugs anymore. Sounds to me you indeed had an “intervention” of your own. Just not like the one you see on TV.

  181. Katherine Bittler


    1. Dizzy

      Katherine, thank you for correcting me on this. I have updated Taylor’s cause of death.

      This site isn’t affiliated with A&E or Intervention. I’m just a person who is a fan of the show, I don’t have anything to do with filming or editing. The purpose of this site is to document the episodes and provide other fans with updates about how people are doing. When I find out someone has passed away I do my own research to try and verify the cause. Often I cannot find anything official but I find publicly posted comments and posts from their friends and loved ones that indicate how they died. That’s why I put ‘Unconfirmed, presumed overdose’ on Taylor’s, because there were quite a few comments from friends that indicated it was an overdose, but I couldn’t confirm with an obituary or close family member. My sincerest apologies, I made the wrong call on this. I’m so sorry for your loss and I regret that I added to your pain in any way.

      1. jacinda godwin

        That was very sincere Dizz- and to Mrs Bittler, Very sorry for ur families loss. Heroin is tearing families apart effecting young ppl. I think people will be able to relate to Taylors story and some of the things she went thru. Seeing someone as beautiful as Taylor struggling with addiction and shooting up really hits home for some families- Thank You for sharing ur story. May Taylor rest in peace.

    2. TORNADO

      Katherine I am so sorry for your loss. Dizzy the page Admin is not affiliated with A&E in any way. Dizzy meant well and is a great person. People make mistakes. I hope you accept the apology.

  182. Kent

    I don’t know if this has been posted by I found out Interventionist John Southworth who appeared in a few episodes passed away back in November.

  183. Deidre Kalahar

    I have found myself watching old episodes of Interventions lately. I guess I’m looking for answers ill never find. My father and mother was an alcoholic. I’m childhood really sucked from my parents not paying attention when other men were around. I went on to marry an alcoholic, had two wonderful children and finally divorced after 13 years. My gather died in 2015. He would say terrible things like im not a real person. I’m stupid, stuff like that. He would constantly put me down. From these shows, I’m trying to figure out why my dad didn’t love me. I’ve dealt will this for 44 years. I just can’t put it out of my mind.

  184. lagaya

    so sorry to hear that Deidre. no child deserves that. I hope you can find peace.

  185. Enikő Faludi

    Well,I have a list of people I’m wondering if anyone know anything about? I’m really curious about them! (sorry,it’s a bit long list:/)

    -Anthony(season 5),the alcoholic from Michigan,whose brother died of leukemia – his episode was so sad:(

    -Kim(season 3) the anorexic from Northern California

    -Nicole(season 5), with Dyspahsia (she was who didn’t swallow anything and had a feeding tube)

    -Tyler (season 7) ,the alcohol and crack addict who lost his brother and sister also because addiction

    -Jessa&Skyler(season 11) ,Jessa was the alcohol and meth addict and Skyler used bath salts

    -Sandi (season 12), the alcoholic(gin)

    -Andrew(season 12) ,the bulimic

    -Sean(-||-) , the alcholic from Salem, Massachussettes who came from a religious family and his father cheated but
    both him and the mother denied it

    -Terry&Britney (-||-) Terry was the fentanyl and crack addict from Ontario who was molested by his babysitter as a kid, and Britney was the cocaine and bath salts addict,from Escanaba,MI. I’ve read many times that she got jailed again,is that true?:/ Because from a nice pic of her and her mother on her fb from 2years ago I thought she happily lives her life and has a good relationship with her family!:/

    -Gina(season 14,Gina&Kaila ep) the heroin addict from San Antonio

    1. Enikő Faludi

      *Sorry,I’m correctings,Gina is from season 13 not 14

    2. Stefan


      -Tyler last I heard was in prison, which probably ended up saving his life.

      -Skyler had a son but has relapsed many times.

      -Andrew continues to do well.

      -Britney was recently arrested.

      -Gina has relapsed multiple times.

      1. Enikő Faludi

        Thank you for the information Stefan! Sad that most of them didn’t en up the best but i hope that by now or at least in the near future everyone’s life will get better! I’m so happy for Nicole and Andrew,I wasn’t even sure if Nicole is even alive,some people commented stuff like she died,but i’m happy she didn’t!:)

        Do you know anything about when and why was Britney arrested? The last thing I found yesterday about her that she was arrested in 2015 and that she could release in 2017! Or she got trouble again?:/

      2. Troy Fuller

        Stefan- Do you have an update on Gina? Your post is the most recent I have been able to find anywhere. Just checking on her for a friend that knew her and is now 12 years sober.
        – Thanks

    3. Dizzy

      Enter each name into the search bar at the top of the site and read their individual pages. There are often updates in the comments.

      1. Enikő Faludi

        Ok,thank you Dizzy! Most of the people I listed I didn’t really find updates,just people were asking each other about the addict but there were many that no one knew anything about that’s why I commented here! But I’ll keep checking their individual page mybe someone will have updates! Thanks again!:)

  186. Charles Black

    New poster to this board. I have a question about Brittany (S18E14). At the end of her episode it says she had been sober since early May, 2016. She died of an overdose on August 20, 2016, which means she basically died immediately after treatment. Why doesn’t A&E tell us this?

    1. Kitty Katt

      There are quite a few addicts who either passed away or relapsed but their episode isn’t updated with this information. It’s usually because filming stops while the addict is still in rehab and is sober. In Brittany’s case, she died from an overdose almost immediately after finishing rehab.

  187. Kyle

    RIP Vanessa!

    Vanessa Marquez, the compulsive shopper who was an actress on E.R. has been shot last night in a stand-off with the police in South Pasadena. She was terminally ill and seemingly just had a seizure. She shared her episode with you-know-who and whose-name-shall-not-be-spoken arouind here.

    1. Brett

      Sorry, I’m sort of new here… what’s the story with Gabe? I don’t see him listed on the Episode page here, either…?

      (Apologies if this has been discussed a ton already!)

      1. Dizzy

        It has been discussed, yes. You can read more about this in the FAQs.

    2. Lhamo55

      My heart is breaking for her and for her dear friends. She had such a sweet personality it pains me that she died a such a fearful and violent death while the Screamer had a family who bent over backwards to shield him from the consequences of his addiction that could have easily been the same type of death or involved maiming.

      Since their episode was already unavailable by the time I discovered the show, I was thrilled to see it included in the you tube collection recently shared and watched it immediately just a few days ago fearing they may disappear at any time. Such a contrast between the two and it really struck me how she had no family that cared about her whatsoever and how appreciative she was of her friends deep love for her compared to his heavily enabling to the point indebtedness for which he had zero appreciation. May she rest in peace knowing she was loved by many.

      1. Stefan

        I love everything about this post. Vanessa is someone I would love to have been friends with. I like to think she’s now finally at peace.

  188. Tobie

    At first I didn’t think it was true, but they’re talking about it on Datalounge and there are some links to articles. There’s also a link to a YouTube video of the Vanessa and Gabr episode that’s good quality. I liked Vanessa and wanted her to get better. This is sad.

  189. Toreigh

    I am very saddened to hear of Joe’s recent passing. I like him and was rooting for him. I hope he is at peace and my thoughts are with his family.

  190. Stefan

    Can you move Betsy up a few slots so it’s chronologically in order of date of death? Sorry that’s the anal version of myself LOL

    Also, if/when you get confirmation of her death from family/friends, would you mind asking if they know why her episode was removed in all capacities?

  191. Shannon

    Thanks so much for your work on this page. Intervention inspired me to get help for my alcoholism & today I have 65 days sobriety from alcohol & opiates. Its a great show because some addicts get & stay sober while others refuse help, just like in real life.

  192. Anonymouse

    I was very curious about Betsy’s progress after watching her episode on youtube (huge thanks to Ramoin) and found an online obituary for her that is different from the one listed above. This obituary (!/Obituary) mentions that Betsy passed away after battling cancer. I think that sharing this may stop some of the speculation about her passing. Sincere condolences to her family and friends. May she rest in peace 🕯🕯💛

    1. Toreigh

      Good find! Hopefully she found peace with herself and her life and was able to sober up before her illness had set in. Condolences to her family and loved ones.

      1. Stefan

        Based on her Facebook page it looks like that was the case.

  193. Andrew

    Does anyone remember the female school teacher whose best friend, a woman, died, announced in the closing credits? What was her name and what became of her? I want to say her name was Megan but don’t think it was the same Megan who is listed as deceased from the show.

    1. Stefan

      Lauren, and the friend’s name was Dea. Lauren sadly died about 2.5 years ago of lung cancer and is listed above.

  194. Kay

    Taylor had a ton of infections in her mouth so her death could have been from those. She had the teeth removed and the dentist did give her antibiotics for it. Infections are a big deal and if she wasnt taking care of where the teeth elwere pulled I could see it getting worse.

  195. Stefan

    Please update to include Lyndsey from Intervention Canada.

    1. Tornado

      Do you have an obituary for Lyndsey? I cannot find anything about her death on Google.

  196. Tobie

    I know she wasn’t a cast member, but I always felt so bad for Dea. I always felt like they should have offered her treatment, like they did with the red headed eating disorder girl’s friend. They have offered treatment to other friends over the years. She just seemed so sad and close to death at the time of the show.

    1. Lo

      On Lauren’s episode thread someone said they did offer treatment to Dea but she declined. If that’s true I wonder why it wasn’t said in the program.

      1. Kitty Katt

        It was mentioned at the end of the episode. The episode was dedicated to her also.

    2. Kitty Katt

      They offered…..she declined.

  197. Hana

    Hmm, well I’m not quite sure where to post this but I found an interesting thread from a cameraman for the show. He offers some proof as to his identity and also has several interesting stories and anecdotes regarding some of individuals featured throughout the seasons. For anyone as hungry for updates as I am, I thought I would post this somewhere on this site. Although the thread is from 2012 so not really much as far as recent updates but, all the same…

  198. T

    Does anyone know what happened to Katherine? I recall posting on this site a while back about her, but now I cannot locate the comment. She is one that sticks out in my mind, her and Cristy (season 2, episode 18). I would be very interested to hear updates on both of them.

  199. Stefan

    The recent post on Corrine’s profile sounds like her death was also related to her diabetes.

    1. Kitty Katt

      Her addiction played a big part in that too.

  200. Flamingo

    Oh no. I’ve followed Corrine for a long time now. I know she fought her addictions so hard. I feel bad for her daughters.

  201. Andy

    RIP Corinne. Here is her obituary.

    1. Andy

      Forgot to attach it.

      I hope she is at peace now.

  202. Toreigh

    So sad to hear about corrine. I had high hopes for her. My condolences to her family.

  203. Pete Alexander

    What happened to Katie from season 18 episode 21? She was a hot mess, but had previously been a substance abuse counselor. She left treatment, but can’t find if she (somehow) survived.

    1. Stefan

      According to the comments section on her profile she’s in prison.

  204. Wendy

    Does anyone know how Darick from TN is? He cooked and used meth and icy. I’m not sure what season he was on. I was just wondering how he was doing.

    1. Stefan

      According to his profile he’s doing great!

  205. Manda

    Rocky. I’m so sorry. The world is less bright without you

  206. Burt

    I been watching old repeats of Intervention and just watched Corinne R. Stumborgs episode. I’ve seen it a few times already and always wondered what happen with her and so many others on the show. I did a search and found a list of all the ones who’ve passed on and was surprised Corinne passed earlier this year. She seemed so happy and full of life after her treatment. And she looked so good and healthy. The real victims of this sad story is her kids and family that suffer the most. Gone to soon. So sad. RIP…

  207. WB

    Either some of these addicts are lucky lately, or is this page being updated as frequently? I’m surprised there’s been no deaths since Brittany. I hate seeing it happen so in a way I’m glad, but I’m surprised given the frequency of fentanyl and other additives in opiates slash accidental overdoses still on the same continuum. As sad as it is, I’ve realized too that although the show ended on a high note, it’s odd that their success rate was so much higher than anything else, when we can obviously see some of these ‘successes’ have since racked up into the new full page of people who eventually died from this disease.
    As sad as it is, they should not advertise the same rate of success anymore, or maybe this site should redo it, taking into account the current (if confirmed by family) news about active users, not only just deaths. it’s nowhere near the rate advertised. I think 90 day rehabs in general have a 10-20 (max) chance of someone sticking it out for a year. And this is coming from someone who knows a little bit of what they’re talking about, late 20’s but 3 1/2 years now clean (:

    I can’t emphasize enough that I was ready when I was ready. It’s sad some people take valuable rehab seats if they’re not ready, but getting help even against their will sometimes by family members and bottom lines can be important when someone has truly lost their way and mind. I see both sides. And I am a huge fan of the show, despite by opinion above about statistics.

    1. Stefan

      The gap between Taylor and Betsy was much longer, so I wouldn’t worry too much.

      1. WB

        That Ramoin guy had comments from an apparent family member on the episode of the H addict from season 2, with a daughter Sadee ;-( named Kristen had actually been deceased but they also had a cease and desist letter from the show, and did not want to share with the masses their updates of their family. So I wouldn’t add her to the list, but they did comment back to me publically before the channel went down on the public episode and didn’t ask me for any privacy so I mean sharing it on this forum isn’t the same as their apparent feelings towards the show or the crew providing an update which they also said had been blocked. I wonder if there’s any more people we just don’t know what they’re up to, because the show, and perhaps they themselves, like Courtney, have decided NOT to go public or allow their families to share. Ugh, confusing and a bit scary indeed.
        I definitely think reading the Kristen thing, realizing there was no updates on here about her really had me worried that we were just touching the surface, as I could understand many families wanting their children not to become spectacles or remembered related to their addiction after their death. But I feel you, and I totally hope you’re right.

  208. BBMA1234

    I wonder if anyone has run into the same as myself, but I’m following up on obituaries, fact-checking, and almost every link on every person usually ends up being a dead link.

  209. WB

    Wow, I feel so bad I listened to whatever troll disseminated that information but thank god she’s alive!!! I wonder what type of soul could go posing as a cousin and say those things. Her daughter is beautiful and looks happy and thriving, that is all amazing news Karen, thank you!

  210. Mike

    Guess the show was a complete success. Lol, I mean it was in reguards to making some rich people richer. Whilst exploiting a family that feels completely helpless. Here’s what we’re going to do, let’s get some folks that are at rock bottom, expose all their dirties secrets and put the under the pressure of having the whole world watch the hardest thing they’ll ever do. That way when they relapse they’ll feel that much worse, what could go wrong!?

  211. Pete

    Zac Reeves from Heroin Triangle died from an overdose on April 16, 2020. He was in rehab until Easter Sunday 2020, He used when he got a day pass on Easter and failed a drug test when he came back to rehab. His rehab took him to a detox facility that night. A female alleged to be a user/seller found him dead in her bathroom the following Thursday.

  212. Anna

    Mike- there are plenty of people spotlighted on the show who are sober, successful, and doing recovery work. The show isn’t responsible for keeping people alive. The show gives the addict the opportunity for paid treatment, as a last chance effort to save their life. Once the person accepts or declines the gift of treatment it’s up to them, and the family bottom lines, to determine the direction their life

  213. A

    Omg Courtney 🙁 I remember thinking, this girl needs serious help and she just slipped through the cracks, but I do wish best of condolences to her family, friends and loved ones.

  214. Sam

    Does anyone know what happened to Brittany Howard’s brother? He died a few years after her.


    I doubt anyone will even read this.. I just submitted my friends name Jesse W to INTERVENTION, he NEEDS HELP.. Please pray he gets his shot. I am desperate to help this family.

  216. Kent

    In case nobody has seen yet the New Season starts July 20th @10-9 Central. Can’t wait to see what’s in store and hopefully get more help for these addicts.

    1. Xlio

      Wow awesome!!! Gosh I wish they’d go back to their old format. I do understand the need to transition tho

  217. A Struggler

    Hello, so I watched the new season premiere earlier tonight. I have never watched this show, it was by happenstance that I caught it. It was about a lady named Melanie. I came on here looking for an update for her. I sincerely hope she is doing well. My heart hurts for these people and their friends and families. I found this site and seeing the photos and reading the stories of all these people who passed away, it’s heart-wrenching. I’m not sure I can watch this show again. Thanks for all the updates and any updates on Melanie.

    1. Bonkers

      It’s very emotional, especially during the interventions. I go through 1/4 box of tissues every time I watch.

      For those on here saying things about “failure” and the percentage of long-term success, if you SAVE even ONE addict, if this show helps PREVENT others from following these footsteps, if it EDUCATES ANYONE on addiction, THEN IT IS 100% SUCCESSFUL!!! While it is typical to want to dichotomize something, addiction affects everyone in a different way, whether they are addicts or otherwise. Don’t ever forget, recovery is forever and relapse is always a blink away.

  218. Danielle

    Does anyone know what happened to Kayne and Amy? The episode ended by saying he did well in rehab for 99 days, until Amy visited him, then he relapsed. Anyone have an update?

  219. Savannah

    Found Dallas’ Instagram Idk if that is weird just was trying to find an update on her. Looks like she might be doing better? Obviously we can’t always tell from an Instagram page but I hope she is doing well. And she seems to be with Jason still

  220. Ari

    Hi everyone. My name is Ari and I’m Skyler Russell’s fiancee. Unfortunately he passed away at age 33 October 16, 2020 in hospice. He had years of alcohol addiction that he fought and when he finally stopped his body basically shut down. DTs took him into organ failure. He spent 3 weeks in ICU, 2 days in hospice. He was, however, sober when he was taken into the hospital and had been doing an amazing job at regaining control of his life again.

    Words can never express how devastated we are. A lot of things died with him. He leaves behind a 12 year old son. Thank you all for the support over the years. I’ll update again when Tiffany runs the death notice. We have a GoFundMe set up to help us out with the final costs of putting our beloved to rest.

  221. james

    It’s almost like fetishizing people’s suffering for monetary gain isn’t the best way of helping them.

  222. Shelley Somes

    As I scroll down I make it a point to study every picture, every face as tears roll down my cheeks. Each one of them was someone’s child, someone’s friend. So many lives lost.

  223. Alyssa

    Does anyone know how Shandon is doing?

  224. Angie

    I’m late to watching the show and work third shift in mental health and have been binging episodes during my overnights. This show is such a struggle for me to watch because there are so many parallels in my life and the addicts lives. I feel so much empathy for all of them.

  225. Kelly

    I think it is reprehensible that A&E removed episodes of people featured on Intervention that have passed away. Whether the situation was drug related or not, they have most likely removed the “unsuccessful” interventions from their website. If anything, it is a story that needs to be told even if it doesn’t have a happy ending. They most likely removed said episodes to not make the show look bad, when in reality it makes it look like they are hiding things.

    1. April S.

      Actually, I believe that certain networks pull the episodes due to the families’ request out of respect for their deceased loved one. I recently saw Ben Lowe’s episode on VICE and he passed last Fall, as well as Brittany Howard (I sat for literally 10 minutes reading the last black screen of her overdose with tears running down my face). It also might be that said Networks have newer shows running and don’t have time slots allotted for older syndicated episodes of shows that have run for almost 20 years.

      1. Stefan

        Indeed. Lauren and Corrine’s episodes are still up. I do kind of wonder about unsuccessful interventions getting pulled. I wonder if that was the case with Betsy’s episode as Jeff royally screwed up by allowing her boyfriend to accompany her.

    2. Kitty Katt

      There are plenty of videos still up about those who have passed away. What makes you think otherwise?

    3. Mr B

      I try to buy the episodes on Amazon soon after learning about the deaths, if it was an interesting episode. That sounds weird now that I’m typing it out, but it’s the truth and what do I have to hide!

      Side note — it’s been YEARS since I’ve watched most of the episodes of the people listed here. I remember almost all of them, and remember most in pretty clear detail. I’m not sure I’ll EVER forget some of them.

      1. Stefan

        Indeed. Brett’s episode I’ll never forget. Just thinking about his children makes me tear up. Thankfully they seem to be doing great.

    4. Stef

      I just watched Elann’s episode on TV …she committed suicide

      1. Rosie

        My heart is broken so much for the ones who are either struggling or the ones who didn’t survive like Karissa was killed in a hit and run was sober at the time beautiful soul Ashley from intervention Canada just passed away roughly 2 weeks ago again a car accident also sober beautiful soul and Elann from Intervention Canada unfortunately committed suicide it is a nightmare that her mom Tracy lost her second child first her son Scott from a brain aneurysm and now her daughter Elann to suicide I’m crying 😭 and poor Rocky and Tanisha from my native New York City both gone and sweet girl Courtney from Florida I know that Donna tried to help her but in the end the pain was too much and she’s not here anymore her poor mom and sister Kimberly and Dee her sister in law beautiful angels who are loved by their family and friends and partners in life and loved Skyler poor guy he’s gone too soon his fiancée and his parents are devastated by his loss Rest In Peace beautiful souls 🙏

  226. Stephen Brunson

    You cannot blame a tv show for an addict that relapses. It happens. Some are fortunate enough to make it back in the rooms of recovery but some aren’t. I have been clean for 24 plus years and have seen my share of successes and failures in recovery. And what I mean by failures is someone that dies from addiction.

  227. Robin Michelle Worthy

    For all the people who I happily thought would make it, I just feel so much sadness 😥 to see that they have passed, I am so sorry for the families that had to go through this 😢💔 God Bless you 🙏 Rest in Peace

  228. Kitty Katt

    I’ve been on a Intervention binge these last few days and some of the videos that I’ve watched are of those who sadly are in this category. It’s like I want to scream at the tv “you’re going to die if you don’t stop” because I already know what their fate is at this point. It’s so hard to see them struggling and some even getting clean but then find out they died from their disease. It’s crazy to watch and know that this person will not live a long life or much longer after their video was filmed.

    1. April S.

      I feel the exact same way! It’s almost awkward rewatching the episodes knowing the subject has passed away. I watched Karissa’s episode again recently and knowing she was sober and died in a car wreck just broke my heart all over again. She was one of my “Favorite” addicts, if you can call it that. RIP Karissa.

      1. Kitty Katt

        I really like Karissa too. She was funny at a time that nothing was really funny. I don’t know how to explain it. In a weird way, I think I get more upset when I hear that an addict dies but not from their addiction but from something like Karissa did. She was clean and sober which for some reason makes it even worse for me. Does that make sense? I don’t know.

  229. Jontell Ellis

    There’s an Intervention Canada I just saw with someone named Elann. While she was a success story she took her own life 5 months after she completed treatment according to the episode. Maybe you can include her in this memoriam if its appropriate.

  230. Shari

    I just finished watching the episode about Elann. I was so shocked by the ending and deeply saddened when I saw that Elann had committed suicide. I can understand how she was feeling, as my own father committed suicide when I was 15. Tragically, her brother had died from a brain aneurysm and Elann was raped. They now know that people who have family members who have taken their own life are more likely to kill themselves. I have self-harmed for so many years. RIP, Elann.

  231. Melissa

    Candys husband Mike passed away yesterday from kidney cancer. Thoughts and prayers to Candy and her family.

    1. Dizzy

      Oh no! Poor Candy, that’s so sad.

    2. A.S.

      Oh dear, I love Candy she’s my favorite. I even read her book, and highly recommend it to anyone with an addicted family member. So sorry for your loss Candy, and thank you for being a beautiful strong role model for female alcoholics like myself.

    3. carol

      Saddened to hear of Candy’s loss. She is truly a gift to so many and a role model for those of us who strive to begin again, sober and whole. My condolences 🙏.

  232. Anonymous

    Tracey Frederick, Tiffany’s brother, from The Heroin Triangle series passed on the 23rd or 24th of August 2021.

  233. Mike Fisher

    Mike Fisher died from a heart attack, not suicide.

    1. Dizzy

      Thank you for posting this.

  234. Sue

    Dizzy, I love how you keep this site up to date and respectful. I’ve been watching the show for so many years and have been a fan of this site for so long! I’m not one to post, just wanted to show my appreciation for your diligence.

  235. Zsuzsi Cseh

    Hello, Dizzy: Thank you for maintaining the information about the people on “Intervention”. Rather than morbid curiosity, I think we are here because of a genuinely caring interest in what happened to the individuals whose pain was so evident in the few minutes we saw them on air. I, for one, appreciate the time you devote to this project … again, THANK YOU! Fondly, Zsuzsi

  236. Raw Cookie Dough

    I am so sorry to learn of all these passings. Each one is tragedy, no matter the circumstances. To those who have been featured on Intervention, I hope it’s a small comfort to know we viewers care deeply for your recovery, and are hoping for nothing but the best for you. Even in the worst circumstances, there are people pulling for you, hoping you make it another day. Words feel shallow, but it’s the best I can do. You are all important.

  237. Margery

    Wow! Alcohol is so scary when abused. I feel like the majority of deaths were alcohol related. My grandmother is a recovering alcoholic, and I wake up every morning just praying something doesn’t happen to make her take a drink. So sad for all of these lives lost.

  238. Mia

    Here is bodycam footage of Vanessa’s welfare check. So tragic, she was so depressed and her family let her get worse.

    1. Nivey

      Omg! How awful! I didn’t know this footage existed! So very sad to see how badly Vanessa deteriorated over the years. She looked very sickly and frail. From the condition of her apartment it looks like she really had given up. Such a tragic ending for such a beautiful soul. RIP.

  239. Chip

    Great work Dizzy. Thanks for all you do.

  240. Nicole

    It looks like Conrad Dubois’ cause of death has been confirmed by his family as an overdose. I always thought that might be the case.,together%20and%20celebrate%20his%20life.

  241. Constance Clarizia

    Seeing the faces of those who succumb to whatever their illness was makes my heart hurt.

  242. Greg

    It’s super weird and creepy that some of you search them out on Social Media.

    1. Nivey

      @Greg WHY is it creepy? Because we’re invested in their stories and many of us can relate, or have been personally touched by addiction, also we want to see what happened to them, since we get limited follow ups. How is that wrong/weird? Or maybe the better question is: WHY ARE YOU EVEN ON THIS SITE?

      1. April S.

        Well said, Nivey. It’s not morbid curiosity (though there’s nothing wrong with that) to want to know what happened to people after seeing them struggle. If anything, it’s compassion.

      2. Greg

        It’s an invasion of privacy?

      3. Todd

        Totally agreed (to Nivey). I have found, in my two years of watching “Intervention” – some of the addicts, you get really interested. Others maybe not so much – and still others where you have no interest at all. But the ones that do interest you – in my case anyway – I love to find out what to happened to them. Did they make it? Are they still clean? What are they doing now? I don’t know, it doesn’t seem creepy to me at all.

  243. Melody Bennett

    can someone please let me know if katie season 14 ep 17 die or not ? im very curious because she relapsed 2 days after being released from a rehab center.

  244. KC

    I’m sure this may catch some flack or make people get all aggro, but (as an addict in recovery for 9yrs -in Nov) I gotta commend Shandon’s dad on one thing: how he dealt w her withdrawing. Opioid withdrawal is so miserably godawful to experience, and it’s pretty instantaneous. One of the worst parts is you can’t tell your people how badly you feel bc they stop listening about what you’re feeling when it’s involved w your drug use. And when you get as fed up as they inevitably do, I absolutely understand but… the way her dad was compassionate and checking in on her and wishing he could alleviate her agony & suffering. In my opinion, what I wouldn’t have given to had someone to empathize to even the most minute degree… it may have been a way for me to see through the haze that at least ONE person gave a śh*t. And that I wasn’t alone. The opposite of addiction is not necessarily abstinence/recovery, it’s connection. Trauma (and ACEs- Adverse Childhood Experiences) has a big hand in facilitating a path to use and subsequent addiction. Those things make us feel isolated and as if all we go through has been gone through alone… when we see the way out, what lights the exit route up enough to see at first is someone attempting to reach out to us and connecting. So yeah… just my two cents.

  245. Lauren Capp

    My brother is in hos 5th rehab in 5 years for his Crack addiction. Not a day goes by I don’t think of him and how much I love him. He has said and done some horrible things to me and my family during his addiction however, we never give up or lose hope. I know some of you struggling out there with addiction have no one to say those kinds of words to you. Please know your not alone in your battle, never feel like your life isn’t worth living because it is! Strangers out there do care about you and your addiction. Please don’t give up hope! I don’t look at you as a crappy addict as I see my brother in you. Addiction has hit more people than I even know. Stay strong, never give up no matter how many times you may fall. Keep trying because the next time might be the time you finally make it to clean. Lots of hugs and love from Pittsburgh PA.

  246. Molly

    100% gutted to see 3 members of the Heroin Triangle season passed away. I just finished watching it and I was so hopeful for those people. I feel awful, can only imagine what their families and loved ones must be feeling. so much love to all of them 💓

  247. Ingrid

    So sad Amanda Thompson from the heroin Hub passed away December 17 2022 just a few weeks ago her story was so so sad ….. she often said throughout the show she didn’t deserve to live or be in rehab she had the twin sister that loved her deeply and a little boy whom she lost custody of to her dad and his wife in the end of her story line there was Amanda who had just been beaten and raped looking so so broken REST EASY AMANDA

  248. Nivey

    So very sad to see Amanda has passed away. Her episode was very sad. I remember how frail and sickly she looked. I also remember how she said she didn’t even deserve to live or go to rehab! Heartbreaking! I always prayed she would make it to sobriety like her sister did! I’ll never forget her childhood friend and crush who cared for her so deeply! Seeing them interact was so touching, I really was pulling for her to find recovery and start a new life with him! Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. I pray for him, her entire family, and for Amanda’s spirit! We lost so many people from the Heroin Hub season tragic. Rest in peace. 🩶

  249. Heather

    I was wondering if there was any updates on Katherine C from intervention season 17 episode 1? Her family has been on my mind and I’m wondering if she got sober and is living better?? Can anyone tell me anything please?

  250. Mellissa

    This show has gave me so many emotions from dealing with my past addictions to getting sober. Some of these episodes are so heartbreaking to watch especially when it’s a young person my child’s age. I pray for the families that have lost a loved one to this disease as I myself have lost quit a few. It’s never easy to loose a loved one but to loose them to this makes it harder. I pray that all that are struggling make it to their recovery and know their worth every bit of the fight.

  251. Tiffany

    Thanks for posting these updates. My heart just breaks for everyone but especially Clint. He seemed like such a good guy and his addiction just got the best of him. RIP Clint. ❤️‍🩹

    1. Nivey

      Oh no! So very sad to read of his passing! Bill had such a kind hearted spirit about him! Recently someone posted how well Alana was doing in recovery. I always prayed that they would both make it to a healthy and happy sober life together! My prayers are with Bill and his loved ones. Sweet guy. RIP. 🩶

  252. J

    hey Dizzy, you might wanna add Dawn from Susan’s episode on this list. i know she wasn’t the primary subject but she was… memorable… Susan posted on Instagram that she has passed:

    i believe she also posted on Reddit and said she died due to an overdose.

  253. Christina R

    Please continue to update the deaths, ie “Jeff”…

  254. Stefan

    According to a recent post on his profile, Michael from season 1 died by suicide two years ago. Also, I’m disappointed that Sharon’s death has seemingly never been confirmed.