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POLL: What Did You Think of The Heroin Hub?

When I ran a poll about Season 18, The Heroin Triangle, almost half of you said you liked it ok but you wouldn’t want another season right away. I was one of those people. Well, we got another one right away and I can’t say I’m upset about it. I have some ideas about why I personally liked this season more than the last community-centric season, but I thought I’d ask you all and see what you thought. Should be interesting to see what y’all think was different about this season.

Why do you think The Heroin Hub better than The Heroin Triangle?

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Also, what grade would you give The Heroin Hub?

What did you think of Season 20 The Heroin Hub?

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Well, who knows when the next season will be out, or even if there will be another season, but I can say that if they’re trying to bump up the ratings and they decide to keep going with this format and not go back to the regular style of episodes, I think I’d be ok with it, as long as they continue to be as powerful and educational as this season was.

In the meantime, if you all have any thoughts or suggestions on things I can do on this site during the hiatus, please let me know.  Discussion posts on certain topics related to the show or addiction? Polls? Stats? You can always send me a private email too, I’m at dizzy.buzzkill at


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  1. Joe

    I really enjoyed both series. It’s a nice departure from the regular format and they both got their point across. It did seem like they delved into the addicts’ lives a bit more last year but that’s splitting hairs. I’d love to see another Heroin series from some other city. If nothing else it let’s the general public see an inside glimpse of the heroin epidemic. It’s also great to see multiple addicts getting help instead of one at a time. I’m all for this format and enjoy the original as well. Let’s have both!

  2. Richard L

    I have a couple of feelings about it. I’m happy that people had a chance to get treatment but my wish is to put everyone that is homeless with a substance abuse issue into a great treatment center. I know maybe I am a dreamer but that is my hope. It sucks that Purdue Pharmaceuticals L.P. can get slapped on their hands with little penalty when it has produced so much harm. Again, back on track, I am glad A&E is trying to get to the root of the problem but it’s more complicated than that. We have to focus on the trauma, pain, abuse, and maybe we can make some ground. It was a great series and I do hope Intervention keeps going as so many need help but just don’t have the resources or money to help themselves. First, thank you intervention and second Dizzy for giving us a platform. Lastly, I know she wouldn’t want me to say it but if you love this site please become a PATRON member as it helps with the overall cost of hosting etc.

    1. Dizzy

      🙂 Thanks Richard. Here’s the Patreon link for anyone interested:

  3. Dizzy

    Been thinking about this, and while I think another season like this would be fine, but I really miss some things about the earlier Intervention episodes. Remember when they used to cover eating disorders, self-harm, gambling? I haven’t looked this up but I’m guessing the last non-substance addiction was probably at least 10 seasons ago. I realize that we’re in the middle of a opioid crisis with way too many people dying and communities are in dire need of help, and I know that Intervention actually has the potential to make a small difference, but speaking purely as a fan of the show I can’t say I wouldn’t like to see something other than opioid addictions. The last 4 seasons now have been almost exclusively heroin/fentanyl, with just a few alcohol and meth episodes in seasons 17 and 19. Basically I miss the diversity of the earlier seasons in terms of the types of addictions that were shown. I learned a lot through those episodes and started to understand addiction in a much deeper and more nuanced way than I had before I started watching. Maybe Intervention is losing a little bit of what made it so special – teaching us about addiction in general and what addicts & their families have in common – when it focuses entirely on one drug like this?

    1. Stefan

      Dizzy I agree with every word of this and more.

    2. beelove


      also, with the ‘regular’ intervention episodes, i pretty much found something compelling about each of the interview subjects and their families.

      speaking purely as a tv watcher/fan, i really did not find any of the stories told in heroin triangle or in this philly edition compelling, at all.

      1. Chris F from Philly

        Beelove, I feel the same way, regarding the heroin hub & triangle. I wasn’t really impacted by any of the stories. They wandered. That being said, I live in Philly. I think it’s worse today. Children see things they can’t unsee. It’s disturbing that the City is considering a drug zone (safe injection site).That’s wrong for so many reasons. Our City is overrun with vacant lots, buildings, etc. Let’s hold the owners responsible, including ones owned by the City. Repair or demolish. Then, there’s room for outreach programs, housing. etc. To really help those in need.

    3. Mer

      I saw on A&E’s fb page there is a special on digital addiction airing Tues 9/17!

      1. Toreigh

        Yes it is on tonight at 9 EST
        Official synopsis: The stories of a teenager addicted to video games and a mother addicted to social media highlight the frightening world of digital addiction and the dramatic impact ir has on those who battle it.

  4. Maggie S

    Something that bothered me about this season was that the majority of people started out on prescription pills but there’s never any finger pointing at drug companies or doctors. If we’re expected to be on board with an exclusively opioid crisis season (twice now) it would have been great to see the interventionists seek out some over-prescribing doctors or pharmaceutical executives and confront them about the addicts they’ve created.

  5. April

    My dvr is recording a new episode tonight!

  6. Derek

    I found it incredibly frustrating to see how the police department is being made to fill a role they were never supposed to. They’re not trained for helping addicts, and so they don’t help addicts. At least there was the judge in the recovery court.

  7. Todd

    I liked the Heroin Hub better. I can’t really describe why but this is what happens to me. Some addicts, their lives, their stories; they grab my attention and I’m hooked within ten minutes. Others don’t. There is no rhyme or reason to it. Several of The Hub addicts grabbed my attention right away. No one did in The Triangle. As a matter of fact, I was pushing myself to continue to pay attention to The Triangle addicts. With the Hub, I watched all the episodes then immediately went to this site to get more info. Go figure because I can’t. Some grab me, others don’t.

  8. Pang

    I’m rewatching several years later and I have to say it is amazing. Even better than I remembered, maybe because I know a bit more about the opiod epidemic now.

    1. Pang

      I’d also like to hear about updates on some of the addicts- I like how the season was arranged, but it makes it harder to track the individuals. How are Nicole and Amanda doing?

      1. April S.

        Amanda from Heroin Hub passed away in December. You can find her listed in the “Intervention Deaths” category.