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Season 17, Episode 5


Age: 32
Location:  Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Addiction: Crack

Official Synopsis: As a child Melissa endured an unstable and tumultuous upbringing. As a teenager, she found a friend in crack cocaine and began a life of partying and drugs that continued until her son was born. Eager to create a stable life for her child, Melissa went cold turkey and enrolled in nursing school. But the good times did not last long. Melissa fell narrowly short of graduating, and slipped back into a life crack cocaine and heroin abuse. Now, at 32, Melissa sells her body to support her habits and has lost custody of her son. Her family fears that she has nothing left to live for and, without an intervention, will soon be dead.

Date Aired:  August 2017

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  1. george fayne

    Pretty sure this episode is Canadian – she mentions early in the episode something about being in Nanaimo and the surrounding landscape looks like British Columbia.

    1. George Fayne

      Confirmed at the end: it’s a Canadian episode.

      1. Dizzy

        Thanks George.

    2. William

      I think the opening establishing shot saying it was British Columbia on screen clued me in. 😉

      1. George Fayne

        I missed the first couple of minutes! LOL

    3. Ingrid

      it sure is it makes me kind of chuckle when people ask why is intervention in Canada! why wouldn’t it be you have A&E intervention and intervention Canada addicts are all over the world

      1. Lizzie

        I think the confusion is that Intervention occasionally had addicts who were Canadian… then Intervention Canada became its own separate show.

  2. Valencia

    Not sure if you know but it was from Canada.

    1. Dizzy

      Thank you

  3. Flamingo

    The Canada episodes aren’t my favorite. It seems like a lot of the episodes don’t have updates, or the people never stay in rehab. The best thing about the Canada episodes, is there is no Donna!

    1. Dizzy

      Well I don’t agree about Donna but I do think you’re right about the updates, and it does seem like the success rate might be lower, at least from the ones I’ve seen. Interesting.

    2. The Duchess

      Actually, Donna has done a couple Canada episodes. I am gradually changing my opinion on Donna….I think she is getting better at having a softer approach when needed.

      1. Elizabeth

        I think original (U.S.) Intervention worked with a couple of Canadian families before Intervention Canada was its own thing (so though they took place in Canada, they weren’t Intervention Canada, if that makes sense)…

      2. Dizzy

        True. There were a bunch of US episodes that took place in Canada that weren’t Intervention Canada. Amy P, Andrew, Megan, Jamie, Danielle, Jeff, Nichole. That’s one of the reasons why it’s so confusing to viewers.

  4. Sassy

    I have seen most of these episodes, and am rarely shocked at this point. But I never heard of a couple working together as prostitutes! That was shocking to me.

    1. Jen

      I was thinking the same thing!!! I was really surprised that he cooperated and urged her to go. They didn’t really get into his story or show him using, but clearly he was in need of help as well!

    2. Laura

      Dallas and her boyfriend did. I’m sure there had to have been a few more subjects where that was the case, who didn’t disclose it; sex work is typically safer when it isn’t solo.

      1. Dizzy

        If I’m remembering correctly Dallas & BF were both doing sex work but were doing it separately, not as a couple. Although like you said, we don’t know everything they were doing that they didn’t disclose, so it’s possible.

  5. TL

    The way to tell if an episode is Canadian is to listen to the voice at the beginning that says “This program contains subject matter and language that may be disturbing to some viewers.” The American episodes have a deeper voice, while the Canadian ones have a higher voice (with a Canadian accent).

  6. Jen

    I thought that Andrew did a great job in this one. I was sad, but not surprised, that she did not remain in treatment. Glad her family is holding their bottom lines…I hope this may eventually get her back into rehab, you can see how much she is hurting and yearning to do better for her son, but the addiction is winning. Praying for her!

    1. KimberlyBoesel

      Old Post I know but I agree 100%! This was such a tough one for me. She is absolutely yearning for her son and it kills me to watch.

  7. The Duchess

    This was a sad one – I knew from the second she revealed her son was taken away that she either wouldn’t go or would leave rehab. She has no bottom – she’s lost custody of her child, and she said she’s not afraid of death. I fear she will join the Intervention Deaths list.

  8. The Duchess

    The thing that struck me about Melissa is how “used up” she looks – her face is weathered like someone in their 50s. Her prostitution and online stripping actually made me feel ill – the “little girl” pajamas covering lingerie was really sick. As much as it bothers me, I think it’s super important for the show to document the ugliness of the disease of addiction.

    1. Dee

      It was intense indeed. I thought they might offer help for her boyfriend, but then remembered he had just gotten out of jail. Probably bigger issues for him and not able to leave the area, etc.
      The co-prostituting was something I’ve never heard of either, but there are some sick..sick..sick people out there. Worries me for my daughter.

  9. Janelle

    This is another sad story about an addict who just wasn’t ready to get sober. The crack has thrown her priorities so out of whack that not even the possibility of being reunited with her son was enough to make her give it up. She hasn’t yet hit bottom, and in this case it will probably take her going to prison to get her into recovery. Canadian prisons have good rehab programmes for inmates (better than U.S. prisons) so if she goes to jail the odds are good she’ll be forced into treatment and end up in recovery.

  10. Tish

    This episode really broke my heart. You can see the hurt on her face, and how she just has given up. I hope she finds the strength to get clean, and to be reunited with her son. She truly seems she has a great heart. Hopefully she gets clean. My heart goes out for her. i’m rooting for her to get clean.

    1. Ami

      I agree 100%. This was one of the saddest to date. She desperately needs help. I really hope she can turn her life around.

    2. Michelle

      My heart breaks for her. She is so much stronger then she thinks she is just so lost. Ive been there, losing my kids was my bottom. Without treatment i got myself sober and got them back after 3 months. Losing hers obiviouslg wasnt her botton. My heart breaks for her, and what her botton will actually be

  11. Renee Sadie

    Wow holy moly I fell in love with Andrew here. He broke my whole heart; his empathy and humanity hit me from inside the TV. I hope someday Melissa can hold on to her courage.

    1. Sara

      I felt so sad for him when she started doing her drugs at the intervention. That must have been so triggering for him 🥺 he is such a beautiful, empathetic person

  12. Jacey

    Canadian here so the Canada eps are my fave. I used to live in Nanaimo so this one really hit home for me. Nanaimo has had a real drug problem for a long time now. I love Andrew. He’s my favourite interventionist out of both countries. His demeanour is always so calm and encouraging. He’s just fantastic. I might have a wee crush on him to be honest lol.

    1. Sara

      Same ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Alyssa

    It just shows you how the drug takes over your soul – Melissa cooking crack in front of Andrew after he tells her he’s a recovering crack addict… so sad.
    I hope she gets it together.

    1. Ashley

      My heart broke for Andrew. I felt like I could see him sweat! I can only imagine how hard that was for him.

    2. Crystal

      I know. That absolutely broke my heart too. Seriously!

  14. LeighAnn Byrne

    Does anybody know how this girl did after? If she stayed sober, relapsed, never got help at all or God forbid met our maker? This Canadian episode struck me so hard and I’m really hoping the best for this young girl and her son.

  15. Dizzy

    This was sent to me from Melissa’s sister:

    I am Melissa’s sister, sadly nothing has changed for my sister so I will continue to ask that she finds strength somewhere. Sadly nothing has changed if anything it’s gotten so much worse… the only rock bottom is death and that’s straight from Andrew himself.

    Brax was offered treatment and did in fact go for 30 days but has sadly also relapsed.

    Our family has stuck to our bottom lines, we love melissa we just don’t love melissas life and those she surrounds herself with

    Melissa has been to treatment before, one time she left, another time she graduated but fell back down. No one tricked melissa into this, she was the one who took the steps to do a documentary about her addictions, she was proud of it but also sad that we were adamant it wasn’t intervention because she promised us after she was done the doc she would go to treatment again.

    Colby is not melissas only child but the only one who has some tiny involvement in her life … she has a lot to live for and we remind her of that daily but she has since distanced herself further from our life as her usage escalates… every time the phone rings we are scared… every time there’s an overdose we hold our breath, I never want to have the conversation with my nephew that his mom has passed … I already had to do that with my son

    I still have hope for my sister and that will never go away until my last breath… or hers

    1. Jay Landry

      I know hope is still in our lives; all of us that are affected by addiction. I know the impact and its not hard to love those who are close to us but how can we mend a broken spirit.

  16. Tazz

    Her sister posted a couple hours ago that she’s been missing for a few days now. I hope she’s ok. Her children need her so much.

  17. Isis Antelo

    Maybe Melissa needs to see A Christian leader and finds peace forgiveness and hope in Jesus. With Christ through prayer there is always hope. I will pray for her and continue to pray for addicts.

    1. Stefan

      Prayer’s useless unless you follow it up with action.

    2. Nix

      That is actually a pretty terrible idea. A proper medical detox and professional psychological assistance is what is needed. You think Jesus can help the woman who won’t even get clean longer than 3 days for her young children? Fairytales aren’t helping a severe addict.

  18. Jen

    Do not start with Jesus garbage. Jesus doesn’t save anyone. She needs medical attention. She’s so wasted and used up. She’s going to end up on that Intervention Deaths list any day now.

  19. Christine Atkins

    Yep, this has probably been the worst one for me. Because she has been a great mom and could be again if she got sober and her little boy wants his mommy back and they are losing so much precious time together. Even if she does get sober the time she has lost with him and that he has lost with her can never be gotten back. Those sweet moments, those sweet years she has missed out on. I can’t imagine. She can’t ever get that back. So many tears for this one. I hate that she left treatment. I so wanted her to succeed in treatment and get that little boy back now before another moment goes by. And I know how hard this is for Brandy, too, watching Colby want his mom. Worrying that she’ll have to tell him something awful someday. Ahhh Melissa come on, do this.

  20. Hei

    Would really like to know how Melissa (And others) are doing … wish they would update, even if the news is none. People care.

  21. Chris

    Does Melissa have a Facebook page?

    1. Ami

      Yes under the name Mel Mel

      1. Kitty Katt

        Can you post a link?

      2. Ami

        I’m not sure why but it won’t post the link. Try searching Melissa Deschamps

  22. Naomi

    Just watched her episode and was saddened because she really has no belief in herself anymore. I feel for her sweet boy!! Is there any kind of update on where she is today? I pray she has gotten clean for her kids and more importantly, herself.

  23. BGM17

    In the episode “Melissa” aired on September 21st, 2017, did anyone catch the part where Andrew sits on the floor and begins with “I remember being in your spot….” and starts to cry? But right before that, he had followed her in to sit in the chairs. They’re both sitting on chairs, talking with Brax, then it cuts to that part where they’re on the floor and Andrew becomes emotional – no chairs in sight – then it cuts back to them being in chairs again right before Andrew convinces Melissa to come over to join her family. I know so much gets cut out with editing, but I cannot figure out when they would have had that moment. Because it’s definitely out of order. When Melissa first shows up to the intervention, she runs out. Andrew follows her. He brings her back. She goes over to the chairs in the corner by the tables and tells everyone she’s going to “start cooking it up.” Andrew grabs a chair and sits with her. Then he convinces her to promise him to “stay there” as he gets Brax. He comes back with Brax and they’re sitting in the chairs talking. And then it cuts to them sitting on the floor, emotionally. Then cuts to them back in the chairs and Andrew says, “it’s going to be alright.” And he and Melissa join the family on the other side of the room. I don’t want to cry “acting” because of course these are real families. And I absolutely love Andrew as one of the best Interventionists. But I’d be so disappointed if the moment wasn’t “real.”

    1. Elizabeth

      Geez the comments underneath are so hostile and crazy. I wonder what she’s been up to to make those people hate her so much and mention karma? I still hope she’s okay anyway and one day gets the help she needs.

    2. hanna

      gee whiz, you know its bad when the RCMP is after you.

  24. Kelly

    Sidenote: Andrew was incredible in this episode, he’s definitely up there with Candy now for me, the empathy they have is so admirable. You can tell they really care

    1. Kitty Katt

      Sorry. I just noticed someone else posted the same

  25. Nancy

    Does anyone know how to watch this episode or any other Canadian episode ?. Literally can’t find them anywhere to buy or rent. Very frustrating

    1. Chantel NZ

      Hi Nancy, I re-watched her episode recently on you tube. Look for channel under the name Quang La Ca. He has uploaded quite a few episodes from US and Canada.
      To avoid copyright it seems he has had to edit these a bit so quality isn’t 100% but most still easily watchable 🙂

      1. Chantel NZ

        Scratch that you tube have now removed these videos 🙁 Still some available from different channels in a search – Intervention full episodes.

    2. Taylor

      I downloaded the A&E app on my phone and got to watch a toooon of episodes for free,just got done watching this one.

  26. Todd

    I didn’t care for Melissa at all. I never thought she would stay clean. It looked to me she went to treatment only to pacify the others. I don’t think she had any intention of staying clean. As a matter of fact, unless she changes dramatically, I don’t think she’ll ever stay clean. I see this program is from 2017. I noticed in the comments section she was in trouble in 2020 for involvement in a controlled substance, so far it looks like I was right.

  27. Ingrid

    This episode was a intervention Canada in BC because there are 2 intervention shows A&E intervention as well as intervention Canada Nichole was also Canadian and they do have updates everyone is just all mixed in the intervention directory all together Canadian and American anyhow I felt bad for Melissa she was so hooked on crack since age 16 meets her biological dad and finds out he to was an addict then she meets her sister as well whom sorry I didn’t care for in a couple scenes I saw her sister smirking at her when speaking of her 7 year old son that she confesses she is the one who called welfare says right at the end of the episode that she left rehab after 3 days and her son continues to live with the half sister but I can not find any updates for 2023

  28. Ingrid

    don’t really understand the Canadian comments like my god ya it’s a Canadian episode says very clearly in the beginning Nanaimo British Columbia Canada I never see the Canadians saying oh was this in the United States there are addicts ALLLLL OVER THE WORLD

  29. Katie

    I notice that there’s a tag here for childhood sexual abuse— but I don’t remember that being mentioned in the episode?