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Season 11, Episode 2


Age: 21
Location: Portland, Oregon
Addiction: Heroin
What’s memorable: Shooting up in the femoral veins, the insanely oblivious enabling mother, how ridiculously good-looking Dallas and her fellow Portland street kid boyfriend would be if they weren’t junkies, the fact that they both prostitute themselves for heroin. “You have to what you have to do and there’s no shame in this crazy heroin game that we’re in.” -Jason

Official Synopsis: Strikingly beautiful with a great sense of humor, Dallas is nevertheless addicted to heroin and lives on the streets. After her mother attempted suicide, Dallas turned to drugs to deal with the confusion and pain. But Dallas’s mother is in denial about her addiction and supports her “heroin-chic” lifestyle. Dallas’s family needs a wake-up call and face her problems head-on if they’re going to save her.

Original Air Date: January 2012
Interventionist: Donna

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  1. poeyedtree

    i met her in front of the Mexican restaurant in Portland with my fiance Jason.. She was very sweet and beautiful.. she gave me a cigarette and told me how happy she was for me and my fiance.. I wish her all the best of love

  2. poeyedtree

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    dallas… one of the ones from neverland

  3. kremyy

    I was really angry with the mother,she was thinking about herself and defending her non existent reputation…What kind of parent does heroin with her daughter or let a 14 year old be with addicts? Just horrible…

  4. Gregory Moore

    Dallas’s beautiful (and strong!) inner spirit shines through at every turn in this episode–even when she was at her lowest. I wish her nothing but success. And her mother is just human…flawed….sometimes lost. She seems to be trying to do her best within her own clearly unhappy and misguided life. Dallas’s brother and sister seem like absolutely lovely kids as well–so someone did something right along the way to make them that way(those two loveable grandparents, perhaps?). I’m so happy this one seems to have turned out positively.

    Keep rising, Dallas!

  5. Gloria Jean

    This episode has stayed with me for such a long time now. I can’t help but wonder how Dallas and Jason are doing. My heart broke watching them and I actually cried for them. I wish them the best and hope they are both living a clean, happy, healthy and vibrant life. There was so much potential and light in the both of them, and I just pray they were able to find and maintain a path of good health.

  6. Halley

    There are rumors that she’s using again.. my heart hurts for her. I can’t forget her episode, agree with Gregory, she left an imprint on my heart.

  7. Halley

    *in the comments

  8. kristy

    It looks like her and her boyfriend are still together and doing well. I came across her Facebook page. Her name is Dallas McMackin.

  9. Donna

    I just checked out her FB. This girl is absolutely gorgeous! Why is she not modeling? I don’t know if she’s clean, but she looks great, healthy. I hope she’s doing well.

  10. Sarah

    She is still clean and doing great!

  11. Holly

    Precious young lady! I sure hope that she’s able to get well. She reminded me of my daughter when she was at her intervention, she looked so innocent and sweet. My daughter is 21, she’s an alcoholic and is currently in a program “Teen Challenge” they have locations all over the world. Its a year program and she’s been in for three months. I laugh when I think about that first call to the facility “it’s a year!? Okay thank you sir” and hung up the phone. I couldn’t imagine my angel being gone for a year but after her 2nd DUI in 6 months it was jail or treatment. We don’t have insurance and certainly don’t have the 10’s of thousands of dollars to send her.
    If you know of someone that needs help and have the same situation as we did, look them up! God bless!

    1. Marie

      How did that go? I am very curious about Teen Challenge’s effectiveness.

    2. Samantha

      There’s a Teen Challenge down the road from my house. They also run a discount store in town that I guess the people in the program work at. I know the people I’ve met at the store are very nice. I think they do a very good job. If I fell back into my addiction I would definitely go there if they had an opening but something tells me the one here is men only because I don’t recall ever seeing a woman around the store or at one of their fundraising stations at the grocery store. I could be wrong though.

  12. Joy

    Like most of us on this site, I’ve watched SEVERAL of the interventions. I can truly say, this is the first that made me cry. The father’s reaction and grand parents broke my heart. You can just see how much love they have for Dallas. I truly hope that Miss Dallas continues to do well in her recovery and enjoys all the adventures life has to offer when you truly live it. She seems like such a genuinely, wonderful, young lady with much to offer this world!

  13. Lisa

    I just seen Dallas’s show on I intervention, I have been thinking about her for a couple days since I seen the show….. I pray Dallas that YOU still clean and healthy! I have a son who is a addict himself, he has been clean for 5 months . Doing great managing a catering hall. I am so proud of him, I thank God all the time for helping him through his difficult time. Dallas you touched my heart. I hope you and Jason are happy, healthy and positive for each other. God Bless you both.

  14. Halley

    Dallas is probably my favorite person from intervention ever… hope she is doing well. ♥

  15. adnan

    knowing Dallas is the greatest privilege I have, she is an extraordinary woman

  16. LTempel

    Her mom is a hard person not to judge in a negative way. Very hard.

  17. kariann russo

    I just watched this for the second time. I can relate to dallas. I wish I could help her. I have lived her life for over 25 years. It just breaks my heart seeing this. Now I know what I put my family through. Im on methadone currently been sober for almost 5 years. In the process of detoxing out on 10mgs. Never thought I would live to be 48. Been through it all jail,institution, seen alot of death and sickness. I pray for u dallas.

    1. jess

      where did you watch her episode? i cant find it anywhere.

      1. corinne

        it’s on hulu if you have hulu!

      2. jess

        Where can i watch this if i live in canada? No hulu here

      3. Kara Bishop

        The A&E app… Just download it… You can also get more recent updates on the credits… And sometimes they have extra clips on the intervention and even update clips.

    2. jess

      Where do u watch this episode?

      1. Madre


    3. Shell

      Sweet darling…being on methadone is not being sober…

    4. Kara Bishop

      Kariann I disagree with Shell, if you are taking methadone as prescribed, and not taking any benzos to create a heroin like high, then you ARE sober! You cannot feel any high from methadone if you are coming off of an opiate, unless you take it with benzos. Even if you keep increasing your dose, hoping for a high, it will make you sleepy, almost like nodding off, but you’re not feeling any euphoric high. There is a huge difference between being addicted to heroin and the euphoric high & taking a methadone prescription without such a high. Methadone also helps addicts because it blocks you from feeling high if you were to take other opiates. And it helps you to feel normal and function in life so you can successfully work, go to school, build relationships, etc. Plus you are tapering and are almost off of it! Methadone helps addicts stay sober…just my opinion…

  18. beelove

    her journal

    she mentions in a late 2015 entry that her mother is a “late stage heroin adddict” and her younger sister “now 18) has a drug problem, as well.

    1. Eff

      It says she’s into meth now.

      1. Jeanbak

        No it says she hates meth and only used it occasionally in the past but that she has spontaneous episodes that FEEL like she did meth and is worried it is mania like her mother experienced

  19. Dewey

    Late stage heroin addiction. Yikes. How did she go from booze to H.

  20. BOBBYB

    This episode is one of the few that hit home for me. When I was a young teenager I walked into my garage and my dad had a gun to his head. I talked him down from it which was one of the hardest things for me to ever do. To this day, I still struggle with feeling inadequate due to those events (even though my father and I have a MUCH healthier relationship now).

    Dallas if you ever read this just know that life is worth living and its beautiful even if everything seems horrible right now there is beauty passed the darkness. You ever need someone to talk to just over the border in Boise lemme know. I wish you the best!

  21. Brian

    You are so amazingly beautiful Dallas with the most mesmerizing eyes and a smile that lights up the world. I too have struggled with drugs and I feel like it will always be a constant battle. I am actually watching your episode right now tearing up and I wanted to try and reach out to you. I hope you are doing well since the intervention. It’d be sweet if we got to meet one day in person cuz you seem awesome! Keep on shining :). Much love.

  22. Dewey

    Her last entry says she’s doing meth now. I think that’s what she was saying. Poor kid

    1. jess

      Do u know where I can watch this episode?

    2. Big W

      You guys for lack of better words need to learn to read… lol, kidding, of course – but honestly Dallas’ post never said she was actively using anything in fact, but especially not meth. She was describing mania, a symptom of bipolar disorder that feels like someone who would be considered a ‘normie,’ on meth. I can relate to her in many ways, not the mania part at least currently but even with the mother part to so many extents she might as well have used with me as much as she’s scarred my upbringing. But I am at peace and this is not about me. Just wanted to clear up that rumor as I haven’t even talked to her recently but clearly read (with concern) the post after your comment and saw no indication in there that she was currently using uppers, in fact she mentions how much she hates them and that ‘they’re not for me.’ She instead points to downers, namely heroin and opiates as her form of escape and destruction. Had to clear that up as a solid for Dallas! Go girl, miss our talks. xo

      1. Alice Schmid

        Well actually what she says in that post is that she wished every one in the world had done meth so they would understand what it is to be in her head. She leaves that as an ambiguous statement: Either that Meth intoxication is what mania feels like OR She is using meth. The point being, I would not make such a strongly statement, especially since she has not commented further in the subsequent 3 years.

      2. Kitty Katt

        She also stated:

        I’ve done a lot, and through THOROUGH “taste-testing” if you will, I discovered that uppers (such as aforementioned METH) were NOT my jazz. Nah uh. Slipped some hits into a short period of my life and fucked like a banshee, yes, but I of all people was not made to mass produce those chemicals for myself. Heroin was my cruel cool crusade. Uppers ere a trip I’d gladly leave by their lonesome along the side of the road somewhere.

        So clearly she states she used Meth and other uppers in the past but realized they weren’t for her so she preferred Heroin as her drug choice.

    3. A.S.

      That’s not what she was saying, she is clean. She was talking about having a manic episode and it feeling similar to doing meth.

      1. Dread

        Dallas is a cool was Chuck. Watching her intervention episode is one of the reasons why I wanted to come to Portland, so it was crazy for me when I met her in person. Small world huh! She is amazing and so sweet. She touched my heart watching the show and meeting her. She gave me a big hug when I told her how she was a reason I wanted to come to Portland. As a fellow heroin addict Dallas will always have a special place in my heart. You are an inspieraton Dallas. -Dread

      2. Kara Bishop

        It is mainly about her manic episodes feeling like a meth high. And as kitty katt said, Dallas does say that she taste tested meth in the past, but it wasn’t her cup of tea, as heroin was.

    4. Kitty Katt

      I don’t understand how you came to that conclusion. It’s pretty clear that it’s the opposite.

  23. Dewey

    You can probably see some of on utube. Or u can get ae app and see it tht way

  24. Flo

    She mentioned her mom in passed tense. Hope Lisa didn’t pass away

  25. Flo

    Here’s part of what Dallas said

    “It has been 5 years that my body has randomly plagued me with what I can only assume is the mania that haunted my mother as well. With what have finally been professionally described as manic episode”

    1. Kitty Katt

      I believe her mother is still alive. I read it as she was finally diagnosed with the same thing her mother was haunted with. I don’t think she meant it as if she had passed away.

      1. Kara Bishop

        I agree…

  26. Starlordstargod

    God bless u dallas hope u hav a life full of life health, wealth,love and happiness dallas u are worth all the money,drugs,gold,power,diamonds on this planet and deserve a life thats amazing my name is dallas as well it was my dads name I was hook on drugs and alcohol for 12years relapsed a few times but haven’t done it for 3years and go to college an study business right now I wish u success dallas so much and I know u hav it in you to be wt ever u won’t my email is [email protected] if u wanna chat ok love u and ur family bye and godbless

  27. Cindy Slim

    Dallas I pray for you that you continue to do well for yourself; your such a beautiful young women and I know what you went thru wasn’t easy but now you can help other young women who are in the same situation. Trust God and Pray!! Best Wishes…

  28. Julia

    Found Dallas online…so glad to see that she, Jason, and the entire family seem to be doing well!

  29. KK

    Dallas and Jason are both on Instagram and still together! Their user names are iamanepigram and fason_judge. Lovely to see they are both together and I hope they are both clean and doing well, can’t really tell from the photos.

  30. Diane S

    Lisa is the Mother From Hell!

  31. A.S.

    Update, she died in 2021.

    1. A.S.

      Ahh sorry I meant 2016

      1. Stefan

        Do you have an obituary you wouldn’t mind sharing?

      2. A.S.

        Stefan no I don’t unfortunately but having Googled her a while ago it said she died August 20 2016. I can’t confirm for sure if this is correct or not.

      3. Dahlia

        She posted on IG as late as Fall 2019. Why spread rumours and lies?

      4. April S.

        Her boyfriend posted pics of him and her in Summer of 2020 on IG. Stop trusting a literal Google “ad” that popped up as a search result. Be a better internet/social media sleuth than that, bro.

      5. A.S.

        I understand yes, my sincere apologies to Dallas and her loved ones.

      6. Ainmama

        She didn’t die. She posted on her IG at the beginning of June. She and Jason are married and live in Oregon.

    2. Sudie

      The mother did?

  32. Michael C

    Dallas is in the Pacific northwest and is still a prostitute but this is on her social media. I doubt she is sober.

    1. Stef

      Here’s Jason’s FB page… (no recent posts that I can view)

      Here’s Dallas’ page… she looks good!

    2. A.S.

      You are the same person who attacked me for just accidentally thinking she was dead. What’s your deal?

    3. Dahlia

      My deal is that dragging these people down in lies does not help. You simply have to do your research. It’s not about picking fights moreso it’s about respecting people who have gone through tough times and not spreading rumours and gossip based off anecdotal evidence.

    4. Gigi

      Dahlia your posts have ALL been inflammatory and hostile of late.

  33. Nivey

    Not sure where some people are getting this jnfo? She’s dead, still a prostitute, married to Jason?! Huh? According to her IG, yes she’s still with Jason. But her last post was in Nov. of 2019. Regardless of all the chatter and speculation I hope her and Jason are happy and healthy! From the looks of her posts she seems to be much better than from her appearance on the show. Wishing them both blessings!

    1. Erin

      Dallas hadn’t posted in a while but she’s replied to comments on her Instagram including one about how she’s doing. She said 6 weeks ago that she’s doing well and her and Jason are getting married!

  34. Nahrissa

    Wow. This episode was intense, not even so much because of Dallas, but because of the family. I am absolutely baffled and enraged that everyone, every single person in that family, was so aware of what was going on (except for a few painful details), but the mother was so deep in denial and hellbent on maintaining her “girlfriends” type of relationship with Dallas instead of being her mother. I was so impressed with Heather, the stepmother, at the beginning who really showed how much she cared about Dallas and wanted her to get better. The pain you could see on her family members’ faces during the intervention was so hard to watch. Her father breaking down as he read his letter and when Dallas left, her grandfather sobbing, and her grandmother just burying her face in her hands. And her sweet and loving sister Leah, so desperate to get her sister back that she was in danger of heading down the path of addiction as well. I absolutely loved the way that Donna handled the mother, who needed someone to get in her face like that, and loved that the grandmother backed her up!

    Between her mother being intentionally clueless and her boyfriend being okay with her prostituting herself to help supply him with drugs, I am just amazed that Dallas made it as far as she did. I did some poking around on social media based on what was mentioned in the comments and it really does look like she and Leah are doing well. I won’t say anything about the mother, but you can look her up. I hope that everyone in that family has gotten the help that they need for healing and have been able to move forward together. I was happy to see at the end of the episode Dallas said she was setting boundaries with her mother and that it was helping. I hope she was able to continue to take the space she needed to heal and be healthy.

    And I want to make an observation too that so many people commented on how beautiful she is, and this has happened with other interventions as well. I just find it interesting since as a society we so often place more value on people who are attractive, and I can’t help but wonder if some other addicts on the show have not received the same level of sympathy or interest from people because they’re not considered beautiful or attractive. Or if that even happens in real life. Sometimes obviously there are times where we can see how the drugs and addiction have ravaged someone’s appearance, but that was not the case for Dallas or Christina in the episode before this one. That’s not to throw shade on anyone who has made those comments, but when it seems to be a pattern, I really do wonder if we subconsciously think that only the beautiful are worth saving. This isn’t a judgment on anyone, but rather on our messed up society and it really sucks.

    1. Lisa Wallington

      You’re so right about the attractive vs not so attractive issue. Unfortunately, it’s our society. Just look at when happens with missing women. When is the last time we saw an unattractive missing woman being profiled? It’s the same with women of color. Basically if you’re not an attractive white person(usually a chick) and you go missing, you’re probably not gonna get the TV coverage as a pretty white chick would. Look at what happened recently with that Gabby Petito. Her face, her story etc was EVERYWHERE. I’m not saying it shouldn’t have been that way but I’m saying that it shouldn’t matter how rich or poor, how attractive or unattractive, white or person of color etc. EVERYONE deserves the help.

    2. Kara Bishop

      You are so right Nahrissa and Lisa! I have noticed that the ones that are “ pretty” and usually white, have so many more comments. And sometimes they were more comments on their beauty than on their character.
      Unfortunately, it is something that society helps foster. Also, we are drawn to attractive faces. In college, my professor talked about a study that was done on infants. The study found that infants spent more time looking at attractive and symmetrical faces than unattractive and non-symmetrical faces. I had another professor talk about how this is the evolutionary biology of beauty (survival of the fittest Darwin & Spencer) meaning if we are attracted to strong and pretty people, and therefore procreate with such, this ensures our chance of reproduction and survival of the human race.

      I hope Dallas has been able to continue her life of sobriety. She definitely is an amazing writer! Oh, and she’s beautiful… Ha ha!

    3. Kara Bishop

      You are so right Nahrissa and Lisa! I have noticed that the ones that are “ pretty” and usually white, have so many more comments. And sometimes there are more comments on their beauty than on their character.
      Unfortunately, it is something that society helps foster. Also, we are drawn to attractive faces. In college, my professor talked about a study that was done on infants. The study found that infants spent more time looking at attractive and symmetrical faces than unattractive and non-symmetrical faces. I had another professor talk about how this is the evolutionary biology of beauty (survival of the fittest Darwin & Spencer) meaning if we are attracted to strong and pretty people, and therefore procreate with such, this ensures our chance of reproduction and survival of the human race.

      I hope Dallas has been able to continue her life of sobriety. She definitely is an amazing writer! Oh, and she’s beautiful… Ha ha!

  35. Kara Bishop

    Dallas & Jason got married February 16, 2022 in Hawaii! She said that she’s been on a social media cleanse, that’s probably why you aren’t seeing recent posts. But in May 2022, she did comment on a comment section on her last IG post. It does look like her story helps a lot of people who are or have gone through addiction with themselves or a family member. God bless them both and all the other recovering addicts, as well as those that are still struggling with addiction! I myself am 19 years clean off of crystal meth, and almost 10 years clean off of opiates. & for those of you that are still on the treacherous path of addiction, it only takes one step to be on the path of recovery! ❤️🙏🏼🫶🏼

  36. MarC

    MICHEAL C NOT TRUE AT ALL. Dallas is doing VERY WELL and has been SOBER since the intervention! Please do research instead of being “sure she isn’t doing well”, because that would be like someone being a JERK and making inflammatory statements.