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What Episode Was That?

“I swear there was an episode where the guy was an alcoholic pilot and was trying to mentor a protégé but was drunk and made no sense, do you remember who that was?”

Yes! That was Robin, Intervention Canada, Season 21.

“What episode was it where the female subject recognized the interventionist and starting repeating the show’s catchphrases back to him?”

Kaila, Season 13 did that and it was awesome.

This is the place for all of you trying to find an episode but you don’t have the name and minimal information and you’ve looked through the categories and still can’t find it and it’s driving you crazy.  Leave a comment below, let the community help you…

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  1. Mr B

    It was a Canadian episode, a man with a wife and a few kids. He worked as a carpenter or something and was good at his job… and soon as he got home, he’d drink like 30 beers, argue with his wife, punch holes in the wall. Wake up the next morning started again. Can’t remember his name! Thanks for the help!

    PS — what a great idea to start this page!

    1. Christina

      I wonder if you meant Kent? I can’t find his episode on this site but here is an IMDb link –

      I like this idea for a q&a section, too! Thank you so much for all your hard work, Dizzy.

      1. Stefan

        Sadly most of the early Intervention Canada episodes are unavailable in the US.

      2. MR B

        Yes, Kent! Thank you!

        I didn’t realize they weren’t available anymore.

  2. Melissa

    Dizzy, the other day before recent comments got lost you were asking about a girlfriend named Alex. That would have been Joshua Turek who died in 2017. His gf was Alex.

    1. Dizzy

      Thank you!

  3. Mon

    Hi Dizzy. I sent you an email about this before I discovered this page. I am looking for a guy, I believe he was an alcoholic. The only scene I remember from the show is that he lived in his mom’s basement (?) and as he was returning to his room, he fell down the stairs. The camera crew missed him falling but you could certainly here him bumping into stuff. When the camera finally caught up to him, he was at the bottom of the stairwell groaning. Please help! Thanks!

    1. Aaron

      I’m afraid we are going to have many such occurrences of someone intoxicated falling down the stairs. One such occurrence was Andrew, in an Intervention Canada episode. Andrew was addicted to crack and alcohol. I know that Andrew did well after the show for a while, but then relapsed at one point and then I kind of lost track. [edit] I just remembered that Andrew was homeless then came back living with his grandparents, not his mother, while his family was getting ready for the intervention.

      1. Aaron

        Link to a follow up of Andrew intervention:

  4. Melissa

    Dizzy, you need to add Tamela from season 1 to the Less Common Addictions under self injury. She was actually the first one that was highlighted for self harm.

    1. Kitty Katt

      I’ve never seen anyone on this show that is a cutter like Tamela. OMG it was so hard for me to watch her doing that to herself. Especially the one scene where she’s a bloody mess.

    2. Lizard

      Where is the least common addictions tab? I have been looking for this for weeks, I swear I’ve seen it before on here!

      1. Dizzy

        It’s a little section on the homepage.

    3. A

      Yes Tamela, omg I mean I really liked her but all that blood all over her face and everywhere, it was kind of hard to watch. I’m glad they did have an episode about an addictive cutter though.

  5. Abigail

    Hey y’all!
    I just went through all of the alcoholic episodes and can’t find this one I remember: they are in the intervention and she asks for a break to use the restroom. She goes in there and chugs a fifth of vodka she has in her purse.
    Y’all remember this one?

    1. Dizzy

      I think that was Kristen in Season 2 –

      She’s under the Heroin category because that was her primary, but I do remember her getting drunk on liquor at the intervention.

    2. Holly Berry

      It could also be Jennifer. If I recall correctly she took some pills in the bathroom too.

    3. A.S.

      Jennifer. She confessed to slamming the whole bottle and Jeff was like, okay that’s fine are you going to treatment?

  6. MR B

    Where the family member says “JVV”! during the intervention.

    BTW, whatever happened to JVV?

      1. MR B


        It’s been a long time since some of these episodes, I wonder how some of these people are doing?

  7. Ashley C

    What episode was it where the addict’s mom thought she was like a reincarnation of her recently deceased daughter

  8. Morgan

    Wasnt there one where a girl walked into her intervention and immediately said, “I’ll go!”

    1. Natalie

      Really?! If so, I want to see that one.

    2. Erica

      I think that was Andrea (from Canada) who shared an episode with Ricky.

  9. Rockin Robyn

    There was an episode that involved a woman with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome whose pain was exacerbated by electronics – which episode was this? She consumed fentanyl lollipops for breakthrough pain. Thanks in advance!

      1. Stefan

        Truly one of the most infamous episodes ever.

  10. Kbay

    What was the episode that they stopped for the guy to use the bathroom and he ran off? I don’t think he ever showed back up or went to rehab.

    1. Gigi

      Sounds like Sean who has since passed. Seth was the interventionist.

  11. Nicole

    I am looking for an episode that dealt with a young woman, whose addiction may have been alcohol. She lived with her mother and Grandmother. I believe she would get angry and violent at times. The Grandmother had stated in the episode, “I have to get out of this rigamarole before I have a heart attack!” It’s definitely not a newer season. If anyone recognizes this episode, I’d be very grateful!!

    1. Gigi

      That was Brittany (RIP) from season 5

  12. Gina

    Not sure if it was Canadian or US. It was a man, he likes anything he could get his hands on I believe but his main were heroin and or crack. He has a child with an ex and the child he had never met but the ex did show up at the intervention to support him getting help so his child could get to know him one day.

  13. Gregory D. Moore

    I can’t recall which episode it was…I think it was the son of an addict, who wrote in his intervention letter, “If you don’t choose treatment, our relationship will not change, because we HAVE no relationship”(paraphrased). Powerful words…yet I can’t remember which episode it was in. Anyone recall?

    1. Jean

      That was Tom’s son I believe. They lived in Boston.

  14. Jason

    Could’ve sworn there was an episode with a kid who was in Mensa but then he wanted to be a rapper and ended up addicted to gambling. Anyone remember this?

    1. Dizzy

      Yes that was Gabe from Season 1 Episode 2. He is not profiled on this site.

      1. Stefan

        I suggest reading the FAQ section for more info on that Jason.

  15. Lindsey

    I remember an episode where the brother (? Dad?) of the addict was serving life in prison or was on death row. Am I imagining this?

    1. Melissa

      That was probably Dennis. His dad was sent to prison for drug dealing after Dennis had already done 7 years for his dad.

      1. Kitty Katt

        Actually, GiGi is right… was Dan from Hawaii who’s brother is on death row.

    2. Gigi

      Dan from Hawaii was an alcoholic whose brother was on death row for rape and murder.

      1. Kitty Katt

        You are correct!

    3. Gigi

      Dan for Season 4 episode 12

    4. Kitty Katt

      No, you’re not imagining this….lol… GiGi said, it was Dan from Hawaii who’s brother is on death row.

  16. Desi

    I remember an episode of a woman who smoked crack out of broken airplane bottles. She would do some sort of reclaim process with the residual crack left on the bottles after smoking, it involved dumping the residual on a plate and lighting the plate on fire. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

    1. April S.

      I remember this episode as well, but I can’t place who it was. It’s been a really long time since I watched it. :/

      1. PookaTheCat

        I believe that it is Latisha from season 10, episode 4. She was going to help others in recovery.

    2. Stevie

      Was it DAWN S4E2? I remember her being really out there.

    3. A.S.

      That was Latisha I think.

  17. Todd

    I’m actually wondering if anyone knows the future status of “Intervention”? Will there be new episodes?

      1. Stefan

        Yay Sylvia’s back!!!

  18. Dahlia

    Don’t know what season, but it was a gay guy who i think did crystal meth (not Richard, S11). The number one thing i remember tbh is after someone read their letter they asked him if he was willing to go and he just said “I can’t answer that right now”. I believe it was also a two-addict episode, but i could be wrong.

    1. Gigi

      That was Troy who shared an episode with Salina

      1. Dahlia

        Awesome, thanks!!

      2. Kitty Katt

        Troy was a heroin addict and also had a girlfriend/fiance who was part of his intervention.

  19. A.S.

    Who was the Native American woman from I think, Montana?

    1. Annette

      Jonel, I believe! Her story is so so so heartbreaking and her kids are beyond adorable. I think of her often and hope she’s doing well.

      1. A.S.

        Thank you!

      2. Bree

        I know you commented on this a couple years ago but I have an update on Jonel. I went to treatment in WA state about two years ago and she was my roommate. Really sweet girl who encouraged me to stay. I ended up getting kicked out so I don’t know if she stayed clean or not.

  20. Jessica

    It was the episode were the girl was a meth addict raised by Christian parents and her father had Autism. I think they lived in NY.

    1. Gigi

      Katherine C Season 17

      1. Jessica

        Thank you! This episode made me so emotional

    2. Gigi

      I’m with you…it’s a really tragic situation

    3. Dizzy

      Not sure who this is but maybe try doing a Cross-Category search (in right column on most pages of this site) and select both Religious Family and Meth and see if you recognize anyone.

    4. Kitty Katt

      Jessica, crack, cocaine, heroin, alcohol among other things were also drugs that she used on a daily basis (heavy too).

  21. Hanna

    What episode had the addict who dragged someone (I think a cop) with their car after shoplifting?

    1. Ashley

      I think that is actually an episode of the show “Lockup” on MSNBC. She had short blonde hair.

  22. Nick

    Okay I don’t know if I maybe dreamed this or if it was an actual episode but I’ve never come across it since the first time I saw it….

    I think she was an early 20s girl from New Jersey who was addicted to Heroin. Her family owned some sort of cleaning business (I think) and they all worked there. They’d let her use their Jeep to go shop lift hair products to sell and then go and get her drugs. Also I think another addict friend died of an OD next to her prior to filming. Any ideas?? Thanks!!

    1. Restless soul

      I believe alicia from jersey. Family had a plumbing company i think?

    2. April S.

      Yes, that was Alicia, Season 15. She would go to work and was so high she would “read” blank sheets of paper in front of her Mother at the desk, then nod off while answering phones.

  23. anonJ

    Anyone remember an episode about a woman who was an alcoholic and also had some disordered eating problems? I think she had been a model at some point, but her weight would swing from one extreme to another. At the time of filming I think she was living with her mom? I have a vivid memory of her lying in bed drinking constantly

  24. LK

    There was an episode with a man who was an alcoholic and his sister was really worried about him, but he was mad that she was telling him to deal with his compulsive drinking because she could not deal with her compulsive overeating. I recall them having some kind of childhood trauma and the sister feeling a more “maternal” role towards him, but I forget the specifics.. Which one was this?

    1. Dahlia

      I believe thats John, Season 8 ep 8. Paired w Dionicio

      1. LK

        Thanks Dahlia!

  25. Mr B

    A young woman who was on meth? or something and was completely out of control and unreceptive to just about everything. Like physically just wild, and may have gone to jail instead of treatment?

    Clearly, I forget. But that was a BAD episode, and a long time ago,.so I hope.shes in a better condition these days

    1. Stefan

      Christy, one of the most infamous episodes of Intervention. Sadly she has only gotten worse since.

  26. Jay Bee

    Episode where the girl was kinda young (mid 20s) alcoholic. Was heavyset n wore clothes that were way too tight, would get drunk n have maybe consensual sex a lot. Was drunk at intervention and just blurted out “I need sex”???

  27. Jess

    Hey guys. How come there are so many missing episodes from season 14? It goes from episode 15 to 25?

    1. Dizzy

      No they’re all there. You might be looking at a results page that has a page 2 or something. Try this link:

  28. J

    The one where both siblings died of an OD. It focused on the dad and son. I remember it just broke my heart and I find myself thinking about him a lot. Do we know what ever came of his story? I cannot remember his name but I know someone here will remember!

      1. J

        Yes, thank you! I could not remember! That is one that has stuck with me from the day I watched it.

  29. Samantha

    The most powerful part of this episode was hearing the addicts young son say she was always “passed out, in a drug induced state, begging for more pills” during her intervention, he also said his older brother was the only one there to save him when he went into an asthma attack. This kid was maybe between 10-12 and it certainly was one of the older seasons, the addict was a middle aged woman addicted to pills.

    1. Samantha

      Ah yes, thank you. Those poor children. She infuriated me. The way that little boy just wanted his mom in his life and how scared he was of her overdosing, heartbreaking. She and Mallory are arguably the worst mothers I’ve seen on here.

    2. Erica

      That’s Sandra from Season 4.

      1. Stefan

        Yah somebody already answered this but Dizzy removed their post, probably because it was too mean.

      2. Todd

        To Stefan: That explains it, hahaahahah. I had written a post about Ryan (the recent one) a couple of days ago that was pulled. I had no idea what happened or why it disappeared. Considering I was not a fan of Ryan and had no sympathy whatsoever for him (or his parents for that matter), I’m sure my post didn’t come across as the nicest post of all time, hahahaahahah. Maybe that’s why it’s a goner.

      3. Dizzy

        Yes, both comments were way too nasty and I couldn’t let them pass. I feel like commenters have been pretty negative in general lately but those ones specifically were over the line in unconstructive meanness. I need everyone to please remember that THESE ARE ACTUAL PEOPLE! And we know less than 45 minutes worth of information about them. We are not mind readers and do not actually know exactly what they think and how they feel about their own family members so maybe just stop yourself from commenting if you’re going to tell us something that you couldn’t actually possibly know.

      4. Todd

        To Dizzy – yeah that is a good point. 45 minutes of someone’s entire life isn’t enough time to make a fair judgment on them. Ryan was just one of those that rubbed me the wrong way. Him, Caitlin from Canada, Katie Y from Wilkes Barre, Pa., and Melissa from Canada all did. My apologies for posting an unkind initial reaction. I must say one thing though, I was right in that I didn’t think any of those 4 would succeed in rehab, and none of them did.

  30. Liz

    What was the episode where the addict had threatened suicide so much that the family was becoming annoyed by the comments?

  31. Liz

    Also Dizzy, could you add a “Most Memorable Interventions” and “Most Memorable Pre-Interventions”. My favorite part of each episode is when the interventionist corrects the lies, denials, and/or incorrect truths the family (typically just one family member) has. It’s very interesting to me the different ways each interventionist corrects the families. (Looking at you Father and Mother of Linda, who believed that electricity and colors caused her pain. Even after she intentionally tracked down her mother during her interview with intervention, getting much closer to her than if she just stayed home, to tell her mother her proximity to her daughter caused her pain.) I know Linda was diagnosed with a mental condition at the end of delusions, but it surprises me how some non-addicts and non-delusional family members can get sucked into believing the lies too! Please comment with your favorite ” transformational pre-intervention” episode if you have one! (Where the family needed lots of education) Thanks! 🙂

    1. Dahlia

      I second this

  32. Lizard

    Dizzy, first of all thank you for taking your time to make this site and catalog all the episodes! I love this site! Thank you! I have two things for you…
    1. Can you make a tab of all the interventions that didn’t happen due to the addict finding out. I have seen it mentioned in a few who have found out, and the interventionist (Seth, I think) said they did it anyway due to severity. Are there really episodes where they don’t do the intervention?
    2. Also I could have sworn I saw somewhere that there is only 5 addicts who used Crack or cocaine only (I can’t remember which one) Is that true or am I dreaming?

    1. Stefan

      Even when the planned intervention didn’t happen they always have an impromptu intervention, a la Marquel.

      1. Lizard

        Oh okay, that makes sense. I still consider those interventions tho. They always say they didn’t happen, but just because they are in a parking lot instead of sitting in a hotel conference room, to me at least, doesn’t mean they didn’t have an intervention.

    2. Dizzy

      Hi Lizard,
      1) there were a few that didn’t happen at all, I’d have to go through the lists I have and see if I can parse that out. If anyone else out there can name them off the top of their heads please do! I will add a category for that or maybe a section on the homepage or something.
      2) Looks like when I did the site redesign I lost the Stats category and those posts I did with the data. Here is the one where I mention cocaine –

      1. Lizard

        Dizzy, thank you so much for your reply!
        Do you know which two were addicted to cocaine only?
        I think addiction to cocaine is so interesting because it has the shortest half-life of any street drug. I can’t imagine the even more excruciating chase of this type of high. Must be overwhelmingly exhausting.

      2. Dizzy

        Anthony from Season 3 and Tommy from Season 1

  33. Furiosa/Nervosa

    The episode where the guy thought he had Mafia connections and was talking about knowing Sammy the Bull and his family was like “dude quit your bullshit”? Anybody remember which one that was?

  34. Brittany

    Hi Dizzy, I’m looking for an episode where a young lady was suffering with alcohol addiction. I know she had dark hair, I remember seeing parts of her stumbling, and then I think she falls and hits her head, I think on pebbled gravel? Shame. Thanks

  35. Ash

    Does anyone know the episode where a brother was taking care of his sister who was addicted to cocaine (I think??). the parents were from an East Asian country and the brother put his med school dreams on hold b/c his parents wanted him to take care of his sister?

    1. Dizzy

      Yes that was Linda, she was addicted to Fentanyl –

      1. Stefan

        Truly one of the most memorable episodes in the show’s history.

  36. Lizard

    Since I can’t comment on the FAQ page where this topic is at, I thought I would just let everyone know that I watch Intervention on my Roku TV. I added the A&E channel since Discovery+ and Hulu only have a few seasons each. The A&E channel on Roku has all episodes (except some that are not due to the addict dying). The free version has 200+ available. The only ones not “unlocked” are season 22 & 23. FYI. 😀

  37. Coco

    What is the episode where the young woman is living in a trailer with a much older man, I believe she’s on heroin or meth. She has a young son who lives with her parents and while she takes a shower at their house they find a bag of drugs and fear the child could’ve gotten into it?

    1. Jean

      I believe that’s Ashley from Season 3

      1. Coco

        Yes that’s the right episode! Any update on her? Is she still alive?

    2. Lizard

      Is it Jennifer S16 E1?

    3. Lizard

      I’m watching an episode and this also happens with Travis S14

  38. Tammy Ruth

    I vaguely recall an episode about two young women that were living in a run-down shack of a house whose only ambitions were to drink as much boxed wine as possible. I do not remember their relationship nor the outcome of their story but I remember seeing it a couple times and it struck a chord with me because boxed wine is also one of my greatest downfalls…by the way I love and appreciate this website: it has a wealth of information about the show and the people which are profiled and is written in the most respectful and compassionate way that you can’t find anywhere else. Keep up the good work!!!

    1. Dizzy

      Hmmmm I could be wrong but I think this might have been Loren and Christy, an early Intervention Canada episode –

      1. Tammy Ruth

        That one is it exactly!!! Thank you kindly…


  39. Nahrissa

    I’m watching an Intervention update episode on over the air TV (True Real), that had an update on Matt and (I think) Sara from the first season. There is also an update on someone named Gabe who had a gambling addiction and was apparently very volatile, owed lots of money to people and had incredibly enabling parents. I don’t see the episode listed on this site, and when I googled it, I got back info that it was from season 14, but from the look of it, it was definitely an early episode. Does anyone know anything about this episode?

    1. Stefan

      Read the FAQ section on here for your answer to that.

      1. Nahrissa

        Thanks, Stefan! I remember reading the FAQ quite some time ago but didn’t put it together about that episode when I saw the update.

    2. Jody Ozburn

      I remember that it was one of the first episodes but I thought it was the husband that was enabling her.

  40. Momo

    Which episode is it where the subject was actually the person who initiated the Intervention episode? I originally thought it was John C but I’m wrong. Thank you ♡

    1. Stefan

      Andrew, the bulemic former marine.

  41. Paige

    I’m looking for an episode where the subject(s) are injecting drugs, but when they have trouble hitting a vein, they just twist the needle around with it still in their arm, almost like pulling a lever. It looks incredibly painful. I believe it’s a young couple, and I think this scene was in a home bathroom. Thanks in advance for any help finding this episode.

    1. Elizabeth

      Possibly the Sarah and Mikael episode?

  42. Michelle.

    Was there an episode of intervention canada that involved the thorpe recovery center?

  43. Mol

    Trying to find an episode about a young (latino?) girl who is addicted to either meth or heroin, I think. She has a bunch of stuffed animals in the room she stays in, in a house with other users. I remember her going to a clearing in the forest and mentioning something about an ex boyfriend.

    1. Cat

      pretty sure the girl you are talking about is Toni from Season 18 /Heroin Triangle. She had the mom who completely lied about her situation compared to her dad and other members of her family right? Hit/copy the link to see if the picture of the girl I’m talking about matches the girl you are talking about.

  44. Victoria Hayes

    i swear to god i watched and episode where the guy refuses treatment and runs away. the WHOLE intervention follows him onto a bus/train and just tries to continue this intervention while chasing this man down.

    1. Suzvkb

      I think that was on the heroin triangle…season 17 maybe?

  45. Kimberly Manning

    I am searching for an episode where a mother chooses to remain homeless at the end of the show and they drop her off in a neighboring town. At one point in the episode I believe her daughter brings her food in the park? Anyone remember that one?

    1. Suzvkb

      in reply to Kimberly. theres a show called “addicted”..a blonde women named kristina wandzilak is the professional who helps people go to treatment. there’s an episode in season 2, ep 7 –theresa.. shes a terrible alcoholic. ur description sounds very similar to this episode. if u Google it maybe that will help u out.

  46. Suzvkb

    I love this website. I’m so glad I stumbled across it. this show is my go to. I’ve seen every episode more then once and some countless times. my question is…why are so many episodes taken down? I can guess why some are down. does anyone know is there any site or channel where ones that arent on AE anymore can be found?

    1. Stefan

      Typically when a participant dies their episode is removed upon the request of the family. Usually they can be found on other sites (you may have to pay extra for them though) but not always. The newer seasons appear unavailable to stream outside of perhaps Xfinity. Maybe there’s a different production licensing agreement?

  47. Zander

    Did they get rid of Zachary reeves episode after he passed? If not, which episode is it?

  48. Colleen

    There was a young woman who I think had Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and was addicted to some opioid pops. Her brother was made (by their parents) to drop everything and care for her. She was degrading him and keeping him from having a life. I can’t remember anything else. (I am a person who loves true life stories, but I have a terrible memory.) It’s possible that it was not on Intervention, but I think it was. Thank you for any information!

    1. Elizabeth

      That was Linda (Season 7, Episode 1). Probably one of the most memorable episodes (for me, at least).

      1. Stefan

        Easily one of the most chaotic interventions in the show’s history.

      2. A

        This one definitely goes down in history for top levels of chaos. It was shocking and I kept thinking, this woman is so incredibly angry but she just can’t seem to express it in a healthy way.

  49. Brittany

    There was a girl, I think she was addicted to heroin, all I know is she injected it. Her dad said “She’s not even good at it!” Because she was always missing and blowing veins and bleeding all over. Anyone remember this one?

    1. Erica

      I think that was Alissa (I forget what season) in Ohio

    2. Nivey

      I think that was Dallas from Portland! Her Dad made that comment during her episode. I believe she is doing well today!

    3. April S

      That’s Dallas, S11E2.

  50. J

    does anyone remember the episode about older man who would get absolutely zoinked on pain meds and start waving samurai swords around? if i recall correctly he seemed like a very sweet man and his family was worried he’d seriously injure himself with his sword antics.

    1. Stefan

      I believe that was Greg. He also would constantly fall for internet scams.

      1. Dizzy

        Greg was the first person to pop into my head too, but interestingly I don’t actually remember him with any swords. It just *seems like* something that Greg would have been into for some reason. 🙂

    2. Annette

      That was definitely Greg. That’s a Top 10 ep in my opinion, incidentally. I love Greg’s family’s singing too – def a highlight of the ep!

      1. A.S.

        I remember him saying “I woke up under the table this morning” or something like that. I thought he was very funny and appealing, even when he was acting absolutely crazy.

  51. Amelia

    I am trying to find an episode with a guy whose mom was using xanax and boxed wine to cope with the stress of her son’s addiction. The interventionist brought it up and she did not want to receive any treatment. Does anybody remember? I have been searching forever.

    1. Kij

      Also thinking Jimmy. Mom weighed about 80 lbs and would some days start drinking super early and be hammered by noon. He would ask her for her pills. Strained relationship with his father but they used to fly planes together??

    2. Krissy

      Jason from Colorado. Don’t know the season but he was a heroin addict. His mom would take Xanax and drink wine to cope.

  52. JD

    Episode where a woman who is addicted to pain meds steals some from her grandpa while he’s sleeping. If i remember correctly he was napping in a chair or couch in his living room and she sneaks around to his prescription bottle to take some pills out without him knowing. It would be from an older season, atleast before season 11 i think.

    1. Dizzy

      I think that was the very first episode ever, Season 1- Alyson.

  53. Emma

    I am curious about a episode I saw. It was a woman and she was living on the streets. I think that she used street drugs. She stayed in a abandoned room over a gas station or something like that. The mom was trying to find her and her mom saw where she was living and started crying. Does anyone know what episode this was?

    1. Erica

      That was Carrie from Washington

      1. Stefan

        Thank you I couldn’t remember her name. I knew she was the boxer.

      2. April S.

        First one that came to mind was Jessica from Season 13.

  54. Courtney

    I don’t remember who this was but there was a blonde woman who lived with a guy that was a lot older than her and she would drive him to work in the early mornings. She had a son but he was with her parents. I remember she worked at an airport doing baggage handling and ended up relapsing because a close friend died. I vividly remember her mom saying at the intervention that every time her son would see a drug user outside, he would think it was his mother. The update said she married the older guy she was living with.

    1. Krissy

      Her name was Ashley. She was on one of the earlier seasons.

      1. Stefan

        I absolutely hated her self-righteous religious father.

  55. April S.

    It’s driving me bonkers that I can’t think of the addict whose Mother was secretly hiding jugs of wine in her bedroom closet…

    1. Jean

      I believe that was Katie, season 12

      1. April S.

        Yes! Thank you!

  56. Bliss

    Someone reminded me of an episode where an anorectic had become so malnourished that she weakened the fat barrier around the brain, and ended up leaking cerebrospinal fluid/actual brain matter through her nose. Does this ring any bells or was that person confused? I could’ve sworn I’ve seen that on this show.

    1. April

      If someone is leaking “brain matter” out of their nose, they’d be dead. Pretty sure this person is confused or was watching some other show.

    2. Dezzee

      You may be thinking of Kaila? I remember she was so malnourished and her sodium levels were so low that her doctor told her that her brain could herniate out of the back of her skull. But I don’t remember anything about stuff coming out of her nose lol.

  57. Kristina

    I believe the girl’s name was Samantha, really skinny and blonde, and she would melt down a Fentanyl patch and make a “soup” to shoot up. I think she also had a number of children that she lost custody of. I’ve been looking for updates about how forever and I can’t find any info anywhere!

    1. LollaLalla

      Sorry to correct you,but that was Amy from intervention Canada 🙂

  58. hello kitty

    Who’s the young white guy who got so upset he crawled into a drainage pipe by the woods and had to be coerced by the producers to come out?

    1. April S.

      That was Tim, Season 2, Episode 16.

  59. Kat B

    What was the name of the woman who was in her 20s or 30s, I believe she was blonde, did not have kids and was addicted to prescription opiates,she had an absolutely terrible attitude,was not very likable up until the very end,was very opposed to going to rehab but went anyway,did not seem like she would stay clean but then when they showed what ended up happening to her she wound up being the house manager of a sober living house and just completely changed her life around?

    1. April

      Zeinah maybe? She wasn’t blonde though.

      1. Kat B

        It’s not Zenaih, I just watched her episode. I cannot figure out who it is for the life of me! I thought that I was possibly thinking of someone that was on the show Addicted but I checked all those episodes and she’s not on any of them. It’s gotta be an Intervention episode. Maybe it’s one that isn’t available On Demand for whatever reason.

    2. Willy

      Lorna became house manager

  60. Erica

    So I’ve answered a few of these…have been an avid watcher of the show since about 2009, but now I have a “What episode was that?” of my own: anyone remember a (female) subject of an episode whose mother had depression and tried to take her own life and the life of the subject’s sister via pills/poisoning, and the subject identified this as a sort of rejection and a trigger for her own addiction? Have been trying to think of the episode but am stumped. I don’t remember if it was US or Canada. Thanks everyone!

    1. AMA

      You’re thinking of Amanda. I don’t remember the season, but I do remember she was from North Carolina. Her story was so sad.

      1. Erica

        That’s the one, thank you!

  61. Katie

    Does anyone remember the guy that got hospitalized due to alcohol and drank the foaming hand sanitizer?

    1. Stefan

      Andrew from Michigan. It amazes me that he isn’t long dead.

      1. Katie

        Thanks! I know, right? It made me cringe…

  62. Sally

    I’m starting to think I’m insane, but I swear I remember one with a woman who drank wine out of juice boxes, and lived with a bunch of little dogs she allowed to poop on the floor. I can’t seem to find it. Maybe I hallucinated it.

    1. J

      i think that was Maria, S22

  63. Shali

    Who was the man featured who would go try to cut up trees/log? I feel like he was telling his wife how much money they were going to make but never actually sold it… I want to say coley or Colby but I’m not sure.

    1. Erica

      Yup, that was Coley from the Pacific Northwest.

  64. dreamgenie

    Does anyone else remember the really old ep with the autistic gambler? Note that I’m not using “autistic” in a derogatory way here, if I remember right he was a savant and his outbursts and mannerisms just screamed “on the spectrum”. My most vivid memory is that at one point during an argument or something he yelled “DON’T USE THOSE BUZZWORDS WITH ME!”. Anyone know what I’m talking about or am I going nuts?

    1. Erica

      Hey dreamgenie! This was Gabe, one of the earliest episodes of the show. He shared an episode with Vanessa Marquez. Dizzy has written in the FAQ why that episode is not on the site.

      1. Stefan

        Not only that, but it’s unavailable in all official capacities. Funny enough it’s definitely one of the most famous episodes of the show, due in large part to the YouTube videos of Gabe’s atrocious rapping. It even was referenced by Kathy Griffin in one of her standup specials (along with Allison the huffer).

      2. Elizabeth

        Didn’t Heinous Gabe also get a second episode in which Jeff returned to offer him a second shot at rehab, which he declined? He was supposedly working as a chemist, developing mouthwash flavors or something…

  65. Suzvkb

    just curious.. who watched and remembers intervention: codependent.. it aired in 2016. kristina wandszalak (I butchered her last name) from the show addicted was the interventionist for each couple. wish I could find updates!

    1. Katie

      I loved that show! It was very short lived, I believe. I was only ever able to find one update for Theresa in Season 2. The last thing I saw was that she got into a car accident and banged up pretty badly. And then I found this:

      1. Suzvkb

        in reply to katie.. I remem Teresa. the show ur referring to is “addicted” the show I’m talkin about was called intervention codependent. Kristina from the show addicted was the interventionist in the show. it’s couples who are completely co dependent and addicted. I’m watching it on demand now!

      2. Elizabeth

        I’m confused – this article is about a woman named Theresa Weiss. Is that the same person as the interventionist Theresa?

  66. Shelly

    Hi – I am looking for the episode where the guy owned a very successful trucking company but became addicted to meth – has was diagnosed with ADHD as a child but his mother refused to give him medication.

  67. Cassandra

    Somebody please tell me this was not just a fever dream.

    I vividly remember an episode of Intervention of a girl who was living in the upstairs of her parents house. I believe it had been renovated in some way, I’m not sure. But I am pretty sure she had the whole upstairs to herself. Her parents were kind of well off.

    I also believe she was doing Molly and I’m telling you I think her name was Molly because I SWEAR she said something about “Molly for Molly”

    Is this real? Did I make this up?

    1. Erica

      Hey Cassandra, could you possibly be thinking of the episode of MTV’s True Life: I’m Hooked on Molly? One of the subjects, Ally, lived on the top floor of her college professor parents’ house.

  68. Heather

    There are 2 episodes I would love to rewatch and cannot remember them.. One, I believe it was a female, said “What took you so long?” or something along those lines during her intervention. Was happy they finally were doing something to help her…

    The other, and this is gonna be all over the place, but it was early season, a girl I remember her living a mobile home with an older guy or something? I feel like it was a desert type state. Possibly they had a lot of cats too.. lol. I’m sorry that sounds so random, but if anyone can figure it out, it will be someone here!

  69. Lu

    There was an episode I watched in 2012. It was a woman who was an alcoholic. She lived with her parents and they had to put several locks on the fridge. I remember her saying “I can’t do life.”

    1. Erica

      Hi! I think this is actually the premiere episode of Addicted on TLC. The subject’s name was Amanda.

      1. Lu

        Thank you so much!

  70. Julia

    Hello! 🙂
    What was the episode with the young woman who was neglected as a child and had to take care of her little sisters? I remember her sister saying they had to eat toothpaste at one point because there was no food in the house and that stuck with me.

    1. KCB

      It was an Intervention Canada Episode, Tammy :

  71. Corey

    Trying to find an episode where there is a girl who I THINK is addicted to heroin, but not 100% sure. What I do remember is that she was calling her dad a hypocrite because he still drinks even though he was a recovering alcoholic. They interviewed him about it on the episode and he explained how he only drinks through the months of October – January and that he loves drinking during the holidays and has it under control. Does anyone know which episode I’m talking about?

    1. Erica

      Hi Corey! That’s Danielle from season 6. Her father drank from his birthday in October until New Years Eve.

  72. Jason A.

    I feel like I’m going crazy because I specifically remember a certain episode and every few months or years I remember it and try to find it but so far no luck. Anyway the episode was an alcoholic white male in his 20’s. The thing that made this episode so crazy to me was that he decided to go to rehab but when the episode ended it said he died 2 weeks later in rehab. I’m guessing from withdrawals but it got to me how even if you decide to go to rehab you still have the chance of dying when it comes to alcohol.
    Other details were he lived with his grandparents. I think at one point he was having such severe withdrawals that he was crying and had his grandpa go in the store and buy it for him.

    1. Jean

      Hey Jason, I just watched an episode of Drugged: High on Alcohol and I think it’s what you are looking for. His name was Ryan and he died after 17 days in rehab. There’s another comment regarding this episode further down this string stating that the episode is on YouTube.

      1. Jason A.

        That’s definitely the episode I was talking about. Thank you very much, Jean.

  73. Rand

    Looking for the episode about a man in his 20s? Possibly blonde hair? He was a punk. Alcoholic, would stay under bridges for shelter. He really just wanted his family dog! I think he does end up going to rehab, but leaving early… Hoping that there’s an update once I find out who it was. Thanks in advance.

    1. Kij

      Kelly F S1Ep10
      Is that your guy?

  74. Robin

    What happened to the very first episode with Gabe, the young gambling addict? Plus I can’t find anything on this site about Elliot, the chef from Las Vegas.

    1. Erica

      Hi Robin! Dizzy’s FAQ states why Gabe’s episode is not on this website. Elliot’s page is here:

  75. Jon

    This is a tough one – the episode was very disturbing. I think it’s from Intervention Canada in the last 6-7 years, where a mother was addicted to drugs (heroin) I think and just abandoned her kids. Her son kept running away to reunite with her and eventually he became an addict too. I remember his sister telling a story of going over to the mother’s house (she was a prostitute) and saw that one of the mother’s “johns” had sexually assaulted the son. Does anyone remember this? Definitely a candidate for Most Disturbing Episode.

    1. Erica

      Robbie from Canada, I forget what season but the episode is still up on A&E last I checked

  76. Tee

    Anyone know about the episode with TJ from Canada who was in that band Junkie and the Spider??? She was addicted to cocaine/crack..

  77. Greg

    What episode depicted an Alcoholic Young Man whom flipped his bicycle and broke his hip and Never received treatment along with passing away 17 days in Rehab??
    Please and Thank You

    1. JWQ

      Look up the series “Drugged: High on alcohol: on youtube. I think that’s the one you’re thinking of.

  78. Queso

    I’m trying to figure out which episode it is where there’s a woman yelling, “Spaniards! Stealing our technology!” I really thought it was Intervention, but I’ve scanned through the first 12 seasons so far with no luck. Maybe it was Hoarders? Does it ring a bell for anyone?

    1. Erica

      Donna and Josh from season 8. Donna says that at one point.

      1. A

        Yes I remember that one. I liked both of them, although Donna was clearly very much sicker than Josh.

      2. Queso

        Thank you so much! No wonder I couldn’t find it – it’s not on the website!

  79. Bets

    Wasn’t there an episode where the addict said they’d go to rehab if they were able to use drugs one more time and the interventionist let them? I don’t remember anything clearly… The interventionist could have been Vance maybe, helping a heroin addict? They all got in the van, interventionist in the front seat, went to the dealer and the addict got/used their drugs.

    1. hanna

      That was Samantha C, Bets

      1. kitty katt

        Also, Katie.

      2. kitty katt

        The chiropracter guy smoking heroin in the car at the airport.

    2. kitty katt

      Actually, there were a few who did that. (See comments above).

  80. aav10001

    there was an episode with I think either sisters or close friends who both drank a ton of boxed wine. Anybody know?

    1. Erica

      Hi! That was Loren from Intervention Canada pretty sure. She had a girlfriend named Christy who was an alcoholic too.

  81. Sam

    This has been driving me crazy. I watched an episode where all I remember is that, during the intervention, the father is super emotionally closed off and is trying not to cry and just keeps blinking over and over again. I do remember that it was a female addict. I think it was a situation in which the father was very hard on her growing up, for some reason I think he may have been a military guy. I know this is not a lot to go on but if you could find it that would be awesome!

    1. Erica

      Maybe that was Kimberly from Indiana?

    2. Annette

      It sounds like this might be Jessica from Season 13, who (at the time of filming) lives in Chicago and whose drug of choice is heroin? Jessica had had a tough relationship with her stepfather, but he then shows some emotion during the intervention and it clearly means a lot to her.

  82. clarky

    Looking for some good episodes where parents enable and rescue the person experiencing addiction, bonus if they are feeling guilty because they weren’t able to protect them from some kind of trauma. I’m a therapist who works with high-risk adolescents and I’d like to give parents an example of what can happen when they constantly rescue their kids. I’ve seen like 80% of episodes of intervention but just can’t think of any specific episodes. Amanda (season 12 ep 7) comes to mind but I know there’s so many more.

    1. Erica

      Al’s episode comes to mind for me- he was kidnapped from his mother by his bio father as a toddler and she became a big enabler to his meth addiction

    2. hanna

      Clarky, I would say that Vinnie’e episode is one of if not the most extreme case of this on Intervention. Another story I can think of is the grandma and son that did heroin together from Dr. Phil

    3. Katie

      What about the one with a girl, might have been named Katie or Katherine, with the super catholic older parents. I’m looking back and I can’t find the season. I remember she was smoking crack in their house right in front of them, as well as talking to potential prostitution clients on the phone.

      1. Krissy

        Hi! Her name was Katherine C. and her episode was in season 17 🙂

    4. J

      Mikeal’s mother enabled him hardcore because she felt guilty he had been sexually abused as a child

  83. Frank

    I’m looking for a specific episode. It’s a guy, Long Island or Rhode Island I’m not sure. I think he served in the military. He is a white male in his 20s and his DOC was either Fentanyl or pain meds. The reason I’m looking for this specific episode is bc of what he says, “A drug addict’s worse enemy is their thoughts in their head” or something like that. It resonated with me.

  84. J

    more of a general question, but have there been episodes where an addict’s PRIMARY drug of choice are benzodiazepines (Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, etc)? all the episodes i’ve seen benzos are like a “side piece” and almost never taken solely by themselves, it’s always mixed with heroin, alcohol, etc.

    1. Erica

      Kaylene from season 11 comes to mind

      1. kitty katt

        Kaylene’s main drug were Perc pills.

  85. Jay

    I’m trying to find an episode where a man takes his fathers computer to sell. When he’s told he can’t, he smashes it on the front yard and grabs some parts out of it and runs off. Anyone know this episode?

    1. Erica

      That was Tim from season 2, it was his girlfriend’s father

      1. Jay

        Absolutely amazing memory, Erica! Thank yo so much for the help!

  86. K

    I remember an episode where Andrew was the interventionist. There was a female and during the intervention she stayed in the room but to use and he told his story and cried with her

    1. kitty katt

      That was Melissa from Intervention Canada

  87. Chynnablu

    That episode with a young blonde boy from quite a wealthy family addicted to Oxy. Parents enable his habit and after the intervention the synopsis says he disappeared onto the streets of downtown LA. Always hoped that somehow he found his way back home. This is an amazing resource Dizzy for a show that has engaged so many.

    1. Erica

      Hi! Could that have been Ryan from Season 3?

      1. suzvkb

        or maybe charles season 4?

  88. Ev

    Who was the girl whose mother also did drugs (heroine, I think) with her and Donna called her on it and she denied it even though in the interviews it was revealed that she had. I also remember that she always wore a big, stupid-looking hat. Any one able to help me out?

    1. shifty

      This makes me want to go watch all of Donnas(I love her) episodes to find this for you JUST because of the hat comment. Made me laugh when I really needed to. Lemme see if I can find it.

      1. Ev

        So glad I made you laugh! I’m always happy to cheer anybody up 🫠

    2. shifty

      Was it Dallas? Her mom had used heroin with her and then got mad and denied it to Donna when she brought it up

      1. Ev

        I think that sounds right. Was she in Season 13?

      2. Ev

        You’re absolutely right. And pardon my question in my last reply. Dallas’s story is in Season 11, which can be streamed using the A&E App/Channel.

    3. Erica

      Ashley (s7) I think used with her mother before the mother got sober. She wore a bucket hat in every scene, maybe that’s the one?

    4. J

      I agree that it’s probably Dallas’ mother. she did heroin with Dallas and denied it, and she wore a hat during the intervention

    5. Elizabeth

      Dallas (Season 11, Episode 2).

  89. J

    does anyone recall the episode about a young girl who was a ddicted to painkillers/heroin and got sent to “behavior camps” where she was abused horrifically by the staff? i also think she was prostituting out of a hotel room.

    1. Erica

      That was Cassie from Florida

      1. J

        yep, that was the one! thank you

  90. Amanda

    The episode where a really skinny girl shoots up I think it was fentanyl patches and she would scrape the medicine off of the patch so that she could shoot it. At one point she had to get into a hot bath just so she could find a vein. And after getting high she would sit, read and even said that even though she nods off she still comprehends and reads everything.

  91. LMad

    i’m looking for an episode where the lady went to palmetto addiction recovery in louisiana. i think the lady was from wisconsin if i’m not mistaken.

    1. Jean

      That may have been Kristen from season 2. I can’t remember the facility she went to, but I know she was from WI. She was laying in the parking lot and kept saying “I can’t sign anything!” Left-handed from what I remember and she just kept scribbling on the paper when they finally got her in the office. One of my favorite episodes because it sounds like she is doing great now.

  92. Willow

    I remember back in like, 2007 or 2008-ish there was a promo/short commercial for an Intervention Episode. In the promo, what I am guessing was an adult female relative of the addict said the line, “She was so desperate for a high one time she shot up Windex!!!”
    I never did figure out which episode that was, if it even was a real episode. Anyone have any ideas? I would love to know if it was even real or if I hallucinated it (though I’m pretty sure I didn’t, I recall seeing it a few times and deciding to watch Intervention just to watch that part and never saw it).

    1. Jean

      Hey Willow, I think that was Angelina, season 5, episode 9. Her Mom is the one who made the comment about shooting up Windex. It was a crazy episode for sure!

      1. Willow

        Oh wow so I didn’t hallucinate it! Thank you so much!!

    2. J

      that was DEFINITELY Angelina. she was one of the sickest addicts depicted on the show.

  93. Willow

    Hello all! I’m looking for an episode that may or may not exist. Around 2006 or 2007 I remember watching a commercial for Intervention where clips of various interviews from the show were being played as sound bites. One of these clips was an adult female saying, “One time she was so desperate for a high, she shot up Windex!!”
    I started watching the show more often, and over the years I’ve watched every episode I could find on YouTube attempting to find this episode. I never did find it. I’ve always wondered if it was real. Does this ring a bell for anyone? Thanks in advance!

    1. Willow

      Please disregard, I looked in the wrong place and assumed my post just didn’t go through for whatever reason. This has already been answered, and thank you to those who answered it.

  94. Lia

    Which was the episode where the addict sold his mom’s van for like $300?

    1. Erica

      I think that was Vinnie from Florida

      1. Erica

        Sorry- he was from connecticut

  95. J.D.

    Does anyone remember the episode in Canada with the lady who was in a band called Junkie and the Spider? Her name was TJ.

    1. Jean

      Hey JD, I remember that episode as well but wasn’t able to locate it in the episode guide on this site. I did a little digging, and her name is TJ Vandervelden. If you google her name, a lot of information comes up, including Intervention video clips. Hope this helps!

  96. A

    From what I remember, it’s a youngish kid who lives in a cold area, or maybe it’s winter. I believe he’s an IV cocaine addict. His mom gets paid an envelope of cash, maybe she’s a landlord or something, and he intercepts it and has a crisis of conscience on camera saying to himself “I know I’m not going to get away with this, she’s going to find out and I’m going to get in trouble so I just want to turn this money into drugs and do them as fast as I can to get the decision over with.” I tried looking through the episode directory and none of the faces rung a bell, so maybe it was Intervention Canada? Super grateful for any leads.

    1. Elizabeth

      In pretty sure it’s Billy (season 2, episode 8; shared with Antwahn). I just rewatched that one and remember his mom hiding all of her stuff in her car.

  97. Lydia

    I swear I saw an Intervention episode but I can’t find it anywhere. I think it was in Canada but maybe not. It featured a female addict in her early 20’s. She lives with her mother and has a little sister who also has medical issues and has anxiety. The addict has dark hair and in the episode is visited by a guy friend who moved away from the area but comes back for the intervention. It is not Kaylene. Anyone know who I am thinking of?

    1. Julian

      Intervention Canada s02e04 Lyndsay ?

  98. K

    It was so long ago, all I remember was a Latina girl who was addicted to meth and prostituting herself. She would drive around and smoke and take phone calls for possible dates. The key moment in the episode that stuck out to me was her smoking a pipe and crying into the camera saying that she wish she could stop but she couldn’t, and that she didn’t even like it anymore.

    1. Alana

      Christy? S2E18 or Cassie S9E5?

    2. Mrs.Flamingo

      Hi. I believe that was Klea on a show called Addicted.

  99. Alana

    I vaguely remember one of the parents saying something along the lines of “she’s/he’s not even good at being a drug addict”

    1. Stefan

      Yah I’m pretty sure that’s Cassie.

    2. Kate

      I remember Dallas’ dad saying that about her too.

  100. Cami

    This is suuuper vague but there was an episode with a girl who had this big round container like a barrel or drum in her room that was just full of dirty syringes

    She was young i think teens/early 20s
    Addiction was heroin or some other opiate/painkiller, I remember she had really bad withdrawals (body cramps specifically if I’m remembering correctly)
    I seem to remember the majority of the episode taking place in her bedroom
    Pretty sure she either lived with her dad, or he came to her apartment daily to check on her
    I think it was a more recent episode

    Anyone remember this?

    1. Britt

      Hey Cami, you’re thinking of Shandon. Season 21

      1. Cami

        Yes! Thank you!