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UPDATE: October 18, 2021

Hey you! A new season of Intervention starts tonight! Looks like it will be set in California and is exclusively about Fentanyl.  Should be interesting… and scary, from what I know about Fentanyl.  I’m just so glad this show keeps coming back and saving lives. We clearly need it now even more than we did 16 years and 23 seasons ago.

I’m extending the deadline for the Impact of Intervention essays.  I didn’t get enough! I had a bunch of people say they were going to write something but they never submitted. If you’re one of those people, just do it! This kind of writing can be very cathartic, I really encourage you do to hunker down and git r dun. We’ll all be better people because of it. And don’t miss Paige’s story.

Finally, we’ve lost a couple of more subjects from the show in the last couple of months. Rest in Peace Trent, Clint, and Tracey. All memorable and special men who were taken from their loved ones way too soon.





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  1. Pang

    Thanks for keeping up with this Dizzy. Your site adds so much to my appreciation of Intervention.

  2. Nicholle Clayton

    I just watched episode seven season 23 and it just touched my heart. I’m a recovering addict and to see the way that his family enabled him and to see him just so broken. My heart went out to him and his family and I’m sure that he can’t still be alive and I hope that we all take from this because it’s awful .

  3. Eric J Plonka

    What happened to Ricardo?????

  4. Sonya

    if anyone is wondering, Samsung plus TV is doing a marathon of intervention shows including all of the ones that have passed away etc. today is December 18th 2023 and it started a few days ago and they’ll usually run marathons for a month or two so just thought I would let everybody know and they will run the same episodes a few times before they move on to the next set of episodes

    1. Stefan

      Who have they shown that has passed away?

  5. Tonia Burns

    I think there should be a reunion show with the families of the participants who are clean now and the families of the participants who are no longer with us.