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Season 15, Episode 1


Age: 25
Location: Helena, Montana
Addiction: Alcohol, benzos

What’s Memorable: The opening video diary cam segment, the anorexia photos, how messy and disoriented she gets, the admission to her mom that she sleeps with guys for alcohol money, stumbling down the street after getting booted from a dive bar, trying to convince her ex boyfriend to let her come over. And that cop? Not trained well.

Official Synopsis: Musically gifted, intelligent, and beautiful, everyone assumed Kaeleen was destined for great things. But what nobody knew was that from age four to eleven, Kaeleen was methodically sexually abused. Now Kaeleen lives in her own world of mental anguish. To numb the pain, she self medicates with opiates and alcohol. Her family knows that without help, this girl with so many gifts is destined for an early death.

Original Air Date: March 2016
Interventionist: Ken



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  1. AB

    So glad the show’s back!

    I hope Kaeleen is okay. She went through so much in her life and seemed to have a real death wish. The show didn’t dwell much on it because her addictions were so severe, but a bipolar diagnosis is no small thing. It also looked in some shots like she was losing (pulling out?) her hair. And that moment in the car when she is so disoriented? Yikes. I wonder if Intervention couldn’t even tackle all the issues at play in this episode.

    One thing that really stood out to me was the timeline of Kaeleen’s abuse. Her mother said she raised Kaeleen alone until her daughter was 3. The episode description notes that Kaeleen was “methodically” abused from age 4 to 11. Kaeleen’s mother and stepfather met and married after the abuse but before the case went to trial. Kaeleen referred to finally knowing was a healthy family was like with her new step-family. A&E obviously couldn’t say it outright since he was acquitted, but it’s not too hard to guess the identity of the monster was who abused this talented, smart woman. It turns my stomach that he isn’t in jail, seeing the toll he took on her life.

    1. em

      not sure I could figure it out… her bio dad?

      1. Kaeleen Brave

        Hey everyone. I didn’t know this existed. I was feeling a little down and all the love made me cry! I am so happy to tell you that I have 2 years, 4 months clean AND sober. Oh. My. Gosh. The support and understanding you have for me makes me feel so great! I am married. I own my house. I am doing an open mic on Monday. I gave my son up for adoption 4 years ago because I was not ready at all. He has a wonderful family and I wrote to him today. I got sober November 1st 2018. I have a little girl. I am the happiest, healthiest, safe, sane, sober, stable and sound that I have ever been. I don’t make YouTube unless it’s music. I’ve switched to Tiktok. I am a follower of Christ now and have so much love for myself and everyone else. Thank you so much! Yes, it was my brother’s Dad that was the first perp. And yes, the show didn’t include the 3 other mental illness I struggle with. I also used to cut and burn myself and God showed me in a dream a vision of my daughter doing that. I realized I am God’s daughter and how much it hurts people and I havent self harmed in nearly a year. I struggle, yes. But I have found peace. Thank you all!

      2. Dizzy

        Great to hear that you’re doing so good Kaeleen. Thanks for updating us, and congrats on the sobriety! That’s awesome.

    2. Jordy

      In the episode, her mother explains that a little while ago, Kaeleen had been with a guy who threw her out of his car and left her for dead with a massive head injury. You could see the scar, and I think that’s what left her hair so patchy.

      1. AB

        Oh, good point. Jeez…

      2. Alice

        I think it was the eating disorder she mentioned. But I missed the scar from that awful assault, I could be wrong.

    3. Jenn

      Yeah, I am very unsure as well. Her bio-dad? Or her brothers dad as he was her half-brother and clearly not from the now stepdad. Care to elaborate?

      1. AB

        I was thinking a first step-dad–one prior to Glen, the nice man on the show. If Kaeleen was raised by a single mother “to age 3” (as Mom says), abused by “a relative” from ages 4-11, and her mother met&married Glen before the trial, that timeline sounds like there was a different two-parent relationship in those intervening years when Kaeleen was being abused.

        There are some weird edits that seem to be omitting details, such as when Kaeleen suddenly says when she got older she “realized something wasn’t right”, which sounds random and vague unless it was prefaced by “My new stepdad and I got along well at first, but then….”

        Just a thought.

      2. Kitty Katt

        She had no contact with her bio-dad because her mother said she raised her herself for the first 3 years. It was her brother’s bio dad that did it. She confirmed it in a message to us on here. Look around and you’ll see it.

    4. Christina

      Oh my gosh Kaeleen, it’s incredible to see your post and learn that you are doing well! Please know so many of us out here genuinely care about you. You are important to the world, thank you so much for the hard work you’ve done to stay with us! We’re cheering for you!

  2. SLF

    Kinda curious about how it said she was still in treatment or sober living, but only sober since Jan 2016? It was clearly summer when they were filming. No mention of a relapse so I’m assuming maybe she was weaning off benzos or on subs or something? Even tho the Ep discription said she was hooked on opiates I didn’t see her do any in the Ep. Either way – I’m glad to see she’s sober, she seems mad cool and is super talented

    1. Nicole

      I was wondering the same thing. My dad is from Alberta so I drove through Helena in November and it was already very snowy, so it doesn’t make sense…

  3. Becky

    Kaeleen has such a beautiful and bright soul. I could tell she is a very sweet woman who is just grappling with a lot. I would love to hear more of her music- hopefully she records some of it and puts it online.

  4. Jordy

    Wow, lots going on in this episode. It’s good to see that this show is back. Kaeleen is so beautifully unique and self aware, it was really hard to watch her destroy herself. Her level of hurt was so deep. Please be well, Kaeleen!

  5. Kat R.

    Kaeleen’s compelling story aside, I thought this episode was well done and seems like a return to the slower pace and emotional punch of the older episodes. Seeing Ken in tears during this episode brought me to tears too. And Latisha!!! What a happy update. Well done on this one, A&E.

    1. AMD

      totally agree! loved the pace! excellent episode 🙂

    2. Dizzy

      Agreed, this did feel like a return to old form, in a good way. It might have to do with just having one addict profiled instead of a “double episode” which naturally doesn’t allow for as much depth and feels way over-edited, and those double episodes made up the bulk of last season. Looks like the next episode is a single one too. Hope they keep this up, although I still wish there was more diversity in age and race than there has been the last few seasons.

  6. Halley

    I’m a music-lover who’s particularly obsessed with music, bt either way, i appreciated the music and beauty in Kaeleen’s soul. So glad she is doing well. ❤️

  7. kristy

    Did anyone else notice that she was pretty wasted for the amount of alcohol she consumed?

    1. Jordy

      I thought the same thing, but then remember all the prescription drugs she’s been taking.

      1. kristy

        Gotcha that’s right

      2. Chance and Destiny

        She also had an eating disorder which means the alcohol would affect her much more than a larger person who ate her calories

    2. AMD

      definitely the benzo mixing.
      you flop around like a fish, total black out.

  8. Brooke

    I’ve never seen someone look so broken on this show. You can tell she was just drowning her sorrows with drugs and alcohol and that she was in a lot of emotional pain. She is so beautiful and I hope she continues to be sober and happy

  9. Mand

    She’s in Facebook under Kaeleen Brave.

  10. Holly

    Kaeleen reminded me so much of myself, it was painful to watch. The sexual assault, loser guy friends, using and drinking anything, the creativity going to waste, my story exactly. Lots of other people on facebook have said how much she reminds them of themselves too.

  11. Madeline

    Here is her YouTube page. She is playing music with her old boyfriend.

  12. Hana Rosa

    I loved Kaeleen’s music, especially when she was playing her radly painted piano on the sidewalk! Those lyrics, wow. Cut right through to the core, in such an honest way that I haven’t heard in music since Fiona Apple debuted at a young age. I really hope she realizes how amazingly talented, special, beautiful and above all else, WORTHY she is and finds inner peace.
    Sending positive vibrations your way Kaeleen!
    -Hana, 32/f, Seattle, heroin addict in recovery…Day 19.

  13. Laura

    About 6 months ago I met Kaeleen. She was traveling with a guy that my boyfriend knows from when we lived in Asheville. My boyfriend and the dude she was with (I will omit names) had kept in contact over the years. They told us that they had checked themselves out of rehab (you can do that if you are of legal age) and were traveling from Florida to Asheville. The guy asked my boyfriend if they could stay with us for a night since we were a good stoping point along their way to Asheville. As soon as they arrived I was on my way to work so I only got about 10 minutes of interaction with them before I left. It was my first time meeting them both. She seemed kinda off but maybe it was because she was so sleepy. I came home after my shift to her asleep and the dude telling me she was “Sick.” They left the next morning pretty early. The dude was telling us all night about how she was “his angel” and how he loved her so much. He was a really sweet guy- just lacking a bit of direction. After the two of them left my boyfriend told me that, based on her symptoms, he thought she was not sick but actually in withdrawl. He said he waited to tell me because he knew I would have made them leave but the dude was his friend and he had already told them they could stay. I definitely do not support that in my family home. Apparently she had talked about how she was going to be on this show throughout the entire time she was awake. I was obviously pissed- but hoped it was not true. I see now that it was- and i’m sorry to see she had already relapsed without even completing her treatment. The dude she was with had his own car- so I guess she wanted to be with him to get out of Florida. The only reason I say that is because the last time we spoke to the guy, she had run away without a trace and he said he was heartbroken. We have not seen nor heard anything since. I came on here to see if there was any news about her recovery since then or anything to make me hope that maybe they both might be alright. It is a lonely and sad life to live and I feel immense sorrow for them both. I can only wish them strength and love through the process.

    1. Vicky

      This is one of the coolest stories on here. It’s usually family, friends, or the addicts that come here to say what they have been up to. Can’t believe she actually stayed in your house!! That’s nuts!

  14. May

    I just checked out Kaeleen’s YouTube channel linked above and she’s now making beauty videos and looks great. She’s very pregnant as well. Looks like things are much better for her, thankfully!

    1. May

      Just to update my previous comment, she uploaded a video where she talks about her journey since Intervention. She’s very open and honest about everything.

  15. Holly

    Kaeleen hasn’t updated her YouTube account in quite awhile which is odd because for while, she was making frequent updates. I hope she didn’t go back to using…

    1. Julie

      She posted a new video last night.

      1. Samantha

        Video deleted. What did she say?

    2. kitty katt

      If I had to guess from looking at her Facebook page, I would say she isn’t using. She looks great and is frequently posting updates on there.

  16. Interventionist

    The absolute lack of any justice for this girl after assault after assault after assault was just so freaking harrowing. I literally couldn’t even watch this episode in one take. The world is screwed if this is what justice looks like. Poor thing, hope she and her child are well

  17. May

    She’s gone back to Montana and unfortunately it seems that she’s relapsed and is living in a camper 😕

    1. Ami

      Wow. It’s amazing what someone can get from a video. She said she fell off the wagon and did mushrooms once, and has been sober from everything but marijuana for the last year and seven months.

      1. May

        So anyway, in her newest video she admits she’s relapsed and been drinking again. Sometimes you CAN tell from one video when there was a year’s worth of previous videos where she was sober and acting completely differently.

  18. Ami

    Yes, in THIS video you can tell for sure.

  19. ALICE

    Kaeleen is about 3 months pregnant and engaged. It seems like she is currently clean. Yay Kaeleen! Keep it up for yourself and your baby!

  20. DEAN0812

    She posted a goodbye video on her YouTube channel.

  21. Lolita

    This girl reminded me SO much of myself before I got into treatment. I’m no expert but she is clearly suffering from BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). I can spot one from a mile away. The way she used alcohol and drugs and men and didn’t have a care in the world but those things. And how she’s had her eating disorder in the past. How intelligent she was (is). I think that is what made this so hard to watch. Alcohol, benzodiazepines, coke, and molly were all my drug of choice. I had an eating disorder for 8 years or so. It’s so heart wrenching watching someone so beautiful go through the same things I did. You just wanna hug them through the screen and tell them everything is going to be okay. I hope she is doing well now. God bless her.

    1. Koga Shuko

      Helena Montana is my hometown. Born and lived there 26 years. The thing the show doesn’t talk about is there is a large chunk of the town’s population is wrapped up in some kind of hardcore addiction. Drugs of all types but Meth and Opioids are the biggest next to alcohol. I wish this chick well but sadly in Montana it is rare to see true recovery.

  22. Silvana Migliaccio

    Karleen’s story always breaks my heart when I happen to see it!! But looks like things have turned around for her! She posts videos on You Tube and she also has a IG! Looks like she has a cute little daughter and boyfriend. One of her videos shows her practicing spiritual mindfulness too! Wow! Happy for her and hope it lasts!

  23. Nivey

    Kaeleen looks to be doing well! She posts videos on You Tube and also has a IG page!! She has a cute baby daughter and boyfriend and looks like she practices mindfulness and spiritual healing. Good for her! Happy to see she is doing well!!

  24. Maureen O

    Kaelene Brave – it is so good to hear from you and to know you have years of sobriety and are doing well. Your goodness and beautiful spirit was so moving — I wanted so much for you to find the happiness you so deserved and to defeat the terrible wrong that was done to you. Please always believe you are a gift to everyone that knows you, and I wish I could count myself among them. Stay strong and keep up the hard work to stay sober, you are someone who makes this world a better place.

  25. Dr Shitzengiggles

    Dizzy, I think she’s from Montucky. She had some great one liners. “I care for you, you care for me. But you’re going to bed right now & I’m f*%kn not dude.” as she heads out hammered. Hope she’s doing well, I really liked her.

  26. Sam

    Is the mother’s side of Kaeleen’s family, and is Kaeleen, Native American?

  27. jeffery s peper

    when you played your guitar and sang at the end of your intervention show.. I wanted to know if wrote OR made a single or album>>>you are that good! TAKE CARE!

  28. Alex

    Kaeleen… just watched your episode. Glad to hear you’re doing well. The effects of what trauma do on a developing child are complicated and tragic. We’re all rooting for you! Peace and love from SC.

  29. Nivey

    This was posted 1 year ago! Looks like Kaeleen is doing well and still making beautiful music! So very happy for her!!

  30. Nivey

    I found Kaeleen on Tik Tok! She met her now husband in 2018 and said he introduced her to God. They were baptized, married, and had a baby girl! She looks amazing and healthy! She’s still writing and playing music and even sharing her story of addiction and how she overcame it! She says she is 3 years sober. Her episode was so memorable and, at times, hard to watch! I’m so very happy she finally found the love from a man that she deserves after all that terrible abuse she suffered! God bless!

    1. Stefan

      As someone who suffers with mental health issues to the point where I can barely keep a job, I gotta say that one of the strongest motivating factors I have to never touch hard drugs is that I don’t want to risk becoming a Jesus freak in recovery.

      1. Nivey

        I wouldn’t say she’s “Jesus freak” status. She just mentions finding God/spirituality through her husband. But I guess whatever works for you. All I know is I would much rather see her in the condition she is today (happily married, safe, stable, with a cute baby) rather than the way she was in her episode where at times it looked like she would never make it. Jesus or no Jesus.

    2. Nivey

      She looks AMAZING! Keep that inner light SHINING BRIGHT! ✨️

  31. THX1138-C

    Kaeleen is definitely a light for the world — I’ve only known her story for less than an hour and it was the uplift I needed to hear. Keep up the good work and let your light shine!

  32. Molly

    wish we could get the name and face of this coward cop! kaeleen – hope you’re doing well. you deserved so much better