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S25E7 Gabby & Patryk

Season 25, Episode 7

Gabby and Patryk

Age:  Mid 20’s
Location:  Manchester, New Hampshire
Addiction: Crack and Heroin

What’s Memorable:

Official Synopsis:  Gabby and Patryk’s story unfolds with the arrival of their daughter just nine months after they met. However, their lives soon become entangled in the destructive grip of drug addiction and the dangerous world of drug dealing. Their substance abuse has taken a devastating toll, resulting in the loss of custody of their beloved daughter.

Date Aired: June 24, 2024

Interventionist: Amanda Marino and Mike Diamond

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  1. Alex

    Rooting for them! I know they’ll be connected forever because of their daughter, but I think it was so wise that they are both creating separate lives away from each other for now. They both seemed to really want to get out of the grind of it all, especially Gabby. I know what it’s like to just hope someone will scoop you up and get you out of it but you think it’s too far gone. Rarely, if ever, true.

  2. Lizzie

    Again this week I am stunned that these two made it to treatment, stayed and are in sober living. I thought for sure they were too deep in their addiction, too codependent and in Gabby’s case, to precarious physically, to survive detox and rehab. But they did and I’m cheering for them. I hope they remain sober and are able to reestablish a healthy relationship someday with their daughter.

  3. Lizzie

    One question though – their interventions were on the same day but Gabby had 12o-some days sober and Patryk had I think 70 some days sober. I’m assuming Patryk relapsed, which I know happens but usually the show mentions it. Did I miss something?

    1. Tyler

      I think their follow ups were just filmed at different times.

      1. Lizzie

        Oh that makes sense!

  4. Nivey

    Wow they both looked incredible in the follow up! Patryk surprised me most because I really thought he would possibly leave treatment but he didn’t! Good for him! He looked strong and healthy wow! I believe both of them have a better chance of staying sober long term if they are apart and learn to co parent their daughter. The relationship was just too toxic from the start! I would hate to see them ruin this opportunity to start new healthy lives! Gabby especially pulled at my heartstrings with her troubled childhood in Hawaii. You could feel how badly she wanted to be a good mother to her daughter! I’m praying for them both! Its been heatwarming to see how many of this seasons participants
    are doing so well!! I hope this positive trend continues! Xo

  5. Angelica

    I was really pleasantly surprised with this one. I thought for sure either Patryk would end up leaving treatment or refusing it altogether and Gabby would just follow his lead. I think sending her to Hawaii initially was a great choice. The interventions being somewhat meshed and having both main interventionists present offered an extra level of support. Really rooting for these two, whether together or separately, and I hope they each get a chance to be part of their daughter’s life.

  6. Stella

    Got a weird vibe off this one. Patryk had an interesting manipulative energy, plus serious emotional incest vibes from his enabler mom. Her son got his sober girlfriend back into drugs, and she’s disappointed in Gabby for not straightening *him* out?? Girllll. I was pleasantly surprised to see him stay in treatment, he was a lot happier sober and on his own.

    Mad respect to gabby though. She had such a rough home life and still pulled herself out of drugs twice. It looked like she and her siblings may have possibly been affected by FAS. She just never learned the tools to overcome the codependency. Seems for the best that they aren’t together anymore. She’s got a bigger purpose. Hope that she stays sober, she deserves it.

    1. Sheilap

      Stella! Yesss. I thought Patryk’s mom was unnecessarily mean to Gabby and vilainized Gabby when Patryk got Gabby into drugs and kept here their even when they have a child. I thought. Patryk’s mom needs to get over her weird and unwarranted nastiness because Gabby is her granddaughter’s mother.

  7. BoogieWoogit

    That guy damn near blew it w Pat outside. Pawing him, getting in his face all intense. The opposite of the required psychology and approach. Feels like many of these interventionists have zero real training. Personality profiling to match the mood and vibe and person instead of one size ill-fitting all like “they love u like crazy, feel they’re losing you and wanna fight to get u back” It’s surprising this “intervention” approach is still so prominent when the success rate is dismal. I guess $1500/day is good enough reason to force feed such a system despite the true results. Hopefully more alternatives will come forth. And yeah, I don’t believe their 90% success rate for a second. Youd be better off believing slimy politicians than a reality tv production company. This comment won’t make the grade, incongruent w the feel good phony vibe.

  8. sophie

    II really felt for Gabby in this episode. I could tell how much guilt and shame she had surrounding her the situation with her daughter. She had a particularly rough upbringing and I hope she finds the strength to break the cycle and be the mom her daughter deserves. I hope she realizes she deserves to be that mom as well. I was surprised to see Patryk’s follow up, it seems like he was ready to make changes as well and he looked great. i hope we get an update on these two because I think they both have so much potential and could have a bright future.