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Season 9, Episode 4


Age:  28
Location: LaSalle, Illinois
Addicted to: Methadone
What’s Memorable: How sick Jimmy’s addiction has made his mother Joanie. She’s way more of a mess than he is, and probably the most enabling and co-dependent parent I’ve seen on this show.

Official synopsis:  Raised by an absentee alcoholic father, Jimmy joined a gang at 13 and was soon addicted to heroin. The birth of Jimmy’s son prompted him to try to get clean, but when things got tough with his new family, he began using again. Now Jimmy shares a dangerous methadone addiction with his ailing mother that threatens to kill them both.

Original Air Date: January 2011
Interventionist: Jeff

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  1. Jess

    It’s a sad story but, coming from knowing him, he has a good heart. Wishing him all the best. I love you jimmy

    1. jimmy martin

      thank you jess,love you.

      1. Jevon

        Good thing about this directory got people that don’t know you who got love for you even after all the years since intervention. Stay up bro

  2. Anon

    Anyone know about how he is doing now?

  3. Dewey

    His mom was in so much pain and she gave him her pain meds

  4. Irene

    It’s seriously so sad that he was able to stay sober for a long time and then relapsed due to the epilepsy. Also, I hate that there’s no new information about him. Seems like a guy who could really make it in this world if not for the drugs.

    1. Michelle Simpson

      Any current info on Jimmy?

      1. jimmy martin

        im doing well im in baton rouge LA mom,is doing good.thank you for asking..

  5. Lm

    Been there, I wish I could help. It is all worth it jimmy, to get clean.

    1. Daymond

      Thank you

  6. Siouxsie

    Here is his sisters FB:
    There’s a family Christmas picture with Jimmy in it from January 2018. He looks ok, but I’m wondering if Joanie’s husband passed away or if they got divorced?

  7. jimmy martin

    Thank all of you ,for comments.It has been a long time time since i watched this..Im doing good sober ,clean enjoying my life here in baton rouge LA,…I really dont know what to say,I do want to thank all of you for taken the time to leave comments and concerns….Im happy that this part of my life is over it was by far one of the hardests things that I had to over come in my life. Again thank all you ,if there is any thing that I can help with please,email me,any? .I would be happy to help .Thank you Intervention… [email protected] jimmy martin

    1. Anon

      Were you ever shot in the butt with a 38 hollow point? I wasn’t sure if you ever mentioned that

      1. Andy

        So cringy, anon 😳

    2. Susie

      Any update? Just watched the show. Hoping for the best for you and your mom.

  8. jimmy martin

    im doing good thank all of you ..momis doing ,everyone is good ..

  9. Xlio

    Did anyone else completely love the step father? What a straight shooter but sensitive dude.

    1. Andy

      Probably my favorite person from this episode.

    2. Kara Bishop

      I loved him!

  10. Kat

    Jimmy your episode is one of my favorites and I’m so happy to hear that you stayed sober. The moment between you and your dad at your intervention is so genuine and heartfelt and every time I watch it I tear up and I am so happy that you ended up saying yes. It’s wonderful to hear your mom is doing well too. I wish the best for you and your family!

  11. Ingrid

    This was a good episode just watched it again 2023 just going through some episodes first off Jimmys mother Joanie was so sweet but stuck on her son and not focusing on herself the poor woman has lupus and yet she would give her son her methadone and when she ran out she would drink so happy she went and got treatment because mixing pills and booze is a bad combination Jimmy to went to rehab what I couldn’t believe was he moved in with his mom?! and said he began using again because of an epilepsy diagnose dam I was hopping Joanie and her boyfriend got married and lived happily after not Jimmy relapsing and moving in with her

  12. J

    i’m glad Jimmy is doing well now! he seemed like a cool guy, especially when he’s clean! anyone know how his mother is doing? she was, for lack of a better term, a hot mess…

  13. Kim

    Good for you Jimmy!! Just watched your intervention and I am so happy to hear that you have stayed sober. You must be so proud of yourself!!! I know I am of you!! Life can suck but you have shown that it can be done. Good for you!!!