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Season 3, Episode 11


Age: mid 30’s?
Location: Northern California or Southern Oregon coast, near Arcata and Humboldt County
Addiction: Meth

What’s memorable: This one hits close to home more than any other. I come from a poor Pacific Northwest logging town, raised and surrounded by loggers and mill workers who snorted crank like other people drink coffee. Coley, his lifestyle, the way he uses, is intimately familiar to me in a way that actually makes me uncomfortable to watch. ANYWAY, since this isn’t about ME…Coley and Francine’s story is powerful. Their love is so strong, and they’re such good people. What else is memorable – Coley so focused on finding the burl, risking his life for it. Doing lines in the garage. (Again, a personal connection to that). The amazing and inspiring follow up.

Official Synopsis: As a timber cutter, Coley has one of the most dangerous jobs in America. But instead of taking serious precautions, he increases his risks every day by snorting crystal meth. Because of his addiction, Coley’s business is falling apart. His wife can barely stand to talk to him any more and his relationship with his three young children is deteriorating. They all believe his only hope is rehab, but will he be willing to go before it’s too late?

Original Air Date: August 2007
Intervention: Candy

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  1. Emily

    Has there been any update on Coley or his family?

  2. begrudgingatheist

    Same where I live, with the fishermen and loggers.

  3. Christina Cowell

    Coley’s episode really hit home with me. Please give us an update Coley and let us know that you are ok.

  4. Victoria L

    Coley and his son were arrested not too long ago. Maybe it was a year or so? Do a search for him (Colin Town) and/or Francine (his wife) and you’ll find the articles.

    As far as I can tell (from comments from people who know him now) he is still clean from meth; his arrest was for pot.

    I haven’t yet done the research, but just out of curiosity, wasn’t pot decriminalized in his area? I’m sure it doesn’t apply to growing– only possession–but like I said ..I haven’t researched it yet and I can never remember all the states who’ve passed decriminalization/legalization laws)

    Judging from the comments, which talk about Coley and his family being good people, it seems like he’s really kept his stuff together since the intervention, so this is pretty sad. It’s sad that his son seems to be involved, too. I hope he doesn’t go down the same road as his dad.

    I do wish them well and hope they’re doing OK. (Coley’s was one of my favorite episodes; they seemed to be such a loving family.)

  5. Victoria L

    Here is a link to one of the articles I found in case anyone is interested:

  6. mwaris

    Here is a link to another articles, with pictures.

  7. Sarah

    In regards to the legality/decriminalization of marijuana, I cant speak to Mendo’s specifics but I can speak to nearby Lake County’s. Since it is for medical purposes only, one must carry a prescription card or a caregiver card. Both of those only entitle you to grow a very limited number of plants, well less than 400. In Lake, for example, it’s 9.

  8. Nicole

    Anyone ever find out what coley and gabes sentences were?

  9. Dhalia

    it breaks my heart to hear from this websites comments that Coley and son were arrested for marijuana. I can definitely see how his wife Francine fell in love with him despite coming from a different background. She speaks 4 languages and is college educated and has her values alligned right. I love how drama free and humble this family is. Wow what a beautiful area of the country, Humboldt has always been my dream to visit, didnt kniw that in addition to towering pine trees there are also palm trees there! I worry that Coley will always have a complex and depp struggle with sobriety due to his childhood alcoholism. Also his mothers unquestioning acceptance of the drug life probably instilled a profound acceptance of dysfunctional ways of coping with life’s struggles into Coley’s young brain. Coley suffers the disadvantage of being neurologically altered by drugs from a young age. It pains me to hear his son is beginning to follow his footsteps. “An inch is a sinch but a yard is hard” as his niece (?) said in the movie. I said this already but need to say it again, what a gorgeous part of the country that is. It seems almost magincal. The way Coley seems to “own” the forest is so badass (I dont think that was just the meth but if so then i take the comment back). He seems to have been reincarnated from a past life as a logger. Even the way he mentions riddles and the amusing little sayings that come out throughout the film… I know nothing about logging culture other than the 7 draws in Snow White and Twin Peaks hah. It seems like a very very down to earth (oh no pun intended!) culture there. Im sorry Dizzy that you have witnessed its demise. My heart melted when his younger (?) daughter said she worries about her Dad getting smashed by a tree. I would be worried about it too. Also the part where she says she doesnt really lime talking about it because “it makes me sad” while tears streamed down her face. Poor thing, what a precious little girl. This family in contrast to the alcoholic woman’s family (Leslie) is such a difference in culture and family dynamics. Granted Leslie was much more far gone and diffciukt to be with, her children seemed extremely angry at her. I guess one shoukdnt compare families to each other. I remember reading somewhere that intervention is i teresting from an anthropological standpoint because one gets a deep and intimate portrait of different American lifestyles, subcultures, and communities. I guess I was just really struck by the uniqueness of Coley’s town and the humility I sensed. The marijuana charge was 2 years ago from the time of my comment here, I hope you are staying away from the law and most of all staying clean!

    All the best for Coley, Francine (you are so beautiful and articulate! I love the grace with which you carry yourself, obviousky a person who has her morals lined up), and your sweet children.

    1. Somebody who loves him

      He is doing fine. He is logging again.Hes not in jail or prison.

      1. Amy Lawson

        I’m very glad to hear that. I just watched the show tonight and thought alot of the family. They seem like really good ppl. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Mandy Nolan

    People who want to live a “drama free” lifestyle, don’t have Marijuana plants growing in their basement. Period.

  11. I.L.

    It’s really too bad that he had the run-in with the law due to marijuana, and that Coley has even drawn in his son to that mischief. Even if he were clean from the meth, it seems like he hasn’t gotten away from the inclination towards quick and easy money.

    1. Tina

      There is nothing easy about logging! So I’m a bit confused by your comment…

  12. Dewey

    Are they in prison?

    1. C

      God I hope not! Especially since his crime is basically legal practice now.

  13. Dewey

    Any updates out there?

    1. Somebody who loves him

      He is doing fine. He is logging again.Hes not in jail or prison.

  14. melissa

    I found Francines facebook page. She has her relationship status as divorced. Thats really sad because on the show she was so desperate to get him help because she loved him so much.

  15. Zee

    Coley’s episode made me cry. What a wonderful family I really hope the best for all of them.

  16. Andy

    I liked Coley a lot. I hope he’s doing okay.

  17. MB

    I’m curious which PNW logging town you’re talking about. I grew up in Elma, WA. Lots of forestry up there. 🙂

    1. Dizzy

      Aberdeen! We were neighbors 🙂

      1. Amanda

        Wow, did you know the Cobains? 😉

      2. Dizzy

        I did!

  18. A

    Just saw this one and would like an update if anyone has it, thanks

  19. Amanda

    Just did some Facebook searching for them. I’m not gonna link it because it’s pretty easy to find & I don’t want to be responsible for the bombardment of their family. Anyways just an update (based off the Facebook findings) Francine and Coley are divorced. She is dating/married someone new. It seems Shiloh has her own addiction problems but continues to try to get clean, she posts about how many days clean she has. Gabe has entered the logging business too. I couldn’t find anything about Coley anywhere on any of their pages. No pictures or posts about him. I’m not sure if he is clean, or active in their lives. I sure hope he’s doing well and is sober.

    1. John

      What is her last name now? I looked for Francine Town and didn’t find anything.

    2. Samantha

      Not that easy to find for some of us who’d like to just see.

      1. Pineapple

        Search “Gabe Town” or “Shiloh Town,” you’ll find the pages. Similarly, I couldn’t find anything on Coley. Gabe looks to be doing well/okay, Shiloh seems to struggle with addiction (though she claims to be over a year sober now) and Selah has a baby. The girls look kind of trashy sadly (Shiloh has a face tattoo). Hopefully Coley is doing well 🙁

  20. Megan

    Is Coley still sober?

  21. Shi

    It looks like Selah and Francine are the only ones who stayed sober. Francine divorced Coley, looks incredible, and has some successful businesses. Selah is beautiful, and has an adorable one your old baby, with her bf, the bf doesn’t look sober but seems to be a hard worker. Shiloh says she’s been sober for 20 months and works at a rehab. Gabe looks sober and is dating a beautiful girl. Nobody talks about Coley, so no idea about him.