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POLL: What Did You Think of The Heroin Hub?

When I ran a poll about Season 18, The Heroin Triangle, almost half of you said you liked it ok but you wouldn’t want another season right away. I was one of those people. Well, we got another one right away and I can’t say I’m upset about it. I have some ideas about why I personally liked this season more than the last community-centric season, but I thought I’d ask you all and see what you thought. Should be interesting to see what y’all think was different about this season.

Why do you think The Heroin Hub better than The Heroin Triangle?

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Also, what grade would you give The Heroin Hub?

What did you think of Season 20 The Heroin Hub?

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Well, who knows when the next season will be out, or even if there will be another season, but I can say that if they’re trying to bump up the ratings and they decide to keep going with this format and not go back to the regular style of episodes, I think I’d be ok with it, as long as they continue to be as powerful and educational as this season was.

In the meantime, if you all have any thoughts or suggestions on things I can do on this site during the hiatus, please let me know.  Discussion posts on certain topics related to the show or addiction? Polls? Stats? You can always send me a private email too, I’m at dizzy.buzzkill at gmail.com


The Heroin Hub: Chapter 6

Season 20, Episode 6

Location: Kensington area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Official Synopsis: EJ’s lies and deceptions cause a rift in his family, as some continue to enable him while others holds a firm bottom line. Interventionist Ken Seeley intervenes on EJ, who must finally decide if he is ready to accept help and go to treatment. Janine, Nicole, Bill, Alana, Amanda and EJ give final updates about their recoveries and hopes for the future.

My thoughts:  This show, man. Damn. It’s not an exaggeration to say it saves lives because it does. Frequently. Five of them this season. Janine, Alana, Bill, Nicole (OMG NICOLE!), and EJ. Incredible. But not everyone can be saved by an intervention and quality treatment. Amanda’s followup was beyond heartbreaking.  She was so defeated, so resigned to suffer what she thinks is her fate, what she deserves. That “spiritual awakening” she says she’s waiting for isn’t actually anything more than acknowledging to yourself that you’ve suffered enough and that you want to live a better life.  It’s not that complicated and it’s not that mystical. I think it might be one of the simplest and most profoundly human things that we experience.  Amanda walking the streets with a black eye, thinking only some big sign from God will get her to quit, as if losing everyone and everything wasn’t enough of a sign, was such a tragic way to end an otherwise heartwarming and inspiring episode of television.

Date aired: September 10, 2019

Interventionist: Ken


The Heroin Hub: Chapter 5

Season 20, Episode 5

Location: Kensington area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Official Synopsis: Amanda is torn between her addict boyfriend who’s in jail, and her ex-boyfriend, an EMT who is still in love with her. 31-year-old EJ’s heroin use has escalated since his mother’s unexpected death. While in treatment, Nicole and Janine reveal dramatic updates about where they are in their recoveries. Interventionist Heather Hayes leads an emotional intervention on Amanda.

My thoughts:  Another great episode.  I totally didn’t recognize Nicole at first, she looks really healthy and happy and her being giddy about her recovery was so moving to me. Such a huge difference from when we met her on the street in the first episode. Amanda’s story got a whole other level of intensity with the addition of Conner and holy cow, that intervention was a tearjerker. EJ’s story is tragic but he seems like a decent guy who respects his family and I have high hopes for him. Bummed we didn’t get to see how Bill and Alana are doing, and also sad that there’s only one more episode left in this fantastic season.

Date aired: September 3, 2019

Interventionist: Heather


The Heroin Hub: Chapter 4

Season 20, Episode 4


Location: Kensington area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Official Synopsis: After Bill’s arrest, Interventionist Michael Gonzales strategizes with his family on ways to intervene once he’s released from jail. Alana’s mother suspects that Alana may have relapsed and kicks her out of her home. Janine is released from jail and must decide if she’s ready to get clean. Bill’s family intervenes on him outside the courthouse the moment he is released from jail.

What’s Memorable: Alana and Bill going to treatment, Janine 60 days clean recognizing that she still needs more help and hoping she’ll make it through the next week, Amanda’s emotions when talking about signing over rights to her son. I am really rooting for all of these people, they’re all worth it.

Date aired: August 27, 2019

Interventionist: Michael


The Heroin Hub: Chapter 3

Season 20, Episode 3


Location: Kensington area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Official Synopsis: Alana is a recovering heroin addict who’s trying to stay sober while maintaining a relationship with her addict boyfriend. Nicole’s fianc ‘s reaction to Nicole getting help throws her whole intervention into question. 28-year-old heroin addict Amanda risks losing custody of her 2-year-old son for good if she can’t get clean. On the eve of Bill’s intervention, his family receives shocking news about Bill.

My Thoughts:  This episode really kicked things into high gear didn’t it? Loved the unexpected plot twist that Bill is Alana’s boyfriend. Those two deserve such good things, they’re both really self-aware and caring and you can tell how much they love each other. I so hope it works out for them. Nicole going to treatment on her own was a surprise, I thought for sure she’d hold out for her boyfriend. So happy she went. Amanda’s story looks interesting, but I hope they give us a little more backstory before the intervention. That’s the one thing about these kinds of seasons – they tend to sacrifice the individual histories in favor of community stuff and family dynamics.  Which is ok, still a lot to learn, I just want it all.

Date aired: August 20, 2019


The Heroin Hub: Chapter 2

Season 20, Episode 2


Location: Kensington area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Official Synopsis: Interventionist Donna Chavous must re-think Janine’s intervention now that she’s in jail. Interventionist Jim Reidy meets with Nicole’s family and learns how she ended up on the streets. 38-year-old heroin addict Bill finances his addiction by selling clean needles to other addicts. The city of Philadelphia organizes a mass eviction in Kensington to remove addicts from the neighborhood.

My Thoughts:  This season is moving pretty slow so far in terms of the addicts, families, and their interventions but I’m okay with it. In fact I appreciate the time they’re spending on the street evictions and even wish there was a little more time devoted to that, maybe some more perspectives from the residents and community leaders about what they think some potential solutions are. It’s a pretty nuanced and balanced discussion they’re presenting here, very documentary like, but I’m guessing there are even more sides to this that could be represented by more voices.

Date aired: August 13, 2019

Interventionist: Donna


The Heroin Hub: Chapter 1

Season 20, Episode 1


Location: Kensington area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Official Synopsis: The interventionists arrive to Philadelphia’s Heroin Hub and meet Nicole, a 39-year-old heroin addict and prostitute, who’s lived in the area for five years. Also featured is Janine, a 22-year-old addict whose father just died from a fatal overdose weeks earlier.

My Thoughts: I feel like they’re definitely trying to go for being a gritty 6-part documentary instead of an episodic reality TV show, and I think the way they produced this episode was quite successful at that. This felt way more like a documentary than any other episode of Intervention, even more so than the Heroin Triangle season. There was much more time spent on the community and the bigger context and a lot less on individual addicts. That might be the case only for this first episode, but even so, if they continue on with the theme as it was presented here, then I imagine the whole season will be about treating the community by treating the individual, and I for one am looking forward to that. It really gets across how much of an epidemic we’re dealing with in America right now, and how hard it is to save people from it when they live in places that are as deeply sick as Kensington is. The individuals they did focus on, especially Nicole who they met on the street (although I leave open the possibility that the meeting was planned and not impromptu), felt more like documentary subjects than they usually do. Of course we’re still gonna go through the emotional process of seeing these addicts and their families struggle and then hopefully get clean with the help of our beloved Interventionists, so that’s good. All in all, a great start to Season 20 and I’m stoked about what they’re doing here. Truly trying to save lives. Much respect to Intervention.