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Season 15, Episode 15


Age: 36
Location: St Catherine’s, Ontario, Canada
Addiction:  Crack, pain killers, benzos, alcohol

What’s Memorable:  The rather harrowing scene of him seemingly going crazy in his apartment with his daughters there. The fear and tension in the room was so palpable and uncomfortable.

Update: Ryan Luken passed away on June 30, 2019. Here is his obituary.

Official Synopsis: Badly bullied youth turns to drugs for a chance to fit in. Now he’s lost everything–his wife, two daughters, and his sanity.

Date Aired:  August 2016

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  1. Toreigh

    Anyone at all have any updates on ryan? I really felt for his daughters and hope he, and the rest of his family are doing well and that hes staying healthy and sober.

    1. Ryan Luken

      Hey everyone, it’s Ryan Luken. I made a video for you all to watch how about me and how I’m doing right now I broke my foot really bad it’s about the only bad thing that’s going on in my life. Life is pretty good when you don’t have to stress about drugs or your life. I really wish I could have uploaded the video because it’s a lot more I said but if it wasn’t for intervention I wouldn’t be here where I am today, I’d be Six Feet Under. So I have an amazing amount of love for Edgewood and all the people that work there I have to put up with me lol. Currently my eldest is going to be passing grade 12 with honors and my youngest is going to be going into grade 12 and on October 4th of this year 2019 I going to be 40 that sounds so bad LOLOL. I won’t lie I drink beer not to get drunk I just like to drink my beer Liquors a whole different problem and I smoke pot for pain management and I am on CBD pills and drops for the pain when I jumped off the bridge but now I have a new pain and that’s my foot and busting your ankle and all the bones in your feet is by far worse and jumping off a bridge I never felt such pain but you know what they gave me painkillers just for a little bit and I haven’t touched him since it’s going to be a long time before I walk properly again but that’s not going to hold me down nothing is going to hold me down anymore. Other than that that link you’re free to check out my Facebook if you want I might have to switch it to public but it’s amazing to find out that people still want to know about me 4 years later not really touch my heart so I’d like to thank all you on the intervention team and the people that watch it because you guys changed my life it was just me who had to do all the hard work and now that I know this little blog thing is the skier I’m going to keep up with it and any questions anyways take care of everybody and we’ll talk soon.

      1. Kitty Katt

        Ryan! Thank you so much for the update. I’m happy to hear all is well with you. It’s amazing how Intervention brings people you don’t even know that are rooting for you and as an audience member, you watch it and really care about the person that is featured in each show.

        Keep the good work up. Please come visit us every once in a while because we really do care and love to get updates especially when they are all good.

        God Bless.

      2. KATRINA

        Ryan passed away yesterday everyone is really sad I don’t know all details yet but I will comment when I know

    2. Ingrid

      Ryan passed away June 30 2019 suddenly at home they are not saying the cause of death rest easy Ryan

  2. Jess

    He’s one of my close friends and he is doing well. I was absolutely shocked at his behavior on the show. He’s always been one of the sweetest, most caring friends ever. How he was on drugs is definitely not how he is normally. I have nothing but good things to say about him. He’s a wonderful human being.

  3. Toreigh

    So super glad to hear you and your daughters are doing so well! Keep up your hard work! We all are on your team!

  4. Lisa

    Sadly Ryan passed away on June 30, 2019. He will be missed.moo

  5. Kitty Katt

    Chad Luken posted it on his own fb page. The last post Ryan has was from 6/22 where he speaks about his 2 friends who just died. So sad.

  6. Ami

    Does anyone know how he died?

  7. Toreigh

    That is the link for what is going to be his obituary. As of right now it is currently just a death notice.

  8. Caitlin

    At the part where he is showing his girls his candles, did anyone else catch the music that plays at the end of Hoarders?

  9. Ingrid

    condolences to Ryan’s Daughters and family for his passing June 30 2019 Rest in Peace Ryan

  10. Marissa

    This guy loved that dog more than his two daughters. I GASPED when he said he couldn’t go to rehab for his dog but not go for his daughters.

    1. Kira

      Kira here-Ryan’s daughter. like all reality tv show- they take things out of context for this exact reason, it’s more dramatic. I can say with all certainty that my dad did not love Camo more than Summer and I. Just thought I’d put that out there, bless.

      1. Sonya

        Hi Kira, I am currently watching the episode involving your dad and y’all. I hope you’re both having a happy and healthy life. Everyday is a blessing 😊💜

      2. Sonya

        Merry Christmas (eve lol)