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Season 21, Episode 2


Age: 42
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Addiction: Alcohol

Official Synopsis: From sports to academics, Robin was the apple of his parents’ eyes. He did everything to impress them, even forgoing his childhood dream of becoming a pilot. Once in college, Robin soon learned the pressure to be perfect could be washed away with a few nice drinks. And he soon found he needed alcohol to get through the day. After hearing incessantly about his desire to become a pilot, Robin’s best friend took the initiative and enrolled him in flight school hoping that this may pull him out of his funk. Robin stopped drinking and became a successful pilot, eventually moving up to flying big commercial jets. But the stress of being away from his wife and children drove him back to booze and it didn’t take long before Robin’s problem was back on the radar, ultimately destroying his career and family. Robin’s parents and brothers believe the brilliant pilot is still in there somewhere, but without an intervention, they’re fearful that Robin may spiral to a horrible death.

Date Aired: July 27, 2020 in US

Interventionist: Andrew

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  1. Rob

    I’m only halfway thru and my heart is broken. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a producer hold up a participant on camera because they couldn’t walk. Somebody had mentioned in another post that the Canadian version of this show is much sadder for some reason, and they’re right.

    1. Xlio

      I think Canadian intervention producers seem more willing to intervene. No disrespect to USA intervention (Candy is my hero) but I’ve definitely seem some incidents where producers should’ve acted. Then again, I know I’m not knowledgeable about this sort of things (how shows are produced).

      1. Stefan

        Indeed. Laney’s overdose definitely comes to mind.

      2. kitty katt

        Actually, the laws may not be the same in Canada like we have here.

        Take Laney, even the paramedics couldn’t touch her because she didn’t give consent for them to help her.

        Crazy but true.

      3. Megan

        This is more in response to Katt below me… Here in Canada (At least where I live and was trained as an EMR) being unconscious or unresponsive is implied consent.

    2. Kara Bishop

      Wow Rob I am rooting for you… Your story touched my heart where tears were flowing down my face, like I can’t even explain with words!! And yes, I do believe the Canadian producers have a little more love, and I am from America and very proud to be from America… Anyways, I can’t wait to read the rest of the comments. I’m hoping to hear that you’re doing so well!!! You deserve a world full of love & sobriety & peace & Family!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family ❤️ from Kara Faye Bishop from Northern California!

  2. Xlio

    Just ten mins into this episode. So sad his insecurity about his height was such an issue. Makes a good point that men deal with body issues just like women do.

    1. Xlio

      Oh no – him drunk tutoring his student over the phone.. so sad. I mean I’ve definitely been there with friends and family but must be so super humiliating in a professional sort of relationship. Yikes. You can tell he’s a genuine dude who feels way too much and has made it habit to numb out.

      1. Elizabeth

        Watching him drunk tutoring the guy over the phone ahhh it’s so hard to watch I hate it 🙁

  3. Tiffany

    The Canadian episodes are so wholesome lol. I’m so happy Andrew got well and stayed sober. I hope he was able to mend the relationship with his brothers.

    I’m shocked to see it was on CBC. I just assumed all intervention shows were only shown on A&E. I live in Canada but I missed that one.

  4. Stefan

    His dad comforting him after he fell and hit his head is easily one of the saddest moments in the show’s history. Also, the dinner scene was one of the most uncomfortable. I hope Robin is still sober today and is doing what he loves.

  5. Xlio

    Kitty katt – good point! Hadn’t thought of that!

  6. Michelle

    As I was watching this episode, I kept wondering who he reminded me of, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Until the moment they mentioned he worked for an airline in Montreal that went up north. I immediately remembered him. I worked for the same airline as Robin from 2012-2014. When his flight route brought him to the hangar I worked in, he ALWAYS came up from the pilots lounge and talked to us gals in the office. He was so nice and personable. I wish the best for Robin and his family.

  7. L

    Wow this one really got to me. Robin was such a sweet soul and his family was equally loving and kind. It broke my heart to see the amount of pain he was in and that his family was in. Robin, if you ever see this please know that your story was touching and people you don’t even know are rooting for you.

  8. Mr B

    That dinner was brutal. And so was the drunken pep talk to his aviation student. Worst part is knowing that these sorts of things happened constantly.

    The “after” scenes were very encouraging. As if someone flipped a switch and he was able to be coherent and make sense again. I wish Robin the best and hope he is doing well now.

    1. Katie

      Agree to all of this! I was cringing during the dinner scene and the drunken talking to his student. Like where did the spaghetti talk come into play lol

  9. Dahlia

    Honestly I think I’ll remember this dinner scene more than any other in the show. So raw, so encapsulating of everything going on in addiction and how it affects everyone else.

  10. Intervention Enthusiast

    the dinner scene reminded me of how unnerving the dinner scene was in ‘walk the line’

  11. Katie

    Does anyone have an update?

    1. Mimi

      Sadly, no. The person who runs this website once said it’s hard to get updates without a last name. I hope he’s sober, but you never know…

      1. Geo

        Darn, I woulda loved to see that he eventually made it. I think his best friend actually had a crush on him, but he was too drunk to notice or be able to reciprocate. She was pretty too. I hope everything worked out!

      2. desu

        His name is Robin Johnston.

  12. Molly

    dude never stops talking about how smart, amazing and talented he is, and then fully helps a student cheat on camera. wasn’t a fan.

    1. JessBoston

      OMG, watching this episode now and that part was just on. So painful to watch!

  13. Daniel

    I’m all for second-chances but I think if you have failed multiple alcohol tests while a pilot I don’t think you should be employed, at least, on big commercial flights again.