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Season 14, Episode 14


Age:  27
Location: Aberdeen, Ohio
Addiction: Heroin, Xanax

Official Synopsis: After his mother died, Kayne turned to drugs to cope, which eventually cost him his marriage and the custody of his children. This drove him further into his addition and now he spends each day getting high on a deadly combination of heroin and Xanax.

Original Air Date: August 2015
Interventionist: Jeff

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    1. Tess

      Hmm, it’s good to hear that he’s clean. It’s strange though that Intervention wouldn’t update up with that.

      Hopefully his brother and wife got clean as well. I know his wife said she was clean but I sincerely doubt it when she was putting in hundreds of dollars for his drugs, driving him everywhere, and bringing him drugs in rehab. I kept thinking why the hell would she do this on camera when she is trying to get her kids back?? It made no sense unless she was also getting high.

      Best of luck to all of them. When the closest people to you are all addicts I can imagine it’s a hard road to walk down.

      1. Shelby Lee

        I agree, my first thought was that it seemed a little suspect she was drivin him and giving him money for drugs, but she’s trying to stay clean…

      2. ShelbyLee

        Well after just seeing the follow-up that she brought him drugs in treatment, I have no doubt she was doing drugs with him in this episode. Sad ?

      3. Velena

        I thought the same thg bout her bringin him drugs in rehab! Like wth!?

    2. Ellen

      Thank you for that update. It enraged me to no end that his ex brought him drugs after such a long sobriety. I guess I’m naïve, because I didn’t even equate it to the opinion that she’s still using. I was surprised they did not offer his brother some help.

  1. ShelbyLee

    Anyone else notice that the heroin in this episode was like, gray? Looked like ashes or something… Never seen that before.

    1. t.toro

      I noticed that too! I’m sure it was because it was really stomped on. I don’t know what in the world they would cut it with that would make it look grey though. It made me want to throw up watching him snort that garbage.

      1. Steve

        Google greydeath

    2. jimmy

      It’s the fentanyl a powerful painkiller that dealers are now cutting there heroin with,a deadly combination.

  2. cassie

    He sure had a lot to say about the episode/facility and “accusations” about his wife on his Facebook. Search krisjan kayne kimball . he said he threatened her to send xanex in some markers in his care package and willingly left in a rental some 100 + days after treatment and moved out of Ohio for work. Seems to be taking it one day at a time .

    1. Ash

      Just checked the FB account, and I hate to say if someone is clean or not – but a recent picture posted in Feb has him appearing happy with a woman. Prior to that his status/pictures were hard to tell IMO. But it does say he’s married & resides in Kentucky. Best of luck to him, one day at a time brother.
      Ps – Glad you’re back Dizzy!

  3. Sabs

    I thought the wife sounded high during the entire episode, and really questioned whether she was sober….and then when it said she brought him drugs in rehab, I knew that she had to be doing them too. I guess she wasn’t getting drug tested as she was trying to regain custody of the kids??

    1. Sandi

      I thought the same thing. I have to say, I have watched every episode of Intervention and have never seen someone on heroin that stumbled and fell like him. It looked like he was drunk.
      Glad to hear that he seems to be on the right track

      1. A-dick-Ted

        As a user I can tell you heroin doesn’t make anyone do that. He is either faking it or he is also on Xanax or a benzo that alone could make you stumble and fall like that and if mixed w heroin it definetly will and you will also fall asleep hard!


    About 9-10 minutes into this episode, there’s a segment where Kayne’s ex-wife Amy is discussing Subutex. She says, “And he uses all of that money to buy heroin.” As she says this, it looks like there’s some white powder in her right nostril. Did anyone else notice this?

  5. DhaliaD

    When I heard his wife Amy talk I thought that she was another active drug addict. The way she talks is so characteristic of people currently using opiates, the slowed down unpassionate monotone speach. She didn’t slur her words, maybe a bit lighty.

    She may very well have been an active addict during the filming of this, I can’t see how she could be around a drug as mind blowingly addicting and euphoric as heroin after recently getting off it. However, her interest in appearing clean must be strong for her to obtain custody of her kids (not sure of the custody details here, but point being she has a strong interest in not admitting to using drugs).

    In fact, I’m not surprised if the show’s crew doing the filiming even knew that she was using but kept it hush hush since putting it on camera would damage Amy’s chances of custody.

    Anyways, just my thoughts. Oh and as far as the guy goes, I don’t like watching the intervention episodes where poeple got addicted due to a major loss from someone’s death. NOt only can I not relate to it at all, it is incredibly hard for me to watch these people suffer and I don’t like them. I watched this because of Justin (the other guy) who I relate more and who’s situaiton doesn’t seem quite as hopeless.

    I hate writing this out but if I ever lost one of my parents as a yong adult I would surely go nuts as well.

  6. Ness

    I just rewatched this episode. & as a former opiate/benzo user I could tell Amy was high as a kite. if you look closely at the intervention scene, her eyes are pinned & her skin has that grayish look which often happens when using opiates. I hope they are doing better now & got their girls back.

    1. Patrice

      As of today, January 25, 2023, Kayne is clean and sober and has been for a few years now. He lost his Dad last Christmas, he and his wife are back together and they have 3 more children.

  7. Nivey

    Sadly, it looks like his Dad passed away in 2021. You could tell the love and concern Kanye’s dad had for him in his episode! I pray Kayne is doing well today and regained custody of his daughters! I always found him to be very likable!