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Season 26, Episode 2

Brooks, Joel, and Taryn

Age:  24 – ?
Location:  Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Addiction: Fentanyl (Brooks), Meth, Crack (Joel)

What’s Memorable: Wow.  I need to gather my thoughts about this one.

Official Synopsis: Three addicted brothers have turned their childhood home into a hellish drug den where death is constantly at the door. As the brothers continue to struggle with the extreme abuse they suffered growing up, their mother sinks under the stress.

Interventionist: Maureen Brine with Ian Rabb on the assist (that was a good idea).

Date Aired: April 29, 2024

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  1. Bri

    this is live on A&E.

    it was definitely a rough one; but it was nice seeing people so aware of what they contributed to the situation. Their sister in law was a saint & i think her and Khori having experienced addiction genuinely just wanted what was best for the brothers. Although the intervention was a mess, it was nice seeing Brooks still have respect for his parents and trying to make his brothers do the same. I hope they all continue to be sober. But this season so far has some very self-aware people!

  2. Janel

    Another hard hitting episode! These boys were in bad shape, especially Brooks. He looked fantastic in the follow-up, and I hope all three boys are able to maintain their sobriety. Kudos to Crystal & Khori, without them, I don’t know that the boys would have went to treatment.

    1. Stefan

      My jaw dropped when he opened the doors. He looked incredible. Dare I saw that the women in the office were swooning over him lol

      1. Janel

        They were!

    2. Ariel

      I’ve watched every episode of Intervention and no one has ever stood out to me as much as Crystal has. What an amazing sister-in-law she is to that family. She seems like she would be amazing working in the field.

  3. Nivey

    When Brooks came back to the intervention after storming out and that awful fight oh my I teared up!! I was rooting for him!! You could feel the relief wash over his family when he returned!! I pray he can be reunited with his children he looked incredible in the follow up!! All the brothers looked great! I pray their mom gets out of that house so they can all have a fresh start! I agree the older brother and his wife were kind and so lovely! I’m rooting for everyone’s continued sobriety! I hope they break that generational trauma and pain! Xo

  4. Alexandra

    Watching this episode was such a rollercoaster for me, the brothers were all so dysfunctional and clearly had so much trauma in their lives. The first half of the episode was kind of strange to me, it seemed like a lot was missing about the boys lives and their addictions, it honestly felt like the show had a hard time getting the full story so they just pieced things together and added a bunch of plot-twists (or at least that was the vibe I got). But the follow-up made the whole episode worth the watch to me, Brooks looked like a completely different person! You could really see how handsome he was under the addiction all 3 brothers did so great! I hope they can stay sober!

  5. Gregory

    An INTERVENTION trifecta. The physical change of the three brothers-especially Brooks–is very impressive.

  6. Tori

    Man brooks transformation has my jaw dropped. So proud of them

  7. Pippi

    having watched Intervention since the very 1st Season, I don’t remember a rumble in the Intervention Room, nor such a transformation. When Brooks walked in at the end I legit said, “who the f*ck is that?” out loud. I feel like I should take a break before the 3rd. Hoping to come back to see good updates on all!

  8. AK

    Brooks was in such bad shape I’ve honestly never seen on this show. Messiest intervention ever. I had the impression that Joel was the only one willing to listen. Taryn was so far up his own ass because of his “sobriety” (he looked high the entire time) and Brooks was on another planet….I am really happy that they all went. I don’t know how they are doing today but I’m rooting for them.
    And I know this episode was not about Crystal but she seemed like an incredibly kind and pure soul. Being in recovery and around so much drugs must have been terrible. She cared so much. I wish her all the best in life.

    1. Janel

      Agreed! And something was definitely off with Taryn, he seemed high the entire time