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Season 14, Episode 8


Age: 41
Location: Brandon, Florida
Addiction: Alcohol and spice (I just had to add a new category for this first time in years)

What’s memorable: Well that was quite the ride. Bryceton seems like a pretty fun and interesting person trapped in the life of an addict, treating people like crap and in full denial about how his behavior is affecting the people who love him. I think this episode may have had more bleeps that any other in the history of Intervention. Man is he a scary dude when he’s high. On spice. WTF, SPICE? Is he just doing it instead of actual weed because it doesn’t show up on piss tests?  I loved the follow up, and I will remember this quote forever: “When I look in the mirror I see a loser; a loser trying to convince himself he’s a winner.” That gave me chills for some reason.

Official Synopsis: A talented singer-songwriter, Bryceton’s addicton to alcohol and spice (synthetic marijuana) is completely out of control. His wife struggles to raise their son while coping with Bryceton’s erratic behavior, but she’s fighting a losing battle.

Original Air Date: May 2015
Interventionist: Jeff (JVV!)

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  1. X

    Anyone else notice the confederate “The South Will Rise Again” flag at his friends’ place? #awkward

    1. Brooke

      ugh gross. FIRST thing i noticed.

  2. Kat R.

    OMG the Hubert update!!! Tears…

  3. Kat R.

    That WAS a ride. One minute I was crying with him and the next minute I couldn’t stand him. Glad he got help. I really loved how they integrated his music into the first part of the episode. Great follow up, JVV seemed to really genuinely like him, which made me smile.

  4. Dave Prive

    How are.things going Bryceton? I’m.proud of you. I have an opiate addiction and a 7 year old daigher, I get help like you?

    1. Ryan

      There are so many ways you can get help and start your own journey into sobriety. Contact me if you would like to take the first step towards a new life! You deserve it!

  5. Christopher

    Congratulations Briceton for going to treatment! I have over 25 years sober in the program my life is changed so much for the better it is truly a miracle. I wish exactly the same for you and peace and love for your family. You did the right thing stay sober go to meetings never look back.

  6. lisa

    He’s one of those tortured souls. It’s what makes his music so good. I’m interested in knowing more about spice and its effects as I’ve not seen it before.

  7. Crystal

    I really liked this guy even in the moments he was off the rails. He’s got a compelling personality that makes me want him to get better that much more. I felt for his wife. She looked so drawn and tired. And classic JVV…love him so much.

  8. Shoshana

    Yes! I love this guy! Bryceton, please don’t ever give up on sobriety. You are incredibly lovable and have wonderful things to share.

  9. Jo

    Really rooting for you, Bryceton. You seem extremely talented and funny as hell. Even though addiction strained your relationships, it was obvious that you love your wife and family deeply. Praying that you continue to stay sober and writing and performing. You have do much to offer this world!

  10. Amy

    To answer your original question in the post, (one of) the reason(s) people do Spice or K2, is because it will not show up on a standard drug test. I am a licensed alcohol and drug counselor and I know that MOST drug tests that facilities use (whether it be residential treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, counseling, probation/parole, doctors offices, employer, and the ones you can buy over the counter) definitely do NOT test for Spice, and the special test that is specifically for Spice is VERY expensive. Any time you are testing for something out of the ordinary it will cost more because you will need an addiction test. For example. there has been a recent spike of Fentanyl being in the heroin around where I work so we’ve had to order special tests JUST for Fentanyl, and those are about 32 dollars extra, per test. I’m not sure how much the test for Spice is but I DO know that it is very expensive, due to the fact that Spice is a pretty new substance, abuse wise, so the few companies that make a drug test for it can pretty much charge whatever they damn well feel like!

    Phew, sorry about the novel that I just wrote to answer your one question. Now I’m going to watch this episode because you’ve got me intrigued!

    1. Michelle walls

      Tests for spice cost around $100 each


      Thanks for the info. Money is the factor people tend to forget when they think about treatment, monitoring, etc. Most of the people I have known who went for inpatient treatment did not have the money or insurance to go to the seaside resorts featured on the show! – not to minimize the work they are doing.

      I wish you well in your important work.

  11. Vanity Greene

    Me and my boyfriend, Jonathon, instantly felt a very close connection with Bryceton. He seemed so much like us, even though we don’t drink..We were addicted to spice or K2 for about 5 years. So we’ve smoked pretty much every different kind imaginable. You wouldn’t believe how much the chemicals and ingredients are being altered in each batch, just so they can get around the laws. When you buy a bag, you have no clue what you’re getting, you mind as well being playing russian-roulette. I’ve had tons of seizures and unexplained episodes where I seem like I was possessed with some type of evil, demon-like entity. And the whole time it was going on, I couldn’t see anything but black, I couldn’t speak, I was only able hearing my boyfriend crying and pleading for me to come out of it and I remember hearing him pleading with whatever dark entity that was possessing me, to leave my body. The whole time, all I could hear was his voice, I had lost all motor functions, no matter how hard I tried, couldn’t speak at all, I couldn’t see anything but black. It was the worst experience of my life. My boyfriend eventually threw me into the bathtub and showered me in freezing cold water. He was trying his best to get me to snap out of it. Thank God, after being in this condition for over a hour, I finally came back to myself. It felt like what I would imagine being in a coma would feel like, having no control over my own body, no sight, no voice, nothing. Only thing I had left was the complete darkness, my own thoughts and the awful sound of my boyfriend’s scared, terrified voice, pleading with God to bring me back…And after all that, it wasn’t even ten minutes later after I came to, that I wanted to hit the bowl again..I truly believe that it’s 100% pure evil and that it does PERMANENT damage to the brain, that isn’t reversible. I’m just so thankful that we don’t do it anymore..

    P.S. PLEASE, PLEASE do an update on Bryceton and how he’s currently doing..

    Thank you,
    Vanity Greene

  12. Alana

    And this stuff is legal?

    1. Ash

      Not so much “legal” as it is harder to test for than regular weed. Personally I wish they wouldn’t refer to SPICE as synthetic marijuana because it’s nothing like it. Its more like smoking potpourri, but with even more chemicals. SPICE is scary because some people have no reaction, while others have some of the most intense highs ever.

  13. Jimmie

    I had never heard of the stuff he was taking before this episode aired. I hope for the best for him and his family.

  14. Nicole

    This is one of the first episodes I’ve ever seen. I’d like to know how Bryceton is doing now! I could relate a lot to him even though I have different drug of choice the underlying mental health issues he has and sexual trauma he went through are very similar to me.

  15. Derek

    … What episode and addict are you people talking about? Sounds like a great guy, but I have no clue who it is, since this episode is about Bryceton, and speaking as someone who has struggled with chronic pain and substance abuse myself, I can still say Bryceton is the BIGGEST asshole I have ever seen on Intervention … or any other reality tv show for that matter. Kudos to him for turning his life around by the end of the episode, but my God that’s as bad as self-pity, codependency and addiction gets. He’s in complete denial about his addiction, he’s in complete denial about the fact that it does have an impact on his family (DUH), he’s not only in complete denial about being a good husband or father, he’s a total asshole about it, LAUGHING at the people who love him and treating them like utter shit. If he was my brother and talked the way he does to me in my house, I would have tossed him out of it, and broken his jaw if he kept running his mouth. You cannot save people who do NOT want to be saved.

    Expecting a constant Spice user to be rational enough to accept an intervention alone was a tremendous act of faith. I was AMAZED he did a 180 when he realized he was going to go to jail, but I still think he accepted the intervention mainly because it would mean being locked up and going through withdrawal in jail. Maybe these things are not important in the long run, but call a duck a duck, don’t sing their praises.

    1. Rod

      This was the only episode I couldn’t finish watching. His outbursts were quite disturbing. Total redneck a-hole who treated everyone like crap.

    2. Katie

      Omg THANK YOU I too was reading this blog SHOCKED that people liked Bryceton. I found him nearly unbearable to the point where when he was racing away from the intervention I was dying for everyone to let him go! I found him scary, even at his follow up with JVV

  16. Kandy

    Your seasons and episodes are wrong. Just letting you know.

  17. Kay cherv

    Not sure if this is allowed but here is his Facebook link.

  18. Seth

    I really wanted to have hope for this guy. But sadly, it seems like there is no hope for him. His rap sheet is much more what was discussed on the episode. And last month, he was sentenced to 4 years in prison for attempted burglary and attempted home invasion. Here’s the link to his official Florida inmate record:

    1. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

      couldn’t access the link – looks like it was removed.

      1. Melissa

        heres a link to an arrest from last year.

  19. Andy Andy

    Here’s a mugshot of his from a couple of years ago.

  20. nedsaley

    It would appear he did not stay sober from these arrest records. On his FB him and his new wife look high for sure.
    I wish the show would actually update on these people at the end.

    1. WB

      Looks to be the same wife to me… thinner but the face is very similar and hair. Guess she didn’t hold her bottom lines, WOW. Been through hell…

      1. Angelica

        Definitely not the same wife.

  21. Viewer

    Wow, not only did he treat his wife and mother like garbage, he hung out with white supremacists under a confederate flag. I could not have sympathy for such a sexist, racist, and toxic person. Intervention needs to screen people for bigotry.

    1. Tabatha

      without even getting into whether or not a confederate flag immediately equates to white supremacy, the idea that A&E should refuse help to someone who may have a different worldview or politics than someone else is disgusting.

      You’re a monster

  22. Nivey

    This episode makes me cry everytime I see it. His beautiful songwriting and the music he plays while they show him with his son! Ugh! Heartbreaking. Comments about him on here are super harsh, I get it. But remember even as a young boy he was acting out, before drugs/drinking. Also the molestation compounded whatever issues he already had. I think its definitely mental health issues, and the molestation made it worse and the drugs/drinking to numb. I think if he got sober he could be more likeable he’s just in pain and angry. I’m sad to read he’s still struggling.

  23. Kevin

    Dude’s a total scum bag. Been arrested multiple times for robbery and assault and done prison time. Also treats people like crap.

  24. David

    Arrested again 2021
    lost a lot of weight. I think it was just a possession of marijuana charge but he looks gaunt.

  25. J

    it sucks to hear he’s still using. despite his antics he was (in my opinion) the funniest addict on the show so far. i also wonder how much the spice affected the violent outbursts – God knows how that shit affects you, especially in the long run. i wish him the best.

  26. Cat

    Just rewatched this for the first time in a while today after my amazon account recently got its purchases restored (including the seasons of intervention I’ve purchased using it). It looks like lots of people are posting links for updates so I got one as well. Apparently about 11 months ago his wife officially divorced him, I actually found a link to the official court case from 2/23/2021. I honestly feel the worst by far for their son and I really hope he breaks the cycle instead of following his fathers problematic example.

    1. Nivey

      Thanks for this post. Through it, I found his soon to be ex wife’s fb. Tonya Holesapple Scott. She looks great, and their son is now 9! He looks exactly like Bryceton did when they showed pics of him as a child during the episode. I didn’t realize he had his dad’s name, too. This episode always struck a chord in me. Especially him singing the songs he wrote and how much he loved his son, but he just couldn’t get it right. He had a lot of past trauma. It was heartbreaking. I’m sad to see he is still struggling. I also thought his wife would have divorced him way sooner, but I know that with a child involved, it’s never easy. I really wish them all the best, and I also pray little Bryceton breaks the cycle, too! I did notice a little guitar next to his pic, so maybe he picked up his dad’s love and talent for music. Xo

      1. Restless soul

        Besides the music, i found him hard to like. Peep the decor in his friends place. He didnt seem to treat anyone with respect. Perhaps its spice making him that way but he was hard to empathize with.

  27. Britt

    Hey Bryceton, I’m a recent fan of this show (it’s the only thing making me feel like I’m not alone) I just watched your episode and I appreciate you putting yourself out there. I liked you and I relate to you a lot we are both like Jekyll and Hyde. I’m sending you love from Canada. Xo

  28. Kara Bishop

    I wonder how many addicts from the Intervention are from Bradenton, Florida… just recently and off of the top of my head is Erin from this same season 14 and my favorite Zeinah from season 11 (who now has relocated to my area of Placer County, California, and has opened her own recovery center with her husband who she met at the treatment center that intervention center to… Sorry I’m just a fan of hers.) It would be interesting to see how many episodes are in the same cities. That’s just the way my brain thinks I’m always evaluating and calculating.

    1. Kara Bishop

      * That intervention sent her to

    2. Stefan

      when it comes to states there’s tons from Utah.

      1. Kara Bishop

        I think West Virginia when it have to do with opiates like heroin also but yes on Utah which has something to do I think with the Mormon culture and the teens being suppressed and rebelling. On a sidenote, I think me and you Stefan have lately commented back-and-forth… it’s been fun!

      2. Kara Bishop from California

        Stefan, It just makes me interested in your background… are you a recovering addict or do you have family members that were addicts? Not that any of this matters, I’m just wondering… I always wonder things. Myself, I am a recovering addict, and I had a father who was addicted to heroin and died of HIV from needles after he was sober for eight years, but he did not raise me… and I married an addict who many years later I had kids with and that is when I quit doing drugs, but I divorced him when he relapsed and would not go into recovery when our kids were young, and now we are both living a life of sobriety, but still not married… I just can’t handle the knowing that he relapses so many times… just a sidenote of my life! Ha ha!

  29. Nivey

    Bryceton’s latest mugshot! He was recently arrested again. So very sad. My heart breaks for his adorable son! I also read that his father who was featured on the show recently passed away. He seemed like a nice man who deeply cared for his family and Bryceton. Sad he passed away before seeing his son get better. RIP. Still praying for Bryceton to find sobriety! 🙏

    1. kitty katt

      Sorry…my bad….I didn’t see your previous post saying this is Bryceton’s father. I saw just the link at first and responded saying this wasn’t him. Then I saw your other post.

      1. Nivey

        @Kitty Kat No worries!

  30. Britt

    Brycton, you should put that song the song you were singing on the episode “you know I really love you..hardcore” on YouTube or iTunes, I’d pay for it!
    It’s beautiful and still in my head all these years later.
    Sending you love and light

  31. Loren

    He’s currently incarcerated until 1/2026.