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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The Impact of Intervention

Many of the regular commenters & lurkers of Intervention Directory have a whole lot of collective insight and historical knowledge about the show Intervention, not to mention a great deal of understanding about addiction in general, that deserves to be highlighted. Every week I get a handful of emails from fans telling me about how Intervention made them realize something important about themselves or changed their perspective on addiction or just made them feel less alone.  I really appreciate these types of testimonials, just knowing how the show has affected your lives, and I think more eyes should be on them.

I know you guys have some stories to tell and thoughts to share about Intervention. So let’s hear them!


I am welcoming essays and personal testimonies on the broad theme of “the Impact of Intervention.”  Selected writings will be posted in a new permanent section of Intervention Directory.

Here are some specific topics to inspire you:

  • Why you watch Intervention and how it has impacted your life.
  • What Intervention has taught you about addiction, co-dependency, trauma,  etc.
  • What you’ve learned about yourself or the people you love as a result of Intervention.
  • The episode of Intervention that changed your life.
  • How and why Intervention is still on the air after 22 seasons, even though it relies on people not knowing it exists.
  • The long term cultural impact of Intervention.

The possible topics are not limited to those listed, but hopefully that gives you an idea of what this is all about.  I am not looking for just addiction stories, but rather stories of and essays about addiction and how they relate to Intervention.  The show must be a major element of the essay/story in some way.

Length: Not too short, not too long. More than 1 paragraph, less than 100 paragraphs. 🙂

Author: You can use your real name or a fake name, but please not ‘Anonymous’. If you don’t give me at least a first name I’ll make one up.

Title: Please include a title for your piece.

Edits: I may need to do some light copy editing to get rid of misspellings and errors, but I will not significantly alter the content in any substantial way without your permission.

Selection: Not every submission will be selected for posting. I will be choosing the best of what is sent to me, with help from a few independent judges. If  your piece is selected it will be because it is well-written, insightful, interesting, and on-theme.

To Submit: Send as an email or document attachment (Google doc, Word doc) to [email protected] with “Intervention submission” in the subject line.

If you have questions about the process or anything, please leave a comment here so that everyone can read my answer.

I’m really excited to learn more about your relationships to this show and how you feel about it, and also to be able to provide this platform for Intervention fans to have their voices heard. Ok go write something!

[email protected]

All comments.

  1. April S.

    This is a fantastic idea, Dizzy and I can’t wait to read the essays!

  2. JuliePV

    Thanks for the opportunity, Dizzy. I didn’t realize how much I want/need to write something until I saw this.

    I started watching Intervention from the very first episode and god DAMN I couldn’t get enough of that addiction p0rn. I was always fascinated by addiction – that life was so far from my own and nothing like anything I’d ever known or experienced. I couldn’t believe that Alyson stole pills from her dying grandpa, or that Cristine chugged beers on the train to work. I watched these episodes just to gawk at all the crazy shit people did, and I judged them when they couldn’t or wouldn’t get or stay clean. I never connected to them as real people and I certainly didn’t understand the struggle.

    Fast forward a few years and there I was with a serious pill habit of my own, and it was time for my own recovery. So many of my ideas about addiction, recovery, and the people profiled on the show have been turned completely upside down since getting clean in 2016. I am really looking forward to exploring this in an essay for you.

    1. Dizzy

      I’m excited to read this Julie, thank you!

  3. Jody

    Latest on katherine c.

  4. Emily

    Is this still going on? I would love to do this

    1. Dizzy

      Yes! I didn’t get a lot of submissions but I’d love to keep it going, so please send me your writing!