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Season 13, Episode 4


Age: 19
Location: Los Gatos, California
Addiction: Anorexia
What’s memorable: She weighs 80 pounds, first of all. A smart and beautiful girl from an upper crust traditional family with decent parents: it’s hard to understand what went so wrong that she has to go to such extremes in order to feel loved, but no one knows what goes on in other peoples’ heads.  Kaila literally has days to live, but she feels powerful “going against the laws of nature.” It’s all very sad.

Official Synopsis: As a young girl, Kaila, 19, was raised in an affluent, image-conscious community where she felt teased for being overweight, and overlooked by her parents. Now, at a mere 80 pounds and eating only a few hundred calories a day, Kaila is literally starving herself to death to have what she’s always wanted–to be the center of her family’s attention. Her distraught parents have been told by Kaila’s doctors to prepare for her death, “Intervention is truly our last option,” says Kaila’s mother, “Please help us!”

Original Air Date: July 2013
Interventionist: Ken

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  1. Sarah

    I would love to know what happened to this girl. It was a horrible tragedy to hear she left treatment at the end of the show – I often think of her and wish her strength – but would love to know if she is still alive.

    1. Russ

      She seems to be a very sweet young lady
      I hope everything goes well for her.

  2. Rachel Hokin she has not passed–spread link if possible

  3. appleslover

    Kaila is doing fine and is a successful college student…

    1. Jessymoe

      Are we sure she is well. There have not been updated from her blog, Facebook, or YouTube for many months.

  4. jo

    If she’s going to refuse treatment everyone should leave her alone and let her decide whether her life is worth living or not. It’s people like you all worrying about her that give her the energy to keep on with her illness. Like all interventionist say no codependency. That means stop caring until she can care for herself.

    1. sarah

      That link is gone….is she OK???

      1. vixen

        I know her, she is alive and well and enjoying life! An inspiration.

      2. Jane

        She is not recovering, so alive and well are not accurate.

  5. Holly

    Where it possible to view this episode? I do not see it on iTunes

    1. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

      Try Hulu…they have several episodes there.

  6. TeeJay

    All of her social media links have been removed, the one web page that is still active has her trying to sell her artwork but the site they are sold has also been removed. She seems to have disappeared, hope she is ok and her disease hasn’t caused her to disappear from this earth.

    1. Britt

      I found her on Facebook and she looks to be doing just fine. Her last picture post was 2 months ago but she looks like she put on a little weight. I hope that means she’s alive and well!

  7. Jeanine

    Ahhh … the girl who felt “powerful” for surviving with that many health problems due to her anorexia. she kinda baffled me with that. i felt terrible for her family. hope shes many pounds heavier and healthy. and i hope her mentality about it changed too.

  8. Kelsey

    If anyone knows how to get in touch with her––or any of the other show alumni for that matter––please let me know! I’m a journalist working on a piece about the show’s reboot. Thank you!

  9. Amira

    Kaila is alive and well! Healthy, happy and wonderful.

  10. Marie

    I found her on Facebook. She looks to be healthy and doing well.

  11. AlexL

    Here’s Kaila’s mom’s facebook with an image posted of them together yesterday. Kaila looks like she is doing a bit better.

  12. Kelsey Osgood

    I actually spoke to her directly for my piece, which she graciously agreed to be interviewed for. She seems well and says she is gearing up to graduate from college this December!

  13. Drbzy

    Here is a link to Kaila’s Facebook. It appears as though she is speaking with her mom again.

  14. Nicole

    I found an article where Kaila was interviewed about Intervention and her experience. Apparently she was a big fan pre intervention! It sounds like she is doing well! 🙂

  15. Ashley

    Hey everyone, she is still on Facebook. Kaila looks healthy and beautiful at a normal weight. So glad she got help.

  16. Mandy Nolan

    Growing up in Los Angeles is absolutely the most brutal place to live. I am from the Los Feliz neighborhood. Everyone is expected to live be blonde, skinny and tan. That’s just how SoCal living is. Some people can take very harsh criticism and others cant. I chose to leave my entire family behind in L.A. I opted for upstate NY and I’m blessed I get to live here.

    1. iheartmypitbull

      I live in Los Gatos and it’s not in SoCal. It’s in the Bay Area in Northern California. Los Gatos is a beautiful, upscale community at the base of the Santa Cruz Mountains and is an idyllic place to grow up. Not sure how or why Kaila’s brother said growing up in Los Gatos is rough. Those kids were lucky to grow up there and should appreciate what they have. I have great sadness for Kaila and her family but Kaila and her brother appear to have been spoiled rotten.

      1. Recovery Every Day

        You totally missed the point and clearly came here to be snarky. You fail on both counts. The comfortable and privileged upbringing they acknowledge having is a common factor in eating disorders of ALL kinds. “I’m not worthy” is repeated both literally and figuratively. Kaila felt she didn’t deserve her life because she felt inadequate to her peers. Her brother said it was ‘rough’ because she was bullied as a kid, called fat to her face. I’m relieved to learn that Kaila is in recovery, about to graduate and back in her family fold.

  17. Anonymous

    I feel bad for the pressure these people go through, but it’s far from the “most brutal” place. Eating disorders affect all socioeconomic groups. I’m glad to hear she is doing well now

  18. Jenny

    No one picked up that she could have Borderline Personality Disorder? The fear of being alone, talking about doing things for attention, the smirks. She even said was happy for attention because she is making up for the time she was missing it and the smirk. Her brother had her number.

    1. Gigi

      Jenny…your comment is right on point. I couldn’t STAND watching this girl hold her parents hostage. I honestly only felt sympathy for the family…not for Kaila. I hope she has recovered and become a better person.

      1. A

        That’s kind of mean, anorexia is a disease and people don’t do it deliberately. Best to you Kaila, you’re beautiful at any weight

  19. Janelle

    That’s a definite possibility. Anorexics are extremely hostile and manipulative people and so are people with borderline personality disorders. The behaviour of starving themselves or binging/purging is their way of manipulating, controlling and harming others – in other words, they harm themselves in order to hurt other people.

    I’m of the opinion that anorexia and bulimia are behavioural disorders above and beyond all else (and a personality disorder is also a behavioural disorder), and that after the patient is medically treated and stabilized to get them out of immediate danger, the proper way to treat the disorder is through intensive behaviour modification therapy. They need to be taught that unhealthy attention-seeking behaviour and manipulative treatment of other people are unfair to others and therefore unacceptable, and they need to be taught more pro-social and productive alternative methods to express their anger, frustration and hostility toward others.

    1. Renee

      Nothing you said is correct. Nothing you said is backed-up by any research on eating disorders. You are clearly not a mental health professional nor have any education on eating disorders. So just stop. Seriously. People like you are so misinformed that you cause can cause serious harm. For the health and safety of people like Kaila, you should never associate with people who have mental illness.

      1. Laura

        i second and third that. those statements a straight-up slap in the face to anyone who has ever struggled with an ED.

    2. Tazz

      This comment is totally messed up and uncalled for.

    3. H

      This Janelle character has posted on this site’s pages grossly ignorant and twisted nonsense about mental illness and addiction. No one can be this asinine. She/he is doing it to annoy people and entertain herself/himself. She/he is a troll and should be banned from this website.

    4. Diane S

      Janelle has posted untrue and hateful things about ED sufferers in numerous spots on this website. She has zero credibility.

    5. Corina

      Janelle you are one of the most negative people on this platform. I really hope you never have a family member or child who struggles with an ED because you are certainly not the person to go to. Coming from someone who struggles with Eating disorders and has for years, never once did I have the thought or intent of hurting my family as that wasn’t the goal. Although I am aware that ED along with all addictions negatively impact everyone. Majority of people who struggle with ED do it with the purpose of hurting themselves. Did you that ED is a form of self harm? People(myself included) engage in the behavior as a way to hurt themselves and punish themselves because they feel as though they deserve it. Also never once in my ED was I wanting attention(in fact I wanted to keep it a secret to myself). Also to sit here and claim that people with ED are just trying to manipulate and control their family and cause them pain you are just sooo very wrong about that. People don’t just ask for or develop mental disorders so that they can purposely hurt their families. Your claims are backed up with absolutely no information and are just simply untrue. If you really think this way about someone with an ED or any addiction for that matter you are truly insensitive and ignorant. Maybe you should do some more research on ED and addiction in general before you come and comment on here. Also while your at it you should also learn how to have compassion and empathy for people as you are clearly lacking the ability to do both. Honestly you really spread a lot of negativity on here and people are literally struggling with addictions. SMH.

  20. Tobie

    As a normal weight bulimic whose family lives in another part of the state, I was manipulating exactly zero people with my behaviors. Generalizations like these are not helpful when dealing with such problems. I was truly only hurting myself. No one even knew I had a problem.

  21. Rachel

    Here is some update info! She looks great!

  22. AK

    I’d just like to mention that this was episode 4 of season 14, not season 13.

    1. Dizzy

      According to A&E it’s Season 13.

    2. Duchess

      A&E is the only source for correct episodes/seasons/air dates. The reruns on VICE and services like HULU have the info wrong – I have to search by the person’s name to find them.

  23. Follow her insta

    Saw some very new pictures of Kaila and she appears to have relapsed. Very sad to see that considering she appeared to be doing well for a couple of years. She’s a very sweet girl and I wish the best for her and her family. I also hope she’s healthy by the time of her wedding 🙁

  24. Follow her insta

    I follow Kaila on intagram and unfortunately its pretty clear she has relapsed. She is still engaged and appears to have a relationship with her family. I really hope she can recover again, she’s going to make a beautiful bride

    1. Andy

      She does look very skinny on her Facebook pictures. I hope she’s okay.

  25. taylor

    what is her instagram?

    1. Dals

      i believe its @kailabee093

  26. Someone Who Knows

    She is probably losing weight again, because this is a hell that no one can ever escape. It never goes away. It just hides. And then the minute something goes wrong in your life, it is so easy to fall back into it. Don’t eat, your brain says. How can you eat now? Feel empty. Feel numb. Feel nothing. You will feel better. You will be miserable, but at least you will lose weight. And so it begins. Again.

  27. Anonymous

    This is hell, and after nearly 25 years, I’m beginning to wonder if anyone truly escapes. I hope she is okay, but I also know this devil well, and it does not like to leave until it steals your so. God bless you precious Kaila. I hope you beat the odds and have the wonderful life you deserve. I will pray for you and Emily and all the Intervention girls.

  28. Jatz Cracker

    She is still to thin , Facebook, looked better the hiking one with dad that article. I think she’s relapsed. Sad

  29. MIW_fan

    I just saw her facebook. She got married at the end of September! She was so beautiful on her wedding! I’m so happy for her! I hope everything is ok around her!^^

  30. North

    Can’t find any obit info, but she got married last year.

  31. Emily

    Here she is- looks healthy and newly married!

  32. Eddie

    Kaila appears to be doing so amazing and is married now. Facebook:

    I’m watching this episode now and I am so happy to see her progress and that she looks amazing and is doing so well in life.

  33. Sheri

    Yes she got married in 2019 – there are wedding pix on her mother’s FB page – but from the profile pic on Kaila’s page (which I linked to from her mother’s), Kaila doesn’t look well at all.

  34. J

    ugh. this one is tough for me. Kaila is so very sick and is holding her terrified family hostage through her disease. unfortunately people in the depths of an eating disorder aren’t always the nicest bunch. some people get very manipulative and nasty even if they’re good hearted people (see: Andrew). Kaila seems intelligent and could do a lot of good if she decides to get healthy.

    1. A

      She did decide to get healthy, and did gain weight.

      1. Kail

        Unfortunately her facebook shows her back to her original pale, tired, and bone thin. She may really want to get healthy but I think that decision isn’t strong enougg to overpower her problems. I wish her the best.

  35. Maggie

    As always, hard to tell from social media, but in recent pics she looks active and not as thin as she has been. I hope she’s doing well.