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Nominations: Most Memorable Interventions and Pre-Interventions

Suggested by Liz in the comments, and I think it’s a great idea!

Also Dizzy, could you add a “Most Memorable Interventions” and “Most Memorable Pre-Interventions”. My favorite part of each episode is when the interventionist corrects the lies, denials, and/or incorrect truths the family (typically just one family member) has. It’s very interesting to me the different ways each interventionist corrects the families. (Looking at you Father and Mother of Linda, who believed that electricity and colors caused her pain. Even after she intentionally tracked down her mother during her interview with intervention, getting much closer to her than if she just stayed home, to tell her mother her proximity to her daughter caused her pain.) I know Linda was diagnosed with a mental condition at the end of delusions, but it surprises me how some non-addicts and non-delusional family members can get sucked into believing the lies too! Please comment with your favorite ” transformational pre-intervention” episode if you have one! (Where the family needed lots of education) Thanks! 🙂

So yeah, please do comment below with what you think are the most memorable Interventions and the most memorable Pre-Interventions, and I will use those to create that category.  You do not need to mention an intervention episode that has already been nominated, I’m not going to pick based on the number of nominations or anything.  I’m just looking for some help on which ones we think should be in these new categories, I don’t want to miss any good ones!

All comments.

  1. Alexis

    I think possibly Suzon’s pre-intervention belongs in this due to the sheer attention-seeking that her mother did during the pre-intervention and not making it about her daughter AS SHE SHOULD. On top of that, threatening suicide after the intervention. Good God.

  2. Erica

    1) Gotta give it to Seth @ Megan H’s parents. I’m sure everyone on this particular page on this website remembers the absolute deserved and eloquent truth-smackdown Seth laid on them at the pre intervention.

    2) Kristen from season 2 whose intervention was only attended by other woman relatives, who left the intervention and came back, whose small daughter reluctantly hugged her and said, in one of the most painful voices I’ve ever heard, “Oh my god, my baby hates me.”

    3) A random sweet moment I seem to remember from Ashley’s intervention in season 7- Jeff is probably my least favorite interventionist but it touched me when he sat with Ashley as she cried on the pavement, afraid of the prospect of going to treatment, but he was able to make her laugh and agree to go by saying that she’s underwater with her nose poking above the surface, and that he’s the life boat.

    1. Sudie

      I wish they used Seth more – he was AMAZING! Calling loved ones on their contributions to the trauma is his strongest suit – he does it firmly and can make them understand that they had a part to play in the traumatic events of the addict.

      1. Kara Bishop

        Oh my gosh, I commented this on the poll for favorite interventionist… I feel like sometimes the other interventionist are too soft on the families and don’t call them out like Seth does and they need to be called out!!! And he can also be compassionate! I love Candy (especially for parents/moms that are addicts) and I love everything about Seth and I only love DONNA for also calling the families out, although I feel like she’s a little too harsh and less compassionate with the drug addicts! Don’t you think Elena would have made a good interventionist? OK this had nothing to do with most memorable interventions, so I’ll get back to you on that once I watch a few more!! He he

    2. Nivey

      Erica I 100% agree with ALL 3!

  3. Stefan

    Cristy of course immediately comes to mind, as does Marquel and Andrew.

  4. J

    Zeinah’s intervention is my favorite, so powerful. other memorable ones are Andrew (season 12?) , Kaylene, Cristy, and Penny-Lee. for pre-interventions i’d say Richard K. and Megan H. are probably the best.

    1. Kara Bishop from California

      Zeinah is my favorite episode!! She actually ended up staying clean from the time she went into treatment… She even opened up her own recovery treatment center in my county of Placer county California with her husband whom she met in the recovery center that intervention sent her to!!! This shows really does change so many lives(although some say that they were misrepresented) and some of these addicts go on to do amazing things!!! Season four Kristen is now working in a recovery center and getting her license to move on up!!! she’s currently a case manager!! They all make me so proud!

  5. LK

    Rocky for sure!

  6. Alexandra

    Most memorable to me was Lawrence. I’ve never seen anyone that deep in their addiction where they became completely hateful to everyone and everything. Also; the amount of alcohol he drank daily was insane. Him dying at the end made it tragic and real. Sadly, it seems to not be in syndication.

  7. Thp96

    Rocky for sure! Also Dorothy’s intervention was good. Sebastian and Marcells intervention is memorable to me as well. It’s really hard to narrow down though!

  8. Sara

    I would say Gina’s intervention (when her horrible mom finally took some ownership) and Susan’s, again because of the second intervention they did on her crazy mother (yelling about her eye appointment).

    1. Nivey

      Omg YES GINA!! I cried and cried when her Mom read her letter!! You could see the pain finally begin to wash away from Gina as her mom read those words asking for forgiveness!! Reminded me of Kaylene when her dad apologized to her! Same cathartic moment for both girls, they so deserved it ! I wish someone had a update on Gina today!

  9. Willy

    Lorna’s pre-intervention & intervention are both incredibly powerful and tear jerking.

  10. Sudie

    As far as the Canadian ones go, Maureen stands out as far as what NOT to do. I think she is good with family members and could be successful working with a team, but that’s what she should stick with. She just seems like a blank canvas that people throw things at. Gentle has its place, but with some addicts, I would think you have to be firm and reinforce what they’re losing. Maureen was too soft.

  11. Dahlia

    Jamie, Season 9. That family has TRILLIONS of issues and the pre intervention/actual intervention highlight them so horrifically well.

    1. Stefan

      Candy said it best with, “Since I arrived, nothing has been about Jamie”.

    2. Mini

      Agree— Candy navigated it so well with that crazy family.

  12. Nivey

    So hard to choose! I would say the most memorable were: Dallas, Kaylene, Dennis “Butch”, Jeff, Nick and Diana! Many were so powerful, but to me, these stand out the most! Excited to see what you guys picked!

  13. Nivey

    Andrew! The young man with the eating disorder! That was super memorable considering he was the first and only addict to write/call himself into the show! Then lied about it, and his family covered the lies for him to production! What twist!! The pre and post intervention was surely the most memorable! It was nice to see him doing so well in recovery! I wish someone had updates on his life today! Wishing him well!

  14. Elizabeth

    Maybe not THE most memorable, but here are at least some honorable mentions with a quote/characteristic that makes each episode memorable.

    – Jamie (her dad’s outbursts and her sister’s threats to self-harm herself)

    -Amy W. (Mainly for her father’s reaction when Amy’s secret was shared with everyone)

    – Christine (“You guys suck!” × 100)

    – Laney (“I don’t know, I’ve got this random group of weird-ass f***** people.”)

    – Rachel (Joie trying to bully her into not going)

    – Cassie (how angry she was and how people gradually walked out in the middle of it)

    – Cristy (“I’m just on a permanent good one that none of you are ever going to experience; I’m so sorry for you.”)

    – Lauren (She and Tom hiding in her room)

    – Dillon (actually I find that whole episode to be incredibly intense; I rewatched it recently, and there seemed to be something dark about Dillon that may or may not have been precipitated by his addiction)

    Episodes that have BOTH:
    – Richard K (Season 11) (Pete’s perceived anger/coldness about his brother, his mother’s horrible guilt and codependency, Richard running away like a bat out of hell, this is one of my favorite epsiodes of all)

    – Suzon (she is definitely one of my favorite people profiled on the show, she earned a place in my heart when she said that she would do anything for Bradley, and for her reaction to the phone call with Chris)

    – Katie (Season 12) (her mother’s reluctance and eventual acceptance to also seeking treatment)

    – Sandi (Her daughter’s lack of emotion about the situation, then her heartfelt plea to her mother)

    1. Nivey

      @Elizabeth this is spot on! Great picks! YES SANDI! I recently saw the episode on VICE and her daughter’s plea at the end of the intervention was shocking considering how much damage was done between them but it was also so very touching! I cried! You can also see how deeply it touched Sandi! It was a memorable moment from the entire series! So happy Sandi decided to go to treatment! I pray she is still well today! Xo

  15. Cordelia525

    I’ll go with the heroine princess, can’t think of her name, from one of the earlier seasons – the intervention in which Donna tried to have her involuntarily committed

    1. Stefan

      Courtney from Florida.

    2. Nivey

      Courtney’s intervention was definitely one of the most memorable!! From the sweet grandmother who was embarrassed to even have the intervention or any cops at her house, the chasing her through the neighborhood, while she exclaimed she was disowning her family, to the Marchman Act threat, finally to the awful scene where Courtney’s sisters gf was clinging to the moving truck as Courtney’s bf drove away! Such a harrowing scene! Sad to read Courtney passed. I could see the void her sweet eyes. Tragic loss for such a young girl. RIP.

      1. Lynn

        With what she went through, I can imagine why she gave up and chose not to fight for life

  16. Jayla

    My picks are Laney and Dillion from season 3.

    1. Nivey

      Dillon yes! One of the early seasons! Very memorable! Such a shocking end to his story!

      1. Jayla

        Yes I still think about his mum to this day, she loved that boy so much and that ending for him. Ugh I hope she’s been able to find some peace.

  17. Lalala

    I just saw Joey’s (s6e11) for the first time and that intervention gets my vote. Did any other interventions make it onto public transportation?
    And I know Allison (s2) hates when her episode is used for entertainment purposes, but those two cops picking her up by an arm and a leg as the humane society took her cats was intense, as were the exchanges with her sister Erika – there was a lot of love there.

    1. Lalala

      Correction, Alison is s4e19. Teach me to post from memory

  18. Nivey

    Sean from season 12 who saw his Dad cheating and wasn’t believed by the family! That was a memorable intervention and episode! Jules his enabling wife who also drank was so angry and nasty when Sean’s parents told her about the intervention! She stormed out, then locked them out! Also, the intervention itself, when the Dad actually apologized (although not admitting to the affair smh) he said: ” Sean if you saw a man drowning what would you do?” Very powerful! I think of Sean often and pray he is well! By far the most likeable and again very memorable intervention! Praying for you Sean! <3

  19. Chloe

    Samantha C. from season 14! Ken giving in and letting her shoot up just so she would listen, the missed flights, Ken’s (understandable) outburst. oof, it was a doozy.

  20. Nivey

    Mikael and Sarah! Super memorable! His mother was so deeply affected by his addiction and past abuse! Something about her struck me so deeply, more than most of the parents on this show! Her words to him during the intervention brought me to tears! Also, it’s memorable because Sarah his gf found out it was a intervention and was torn about telling him! His mother again stepped in and firmly told Sarah she better not tell him because he would freak out and possibly go OD! UGH! Heart wrenching! Also memorable because of Sarahs mom on the otherside blaming Mikael even referring to him as a “needle or some pill!” that got her daughter addicted! Yikes! However, so happy to see many years later they’re both doing well separately! I pray both families finally found happiness and peace!

    1. April S.

      I’ll never forget the look Mikeal’s mom gave Sarah’s mom when she said that, during that super-awkward conversation at the cafe table. Man, if looks could kill!! I was just cussing out his mom the whole show. Her behavior was probably the worst I’ve ever seen on this show.

      1. Nivey

        @April yes super awkward Cafe conversation lol! If looks could kill! Again, very memorable episode and intervention!

  21. Pang

    I nominate the Susan episode from S23 for either category…that episode was absolutely bonkers. Completely compelling though.

  22. JeffVonDoucheron hate account.

    Jamie season 9 her whole family starts bugging out, poor candys like omg what have I got myself into lol.

  23. J

    i’m surprised nobody mentioned her yet, and i totally forgot – Tiffany D’s intervention was pretty wild. not only did her grandparents tell her it was an intervention beforehand, the actual intervention was basically a screaming match in the street. i’ll never forget her yelling at Candy “GO BE ON TV FOR SOMEONE ELSE, LADY”

  24. Nivey

    Christna the Norco and meth user from Riverside CA! She is so beautiful! Sad to see her so young and struggling with meth! When she thought she had bugs in her skin then thinking she heard her son crying even though he lived miles away! The aggression she displayed was scary. Heartbreaking to see! Her intervention was crazy! Started out good then quickly turned south! I’m happy Christina’s mom stepped up and didn’t cave in! She owes Christina so much after that awful parenting throughout her childhood. Also, Jeff did awesome with that particular intervention! He gets a bad wrap but I think he’s very effective! I pray Christina is doing well today, she had infinite potential! Xo

  25. Michele

    Season 15 episode 2

  26. Julie

    Allison and Cristy both come to mind for me.

  27. Christina

    I just want to say thank you for this post and page! This is one of my favorite shows. I will go back and rewatch everyone’s suggestions!

  28. J

    after rewatching the episode… Cassie’s intervention was pretty damn memorable! has there been any other episode where family members walk out during the intervention?! plus, Cassie’s admission that she knew it was Intervention, her exteme anger toward everyone, how expertly Candy handled it… definitely memorable

  29. Britt

    I nominate Katherine.C and also Susan (the house of horrors episode where there was 4 addicts living in one house) Ken was the interventionist for both tough cases, and I thought he did an amazing job.