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Poll: The Heroin Triangle Season – Yay or Nay?

The 18th season of Intervention was an interesting departure for the show. Instead of focusing on a single family and intervention, the crew followed a small group of addicts and their families from one community spanning over 6 episodes.  There were still frustrated families, tragic endings, and hopeful futures just like every season, but the different format allowed for some new perspectives, like a deeper dive into the effects of a drug epidemic at the hyper local level, while also sacrificing some of the elements that made the show what it is, such as in-depth individual back stories. There’s been some good discussion about the merits and disappointments of the season right here, but I’m wondering in general how y’all felt about the format.  Feel free to elaborate on your thoughts in the comments.

The Heroin Triangle Season - Yay or Nay?

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  1. KJ

    Although I am a huge fan of Intervention and a bigger fan of success stories, I didn’t care for this season’s Heroin Triangle episodes at all.

    I very much prefer the original format and concentrating on one story at a time. I felt a lot was lost and hope this isn’t how the show will be from now on.

  2. Bob

    I understand that it’s an epidemic but all drugs including alcohol throughout the whole country are an epidemic. A season of the heroin triangle was great and with good reason, and a follow up in the future would be great, but I hope they return to their original format.

  3. kitty katt

    I think it’s great they’ve attempted to show things a little differently. Personally, it wasn’t my thing. I felt like it was all over the place from one addict next to the other and then back again. It reminded me more of a soap opera style filming. I liked the old format best and hope they go back to that way of doing things. It doesn’t mean they can’t make changes that way either as a lot more can be done and taken away when dealing with just one addict versus several at a time.

    1. Stefan Heikel

      I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  4. Joe

    Well I like the original format better I thought this was a refreshing departure and good twist. My main issues with it are they didn’t explain what happens once the people are in rehab. What do they actually do to get sober. AA Meetings? Great. Explain it in a bit more depth.

    Another thing that hit me is some of it seemed phony. The Nick guy who was supposedly a super close pal of Taylor and was an ex-addict. If he is so close to her why didn’t they ever use together? Why didn’t he talk her into going to rehab more? Once I sobered up and saw some ex-user buddies still active? I was all over them about rehab and how good it was and what happens etc. Nick didn’t seem to even talk about it. A real addict would have tried to sell that to someone sobering up and share their experience. I could have done much better-hell I have-with pals still using. Plus he doesn’t even know the real name of Narcan-he pronounced it ‘Narcam’. I thought ‘is this guy real’?

    Same with David. His pal John comes over and is the most unconvincing ex-heroin addict I’ve ever seen. ‘You remember I did a LOT of heroin! 300 dollars a day.’ If they’re so close why didn’t they use together? Plus real addicts don’t talk like that-none that I know anyway. Seemed almost scripted. A real addict imo would say dude I did a ton of dope as you know-I went to rehab and look at me now. If I can do it you can! I’ve talked pals into going from them seeing me sober now. I don’t know-the whole thing made me question are some of these people for real?

    Angela kind of ended…….nowhere. Why follow her anyway? It was boring. Taylor I feel so bad for but why were they getting her teeth worked on before she even sobered up? Why not use that money for someone who is sober and living the life correctly? Not an active addict. Taylor’s Mom and Nick’s Mom were just too much. I would have said to Taylor’s Mom you have to put down the weed and booze yourself! She said she’d do anything yet she was still toking weed and drinking! I’m kind of babbling away but all in all I really liked it but it seemed disjointed in parts. They didn’t explain other options like methadone or suboxone-Angela to me would be perfect or suboxone to get on her feet. It worked very well for me but the show didn’t even mention it. Weird. Eh I liked it and watched every episode. The one episode-maybe 6? That just recapped everything that came before was a huge disappointment. Why recap everything? We’re watching every week! Come on A&E. Still they helped some people and I pray they’re all sober today. Billy and Tiffany and Tracey lived in my hometown. I had no clue drugs were that bad here! Oh on Tiffany-as soon as I heard her and Billy broke up I said to myself-rehab romance! Tiffany got a BF I’ll bet dollars to donuts. Eh Billy and her are better off apart probably. Hope they’re doing good!

  5. Daedra Gilliard

    I would like to know why A&E is not covering this in the black community? This has been going on for so long in some of the black communities and there is virtually no coverage of these communities. I genuinely like this show, but you have only shown white America’s struggle with addiction, where are the people of color? Or they do not exist for your format? Do better A&E, white people who appear to come from some pretty stable lives are not the only ones suffering from addiction and mental illness.

    1. Dizzy

      I agree, communities of color are underrepresented by Intervention in general and this season in particular was glaringly white, but are not entirely invisible on the show as a whole. There are a number of past season episodes featuring black families, although I can’t tell you how many off the top of my head. I’ve recently started getting some stats and patterns together and I think that would be an interesting ratio to find.

    2. Joe

      They have shown lots of great episodes with black people. An addict is an addict and I can relate to them all. Couldn’t care less what their skin color or ethnicity is. Donna is one of my favorite interventionists-not because she’s black-but because she does such a great job. The people featured on Intervention run the gamut from white to black to gay to rich to poor to you name it-and that’s why I love the show. A&E has done a great job with it in my opinion.

  6. Anne

    Is there any information on people from the newest season (June 2018)? I noticed on the Intervention fb “Brad & Sam” commented an emoji on a post… it looked like she really was pregnant in rehab. Seems they have a 2 yo and they look happy. I related a lot to Sam, I hope she is doing well.
    I thought it was weird or forced almost how Intervention made it look like they weren’t going to reunite.
    Fb: (a joint fb lol)

  7. Markus

    I liked the different format of The Heroin Triangle. Intervention’s typical format is great- but THT was nice for a change. 🙂

  8. Rachel Johnson

    Season 20, ep7, 25:30-28:06… is by far, the ‘most sad’ I’ve seen of Intervention as of yet.

  9. Rachel Johnson

    I meant… Season 20,ep 6, 25:30-28:06.

  10. Brooke

    i just started watching this season and am on episode 3 and it seems like all the info repeats in each episode. wth??