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Season 4, Episode 10


Age: 34
Location: Las Vegas
Addiction: Alcohol (vodka)
What’s Memorable: Oh man, the denial Lawrence was in is absolutely shocking. “Half the time I don’t even think he realizes that he’s drinking.” The bruises all over his body, how weak he is, how he needs his co-workers to totally take care of his basic needs. And, of course, the followup.

Update: Lawrence did on February 23, 2008 from bleeding resulting from cirrhosis of the liver.

Official synopsis: Having graduated high school with academic and athletic honors, Lawrence, 34, became a successful owner of a chain of tanning salons. But he was never able to dull the pain of emotional and physical abuse suffered in childhood. Alcohol took hold and Lawrence became a shell of his former self, often drinking a liter of vodka a day. A recent battle with cancer left him further weakened. Lawrence’s loved ones stage an intervention in the hope that this show of love and support will help Lawrence get the help he needs, and that by sharing his story he might help others.

Original Air Date: February 2008
Interventionist: Jeff

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  1. grelk

    I just wanted to leave a comment, it’s sad seeing nothing here. God Bless R.I.P.

    1. Scott M.

      This was the most moving episode I’ve ever seen. I was so moved, I searched for more about Lawrence on the internet. I found there were many others out there like me who were drawn to this man.

      1. Gina Atkins

        I too was deeply moved by this episode. My heart absolutely broke for Lawrence’s mother and brother. Sadly I think the intervention efforts were too late. Lawrence’s disease was too advanced and his denial was endless. Very, very tragic.

      2. Theresa

        Don’t waste tears on that mother. She threw that child to the wolves when she left him with a non-blood relative that had already beaten him for years. She sacrificed him and it followed him for the rest of his short life.

      3. dan santos

        I’m so sorry. I have a brother who is going thru the same.its just a matter of time. Will someone help me save his life. I don’t know how to get him help. He has two boys that are twins and need their dad back

      4. KARLA PEREZ


  2. Isaac Chavez

    So unfortunate about Lawrence. I’ve watched this show for a while now I always said to myself it would suck being in their shoes deep down knowing I’m one of them. No matter how severe the addiction, it’s always a condition that’s not meant to be played with. Inspiring show always Lawrence episode is so inspiring to me “the Entrepreneur ”
    Thoughts and prayers to the family.

  3. Joanne

    I just watched Lawrence’s story. My heart is broken in two. To go through so much as a child and still achieve so much.SO much promise. So much left to do. Rest in peace. I’m sure I’m not the only one that his story touched.

    1. ash

      Yeah I just watched it this morning his story is sooo sad I too searched the internet for more information about him. To be so young and strive to achieve everything he did is amazing. I just hate that he couldn’t be saved.

  4. Deb

    I cried when I found out he died. I don’t know why it hit me so hard. I think it’s just that his episode laid out clearly the brutal consequences of alcohol.

  5. tasha

    I just feel so sorry for that guy lawerence he had everything going good for himself why be in denial if wats going on but just rest in peace son sorry you went that way

  6. Denise Barker

    Lawrence’s story is very compelling. This was one of the only episodes where I actually cried. His intervention came too late to help him. RIP

  7. Ryn

    Til this day, his episode was the most memorable to me. I was so sad to read he died at the end. If only get realized how much he touched others, we saw the struggle, but addiction was too strong. Atleast now you’re resting in peace.

  8. kris

    Wow I just re watched this episode and after seeing every episode of intervention at least twice this one is the most memorable to me still shocking of how in denial Lawrence was. I can’t help but wonder if Lawrence was truly so sick that he honestly believed that he really didn’t have a problem or if he was just trying to convince everyone else that he was ok. It’s such a shame that such a successful person could have their life cut so short due to alcoholism. Rip Lawrence

    1. Lorraina D

      Thank you all who have left messages the truth will come out regarding my cousin Lawrence’s death. Just because he passed after the intervention doesnt mean he died due to his alcoholism. Some of us “Us” beign his family believe Duck was murdered in his home by his embezzeling ex girlfriend n ex best friend who were beign charged with fraud after obtaining credit fraudulently under Lawrence’s name. Ironically my beautiful cousin was taken a week or two befor he was scheduled to testify. Because of the airing of his intervention Vegas PD ruled it as alcohol related and ignored the blood smeared across hid walls or the two beers on the counter one lipstick stained. Lawrence drank only Vodka!!!!! We his family are screaming got justice its fallen on deaf ears.

      1. Ez

        I’m very sorry for your loss, Lawrence seemed like such a lost soul. a couple of things about his death, I don’t know the full details about what happened or who was with him when he died but as far as the beer in the house and him only drinking vodka, that’s a bit flawed. He was obviously a very bad alcoholic, and while he may have preferred vodka if all he could get was beer he’d drink it. Alcohol withdrawal is very real and very dangerous, if he was in the throes of the DTs, any alcohol would do.

        I am curious about the lipstick though and I think you and your family should fight for a proper investigation of his death if you are convinced of foul play. be well.

      2. MNDUDE

        Now thats Interesting. While it doesn’t negate his overall incapacitated state, the rotten characters in that town aint hard to find. And If you’re successful, they find you. Not impressed with the mothers response. Also, I wonder where Mr Tough guy is now?? Hopefully long gone.

  9. Kukushaka

    Your update is an absolute TRAGEDY.Even more than the saddest ending it was for Lawrence.
    Is there a possibility to collect signatures or still push forward for investigation?!
    When detectives change, they might really , hopefully, start it all over again!!
    My deepest condolences…

  10. Telli Bedell

    Lorraina, I honestly didn’t think I could become more saddened about Laurence’s death. How tragic to hear that there are more sinister details regarding the cause of his death….. If he was murdered I truly pray justice will be served. Just know that his life was not in vain, he has truly touched a lot of lives with his.
    I am not surprised that he was targeted by vultures who sought to prey upon his money and good credit while he was in a weakend state. They need to pay for that!

  11. Kyle

    Wow, just found out that Raul Gonzales, Lawrence younger brother, was a gang member and has a lot of blood on his hands:

    1. K

      This is not his brother!

    2. Alex D

      I’ve looked into this, and it’s not his brother.

  12. Cali McLaren

    I knew Lawrence he was a really good guy. I enjoyed knowing him thru Vegas Parties and tanning at his Salon.
    When I saw this episode it broke my heart. To see someone like him so full of lifes success and confident. Fall into the depths of alcoholism… I bawled my heart out for him and his brothers. I knew him thru the very reason he was on there. But never did I see that coming.
    You never know who will have this horrible disease.
    And you can’t ever help them if they don’t want it.
    I’ve lost a lot of peeps to addiction. Still makes me sad to think what a bright future Lawrence had…
    His big beautiful house his awesome pool and then yrs later.
    Nothing!!! Worse then any of that his friends left him and that broke my heart. I get it when someone is so far gone, but you never leave your friends completely. Especially when you may be the reason they survive this horrible disease.
    RIP Lawrence of Arabia (we called you that) lol
    Randomly was thinking about this and thought I should leave my thoughts…

  13. Eric West

    I would love to watch his story but I can not find it free. Any one knows where to watch it for free. I am located in Canada West coast.


    1. Dior

      I wish A&E would explain why they pulled this episode. It is definitely the most memorable episode ever.

      1. Pang

        Not totally sure if this is true, but it seems like A&E pulls episodes where the person died. At least right now, his episode is available at:

  14. Sebastian

    Hi, i from colombia i saw the complete episode, this case shock me how a succesful person fall in this adiction so sad, i still remember this guy because this case leave a touch in my heart, after this man can help her family and grow up a tanning bussines, and brothers, i almost cry at the end of the episode when i heard lawrence die rest in peace brother

  15. Nadia

    I watched this episode way back and I never forgot about him. He just struck me as being such a loving human being just being stuck in this awful situation. Will never forget u Lawrence

  16. Kim

    Of all the episodes I have seen through the years I have never forgotten and will never forget Lawrence! His story really touched my heart!

  17. Lyzee Manitta

    Throughout that whole episode, he was certainly not just drinking. He spoke about MSG being a part of his addiction earlier on and when he “wigged out” quite a few times, he was definitely on MSG or some form of ecstasy. How did the producers not see this or decide not to share that? Confusing. You don’t get effects like that from alcohol. Sorry to hear he died. He was definitely in denial. Very very sad.

    1. Melanie

      MSG is what restaurants put into cheap food to make it taste “better”. He was on GHB (in the past/present – who knows?). Have a good day!

  18. Theresa

    The most heartbreaking episode I’ve seen so far. He was sacrificed by that mother, protected those brothers, and eventually financially supported the mother that left him with an abuser. So sad.

    1. Stefan

      Poor guy never had a chance, plain and simple 🙁

  19. Toreigh

    Oh man. What a sexy man he was. His episode was a very modest vision on how alcohol ravages the body when drank out of moderation. He was successful, intelligent, and attractive. After eveything he went through as a kid, he then later went on to support his entire family on his own. His mother and two younger brothers. I felt pure sorrow for him. And nothing for his mother. Ive been in that womans shoes (without children) but I didnt stick around. And I would have been out even faster if I had had children at the time. I hope he is at peace now.

  20. Lisa Marie Donndelinger

    I remember watching that episode. My heart broke for this man. He took care of his loved ones and he used alchohol to self medicate for things that happened during his childhood. I have not seen them re-play his episode. I wish they would so you ger people who may not have seen it that are struggling with this disease realise what can happen. RIH Lawrence, you were a good guy.

  21. Toreigh

    The first time I tried to post this told me it was spam… maybe because I didnt leave an entire comment

  22. JP

    Can’t seem to find this episode online. Anyone know where I can watch it? I watched it once a long time ago and it had a profound effect on me, as many episodes of this show do.

    1. Alex

      Have you tried Sling? I haven’t checked, but they have almost every episode on there. This one stayed with me too. Hence, while I’m looking at it 12 years after it aired.

    2. Alex

      Just checked and couldn’t find it anywhere. My guess is someone from the family filed for removal of it.

      1. Talley Roe

        You can find it on dailymotion. I just finished it tonight.

    3. Jas

      Daily Motion has it

    1. Alex D

      Thank you! I’ve always wanted to rewatch this episode after seeing it about 12-13 years ago. It’s awfully sad, what a waste of talent and life.

  23. F 24

    I also have liver cirrhosis. I feel for this man. RIP Lawrence. Always in my thoughts.

  24. Dahlia

    This poor man, and poor mother and family. I myself was a teen parent at 14 and have had 2 children suffer from addiction. I can’t fathom ever losing them. Heart and prayers to them all hope they are doing the best they possibly can.

  25. A

    This to me looked like Wernicke-Korsakoff, brain damage common in end-stage alcoholics so I believe Wendy when she said “I don’t think he knows how much he’s drinking.” RIP Lawrence and best wishes to his family.

  26. Nivey

    Recently rewatched this episode and remember why it’s one of the most memorable! Lawrence was in such bad shape! I truly felt for him and his struggles! Just from watching his episode you can tell he wasn’t going to live much longer and that the damage was already done! RIP, I hope he’s finally at peace. Such a likeable, talented guy, so sad. <3

  27. Ingrid

    Lawrence worked his butt off to take care of his family I think he took on so much that drinking was his coping skill a coping skill he passed away from I will never forget the end of his episode when he got to rehab the intake councler asked him if he thought he had a drinking problem Lawrence sat there for a few seconds and said No I don’t have a problem rest easy Lawrence

  28. Matthew

    This is my favorite episode, I’ve seen it like 100 times. I just find Lawrence so likeable, you can see how underneath the alcohol he was such a gentle and caring soul. But what I don’t understand is why he agreed to be in a documentary about drinking if he didn’t think he had a problem?