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S13E4 Gina

Season 13, Episode 4


Age: 33
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Addiction: Heroin
What’s memorable: The mother, oh dear god the Mother. In contrast to Kaila, the other addict in this episode, no one watching this story would wonder for a second how or why Gina became an addict. A heroin addicted prostitute, to be specific. Not shocking. I feel nothing but sympathy for Gina and all she’s been through. Thank goodness her mother was able to see what she had done to her daughter and took responsibility for what happened.

Official Synopsis: Gina has spent her life living in the shadow of her domineering Korean mother, and it was not until she started using heroin that she was able to escape the most painful of her memories, being blamed by her mother for having been raped. Now, with absolutely no sense of self-worth, Gina will do anything to get her fix, even at the cost of losing her son.

Original Air Date: July 2013
Interventionist: Seth

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  1. Gregory Moore

    My overriding feeling while watching Gina’s episode was sympathy for this poor woman. That mother is just unspeakably awful….and yet, I feel sorry for the mother, too, as she probably came from an equally poisonous home environment…and on the cycle spins… I send my sincere best wishes to Gina, who is clearly a lovely, kind and just….a nice and loveable person. Life has not been kind to her….but ANY life can have a “second act”! NO life is without hope. I so hope that she has remained on the “better road”. She deserves a happy “Act II”!

  2. Beja

    Amen Gregory. What a beautiful worthy young soul. My heart aches for what she’s been through. I just want to reach out and hug her. Her mom is so obviously the root of her problem. It’s hard not dislike her, but I am sure she has a similar back story. Unfortunately, she chose to pass that hurt along as so many do. Where as Gina did not pass the buck and just ran away and hurt herself. She is way stronger than her mother in my mind.

    I hope she and her son have nothing but a blessed life going forward.

    1. Sheri

      I take issue with your statement that Gina’s mother “chose” to pass her family dysfunction on to her child. Most people with a family dysfunction like that are not even aware they have it, and if they are aware, try like hell to change the pattern and not pass it on to their own children.

  3. Kat

    I just watched this one. What a beautiful person Gina is, inside and out. I also was so impressed with her mother’s turnaround. Sometimes the parents can’t dig deep and apologize and admit they were wrong, and that is devastating. I feared she wouldn’t “get it” but she really pulled through. I hope for a healed relationship for them and wish them all the best.

    1. Kat

      Also I think Seth was definitely the right guy for this one. He’s really good at calling parents out.

      1. Carrie

        So true. When I saw Seth calling out Gina’s mom at that meeting, I teared up a bit. He was probably the first person to stand up for Gina in years. You could see her sister’s reaction too. It seemed Gina was severely judged and scorned by that family for so long…but when an objective outsider called out the mom on national TV, it hit them like a ton of bricks.

      2. Nicole

        I wish Seth could call my mom out. Gina’s episode hit me so hard in part because my mom is all criticism like Gina’s mom. My mom also blamed me for being raped. I turned to heroin to escape. I’m on methadone now but my mental health is still really suffering.

  4. Gregory Moore

    Agreed, regarding Seth. That is his specialty, working with the equally messed-up families of the addicts. He is always impressive, to me. Really glad to hear he’ll be back in the new season!

  5. Marie

    My heart absolutely broke for her, I hope she is still doing well

  6. jovon

    I pray that the woman and her mother are doing well,because that drug is a demon. GINA LET GO OF THE PAST, AND SPRING INTO THE FUTURE BECAUSE GOD LOVE’S YOU AND I LOVE YOU TOO!! DON’T GIVE UP

  7. Swanspeak

    Just watched the episode with GINA. Such a sad and emotional episode. Watching Ginas mom apologize and take responsibility for her actions was truly amazing. I agree with JOVAN…..God bless you Gina!!!!! I hope you are well

    Also this site is fabulous Dizzy. I’ve been searching for a website about intervention forever!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous

    I’ve know Gina for about 3 years now. I am also a dancer and I met her at a gentleman’s club in 2012 (after she got out of rehab). After the club shut down is when the episode aired. Last August I started working at another club and she happened to be there…she was sober for a little while but unfortunately she did relapse.

  9. Cindy

    I am Gina’s cousin. Her name is not really Gina. She has not worked at a strip club since the program. The above comment is fake.

    1. Anonymous

      The above comment is not fake. I currently work with her in Florida.

    2. Dizzy

      It’s impossible for me to verify if what commenters here are saying is true or not. I just have to trust that people aren’t coming here to make stuff up.

    3. Oblivious

      As far as I know, Gina has no cousins that would post online about this. Alonzo’s other children (not with Hyon) were never close to that side of the family, and there is only one family member that still communicates with Gina. I don’t know why you’d post such a comment on a forum.

    4. Alan tan

      I’m a old friend with Gina in austin but we lost touch with each other late 2000’s and I’m hoping someone get in touch with her and I’m hoping she doing okay and can reach out back to me ! Thanks in advance and god bless

  10. Nicki

    Can we get an update on how the real Gina is doing. I think of all the intervention episodes I have watched, this one by far touched me the most. Would love to know how she is

  11. Oblivious

    Yes, her real name is Gina, she is in fact still in Florida. She was in a half way house briefly after treatment, but relapsed a couple months after the treatment ended. I’m unsure if she was using at the halfway house. The sisters still speak occasionally, Tristan is doing fine — still with Hyon. I wish that all the crap we went through to get her clean worked, but it didn’t. As far as I know, Gina is still alive and kicking.

    1. Toni Medina

      My best friend is also the youngest of two sisters, and her Korean mother came to America the same way. This touched my heart so deeply, and I can’t find an update anywhere online. You sound as if you would know how she is doing, I know this is an old episode but I just have to know how she is!! We have also worked in the entertainment industry… so many parallels to this story… there is nothing weak about having the illness of addiction. If you see this, can you please answer me? I pray that she is well and with positive people who care for her and her healing ❤️???????? Toni

  12. 5htp make me sick also

    If Gina is reading this, she’ll know what my name means. It’s been 3 years since I met you and today was the first time I saw the show with you. It made me want to see how you were doing. Truly hope you might he reading this and doing ok.

  13. Monique

    I just watched this episode and really do wonder how Gina is doing. So many questions regarding her and I just pray that if someone know her out there have her read this to see how many people are concerned and really do pray for the best. I pray she can/do shake that Demon off!!!

  14. Sam

    I hope Gina is ok. I have a friend struggling with heroin addiction and it is purely awful! I know she said she had contracted Hepatitis C which is sad too. Her mother was just so cold and cruel.

    1. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

      Her mother came around as much as she was capable of, I think. It makes me sad when the blame game happens re: incest, molestation, rape, etc. With those types of episodes, it’s like throwing firecrackers into a lit fire…really? Blaming someone who’s traumatized already and had their innocence taken away for something like that?

  15. Silverblue

    Gina has demons to work through. Her family, actually the mother, should be paying for her therapy. She has some work to do, but Gina, if you read this, never give up hope my darling. You can and you will stay sober and get your son back. Believe it. Big hug from Australia xx

  16. Melody

    Wondering how Gina is doing and the family if there anything I can do to help Gina email me God bless Gina

  17. It's Not Important

    For those wondering….I see Gina a few times a week. We work together at a club in Florida. We speak on occasion. Interact a little during our shifts. I do not know her personally but from what I can see she seems to be doing much better than before.

    1. Erica

      It’s not important. Can you please give Gina my Gmail name and ask her to please get in touch with me. I hope to hear from her thank you.

    2. Marival

      Does she see her son

    3. Toni

      Please update! I left a comment above for Oblivious, it sounds like they may be a family member… can you read it and answer me too if you know anything? Thank you… sending positive vibes her way ????❤️????

      1. Obliviious

        I’m not a family member, however I was in the episode. I have not spoken to them in several years, however from what I know Gina is still alive and kicking, but do not know if she is sober. Given her propensity to relapse, I highly doubt she is clean. There is a possibility she is finally back in Texas with her son. I am not in a position to reach out and see.

  18. Lisa

    Please tell Gina that she has quite a few people who believe in her. She & her son deserve to be happy, more importantly they are both worthy of love ♡

  19. Erica

    Omg!!! I watched this today and god knows my heart hurt for Gina I myself am a recovering addict of heroin from being physical abused from my brother and lose of my mother at 13 I am 51 by the grace of God I will have 4 years December 9. Seth Rock’s!! For calling out her mother. I pray Gina is on the right road of recovery. I would love to meet her or even talk to her. God bless her and her son.

  20. Kori

    Im watching this episode rn and im so pissed off!
    There is def something wrong with the”mother” of Gina.
    I so hope gina is well and she dont knw anythng about me but gina i hear ya! Sounds like our moms are the same kind of ppl.
    You can do this!

    1. Nicole

      Google “maternal narcissism” and you’ll find many articles explaining what Gina’s/my/your mom are all about. I’ve included one of my favorite articles that introduces the idea clearly and thoroughly. After my psychiatrist heard the stories and met my mom in person, he gave me an article about maternal narcissism and told me to research about it. It has made a world a difference for me to see that I’m not crazy, or making this up, or “just selfish,” there is nothing “wrong” with me and the reason she doesn’t love me unless it’s convenient for her isn’t because there’s something because I’m unworthy of love or because I’m worthless or because there’s deeply “wrong” with me. It is because people with NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) are incapable of any deep connection and have the emotional connectedness and maturity of a 6 year old. Like a child, it’s all about “ME ME ME MY MY MY I I I !!!!”
      when dealing with a person who has NPD. Here are some phrases my mom has said, some of which on a regular basis:

      – “Why can’t you just be normal like ME?”
      – “That’s MY dresser!” (About the dresser in my room. She says that everything is hers unless it explicitly belongs to someone else).
      -“You and Tyler are MY worst– I mean “most difficult” kids!” (She started to say worst then caught herself. But she’s not fooling anyone).
      – “Life is a stage and I’M the lead actress!”
      – “I’M so cute I don’t even need makeup!”
      – “I’M cute, smart and funny all in the same person!” (Her high school bf called her that 35 years ago and she still brags about it on a regular basis.)
      – “A 28 year old flirted with ME today on the chairlift cuz I…!” (No mom, you flirted with him even though you’ve been married for 30 years, and no you don’t look 24)
      – To a group of kids at church she said: “Being a stay at home mom is the best job in the world because I have autonomy, which means I can do WHATEVER I WANT cuz I’M in charge!”

      To her, being a stay at home mom isn’t about taking care of your kids, cleaning or cooking, or even just because she loves being around her kids. (We had a nanny come twice a wk for that, and if she wasn’t there, then I was). To her, being a stay at home mom means going skiing, hiking, or biking, Facebooking for many hours at a time, flirting with random guys age 14+ including my siblings and my male friends, volunteering at the local theatre my siblings were/are in plays at and posting pics on Facebook to show the world how charitable she is so she could get the accolades and attention she “deserves,” reading self help and church books so she can teach and preach to everyone else what they should do, and on occasion she might throw in typical mothering responsibilities, and when she does, she will say how ungrateful and selfish you are unless you graciously praise each and every tiny thing she does. Growing up as the oldest of 6, I was constantly berated for not babysitting my 5 younger siblings correctly starting from about age 8.

      Narcissists can appear to be excellent mothers due to their great acting ability, being fake comes natural. They enjoy mothering little kids, like Gina’s mom to her grandson (Gina’s son) because they don’t have their own identity yet and see themselves as an extension of their caretaker, and as such praise, adore, and admire them. But once they turn about 7-8, things change because developmentally they start to branch off and become their own little person. Narcissists need constant praise, adoration, and admiration. When they aren’t getting enough to fill their supply they will throw a childlike temper tantrum, often acting far less mature than the child in their care. My mom is a prime example of this. The older I got, the less interested in me she became. She was always more excited about the shiny new sibling that came along. Narcissists are known for playing favorites and playing their kids against each other. My mom used to throw us extragant themed parties – birthday, and other random holidays – so that she could get all the attention from other moms about how creative she is, how long decorating each penguin cupcake took, how painstaking it was to collect empty milk jugs from neighbors to make a life size igloo, how fun the Christmas white elephant was, how clever the April Fools Day trick menu with clues was, and how cute each decoration was… But somehow she managed to get more attention than the birthday girl/boy. Don’t even think about stepping into her spotlight, or you will be severely punished. Or tattle raped on to my dad. How he is still with her and still stands up for her 30+ years later I will never understand.

      I’m sorry to rant, as I know this site isn’t about maternal narcissism but about Gina and her heroin addiction, but I can’t help but wonder how her mother’s actions played a role in her addiction.

      Through research and lots of therapy, I am realizing l that it’s not all about her, and that what I was/still am going through with her isn’t “normal” and IS IN FACT ABUSE! Abuse in its must sublte and insidious form, and sometimes the invisible wounds cut the deepest. Hopefully this helps.

      TL;DR – google maternal narcissism if your mom is anything like Gina’s. And click on the link below on my name.

      1. Anjennette

        Don’t ever be sorry for talking about your feelings and if I learned anything about Gina from her episode she would not mind you getting your feelings out on a post about her. In reading your post you come across as a very caring and intelligent young lady and it’s good to see that your mother’s behavior didn’t rub off on you and that you don’t act like her. I cried reading about how you were treated by your mother and not protected by your father and I would love to just be able to give you a hug. My name is Anjie and I’m a 47 year old recovering heroin addict and I thank God after reading your post that neither one of my parents had NPD. I’m going to put you in my prayers and just know that somewhere out there there’s a stranger that cares and is praying for you.

      2. Nicole

        Thank you for your kind words. I’m sorry I didn’t see them sooner! I’ve been having a really bad day and seeing what you wrote did help. Thank you!

      3. Sierralizzard217

        I don’t know if I am a product of this psycological, catagorical description of a maternal nature but as I was reading a few things sounded familiar. My mother denied my abuse by stepfather while attending counselling between 14 and 15 years old and me having to raise myself and feed myself from 5 years old found that only leaving was going to remedy my situation. Even after my deabilitating automobile accident in which drug test results proved negative and car manufacturer on hook for defect, leaving me paralized at 21 she made it all about her, and I chose many substances to wallow in, but the truth is my friend that although I have had suffering at the hand of two addict parents, it is my choice to wallow in it or not. There are reasons for the dysfunctional and reasonably functional masses turning to chemical self-help but there becomes a time when it is no longer an excuse. As I lay here on my pressure sore stained with blood and pus soap box after 17 years in a chair struggling from homelessness currently and juggling pain meds like an idiot after years of treatment, bouts of sobiety lasting years and a propensity to relapse I realize that my life has been shaped more by my choices than anyone elses around me. My excuses are all failing me and even in a painful and broken body with an equally broken heart I know that I make or break every single day. When I stay in the moment and do the best I am (not can, AM) my world remains bright but my past and future are illusions- one is gone and the other exists only on a faint track in the sand of time if I choose to ignore it more so than predict or plan its bounty or struggle. One day at a time seems too cliche for the genius of I but I am responsible for a lot of dumb shit. Keep it simple… With love and light,

        Elizabeth Waters

  21. Byrdie Byrd

    I just saw this episode for the first time and oh my god my heart truly melted for this girl gina.
    The things she went through and hearing her mother admit to it and
    The way she blamed her for being raped at 14. Oh my god it brought me to pure tears. Its clear why this poor child was the way she was. She suffered so much. I pray that she is doing well and continues to have a better life.

  22. Chris

    Her mother should have beet in jail…any mother that allows a man to rape her child and blame her child should neverbe able to have children.

  23. Jordy

    Just rewatched this episode, and I was reminded how sad I was for Gina, and how much I can see her mother in my own Grandmother and how she treated my mom growing up. First gen’s have it so hard. Crying is weakness. Showing love is weakness. Forgiving is weakness. But Gina is NOT weak. She is a beautiful person, and not alone.

  24. Scot hodson

    I felt so bad for Gina. What a brutal mother she has. I wonder why Gina would leave her son with such a woma.

  25. kitty katt

    So much to say on this one but I’ll narrow down to this:

    The mother has just earned the “Mother of the Year Award” from me……but in a whole new meaning and category.

    Can you really blame Gina entirely for her addiction? Certainly not in my opinion.

  26. Enikő

    Oh my gosh…I was so extremely frustrated and mad at her mother while I was wathcing her episode. I swear her mother was like a psychopath even her face expression was scary here and there. And when she was like “Yea i hit them,which parents didn’t hit their child? You have to whip them,whip them!” I was like “WTF?! Really?” That’s a thing punishing the kids if they did something wrong but beating them all the time 24/7 is absolutely not the same it’s totally abuse! And the mother thought i’s ok and she didn’t even fell bad hor Gina! I felt so angry watching and listening her mother! Oh and not even talking about the rape! That’s really the WORST thing someone can do is blaming the victim!
    I really hope Gina is doing well! Is anyone know anything about how is she doing now?:/ Her son is still living with her mother?

  27. Siouxsie

    Seth is so awesome…I wish he appeared on more interventions. Just like with Megan’s parents, he called out Gina’s mom for all the terrible things she did, and told her the rape wasn’t Gina’s fault. He’s great. Does anyone have a factual update on Gina?

  28. Brooke

    this mother is THE WORST. i think she had gina’s son calling her “mommy” as a way to hurt gina, i truly do. and she also made some comment about how men are disgusted by gina or something like that, she’s just jealous.

    1. Stefan

      A total See You Next Tuesday.

  29. Ami

    I wish there was an update on her. Or a facebook page?? Anyone? I really hope she’s doing good.

  30. Toni

    Does anyone know her facebook page or instagram? I wanted to see the update in the episode but there wasnt any.

  31. Me

    I am also half Asian with a mother from Japan who spoke no English with obsolete expectations of her children and judgment of others. There is evil, jealousy, and hatred in Ginas mothers eyes that I never saw in my mother. That is undeniable.

    Another lens I want to offer is that Gina’s mom, like my mother, comes from a homogeneous society into a melting pot they were not prepared for because they married for superficial reasons. In addition, they came from cultures and a generation where conformity was expected. Anything outside that cultures playbook is forbidden. Marrying outside their race alone made them black sheep in a new country (an assumption on Ginas mom, but likely true) further fueling their need to connect to their race out of guilt because their own families rejected them for leaving. So they become extra judgmental and purists in their culture’s beliefs, to be these false ambassadors of their race in America. That is my theory.

    This cultural friction is an issue there’s no playbook for. I see myself becoming my mother, as I raise my daughter. I plan to seek therapy to break the cycle of seeking perfection from my child, being constantly ashamed of myself, the non-stop inner voice of myself being terrible (which is my mother’s), and using coldness and disdain to punish my child. One reason I watch Intervention is to learn the cause and effect of terrible parenting to help me better manage my own outcome.

    Gina is a lovely person and I am putting out lots of love for her into the universe for her journey. My advice is to accept mom for her obsolete ways, understanding we cannot pick our family, and break the cycle. Her mom’s reaction to the rape seems unforgivable. Not to compare with the magnitude of Gina’s rape, but I can relate to the response. One time when I was 13, I was groped my an X-ray technician and told my parents … response was that they didn’t want to destroy a man’s career due to a misunderstanding. The response was more devastating than the actual molestation. And so the demons are created… and we must learn to do better with our own children.

    1. Xlio

      I am so sorry you had to go through all of that. I imagine it’s truly earth shattering when the person who is supposed to protect you sides with a predator.

    2. Natalie

      Thank you for sharing your perspective. Very well written.

  32. D Win

    Her mom is real sweet. I understand her point of view and her style of tough love. It’s tough when you use drugs to numb your pain or problems that’s going on in your life.
    Once you have that outlet you can always use that to fix your problems.
    For Gina, she can only be sober if she truly wants to be sober. It’s hard bc I know that feeling of sobriety.
    I hope you find this message Gina. “Your not alone”

    1. Xlio

      You think her mom was sweet? Please tell me this is sarcasm.

      I hope she is doing well and is able to distance herself from her, IMO, monster for a mother. Gina went through hell and back, it’s no wonder she sought peace in some fashion.

      1. Siouxze

        Right! Her mother is vile and I can completely understand why she uses. And idk why they let her raise Gina’s son when she admits to beating her own kids and clearly babies the crap out of the boy which isn’t healthy either.

    2. Kitty Katt

      Did you watch the whole show? I don’t understand your “sweet mom” part.

  33. Shana

    Gina I hope you are doing well.
    Thinking of you in my prayers. You have the ability to change your destiny. That is why you are here. You are a soul on a journey and what has happened does not define you. You define you!

  34. liz

    I cried watching this episode today. I hope Gina is well and is surrounded by love. Sending Gina love and healing.

  35. Melissity

    I cannot wrap my head around her mother beating her while walking in on her getting raped….. I hope her mom was sincere about her revelation at the end, and I hope Gina is doing well.

  36. Siouxze

    If anyone knows how to reach Gina please have her reach out to me. I have 21 years clean from heroin, im not a N/A person or anything. Just someone who has watched her episode many times and want to be a person to accept and support her

  37. A.S.

    I can’t figure out why the mother is still taking care of her son?! Omg isn’t there anyone else who can take him so that he doesn’t end up having to go through the same thing that Gina did with this woman.

    1. Lily767

      I thought the same thing. If that child doesn’t grow up to be another addict, it will be a miracle.

  38. Amanda Barnum

    Because of how drastically abnormal the mother’s response was to Gina’s rape, I found myself wondering if the mother had also been a victim of rape or perhaps sex trafficking. Not that it excuses the way she treated Gina, but it would explain a lot.

  39. Mr.Wolf

    It makes me so mad to hear the words coming from Gina’s mom and her vile excuses and blaming a child for getting raped! That woman is pure evil! I hope Gina gets over this trauma and finds peace. Lots of people believe in you and are rooting for you, Gina. Stay strong love.

  40. Tricia

    Are there any updates on Gina? I have tried looking, and all I see are updates on Kaila. I hope she is okay. The trauma of rape compounded with the trauma of lifelong abuse from her mother made me really feel for her so much. I wish they had offered her mother some counseling because there is no way that Gina would feel supported or safe without her mother receiving some professional help. Someone just telling you, “hey, blaming your kid for being rape is screwed up,” doesn’t magically wipe away her toxic mindset that is detrimental to her daughter’s well being. It also doesn’t mean she won’t abuse Tristan the way she abused her girls.

  41. Maggie

    Gosh, Seth is so SO good!! I think he really called Hyon out and the intervention wouldn’t have been successful had she arrived with her mean mom mentality in place. I can only imagine what she’s been through in her own life to make her so angry and critical.

    1. Stefan

      Hurt people hurt people indeed.

  42. Kail

    I wish that the show had went a little further into Gina’s mother’s resentment of her. There are hints that she prefers boys. Her sister said something about Hyon being bitter because “she didn’t speak English and had 2 daughters.” Very oddly specific statement, that felt like it got cut off and edited out. Hyon treated Gina’s son MUCH better than her own children. I wonder if this is a cultural thing, or if she has some trauma as a girl and projected it onto her kids for being girls.