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The Heroin Hub: Chapter 5

Season 20, Episode 5

Location: Kensington area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Official Synopsis: Amanda is torn between her addict boyfriend who’s in jail, and her ex-boyfriend, an EMT who is still in love with her. 31-year-old EJ’s heroin use has escalated since his mother’s unexpected death. While in treatment, Nicole and Janine reveal dramatic updates about where they are in their recoveries. Interventionist Heather Hayes leads an emotional intervention on Amanda.

My thoughts:  Another great episode.  I totally didn’t recognize Nicole at first, she looks really healthy and happy and her being giddy about her recovery was so moving to me. Such a huge difference from when we met her on the street in the first episode. Amanda’s story got a whole other level of intensity with the addition of Conner and holy cow, that intervention was a tearjerker. EJ’s story is tragic but he seems like a decent guy who respects his family and I have high hopes for him. Bummed we didn’t get to see how Bill and Alana are doing, and also sad that there’s only one more episode left in this fantastic season.

Date aired: September 3, 2019

Interventionist: Heather

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  1. Toreigh

    OMFG Nicole looks AMAZING! My face literally lit up with a smile seeing her! I had faith that she could do it! I hope she stays sober. Cant wait to see her new smile! I think amanda is going to make the right decision and go to treatment. And I hope she does. She has so many good things ahead of her. Like she said herself, her relationship with Conner. A good guy, marriage, a house, more kids! For the sake of her son I hope she goes and can eventually be the good stable mom that little boy needs. Next week is the last episode. I feel like a lot will need to be crammed into one episode. He’s story makes me sad. And I hope he can also find peace within himself and get clean.

    1. Toreigh

      EJ’s not he’s. My phone corrected that.

  2. Joe

    I really enjoyed this episode too. Seeing Nicole and how she’s doing was worth watching. My God what a change! Brought a tear to my eye. It does seem that the Heroin Triangle delved a bit more deeply into the addicts’ lives-this one seems a bit rushed though still engrossing. I’m surprised they didn’t follow Janine in the week she was waiting to go to rehab when she eventually relapsed. I am curious about Bill and Alana as well. Weird they didn’t show them
    I’m praying Amanda makes it but I think she’s using the fact she didn’t know her step-mom wasn’t her real mother as an excuse to use. I was straight till my Dad passed and then used that as an excuse to get high. The real reason I used is I’m an addict. If it wasn’t my Dad passing it would have been some other lame reason I could get on the pity pot and justify using. Eh everyone is different. I bet Amanda gets it though. She has a great family and that guy Conner, plus she seems really intelligent.

    EJ man he’s a loose cannon. I’ve met many addicts like him. He looks like a great kid at heart who just needs to sober up like Bill. I wonder how they’ll cram everything into one episode next week? I’ll be watching and meanwhile praying they all sobered up and stayed that way. Still shocked about Taylor in the Heroin Triangle. I think of her often as I live smack dab in the middle of the Heroin Triangle-(2 miles from The Zone). So sad. It would be super good to see updates about The Heroin Triangle alumni too.

  3. Canadian Jay

    Omg. I didn’t recognize Nicole at all. I had to go back to episode 1 and watch it again. She looks so healthy. It’s hard to believe that’s the same lady. I really hope she makes it.

  4. Kitty Katt

    My mouth dropped, I had to look twice, and went to the first episode to compare Nicole from then until NOW! Holy Cr@p!! She blew me away. I don’t think I’ve ever seen in the history of Intervention (and I’ve watched every single show from day one….more than once too!) anyone change so dramatically (in a few months too) but in a GREAT way such as Nicole. I am beyond thrilled! I absolutely did not recognize her at all. I was rooting for her from day one and will continue. If she can read this……NICOLE YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! I’m also thrilled that her fiance is also doing well and how she says they need to get straight individually before they can get straight as a couple to raise their kids and have a happy life.


    Please, please, please….I’d love to continue seeing updates about Nicole whether it be from her or someone who knows her. She is a true inspiration to all! God Bless!

  5. Em

    This episode alone seems to be missing from the A&E website. I’m through the first four episodes and realise this one is missing and I can’t watch the finale without knowing what I missed! So frustrating! Anyone know where I can watch this episode? Can’t seem to find it anywhere!

  6. Angela

    Here is Amanda – I wanted to share in case anyone else wanted to see. I follow this on YouTube and it awesome.

  7. Nina

    Nicole’s difference is absolutely astounding! I’ve watch SO many of these episodes and her sobriety literally turned her into a new person. The hope in her eyes is just incredible. I hope she continues to do well because wow, she is an inspiration!

  8. NKS - Intervention Addict

    Does anyone have an update on EJ? He struck me as such a beautiful, hurt human!

  9. Angelica

    I’m so sad that Amanda and Conor didn’t get their happily ever after. He clearly loved her so much and she was so torn between what she knew was best for her and the drug which seemingly alleviated her pain, at least for a little while. That intervention made me cry. I hope he found someone else to love who wasn’t a slave to the needle. Awful.