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Welcome to Intervention Directory

I created this site because, as an avid watcher of Intervention, I would often try to find certain patterns among the addicts profiled (such as war veterans who developed drinking problems, heroin addicts who experienced childhood abuse, etc). But there wasn’t a place on the internet where the addicts/addictions were catalogued and categorized for easy reference. Reference sites only documented by name and season, not by addiction or personal history.

I also figured that there were people out there that get introduced to the show and want to find out if there are any episodes about people dealing with something similar to what they’re dealing with, and there just wasn’t anything like that out there. So I decided to make it myself. Many, many hours of Intervention later, this site is the result.

Since then it has also become the primary spot that people come to update viewers about themselves and their friends & loved ones from the show, which is awesome! I didn’t expect it to turn into that but I’m glad it did.

Important Note: This site is in no way affiliated with A&E or Intervention.  This is a fan project only, not an official network site.

If you have questions about the show or this website, please read the FAQ, they might be answered there.

Here’s an article about the show that I like a lot. Especially this part, which is very true for me:

“Intervention” is only partly a show about dependency. It’s also one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking ways to further acquaint ourselves with the interior lives of our fellow Americans.

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  1. Heather

    Thanks for making this site. It is really helpful for someone that likes Intervention. I really like the “Mosts” section

    1. Dizzy

      Thank you Heather! I’m glad you’re finding it helpful. That’s why I made it. 🙂

    2. Jennifer Odell

      As a AVID watcher of Intervention, I think this is one of the greatest sites EVER!! THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS!!
      With that being said, I was wondering if you would know where I can post a message for one of the shows addicts? I NEED to speak to Robbie from Edmonton 1/31/2017.
      jennodell1974 gmail

  2. jon

    Any idea of a success/fail rate overall? Obviously, most post-intervention deaths would likely count as failures. But how many have relapsed as opposed to how many have maintained a clean/sober life since their intervention?

    1. Dizzy

      A&E’s Intervention boasts something like an 82% success rate (I may be off on the exact number, but it’s close), but that just means that 82% choose to go to treatment and didn’t leave early.

      BUT…so much more to consider. There are several people that have died since their intervention that were sober when they passed away. Those were successes – their deaths were despite their sobriety. A few others claimed to be sober, or were sober for a while and then relapsed. Still in those cases, the intervention was technically successful.

      The reason I don’t talk about whether the addict went to treatment and/or remains sober is because it changes constantly. For the audience, it changes upon every rerun of an episode. (For the family, it changes long before that).

      When I first wrote about Chris, I would have put him in the Most Uplifting episodes and talked about how stoked I was that he was sober. The first rerun of that episode, when I found out he had took his own life, I had no choice but to put him into the Most Tragic category. And I cried. A lot.

      Dillon? Ended the episode still possibly an addict, but hopeful. Followup episode: Sober. News article 3 years later: Suicide by cop.

      What I’m saying is that the “success rate” varies on a day to day basis. Intervention gets people to go to treatment and to stay for the duration of the recovery program (82%). Does it keep people sober? No, not necessarily. But I don’t blame the Intervention for that. This show gets addicts to a place where they need to be, around who they need to be around, in order to get well. Its success rate in doing that is absolutely phenomenal.

  3. jon

    I would agree – any progress is progress. Clean AND sober 22 and change – not complacent and just wondering (and hoping) about success stories.

  4. Jules

    I had actually started doing this myself recently and would love to contribute. It’s great to see someone else likes to find the patterns too, and the quote you have is perfect.

    To fill in some missing information (I pay particular attention to where people are from for some reason):
    Season 1: Tina is from Columbus, Ohio; Cristine is from San Jose, California
    Season 2: I’m pretty sure Cristy is from LA at the time
    Season 10: Jeff is from Arkansas; Latisha is from Kalamazoo, Michigan; Brittany is from southeast Michigan.
    More to come if you find this helpful.

    Also, I know this is your page and don’t mean to force my opinion on you, but just had a couple thoughts:
    I think Suzon’s mom is pretty memorable. It’s clear that she loves her daughter very much, but I think anyone would have problems after growing up with a mom who shows it like that, turning everything around to be about her. I was relieved to see she got some psychiatric help at the end.
    I cry often enough (this show can be really good at that emotional appeal, of course) but not at everyone and to different degrees. Amy W. and Richard K. really got me going. Just thought you might consider adding those to “Most Tragic”, especially Richard. His sister, the one person who was there for him in the midst of all that bs from everyone else, dying in a car accident is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen on TV. I’m getting emotional right now thinking of him talking about it.

    Anyway, just a suggestion. That’s another cool thing about this show – how each episode affects viewers differently for whatever reason. Thanks for putting this together, I was so glad to find it!

  5. Dizzy

    Thank you Jules! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who’s obsessed enough to want to start a site!

    Please yes, if you can fill in any information I’ve missed, I’d love that. I’m gonna update those posts with the correct locations right now. Thank you!

    You’re right, Suzon’s mom was pretty memorable (and awful), and RIchard’s story and the part about his sister was definitely a powerful one. I think I’ll watch that again – it just might deserve inclusion in the Most Tragic (especially given the intervention).

    The things that are memorable and the categories I’ve set up here are all really subjective. Certainly not everyone is going to agree on what should go where, and some things that are memorable to me are going to mean little to anyone else. In that way, this site is more personal that I even intended it to be – it tells you all a lot about me, since, as you say, everyone gets something different out of the stories and for different reasons, and the things that I am saying are memorable or “Most” something are very often noted that way because they relate to or reflect something in my own personal life or the way I think I would feel in their specific circumstance.

    Some things I am convinced are universal. Chris Brady? Most Tragic.That’s not just me, that one HAS to be tragic for anyone who watched. Lana as Most Disturbing? Well, I might be more on my own with that one, but yeah it disturbed the hell outta me and I couldn’t not include it there.

    All that said, you’re more than welcome to comment, correct, and make suggestions anytime. I value the thoughts and opinions of my fellow fans, especially those that take the show just as seriously, and get as worked up and emotional about it as I do. I really like the idea of this space being a community for people like us, and not just a personal sounding board for me.

    Thanks again, looking forward to hearing more from you!


  6. tacks

    Hi Dizzy,

    I just wanted to say that i appreciate all of the work that you put in to this site.

    I would have sent a “thank you” in a private message. But i’m not aware of this site having such a feature.

    Or am i wrong? Do i need to sign up or something?

    thanks again


  7. Kels

    I wanted to say thank you for putting this website together !
    You can tell you spent a lot of time on it & its very helpful for all of the intervention watchers , myself included.

    But I did notice that there were some addicts that were missing from the list of bios. I wasn’t sure if you were aware of this or not so I thought I’d let you know, hopefully I do not come off rude lol

    You mentioned Kristen’s episode from season 4 missing from netflix, but I didn’t come across a bio for her, as well as Sarah I believe her name is from one of the more recent seasons, that was addicted to heroin with her boyfriend Mikeal.

    Those are the only two that I can remember that I didnt see on the site, just thought I should let you know.

    But anyways ,
    Good work & thank you ! (:

    1. Dizzy

      Yeah, there are a few people from the “missing episodes” page that I haven’t written bios for, largely because their episodes are not only missing from Netflix but are also missing from the A&E site (Kristen, Gabe, Ed & Bettina). That means that I can’t get a photo or the “official synopsis” for them either. I was able to do a couple from memory, but not most.

      There are several episodes from Season 10 missing from this site because I missed them when they were shown live and they haven’t made the full episode available on A&E site (or if they did I missed my window), and since that season isn’t on Netflix yet either, I don’t have enough information to include those. As soon as Season 10 is on Netflix I’ll fill in those missing. Sarah and Mikeal are one of those episodes.

      Thanks for being so diligent! Always feel free to let me know if I’ve got anything wrong or am missing something. It’s not rude at all.

  8. David S

    If I may add my two cents, my two most inspirational episodes were the recent “Elena” (meth) and the fellow who resumed his athletic bicycling career. I remember the last shot of was him sober, encouraging his father to be careful as he rode his bike. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.


    Or the episode where the girl gets sober. Her dying father, proud of her, says of her 90 day coin “I will take this as far as I am going”. Still brings a tear of joy.

    Great site. Love it!

  9. The Thomas Edward Room

    Hey Dizzy,

    Love the blog! I just spent about two or three hours going through every question I had in mind. You do a great job of covering all the bases that an Intervention fan would want from a forum like this. You’ve inspired me to create a new blog with a similar structure for one or two of my favorite shows.

    Keep it up!!

    P.S. Keep us posted on the news with A&E and Netflix, because like others have expressed, it was a bummer when we lost all those episodes. Thanks!

  10. Grady Boleyn

    I come here to find episodes I want to watch and then I go to a site that has them all to watch them since Netflix stopped showing them…. But I don’t wanna spam your blog, so if you want to know where to watch, tell me and I’ll post it 😀 Thanks for making this!

    1. Dizzy

      Post it!

  11. kelle

    hi dizzy i want to say thanks for all the hard work you have done and i love this show very much its my fav. its nice to know that theres other people out there and your not alone. I think it helps alot of people and it helps me as well. throughout the seasons there has been many of people on the show that have touched my heart and i have felt for them one person i seem to wonder and think of often is jason from season 8 i would like to know how he is. well anyways thank you so much for making this.

  12. Mehal

    Hi there,

    Nice site. I’m wondering if you can help me recall the name of an episode of intervention. The featured person was a woman, I believe addicted to some painkiller and had a creepy relationship with her much older neighbor, who thought he was going to eventually marry her. He paid her to cuddle with him some nights.

    Any chance you know which ep I’m talking about? I’ve browsed the site but none of them seem familiar.


  13. juanie2930

    Thank you for making this site. i currently have an addict in our family and have often thought about calling the show. he is on meth / heroine and has quickly taken a downward turn in a short amount of time.

  14. itinerantdaughter

    This site is fantastic! I’m an Intervention obsessee and came here looking for an update on Courtney (season 13) but stayed for the “Most” lists. Do we know when the next season is premiering?

    1. Dizzy

      Thank you! Glad to know I’m not alone in my obsession. They haven’t announced when the new season will air yet, but I do know it hasn’t been cancelled, which is good. I’m guessing new episodes will start this summer.

  15. itinerantdaughter

    I seriously doubt they would cancel it. The ratings are usually excellent, no?

  16. yo

    Hi Dizzy! I just wanted to thank you for all the work you’ve put into this site. I love the insight that the show provides viewers in terms of how life events and addiction are related, and for people who would like to further reflect on these episodes (and especially for people who may be conducting research about documentaries focusing on addiction, etc.), your site really goes the extra mile. Thanks for sharing this wonderful resource with the public! 🙂

  17. Gregory Moore

    Hello Dizzy,

    I want to thank you for creating this website. I’ve always been borderline obsessed with “Intervention,” and now that all the episodes are viewable (most of them, for FREE if you have Amazon Prime), I’m going through all the episodes again, from the beginning onward–and I have been referring to your site as I view each episode, which has been so helpful…since I get so wrapped up in these people’s lives and root so hard for some of them to succeed–and want to find out more about them (especially, how they’re doing now). I think it’s so great that some of the past subjects of the show have updated their own pages here! I hope others decide to do the same!

    Re-watching these documentaries, I’m reminded that this show was truly some of the most compelling, intense and HONEST television in TV history! I can’t even think of another show that comes near it as far as presenting utterly gripping real-life stories, from the inside out. THIS is “reality TV”! (a stupid name that is such a misnomer).

    In any case, I’m sure this website was a LOT of work to create…and it takes a lot to maintain it…so I, for one, want to thank you for doing it. It’s a very helpful tool for fans of this truly groundbreaking series.



    1. Dizzy

      I really appreciate that Gregory. I means a lot to me that there are people out there who find what I’m doing useful, and who care about the show, the addicts, the families, all of it as much as I do. It really is a glimpse into the struggles in the private lives of very regular people in a way we’re not usually able to see.

      If there’s one thing I’d like to do more of is be able to update on the addicts’progress, but I only know as much what the network reveals and what the addicts/families say when they comment here or in other places online. I know there’s a producer that keeps in touch with every person they’ve profiled and sends them sober birthday cards and whatnot. Would love to have some connection to that producer!

      1. MIKE


  18. Mira

    This is my fave site about Intervention, I like to watch an episode and then read all the comments from fellow viewers, so thank you. Wondering though, I can’t find any reference to Kelly, air date Nov 2012 from harbor city CA. I have the episode on my DVR, recorded off LMN. Thanks!

    1. Dizzy

      Thanks! I’m not remembering this episode. What was his/her addiction?

  19. Mira

    27 yr old mother of 3 young boys, addicted to meth & oxies. She had a brother, Kevin, who was also offered treatment for meth.

    1. Dizzy

      Thank you! For some reason this entry on Kelly was still in draft form and hadn’t been published. Here it is:

  20. Mira

    Thanks, also, what about Sarah P, granddaughter of Elena from season 12? They did a separate episode and intervention for her. It’s a good one too, she reminds you a little of the infamous Christy, only more sympathetic. Her main thing seems to be pot & alcohol, with some speed & ecstasy on the side.

    1. Dizzy

      Yeah I have that in draft too. I need to watch it again to get the details. To be honest, I found it hard to watch the first time and I’ve been reluctant to watch again. But I will at some point.

  21. Adell

    This show is such an incredible eye opener to addicts and their families. I am so very sorry that it was canceled and those in power should be ashamed. Excellent, valuable, powerful, real programming. All the participants are brave, generous people whose stories help us all.

  22. Gail

    Just found your site and I love it. I am in the UK and obsessed with watching as many intervention episodes as I can, unfortunately it’s hard to find them in the UK. I have bought a couple of seasons off iTunes or I used to watch on YouTube but they tend to get removed, any help offered?? Just yesterday I watched Sandra, the Mum who was addicted to pain killers and I was in floods of tears over her gorgeous but terribly troubled son Dakota. I really think about how these people are doing all these years later…. Anyway thanks for such a fabulous website xxx

  23. Gregory Moore

    Hey DIzzy! I’m watching the LMN Channel right now (Monday night, 9PM EDT) and they are showing new episodes of “Intervention” and my cable guide lists them as “Season Premiere”! Two of them! It looks like the show has been picked up by LMN to create new episodes….I had thought that they only bought the rights to the old episodes. This is great news! How did I not hear about this?

    1. Dizzy

      I knew this but I thought new episodes weren’t until January. Very excited! Need to re-subscribe to cable ASAP.

  24. Gregory Moore

    Yes, the press releases from this Summer said “first part of 2015”. You’ll be glad to know the format remains almost exactly the same. The major difference is the soundtrack–different music, though it works fine. ANd they still use the original theme song. Judging from the first episode (a beautiful young drug addict named Tammy), they’re not messing with the formula, thank goodness! It seems oddly a bit “slicker”, for lack of a better term. The original series was so “rough-and-tumble”. This one seems a bit more polished…though still very compelling and I did shed some tears. They have a new interventionist…who got the job done. I always find myself missing Candy though! In any event, this is GREAT news for “Intervention” fans!

  25. Gregory Moore

    Looks like LMN is now showing the Canadian “Intervention” episodes, too. Tonight, after the premiere of the new LMN episode came one of the Canadian episodes. I found that out early in the show…they had me at the first “Eh?” hee hee.

  26. Sandi Wallace

    They were both Canadian episodes done in 2012. I noticed it at the end of Tammy’s episode. Both great episodes

    1. Dizzy

      Yeah, these were both Canadian and it looks like the actual new episodes start next week. I called the cable company 2 hours ago to expand my cable package just so I could see the new episodes tonight too, bummer. It’s all your fault Gregory! Oh well, delayed gratification. 🙂

  27. Gregory Moore

    You know, I’ve noticed a strange syndrome with certain Canadian shows aired on U.S. TV–it’s almost as if they go out of their way to hide the fact that it’s Canadian! I wondered why they didn’t say where “Tammy” was from? Are they into “Canadian denial” or something? I feel strangely manipulated and deceived by this. I’ve noticed it on certain “home improvement” shows, too….like, they try to pretend it’s not in Canada….until those “eh”s start creeping in! This is NOT an anti-Canada post….just the opposite…I’m just puzzled why they are hiding their Canadian-ness??

    1. JennYoung

      Yeah I’ve sensed that as and on the hgtv shows. I think Canada is great & love the accent!

  28. Karen L

    Hey Dizzy. I just found this site while looking for past episodes of Intervention and I found it to be a valuable resource. You’ve done an excellent job of keeping the fans informed and providing well written and thoughtful insights. I think it’s awesome that there is a forum where viewers can show their support for the addicts featured on the program. Best of everything, you deserve it.

  29. Dizzy

    This site is not affiliated with the show or any rehab facility, sorry. Best of luck to you.

  30. JJ

    I was looking for the episode of a IV meth user she would play the guitar with her grandpa. Her mom had to keep a gun in the house after death threats were found at their front door??? Can’t find the episode anywhere. help?

      1. JJ

        No definitely not Jessica. I think her name was Michelle, she had a boyfriend in jail and she was crying saying that everything that he has done the people are coming after her. She also carried around a huge makeup kit that she kept all her drug use stuff with her.Thanks for the help Dizzy

    1. Sara

      That was Michelle. sadly, her grandpa has since passed away, but she has been clean for years and has a family now.

  31. Anita Hayman


    I have been an addict for over 10years. I was in DENIAL for years. But after watching the show (many nights)- I saw my family and my story in those people on TV. Although, the show seems to change from “good to shock” most episodes show the good that comes from intervention! My own family has provided “intervention” methods, and it has worked. I am on the road to recovery! We cannot afford those fancy places, but I have found local help and of course the TV show—reminds me of what addiction does! 🙁

  32. Rachel

    thanks for the site, its great 🙂 just curious if you remember the episode im thinking of. i browsed the site and couldnt find him. it was a guy who found out it was the show intervention and ran away. his mother and family were searching all over the city for him. thanks.

    1. Dizzy

      There have been a few of these so I dunno. The one that first comes to mind is Joey.

      1. Rachel

        thanks for the response… i just watched that episode and it was really good! it wasnt the one i was thinking of though, but thank you because it was a good episode. especially the part with his brothers running after him. sad.

        some more information from my memory would be the people were all in a trailer when they were talking about the intervention. i think it was cold outside, he could have had a sick or old grandfather or relative. thank you so much

  33. Dawn

    I recently watched an episode about Rachel. A girl that lived on the streets of NY and had a boyfriend named Joie. At the end it said that Joie ended up getting clean and was sober for 9 months and was then murdered. Do you have any information about this? Thank you. Love the site and the show.

  34. Seahorse

    I she relapsed with strange guys, we brought her to a meeting, and she had the guys picked her up. She was such a sweet girl but that’s the last I saw of her. I was really sad to see her latest mug shot. She was such a beautiful girl, inside and out.

    However the reason I’m writing this is because I’m trying to find an update on Tammy, the gorgeous crack addict whose parents are addicts. She often used with her father, and her sisters Tina and (Tanya?) were at the intervention. They hadn’t eaten as children growing up, Tammy took care of her younger sisters feeding them toothpaste while their parents were on drug binges. Can’t find her episode on here…

  35. Seahorse

    The first part of my prior message got cut off… I knew Kristen Showe from Baltimore when she came out to Costa Mesa. She used to share in meetings how grateful she was for recovery. Then 1 day she called me from a bar w for another addict and I picked her up after she relapsed with these strange guys…

  36. Pheebz

    I feel like the show exploits addicts for their profit and to promote the fancy rehab centers they send those people to, but that’s just me….

  37. Andrea

    FYI Dizzy. I saw the episode with Mike (OCD) on the A&E app today. It was paired with a young woman named Jenny, who struggled with heroin and meth. It seemed like these were missing at one point. You can check them out for free. P.S. Love this site!

  38. Andrea

    Oh, I forgot. There was also an episode surrounding an alcoholic named Phillip, which I didn’t see here.

    1. TinaB

      Yes! Why no mention of the talented Phillip (s4/ep21)? He was a soulful singer/guitarist and had a successful career early on, but alcoholism derailed him. Phillip was scarred by the violence in his upbringing, including the witness of his sister’s molestation. I remember how sweetly affected his teen daughter became – after Phillip’s treatment – when he sang her a lovely song that he wrote just for their relationship.

  39. Serenity

    Dizzy, thank you SO MUCH for this site. I binge addiction docs/Intervention because I had a rough go with alcohol in my 20s and never want to slip backwards. The memory can play tricks sometimes but Intetvention never lets me forget. Prayers, hugs and LOVE to all the subjects, their children, families and friends. There’s a special place in heaven for people so giving of their struggles to help others and it’s wonderful to have a place to share our prayers and love. Again, thank you Dizzy!

  40. Jessica season 14 episode 1

    Hello there!! My episode aired June of 2013!! I’m Jessica and I found this and did some reading and I didn’t see anything about my episode….. But if anyone has any questions I have tons of updates!! I jus did my follow up with my interventionist Donna and will air in 3 months but it jus a 2 min clip

    1. Terri

      Hi Jessica! I do have questions about the show. I’ve thought about submitting to the show for my son. Are you glad now you done the show? How was the rehab they sent you to? Can you tell me your experience? I hope you are still doing good.

  41. Janelle

    Dear Dizzy,

    I think a good poll/discussion topic would be to make a list of some of the sickest people who were NOT intervened upon, e.g. relatives/friends of addicts whose own behaviour was even sicker than the addicts themselves.

    My top 10:
    *Brenda (Nichole from Calgary’s mother)
    *Vania (Luke from San Fran’s mother)
    *Sebastian and Marcel’s father
    *Fabian the alcoholic from L.A.’s mother
    *Madison (Tim from Jacksonville’s girlfriend)
    *Andrea (Sandi the alcoholic from Chicago’s daughter)
    *Gene (aka “Papaw,” Jessica the heroin addict’s grandfather)
    *Jim (Tressa the shotputter’s father)
    *Peter (Richard the gay meth addict from Toronto’s brother)

    1. Nancy

      I love Janelle’s idea. I find myself sometimes more upset with the enablers who clearly have their own issues which aren’t often discussed in depth. I love this site ; just spent way too long Looking through all this! Thanks for sharing all this.

  42. Ash

    Hi Dizzy,

    I hope you find this comment well. I believe you are missing Jennifer from Season 16, Episode 1 in your intervention directory. I know it’s technically Intervention Canada, but her addiction to Oxycontin (paired with her severe eating disorder) made for one of the most disturbing episodes I’ve seen in a long time, and I’ve been a regular viewer since season 1. Most disturbing about the episode was how she took advantage of, and cheated on, her wheelchair-bound husband, and how she normalized drug addiction to the point where she’d shoot up right in front of her entire family (including her kids) at the kitchen table, then play with them as if nothing happened. So disturbing, so sad and the story ended in relapse. It would be great if you included her story, along with your thoughts on the episode in the season 16 directory. Here’s the link in case you missed the episode!:

    1. Dizzy

      Another one I would have liked to watch but I don’t have a cable subscription so there’s no way for me to watch Canada episodes, unfortunately.

  43. Andrea

    Hello, Dizzy… I saw an episode this week about a transgender alcoholic named Robby. I believe it was in Canada. I can’t seem to find a mention of it here. Would it be considered an Intervention Canada episode or could it show up here anyway?

    1. Dizzy

      Yeah I would have liked to watch that, but you’re right it’s an Intervention Canada episode and not available online unless you have a cable subscription. I bought the season pass on Google Play but the Canada episodes aren’t there, just the US ones. Weird system.

  44. Lisen

    I’d really love to know the reason there are so many US episodes missing from Amazon. I bought all of the seasons over the years and there are tons of episodes I’ve never seen. Ed & Bettina…Tommy…Michelle…Michael…Adam…Austin…I could go on and on. It’s kind of irritating to pay full price for a full season and not have all the episodes. It’s just weird that so many aren’t there.

    1. Andrea

      That’s true! It IS frustrating. I wonder if the folks in the episode pulled their permission to view it, or they have to renew the release…

  45. Colleen Jenkins

    I am writing in Respect to our Close Friend : Derek Douglas Muzeka


    1. Dizzy

      I did not ‘assume’ it was drunk driving accident, I would never assume that kind of thing. And I didn’t even say he was the one who was drinking. I stated that it was a drunk driving accident because 5 different people who claimed to know him commented on his page that it was. I will take the drunk driving part off of the page until there is proof either way.

  46. Kim brede

    Does anyone know how tammy is from intervention canada? Also her mother father and sisters?

    1. krissy

      I would love to know as well

  47. Eliz

    Hi Dizzy will you be updating your site on new season??

    1. Dizzy

      I would be updating more frequently but they aren’t showing many new episodes this season, and a bulk of them have been Intervention Canada, which I don’t cover.

  48. Tish

    Hey Dizzy,

    I was watching an episode of intervention it’s the episode of Matthew (who inhales computer dusters) and the episode also involves Olivia, who is addicted to meth and herion. Both stories were powerful. I am a fan of your website and I’m so glad I came across this website. I went on your website to search for Olivia and I saw that she wasn’t on here/: I was wondering if anyone had any updates on Olivia or if there was a reason as to why her part of the episode isn’t featured. This website is a great and amazing thing you have created!! It helps many people! You’re doing a great thing

    1. Dizzy

      Yeah you’re not the first reader to bring this up. I honestly don’t know what happened. I’ll work on finding the episode again so I can get her up here.

  49. Sherry Landtroop

    Dizzy – I found your site only earlier this year even though my husband and I have watched Intervention since the series started. In the past few months, I have returned to this site often. I enjoy reading the positive updates from friends and family in the comments section. My heart breaks for the ones who have gone back to using and for the people we have tragically lost.
    I know you put so much time and effort, and likely your heart and soul, into maintaining this site. It can’t be easy. I just wanted to let you know that I and likely many others appreciate the work you do. Thank you so much.

  50. Jacqueline M

    I watch Intervention occasionally. I stumbled upon it tonight on Viceland. I am a former cocaine addict who will be clean 20 years in November 2017. So I know from personal experience it can be done. But I tell ya, at the end of my run, no one had to twist my arm to get help. I was ready to stop, so I put myself into treatment. I also was a faithful NA member for the first 3 years of recovery. Treatment is so short-term it hardly ever KEEPS anyone clean. But it’s an important starting point. My real comment about the show is I can’t believe all these people think they are in documentaries. Addicts are sick but they’re not (all) stupid. There must be prearranged agreements in place. Otherwise, why are all these people agreeing to be in “documentaries?” There are no payments associated with documentaries or Intervention. So the last reasonable explanation is the addicts agree to get help beforehand, and usually in some very nice treatment centers in resort towns like Arizona and California. All this calls into question the big to-do the addicts go into when they walk into the room and see their families, and now “surprise!” it’s an intervention.
    Maybe these questions have been addressed somewhere but I would appreciate a response. Thanks!

  51. ARGIRL

    I am not sure where to post my question, and I’m fairly sure no one has a guess but…any thoughts as to there being another season of Intervention?? I would love for there to be no more addicts so there wouldn’t be another season, unfortunately we know that isn’t true

    1. Rob

      A&E’s site says there is a new season starting this Monday (July 20).

  52. Sarah

    I love this site. Thank you for your hard work and for keeping it up!

  53. Tanya Bone

    Hi! This site is really great 🙂 I can only imagine the hours you spent putting this together for other fans.
    Did you see yesterday’s episode, “Nathan” with the interventionist Geri Bemister? She has been in a couple other episodes and has another one coming up later this month as well. I work with her and would love to chat with you if you have a moment. Send me an email if you’re interested – I’d like to share your site with our visitors, it’s so much more informative than anything else I’ve come across. Keep up the good work and hope to hear from you!

  54. Melissa

    Just saw a commercial today on a&e that season 22 begins March 15. I cant wait!

    1. Stefan

      Great to hear! I hope it details how many are struggling to stay sober during the pandemic.

  55. Drew

    Good Morning,

    I do PR & Marketing for Ken Seeley. I came across your site doing some browsing and think that it’s awesome!
    Just a little heads up, not sure if you know yet, but a brand new season of Intervention will be premiering March 15th with a 2-hour episode featuring Ken.
    Enjoy, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you ever need anything.


  56. Pang

    Thank you for running and managing the site Dizzy- greatly appreciate it!

  57. Shari

    The story about Josh who drank hand sanitizer was tragic. He went to rehab and appeared to do so well. However, I saw that he later died of organ failure. So sad. He seemed like a great guy.

  58. zor

    i think this might be the best place for this comment bc it’s ab an intervention canada episode from 2011 that i just watched, & i don’t think it’s on here. it’s ab andrew (23 y/o) from windsor, & he had a really rough upbringing & had one of those mom’s who was mostly his friend. she was honest & upfront ab all of her mistakes but she tried to give the impression that their relationship was mother & son, but then at one point they ended up doing ~$5-700 worth of crack together while she was in town to help him & participate in his intervention. the interventionist was maureen, & i’m like everyone else when they see maureen: “ah f*** not maureen!!” but i gotta say, she killed it. it surprised the hell out of me bc she not only called the mom out for making it ab her & being co-dependent on him, but she also turned the intervention on her, too. i’m not sure where to find updates on canada so i’m not sure what season or episode it was, but i guess back in the day maureen had her moments (haha).

  59. Ginjer Wulff (Ullman)

    I stumbled upon your page, and I really appreciate the kind words you had for me.

    I’m doing well now and am starting an acting career

    thank you