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  1. Sherry

    why are all the addicts white?

  2. A.S.

    Not all, but I agree that the show is biased in that direction.

    I am not sure how many episodes in total have featured non-white addicts but ones I have seen are: Larry, Latisha, Cassie and Jonel.

  3. Chridtinel

    I watched the show today on Brittany and her father n lawk.was awesome when it showed Brittany,so happy,

  4. Carly

    Gabe. 3 yr. old on streets of Calcutta, India. White family of blondes adopt him and bring to America. Closest sibling has dark hair like his. One Blonde male sibling wants to crush Gabe, seems to want him to know he is different. Prob. kid needs Therapy! Father is scared to think outside box- leaves it to God- even his own Mistakes in his Life. None in the family give Gabe a family Place! No ” my brother “, ” my Son ” talk given!
    Father and Mother adopt and think job is done! What would Jesus do???!!! Not that Crap! Father doesn’t know religion! Thx
    P.S. Where are the rest of red, black, brown, yellow people!!🙈