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Open Thread for Intervention Canada

THIS IS AN ARCHIVE – I used to not cover Canada episodes and this was the place to discuss them, but I started including them a few years ago so this page is just up here as a record of past discussions.

All comments.

  1. AK

    Does anyone have an update on Meghan from Canada season 2. She was a heroine addict with a past eating disorder and major scars from cutting. Her story has really haunted me. I hope she’s okay!

    1. Sw

      I don’t have an update but I have to say that her mother left a really bad taste in my mouth! Never once did she say she was sorry for the trauma Meghan experienced. When she found out that it happened more than once over a 4 year period, she showed no emotion. I hope Meghan is doing well in spite of her mother.

      1. Unknown

        Hello, Meghan is my cousin, we aren’t overly close as I am on her fathers side .. We haven’t heard much from her in the past few years but I do know she is alive and well. It really touches me that her story touched you as well. I do not know her mother at all never met her but all I can say is at lease her mom admitted to her mistakes… And admitted what she wished she had done different..

      2. Bailey

        Megan passed away a few days ago from a suicide.

      3. Apove

        Different megan passed.

    2. SM

      I know Meghan, and she is doing great. I spoke with her a few days ago. She is still clean and is living with a partner in Victoria.

      1. Anabella

        How do you know Meghan?

  2. Dizzy

    For anyone wondering if the episodes running on A&E provide the latest updates at the end…no. The Ryan repeat tonight ended with him being sober since 2010. He died last year.

    1. Jody

      Which Ryan?

    2. Pamela

      Which Ryan is it RYAN from Edmonton Alberta would like to know as well I’m watching his episode tonight must be doing his again because they are doing fentanyl series

  3. ShelbyLee

    Is anybody else annoyed with the “updates” at the end of these Canada episodes?? It’s like oh, they relapsed, that’s it, bye. Wth!! I was sooo hoping for the happy ending for Katie 🙁

    1. Sw

      Just watched this episode and I was so pulling for her as well!

    2. X.

      I had the same thought about Brad’s episode! They kept talking about how his daughter was getting married the following autumn, and at the end, “he left treatment, moved back into his trailer, relapsed, no one talks to him anymore kay episode over”

      The episodes themselves also seem to be a little more…rushed for content. Is it just me?

      1. Dawneen

        Me too! That’s actually what I was searching the web for when I found this thread. If anyone knows I’m sure there are tons of peeps wondering the same question. Sure hope he’s still doing great!

      2. Jen

        I’m his daughter. For any updates contact me at [email protected]

        He is clean.
        Life getting back in order

      3. Jesse

        He is still doing well?

      4. Unknown

        My uncle was in this episode trying to help… would really like to know where he’s at today.

  4. Wenders

    There was an episode a few weeks back that made me straight-up cry: Loren (and Christy). They presented it as just being about Loren, but Christy was in worse shape! Both were alcoholics who met in treatment and then moved in together.

    The intervention moved me to tears. They did a dual intervention on them at the same time and the families basically had never met before. But they came together to support each other. When I saw Loren’s father break down over hearing a letter written by Christy’s son, I completely lost it.

    Does anyone know how Loren and Christy are doing?

      1. Amy M Mackey

        Tonight’s show about Loren made me cry. Not because of Loren or her addiction, but because of the clearly neglected dog. I hate when addicts have animals and make them suffer as much as the addict themselves. I found this absolutely disgusting and appalling!! Anybody know if the dog is okay? She should have been charged with animal cruelty!!! The proof is iron clad and the whole nation saw it.

      2. Mel

        I totally agree with you there. That episode totally made me sick. The poor dog was tied up outside all the time and in the one scene, Loren kicked the dog and told her get the F#$k out of the way and the dog was screeching it was awful. I hope they got the help they needed and the poor dog ending up getting a healthy and happy home.

    1. John

      Hi.. I can give you an update about brad.. I just had him working for me and sad to say not much has changed. Brad has cooperation issues. He wants it his way and only his way. It is very difficult to talk to him cuz he doesn’t want to listen and set in his way. He is amazing at what he does(work, setting stone etc) but he leaves the job site frequently to get 2 beers as he tells me.

      He is liked by the people in the community. He does get angry when things don’t go his way. He currently lives in a hotel. Working paycheck to paycheck. Never able to get ahead not because he can’t but because he is too hard headed.

      I had to fire him from my job because he just won’t listen. I hope the best for brad. Wish he is open to listening someday

  5. Jenn

    I want an update on Amie! She seemed like her upbringing was just absolutely chaotic- having so many kids and losing them. I hope she is well!

    1. kirby

      There is an update on Amie and most of the other Intervention Canada addicts on the website. (To get past the country code block canada uses I like to use a free app Hola.) You can rewatch all the Intervention Canada episodes they have posted as well. Good luck!

      1. t.toro

        You are a genius! Thank you!

      2. CrunchyMama

        I have Aimee on my Facebook 🙂
        She has a little boy and is doing well!!

        I also have Allisha on my Facebook.
        She has two little girls and is doing amazing.
        Still beautiful as ever!!

  6. Amy

    I just watched an episode about “John,” who smokes crack and is a heroin addict. My TiVo cut off the last minute of the show, so I didn’t get to see any updates on him. All I know is that he went to rehab and had 57 days sober, then the show cuts off. Does anyone know if he relapsed or stayed sober? I would really appreciate any kind of update.

    1. Alex

      I literally just watched the John episode and I watched it all the way through and they never said. I’m curious about how he’s doing too.

      1. Shawn

        I see John about twice a month here in Victoria BC. I had such high hopes for him, he did so well on the show. I can’t say with 100 percent certainty that he is clean and I cant say with 100 percent certainty that he isn’t. He’s alive 🙂

      2. Shawn

        I saw John yesterday here in Victoria BC, he was riding a bicycle up one of our main roads. I couldn’t tell if he was or wasnt on anything, but he is alive 🙂

    2. Shawn

      I see John about twice a month here in Victoria BC. I had such high hopes for him, he did so well on the show. I can’t say with 100 percent certainty that he is clean and I cant say with 100 percent certainty that he isn’t. He’s alive 🙂

      1. M

        I know John well I used to hang out whit him when I was also and addict and a drug dealer , last I knew he was back In jail for theft , and other drug related crimes which is sad because he is a decent guy , I got out because I became pregnant and had great family support , me and my partner have been clean for 3 1/2 years now I still keep in touch. With a few ppl from our old life via facebook eat becuse some of them were and are decent ppl , and the news for John is nor so great ATM I do wish him well though

  7. Erica

    I wonder if they will bring back Intervention Canada , too?

    1. Zack

      I think that the Canadian version is done for good. However, there were several subjects from the U.S. version that were from Canada. In fact, the first Canadian subject instantly recognized General Jeff and said yes, even before his “I see a bunch of people who love you like crazy” speech! I would expect more stories from Canada on the U.S. version in the future.

  8. janine

    I was wondering if there’s any updates on Brad. He was a crack addict. So sad.

    1. Sig

      I would love to know what happend to Brad…..He really touched my heart. I hope he is alive and well and that he still can have a relationship with his daughter. I was a little ticked that the guy let him move back in the trailer and didn’t hold his bottom line! I get why people struggle with the bottom line though. It would be really hard. At least if Brad didn’t have the trailer he might think twice about where his life is at.

      1. Ally

        I meet brad a few times recently around my neibourhood. He is doing really well and looks so much better !!! Looks like a diffrent person. So happy for him

  9. Kat R.

    Did anyone watch the Andrew episode? I just watched on the app. Wow that one was tough. The relationship between Andrew and his mom was the most codependent I’ve seen, possibly. I felt so badly for him with everything he’d been through. Such a sweet guy struggling so hard and in so much pain. When he talked about not being brave enough to kill himself, my heart broke. Nobody deserves to be in that much pain.

    He looked so good in the follow up. Andrew, you are truly a beautiful soul and an inspiration.

    1. Sara

      I watched the Andrew episode Sunday, I had seen it once before onYoutube I think, but this time was much more memorable. The love he had for his grandparents is what really got me. There was definitely a toxic relationship between him and his mom, and I was getting some vibes that the sister was (very rightfully) angry for that. I wish the entire family all the best, it seemed like Andrew and his mom both wanted to change for the better, just didn’t know how. I agree, he has a beautiful soul.

      1. Kat R.

        I got the same vibes from his sister. I felt just as sad for her because she really did get the raw deal. People always assume the strong ones can just handle everything because they always do…but the pain is hidden on the inside.

        It was jarring to hear Leela talk about the kids’ wonderful childhood and then the next scene of Andrew recounting his own childhood and sobbing. Some serious denial from Leela there. Those kids had a rough time.

        Also wishing them all the best, including those sweet grandparents.

    2. GBF

      This was a few years ago, but as I was leaving my place the city recycle guys showed up (early morning) and Andrew was driving the truck! Did a double take since I knew him from somewhere…it was summer so I was hoping he had gone back to finish his Journalism studies and working for the city for the summer

      1. Lhamo55

        I am looking forward to Dizzy reviewing this episode – this episode deserves a “most disturbing” designation – not because of him but his mother. And the grandmother who thought “she was a good mother, she just did things she shouldn’t have, a lot” and the uncle who was approached by some other family members about removing the kids who “couldn’t see any real reason, because “they were healthy and happy” in spite of a stabbing, of hearing her begging for her life several times, her physical abuse towards them “he deserved it”.

        And that bender – after she bogartedl his drugs she drags him off to the dealer to get more and stayed for an all night who knows what happened. That was a woman who was quite comfortable sitting at her rock bottom and hell bent on having her son right there with her. I want to hope she eventually got help for herself.

        I am so glad you saw him working and like you, hope the job was part of his plan to get his degree.

  10. amber

    Just watched Ziggy’s episode from 2012 rerun and cant find anything about how he is doing now anyone know? In Canada they run the U.S and Canadian versions together now. Thanks

    1. B

      I knew ziggi casually before his time on intervention and was shocked to see him on there. He wad always fun and funny and the life of the party. unfortunately ziggi has since passed. He died in December 2016 from a fentynal overdose. Addiction doesn’t define a person, I will remember him as I knew him. Fun, wacky, creative Ziggi. Rip.

      1. Marita

        Oh man 🙁 RIP Ziggi. Drug addiction takes so many lives.

  11. Dallas

    I’d like to know if there is any way of finding Meghan’s songs or poetry? I think she has amazing talent and would like to read/listen to her work! if anyone can tell me, that’d be great! Season 2, Episode 10. thank you!

  12. joni

    Does anyone know if John made it through. He lives in Victoria and worked for bc ferries, relapsed after rehab on 2011 show. Thank you

    1. Dave

      I’ve known John since 1986. I saw him panhandling on June 26th. He looked rough and was limping. I was driving the opposite way so I couldn’t stop to talk to him

    2. Miss

      I just watched a re-run of John’s intervention. Unfortunately, the ending now gives an update that says he relapsed and his sons no longer speak to him.

  13. Violet

    Does anyone have an update on Jessica? My heart went out to her. She started so young.

    1. Erica

      She was murdered in gang hit along with her boyfriend.

      There are a few articles about it but this one is about her specifically. If you google Jessica isles there’s a ton of stuff.

      1. Erica

        *illes spellcheck changed it to isles.

      2. Lhamo55

        I’m speechless, just speechless.

        Traumatic head injury, rape and good looks that attracted vultures and ghouls determined to feed off her.

        Rest in peace, sweet gentle sleep.

      3. Violet

        This is incorrect. There clearly is a link posted to Jessica’s mother’ fb page that shows her alive and in recovery. Posts like this are irresponsible and ill informed. Please do proper research before spreading false rumors.

      4. Dizzy

        I did a little digging and Violet is right, it’s not the same Jessica from the article.

      5. Unknown

        i actually know her sister natalie and her bfs family and met her and her bf a couple times it sucks how and that they got murdered

  14. Krystal

    I’ve actually seen Meaghan in Victoria! She looks great! My heart goes out to her..There’s a lot that happened to her that the show glazed over and I feel like a lot of Meaghan’s trust was betrayed. She is one strong girl, that’s for sure.

    I was wondering if anyone had an update on the couple from Sudbury?

  15. BobbyB

    Does anyone have an update on Travis? He was a young alcoholic who had been through trauma with his family. So sad, I could tell he was a good kid who just kept getting dealt bad hands. I have a couple friends he reminded me of. I could tell he was a good kid, hope he’s doing well!

    1. E

      I went to Intervention Canada’s FB page and he had commented on a picture of him, nothing major…just thanking people for their support. I went to his page; it’s pretty locked down, but he looks very healthy and happy in his photos. I’d guess he’s sober. It looks like he recently got married, too.

    2. Amy

      I talked to him online and he was doing great! Just got married and looked extremely well. My heart was so happy to see such good news!

  16. Krys

    Hi I’m wondering if anyone has an update about Wesley from season 1? I hope he’s been able to make it and is doing well. Thanks.

  17. Linda macdonald

    Megan’s story broke my heart how such a beautiful child could be so neglected by so many. I would like for her to know that nothing that has occurred in your life had anything to do with you but the people who were suppose to take care of you. Your powerful poems and songs were so beautifully written even though they came from such a dark place. I’ve watched these programs so many times but for some reason you were so different and special for some reason I can explain like your mother said your personality affects people in such a special way. I’m so hoping you are doing well and somehow after all your neglect and pain you find yourself in a save and loving place. Hopefully you will realize just how special you are and maybe take what you have experienced and maybe write sing or say something that will touch the hearts of others and let them know that what happened to you also happens to others and they and you a not alone. I must say if you had died from your demons this world would have lost a talent smart loving person. I so hope that your are doing well and accomplish everything you want in this world. Just know I’m on the other side of this country and with not even meeting you have made and impression on me that’s how special you are be brave and stay save thanks for saving yourself. I hope your poems and song are happier now.

  18. Sereena

    Update on Jamie on season 1 episode 19? I’m hoping the best for him

  19. Sam

    Anyone have an updae on Conrad? US Season 15 Episode 8/ Canada Season 1 Episode 6

    1. Anon

      I’m looking for the same update! I knew him in treatment.

    2. Jay

      I watched Conrad’s episode yesterday and was looking for an update. Sadly it looks as though Conrad passed away in July.

      1. Dizzy

        Wow. Confirmed. Thanks for posting.

      2. Stefan

        His episode if anyone wants to watch:

      3. Eitan

        Dizzy, a comment left on makes me think that Conrad did die of his addiction because the parents were clueless as to how to deal with the ordeal of a severely addicted child.

        I am a Dubois myself (on my grandma’s side) but since they are so many Dubois across Canada I cannot consider myself part of that family (BTW, Dubois – du bois – means “from the woods”). I do however have their contact info. Would you be interested to investigate any further, please contact me through my email address.

        AFAIC, that beautiful child, Conrad, has lost his beautiful fiancée and the promise of a productive life, over his addiction.

      4. Sean

        how did Conrad pass away?

  20. Alex

    You can check out his Facebook. He seems to be doing ok.

  21. Elvee

    Hulu just added a ton of new Intervention Canada eps that I hadn’t seen before, plus Intervention US season 15, the beginning. GO TO THERE.

  22. Kristen

    Does anyone know what happened to Andrew? Season 1 Episode 7? He was such a good hearted soul. I really really hope he managed to stay clean and get his life together. My heart really went out to him.

  23. Raul Linares

    Does anybody have any info on the family in season 14 Travis ? I was wondering if his sister’s attackers were ever prosecuted.


  24. Jay

    I was just wondering about ziggi from season 2 how is he doing has anyone ever heard anything about him?

    1. Jane

      He overdosed this morning. They say he is brain dead .. Not going to make it

  25. Anne

    does anyone know what happened to David on season 1? he had had leukemia and then got addicted to opiates…

  26. Bianca Bautista

    What happen to Robby the transgender from Canada???? I totally thought I was gonna see a happy ending

  27. PM

    Just watched the Robby episode from this most recent week. Does anybody have an update? That was the most heartbreaking episode I’ve seen in a LONG time – I really hope that if Janet or Robby read this they have found the happiness and peace they both deserve.

  28. Shannon

    Just watched an episode about Robby, an alcoholic struggling with gender identity issues. She said that she bought female hormones on the Internet and was subsequently referred to a psychiatrist, but I was left with the impression that she may have been self-medicating with the various hormones (and doses). My heart goes out to her and her family; they clearly love her and want to support her, but her case seemed so complicated and terribly fraught. According to the card at the end, she left treatment after 70 days and refused all communication with producers. I always root for everyone’s success, but Robby really moved me. If anyone has any update, I’d love to hear. Robby, Janet, and the entire family, you are all in my prayers. I’m pulling for you.

    1. Allure

      I too was extremely moved by this showing…I pray for the family and hope they find the happiness they deserve.

      1. Mimi

        The ending was abruptly surprising. Did he go back to Janet?

      2. Martina

        I was too really moved. Hope she is ok

    2. andy

      Robby passed away November 7th 2017. Cancer was the cause.

  29. J

    Fentanyl addict Aimee, with the several children taken away, seems to be doing well with a new little dude in her life. Here is her Facebook:

    1. Galusha

      Thank God. Aimee was second only to Kaila in being the closest to death of any addict in the history of the series. Judging from the state she was in when her intervention happened she had no more than 1-2 weeks to live.

      1. Janelle

        I agree. Aimee was severely malnourished and was suffering from blood poisoning from the infection in her arm. She was only days, perhaps hours, away from septicaemia, which is fatal. When I first saw her on the episode my first thought was “This girl has only days left to live.”

        I also don’t think she went straight from her intervention into treatment. Most centres would have turned her away because her medical condition was too serious and beyond what they would have been able to treat. She would have had to be hospitalised until her infection was cured and her medical condition improved before she could begin treatment, so I’m guessing she didn’t enter treatment until at least a week after her intervention.

      2. kitty katt

        Most people need to go to detox before treatment also.

  30. J

    Y’all periodically check Intervention Canada Facebook, they occasionally update.

    They posted an update video with Travis on Dec 21, 2016

    Here is his Facebook:

  31. J

    “TJ” or Terri Lynn… Cocaine addict singer of “Junkie and the Spider”- Facebook page:

    Not much going on there unless you’re friends with her, probably.

  32. J

    heroin addict Jessica Facebook is pretty privacy locked-down:

    But her mom’s is a little more active and in the photos there’s a nice photo of Jess from the summer of 2016 talking about her working through her recovery:

  33. J

    Christy looks good! Healthy!

    Loren seems to be doing well as a professional photographer, this is her linkedin profile:

    1. Natasha Carriles

      Thankyou for sharing this.

  34. Cascade

    Just watching the Robby episode…the family all seemed like good people grappling (Robby included), but the niece Shandell was a wonder. So much intelligence, tolerance, patience, and reason, and the only one who seemed to handle Robby’s transgenderism flawlessly.

    What an unsatisfying follow-up! I know Robby stopped communicating with the producers, but it’s strange they didn’t provide any details from or about the other family members. Really wishing them well…good people.

  35. Kim brede

    Does anyone know how tammy and her family is? Season 14 i think. Her parents were getting help too I believe.

    1. Sarah m

      Also wondering!!! Can’t believe there’s no other talk about Tammy. This episode stayed with me.

      1. Jadenzer

        Oh I just came here looking for Tammy. Poor Tammy, hard life from the very beginning

    2. Summer

      I remember Tammy from elementary school. She was only there briefly as she lived with her grandparents as I recall. The area we lived I wasn’t surprised to see her on intervention but I definitely would not think she would. I’d love to hear some updates.

  36. Carmie Cantu

    Why does Intervention Canada not really tell anything about what happens to the people afterwards like the US show does. I love the Canada shows but that seriously drives me crazy, I don’t even want to watch them because they only give one quick line that says they left treatment, but never any follow up and then there is NO WHERE to find out any updates. Please consider telling us what happens

    1. Wanda

      I think they do it this way because the show airs not that long after it is filmed … so there really isn’t much more to tell. They need to go back a year or two later to see any real changes.

  37. Linda

    Just watched the Ziggi episode and when I went online to find an update I found his obituary. He died last month and his brother set up a Gofundme account for his funeral.

    This man had a hard life and even though it was hard to overlook the fact that his friend’s 7 year old daughter could have died because of his habit, I kinda rooted for him to make it.

    RIP ZIggi.

    1. B

      I watched his episode recently and even though I’m a veteran viewer of Intervention, I was particularly struck by Ziggi’s story. So incredibly sad for his family, he seemed like a truly unique soul. R.I.P.

  38. Halley

    Was wondering, did anyone see the Kathy episode? So tragic.. I grew to really care about her in the short time of the episode. I usually do.

  39. Steakum

    Tonight’s episode on Robbie (not the transgendered woman) was so heartbreaking. The most painful intervention I’ve ever Witnessed. I wish him the best of luck in life. He really deserves it.

    1. Reane

      Just watched this episode & cried I pray he’s doing well would love an update

    2. Kat R.

      Oh my God. What is it about the Canadian addicts, their episodes are so traumatic (I’m thinking specifically of Andrew). Easy for me to say, but like AndrewGalloway said, where were the adults when this was going on??? None of this was his fault, nobody protected those kids. I feel like this episode barely scratched the surface of the pain Robbie was in. What a sweetheart. And an amazing transformation, almost unrecognizable! I’m sure he has so much work to do to get through all the trauma. Wishing him all the love and hugs in the world!

      1. Renee Sadie

        The Canadian ones can be especially brutal! I remember Tammy (s2 episode 1) and her and her sisters’ backstory made me so upset I had to revisit the episode another time (they were so malnourished that her sister’s jaw became underdeveloped). Robbie’s was also unprecedentedly sad. I can’t imagine a parent using their own child as currency.

    3. Joy

      I’ve been search for an update on Robbie too. Very moving story. Hoping he is still well

    4. Angie

      That was the most touching episode I have ever seen. I would love to hear that he stayed sober and got the life he deserved.

  40. Brenda Johnson

    I’m wondering about Robert. Praying that he’s still clean and living the great life his “mother” denied him. The episode first aired 07/31/16. The update at the end of the episode said clean since Sept. 2016 but don’t know if that’s current to my viewing.

    1. Tammy

      Robert is actually in a sober living home with one of my friends, doing fantastic from what I’ve heard, over 6 months clean and sober

  41. TexasZ

    What the fuck is wrong with people? How could a mother do this to her child? I am overwrought with anger and sadness. He is loved and worthy. Even if he thinks God has forsaken him, I haven’t. And I know there are many more that agree with me, than do not. He is loved. His sisters and father are here. Lord, please, help him. Help him find peace on this earthly plane. (And even if he doesn’t have a higher power, he is loved by many mortals 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 )

  42. Lisha

    Anyone know how Robby is doing? (The one with 2 sisters and abused by a family member)?

  43. os75

    Yeah the Robbie episode touched me. He really had absolutely no chance to avoid becoming an addict and was neglected his whole life. Hope he makes it

    1. Barbara

      I would love a update on this family, it really touched my heart

  44. AL

    Does anybody have an update on Robby (the transgender woman)? I really wish her the best, having a transgender partner mysel, I know how difficult transitioning can be for everybody. I would love to know how she’s doing.

    1. Marcia

      Yes I want to know also!! Left with no answers at all.ADOES ANYONE KNOW???

      1. Eileen

        Robyn (that’s what she changed her name to post intervention) passed away from cancer in 2018. How devastating.

  45. Toria

    Is Jennifer from season 16 episode 1 alive? The mother who allowed her children to watch her shoot up, actually sitting next to her saying they know a monster … a “needle” monster.

    Disturbing. Prayers to her children and all they can not unsee. I wish them life far from addiction. As for her. No comment. ????

    1. Patty Turner

      Just watched this episode. I became physically sick to my stomach when seeing those children playing in a home with “needle monsters”. That poor little boy was so sick, not one time in the entire show did I see him being a child.; playing, being silly or eat but instead laying lifelesly on the bed with his worthless mother. And how could that man allow his two beautiful children to watch a junkie shooting up. Not just watching her shoot up but asking if “she missed” and knowing too, too much. All that lady was doing was teaching her children exactly how to become junkies. There are so many people in this world that would give ANY AND EVERYTHING to have only one child. Why her? I cried so hard for those children and then I went and snuggled my 5 year old and watched him sleep.

      1. Janelle

        Patty, whilst I understand your emotional reaction to seeing young kids being traumatised by having addicted parents, your post is judgmental and moralistic and seems to deny the fact that addiction is a disease. It’s a medical issue and not a moral one. Jennifer isn’t “choosing” to neglect her kids…the drugs have taken over and altered her brain chemistry and convinced her that seeking drugs is more important than everything else in life.

        It’s very important for us to THINK before we FEEL. When you don’t control your emotions your emotions will control you. And that often leads people to make rash decisions and judgmental condemnations of others.

      2. kitty katt

        You’re missing the point. It’s not the “addict parent” part that’s really the issue at this point. It’s how the addict shooting up right next to your kid with syringes all around the dinner table, smoking a cigarette while chewing on cake and then spitting it out. There is NO EXCUSE why these children should be exposed to that. Those parts are not a medical issue or disease because so take the shit in the bathroom or bedroom with the door closed. She was in the bathroom shooting up and purging when her family came over….so why not when your children are around. NO EXCUSE for that one.

      3. Desirae

        Okay, so I know Janelle has already replied to this post. But she did not answer the question. How is Jennifer doing now?

  46. A

    I saw the “wes” episode 3 Season 1 just yesterday – the one where his Mom is clearly an addict herself and not really looking to help her young son. Anyone have any updates?
    One person asked on here but there are no replies.

  47. Robyn

    I have seen a lot of Intervention episodes, but the Robby (transgender) episode made me cry. I was so hopeful for a recovery. Does anyone know what happened to her/and her family?

  48. Recovering addict

    So, I haven’t watch intervention really long time. I am a recovering addict, and I feel that it brings me back to a place that I don’t ever want to be. I was on Hulu, and saw that there were episodes of intervention on there. So, I began watching an episode about Tammy. I didn’t realize that this was an Intervention Canada but, After doing research on the Internet, I realized that it was. I don’t know if this was the wrong episode to watch or the right one. I could relate so much with her. I lost my son when he was four years old because my crack/ opiate abuse. Instead of staying clean, like her, I went off on a bender. I haven’t talk to my son in almost 13 years. I have been clean mostly, for the last seven years. I married now, have a full-time job, but was diagnosed with cervical cancer three years ago so I’m not able to have anymore children. My son’s dad and stepmom have kept me at a distance from him, take my child support every month, and do not allow me to talk to him. Thanks to the Internet, I have found his Facebook private profile a few times, but every time I try to apologize to him, he blocks me. This episode truly hit home. I wanted to let Tammy know that she’s not alone. This aired a few years ago so I don’t know how she’s doing now. But I just wanted to reach out if she was ever needed to talk to somebody that’s been there in those shoes. I know that what happened with my son was best for him, I have lived through several suicide attempts and in an extremely dark place at least twice a year. I haven’t picked up crack in almost 6 years. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t struggle every day. It’s very hard dealing with reality when you know that you did this to yourself, and no one else understands. I went to NA for awhile, but it was hard for me and more of a drama/competition on who did what and who did the most and was not a place for me. I could not stay clean going there. I did it on my own. My cousin died in 2015 from a heroin overdose, after being clean For a year and a half. That was hard. I know that my aunt wonders why I lived and he didn’t. I also wonder the same thing. He had many people to love him, and no one would really miss me if I was gone. But I wake up every day, and stay clean. Because I don’t ever want to go back there.

    1. Lhamo55

      Sending you my best wishes and hopes you continue to do well. Try not to claim ownership of your aunt’s pain, you have enough of your own to sort through.❤️❤️❤️

  49. Shay


  50. Maria

    I want to know about Robby the transfluid individual. What a touching story and the love with Janet was amazing. However one of the most abrupt endings. 70 days in treatment and just ups and leaves with no update from Robby or family
    What happened?!?!

    1. Dottie

      Supposedly Roby died from cancer on November 7,2017. This information was posted by someone that knew her but nothing was actually confirmed.

  51. Andy

    There was another subject from intervention Canada named Ziggi. It says on the Wikipedia page that his brother reported to them that Ziggi died on December 12, 2016 from a fentanyl overdose.

  52. Kate

    I just watched Tammy episode…Does anyone know how she is doing?? My heart aches for her and her sisters. I had a similar upbringing. I truly hope she’s well but fear she’s not.

  53. Shirley Newton

    Looking for an update on Andrew and Dan Episode 117 season 2

  54. Brianne

    Any updates on Jennifer from Season 16 ep.01???

    1. Kitty Katt

      I would love to know also! This episode really had me going, that’s for sure.

      1. Stefan

        Her husband died in October and their children are living with their grandparents. Jennifer is living with her boyfriend and continues to use.

      2. Kitty Katt

        Where did you find this?

      3. Stefan

        I found this info in the comment section of Jennifer’s page on this site.

      4. Kitty Katt

        I thought perhaps you had confirmation of it which is why I asked. I’ve read that too,

  55. Lala

    A&E in the U.S.A aired Jade from New Brunswick on July 3, 2018. I think it’s an older episode from Canada. Does anyone know how she is? Also her dad Roger had mental health issues and was offered therapy. How is he? Thanks

    1. Sheryl

      Yes…I would like an update on this family, didn’t sound like things had changed. I hope that I am wrong.

  56. reb

    Sorry if this has been covered somewhere, does anyone know how I can watch all of the canadian episodes in the states? They have sprinkled episodes into different seasons, but like any true addict, I need em all. I’ve bought every episode available on Amazon. I watch others on Hulu or the app. The seasons have different episodes depending on where you try to find a show, making it especially confusing. Its making me nutty. help, please?

    Also, Dizzy, thank you for running this page. I love it soooo much.

  57. Melissa

    Looks like Jade is the last episode for the season. They tacked these new ones on to the episodes of Heroin Triangle to finish out the season. BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Dizzy

      Wait whaaa? Where did you hear it was the last episode?

      1. Kitty Katt

        It’s not Dizzy. See my reply to Melissa above.

      2. melissa

        Sorry, i noticed on my cable guide that they arent showing one next week so i just assumed Jade was the last one.

    2. Kitty Katt

      No it’s not. You’ve been misinformed.

      Here’s what Season 19 really looks like:

      Season 19

      289. 19-1 05 Jun 18 Sam & Brad K.
      290. 19-2 12 Jun 18 Jackie R.
      291. 19-3 19 Jun 18 Abbie
      292. 19-4 26 Jun 18 Shiann G
      293. 19-5 03 Jul 18 Jade
      294. 19-6 10 Jul 18 Nathan
      295. 19-7 17 Jul 18 Melanie
      296. 19-8 24 Jul 18 Chelan
      297. 19-9 24 Jul 18 Coleman
      298. 19-10 31 Jul 18 Elann

      NOTE: the numbers above stand for which episode, season, show and the date of when it airs or did air.

      1. Kitty Katt

        Wait a second, did you mean it was the last CANADA episode for Season 19 or it was the last episode (Canadian or Not) for Season 19?

  58. Kitty Katt

    Came across this tidbit information in regards to Intervention Canada:

    “The series ran for two seasons aired between 2011 and 2012. On February 9, 2012, Slice had announced on Facebook that the show was cancelled. Despite this, a casting call for the series was posted on November 27, 2015. On June 27, 2018, Blue Ant Media announced the series would return in March 2019 on T+E.”

    Not sure if anyone already knew this or if indeed it was posted before this.

    1. Unknown

      gotta love wiki ;D

  59. Rommie

    I think that, while Intervention USA went for a more action packed approach in the latest seasons, to spark viewers interest, Intervention Canada decided to try a more melancholic approach, which resulted in the makings of the best episodes ever created.

  60. Ami

    Hi Dizzy!! Were you going to make a page for the other Meghan from Canada? Ramoin posted her episode the other day and it was really good. Would love to see if anyone knows how she’s doing.

  61. Rowan

    Lyndsay Devoe from Intervention Canada passed away of an overdose in August. Her friend, Josh, is fundraising to host a dance workshop in her honor.

    Her IG

    1. Dizzy

      Thank you for posting. Really sad news.

      I can’t find an obituary or anything saying it was an overdose, is that something you can point me to?

  62. Alien

    Does anyone know updates on Katie?

  63. Jessica Hana

    Can somebody please help straighten a couple things out for me??? So I live in Seattle and I I have seen every episode of intervention ever made dot-dot-dot or so I thought! The last episode that to my knowledge has erred here in the states, is Jade’s. But I see above a couple comments, kitty cat listed episodes sure intervention Canada and there are several names after Jade’s. Where can I view these episodes I can’t find them anywhere as far as I know they never aired TV here in the states and I can’t find them online. Also I can’t get past the country code thing on that slice website somebody mentioned that you could get past it by using a free app but didn’t say which one or how so it did no good show me I just want to see these last few 19-6 10 Jul 18 Nathan
    295. 19-7 17 Jul 18 Melanie
    296. 19-8 24 Jul 18 Chelan
    297. 19-9 24 Jul 18 Coleman
    298. 19-10 31 Jul 18 Elann if they really are out there somewhere to view because I can’t believe something could get past me

    1. Dizzy

      There were also a bunch of episodes that aired on CBC Documentary channel in mid-November that I don’t know how to get access to either. Here’s the FB page with the posts publicizing the episodes

  64. Tye

    What happened to david from season 2 episode 14… I really want to know

  65. Ami

    A&E Canada posted that they will be airing new episodes on T&E on April 1st. I wonder if they will be aired in the states on LMN?

    1. Stefan

      They will probably air in conjunction with the American version whenever it returns.

      1. Kitty Katt

        Stefan: For some reason I wasn’t able to reply to you on your comment about Conrad from Canada (death). I wanted to say thank you for posting the video because I couldn’t remember who he was and your link made me remember immediately since I did see that episode. I’m going to watch it again using your link. Thanks!

  66. Greg

    A few new episodes have aired on T&E

  67. Chrystal

    Any updates on TJ?

  68. Kitty Katt

    Does anyone know where we can find updates or anything really about the addicts from Canada? The episodes show very little at the end and don’t seem to give much information as they do with the US episodes. Also, we do get to see Legacy/Updates from the US recovering addicts which makes me ask if Canada does them too and if we in the US are able to view them?

    Thanks in advance for any information you can give me.

  69. Nancy

    Would like to know about David and his girlfriend Miranda

  70. Lauren


    Anyone know an update on Natasha from Kamaloops? I can’t believe her mother let her live there still, I am wondering if she is still alive…I felt bad for her family, they have 0 clue how to deal with her.

    1. Sarah

      I would like to know how she is as well. She was in bad shape and wanted nothing to do with anyone in her family…

    2. Xavi

      I live in Kamloops and still see her frequently in areas where drug users hang out.

  71. S

    Does anyone know how I can watch these from the US? I’m happy to purchase seasons for streaming but I can’t find anywhere to watch. I don’t want to join Sling.

    1. Amanda

      Daily Motion

  72. Jody

    Does anybody know updates on jade. Her story was sad.

  73. Kayla

    Does anyone know what happened to Mike and Colette from Chilliwack BC? I NEED TO KNOW

    1. Andy

      I’d love to know too because that was one of the most back and forth text updates I’ve ever seen. So much happened in that small span of episode time.

    2. Linda

      At the end of the episode he relapses and is ba k on the street. It said Collette was raising their daughter alone. I’m wondering how they are doing now too. I felt so bad for Collette the whole episode.

  74. Jody

    How is Jade…hop she is better.

  75. Audrey

    I can’t find intervention Canada’s episodes anywhere in US. Help!

    1. Sara

      I have been looking too, with no luck 🙁 I want to watch the Aimee episode. Can’t find it anywhere!

      1. Stefan

        Most all of the earlier episodes have never aired/are unavailable in the US.

    2. Restless soul

      I have found a great place on Facebook email me and I’ll tell you the name 🙂

  76. Sara

    Does anyone know why Aimee is not on the Intervention Canada episode list?

    1. Dizzy

      Yeah what Stefan said – I haven’t seen that episode as it has been unavailable on US streaming. Same with a handful of other early Intervention Canada episodes. If anyone has access to it and knows that basics about Aimee (age, location, interventionist, etc) please send me an email and I will make a post.

  77. Kitty Katt

    I notice that every single Canadian episode, when they are showing facts or data about any drug, etc., they give the stats for the US and not their own country.

    1. Dizzy

      No way! I hadn’t noticed that. I’ll bet that annoys the Canadian viewers huh?

      1. Kitty Katt

        I find it annoying as well because the US is not the only country with drug problems. Also, it would be annoying to me too if I’m watching an American intervention episode, but getting Canadian statistics. It’s just dumb and I can see how annoying it must be to Canadian viewers when they are given US statistics.

  78. Restless soul

    Anyone know about the couple— Elise and Wesley i believe was the names? I felt bad for the kids…any updates???

  79. Lily


    I noticed Cassandra’s episode is not included. Any reason? Here’s the preview of her episode:


    1. Dizzy

      There are some Canada episodes that I’ve never seen and aren’t available to view in the US. If you can find me full episodes of whichever ones are missing I am happy to watch and do a write up.

  80. Casi

    One of the most heart wrenching, powerful, and poignant episodes I’ve seen was that of Aimee, via Intervention Canada. She was a mother to several children, had a horribly traumatic life, and as I recall, she bought her fentanyl patches from elderly people with prescriptions for it. I remember her cooking up the fent gel in a spoon sitting on her stovetop.

    I have searched, FOR YEARS, to find and rewatch Aimee’s episode. Does anyone have any suggestions or information that could direct me to this episode? Any help would be most appreciated.

  81. Molly

    would love to know how Brad is doing in the year 2022. his story touches my heart to this day.