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The Heroin Hub: Chapter 4

Season 20, Episode 4

Location: Kensington area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Official Synopsis: After Bill’s arrest, Interventionist Michael Gonzales strategizes with his family on ways to intervene once he’s released from jail. Alana’s mother suspects that Alana may have relapsed and kicks her out of her home. Janine is released from jail and must decide if she’s ready to get clean. Bill’s family intervenes on him outside the courthouse the moment he is released from jail.

What’s Memorable: Alana and Bill going to treatment, Janine 60 days clean recognizing that she still needs more help and hoping she’ll make it through the next week, Amanda’s emotions when talking about signing over rights to her son. I am really rooting for all of these people, they’re all worth it.

Date aired: August 27, 2019

Interventionist: Michael

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  1. Joe

    It’s really moving along now! I’m really psyched everyone went to rehab so far. Is this only 5 parts? They showed a couple new people at the end. They can’t finish everything in one more episode can they? I’m really liking it so far.

    1. Dizzy

      I think there was just one new person in the preview for next week, but regardless I don’t think they’ll introduce someone new and then wrap up his story in the same episode, so I’m guessing there’s 6 episodes. Could be wrong.


    I’m just so very sad for this young lady, Amanda season 20. It was devastating watching her utter despair. I’m praying she’ll get the help she so desperately needs. She seems intelligent and has people that love her, especially her twin. I’m a alcoholic/addict in my 20th year of sobriety. My two girls are some Amanda’s age and have never ever, seen their mommy under the influence of anything. They have grown up so different than I did, with two sober parents as examples they are doing awesome. Both in college, both with life plans. Amanda you dear girl, don’t give up!!! You have to get help! Don’t think no one cares, I care! I just pray she is still alive because if she is not in recovery, I don’t expect her to be on this Earth much longer, if she still even is. That dejected last interview of her, on the streets, raped, beaten up, looking as though she has given up, should be a example of warning to anyone who wants to try drugs. Not everyone gets addicted, but until you try something, you may not even realize you are predisposed to bring an addict! Don’t take the chance, the rewards are nil.

  3. Brooke

    What is the issue between Billy’s mother and sister? They reference it but don’t tell us specifics and it’s really frustrating. The sister told the mother about something Billy supposedly did and the mother doesn’t believe her and as a result they don’t talk or have a relationship. Maybe they did say it and I missed it. Anyone??

  4. Xlio

    Connor is so sweet 🥺 his unconditional love for Amanda and the fact he still sees the untapped potential and life in her… So special

  5. Natalie

    Bill and Alana are two of my faves in intervention history. They seem like SUCH good, genuine people who we need in this world. Alana is gorgeous and strong and Bill said he just wants to be there for people when he’s sober. I am rooting for them.

    1. Pang

      I’d love to hear updates on them…its hard to follow the people in this seasons individually since they don’t have their own page.