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Season 25, Episode 8


Age:  31
Location:  Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada
Addiction: Fentanyl

What’s Memorable: [Guest Post by Stefan]  I’m not sure if we’ve ever seen anyone on this show that’s been homeless for three years. Greg overall is a great guy when not under the influence, as show through being a talented musician. Also, his sister seemingly going from hating to loving him so quickly illustrates the dynamic many addicts have with their siblings. Finally, Geri knocked it out of the park at the intervention. To say I’ll miss seeing her will be a massive understatement. RIP.

Official Synopsis:  Once a 6’7′ teenage basketball prodigy, everyone thought Greg would reach the height of success. Unfortunately, his dreams were cut down when his father, once his biggest hero, abandoned his family for life in a homeless camp. Disappointed by his own failed athletic career, his father had found a new life in drugs and alcohol, and ultimately introduced his own son to crack cocaine. Now 31, Greg is addicted to a deadly mix of fentanyl and meth and living on the streets. Kept alive only by luck and the last vestige of a dream of becoming a professional musician, his mother and sisters watch in horror as their once gentle giant spirals out of control.

Interventionist:  Geri Bemister (giving a slam-dunk finale, RIP sweet angel)

Date Aired: June 24, 2024 (exactly one year to the day after Geri’s passing)

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  1. Terri B

    Oh, Greg. The transformation in treatment….wow. I always know when the response to the offer of treatment is, “Of course I’ll go” that the transformation is likely to be huge. Keep up the great work, Greg.

    The second half of this episode was especially hard for me to watch knowing this is the last life I’ll get to witness Geri help to save. I was able to fight back tears until the very end….the In Memory screen broke me. I second the sentiments expressed by Stefan, “RIP sweet angel”

    1. Stefan

      Oh same it broke me 😭

  2. Gregory Moore

    I hadn’t heard of Geri’s passing. She apparently had quite a story of her own. How fortunate she was able to metamorphose into a sober force in helping others. This episode is an excellent tribute to her abilities. Greg’s transformation was remarkable and I hope he can stay the course. Here’s an article on Geri’s background:

  3. Nivey

    Wow Greg what a transformation he looked incredible in the follow up! Seeing him on the streets and in that condition was so heartbreaking! He was a sweet likeable guy. His family was also lovely! In the opening of the episode when he was singing and his sister in the crowd was tearing up! Ugh! I teared up too! That unconditional love from family is paramount! I hope he stays healthy and clean! Again such a positive trend happening this season with the participants thriving in treatment! 🙏

    Gerri passing I’m truly saddened. She was a force to be reckoned with! Beautiful and kind-hearted an amazing interventionist! RIP! 🤍

  4. Jason

    Greg went into treatment toothless and now has better teeth than mine. What a transformation!