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Season 16, Episode 10


Age: 26
Location:  Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada
Addiction: Fentanyl

What’s Memorable: Damn, that followup. She looked so much healthier, it was amazing.

Official Synopsis: Jasmine was extremely close to her grandparents, Reg and Pauline, so when Pauline suddenly passed away, Jasmine couldn’t cope and turned to opioids to erase the pain. Amazingly, Jasmine got control of her addiction and her life gained some new additions: a new career, a new boyfriend and a new baby. But when her relationship became abusive, Jasmine descended back into drugs. After losing custody of her three-year-old son, her use escalated to smoking fentanyl, a habit that costs her $1200 a day. As her family readies themselves for the intervention, they get devastating news: Reg has cancer.

Date Aired:  January 2017

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  1. Holly

    Any updates on her? I thought she was a sweet girl underneath her addiction. You could see how much she loved her grandmother, grandfather and her son. I hope she is well!

  2. Kitty Katt

    Sadly, Reg has passed away.

    Both Jasmine and her mom Carmen are on fb.

  3. Xlio

    Where can I find this episode? It’s not on Amazon or hulu

    1. Ang

      The A&E app has the episode up for viewing.

  4. Sam

    I was so hoping to see her doing well. Unfortunately, it looks like she may have had a relapse in 2020, in which she committed some serious crimes The fact that she is pregnant in this article and date matches up with her Facebook page. Very sad.