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Season 6 Episode 8


Age: 30’s
Location: Southern California
Addicted to: Meth, Porn, Sex
What’s Memorable: The amount of time he spends watching porn, the things his wife has had to do in order for him to maintain his addictions.

Update: Aaron Franklin Brink died of pancreatic cancer on May 12, 2023.  Link.

Official synopsis:  Aaron was a mixed martial arts champion, but at the height of his career he started working in adult films. Through the porn scene, Aaron was introduced to crystal meth. His daily habit took over and he lost both his film and fighting careers. He now spends his days using drugs and watching porn for hours on end, and his wife is at the end of her rope.

Original Air Date: July 2009
Interventionist: Jeff

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  1. Clementine Danger

    My heart breaks for Vanessa. The things she is pressured into doing, the hurt she feels at being betrayed by someone she loves like that… I just want to give her a great big hug and tell her she can do so much better. It’s not that I don’t have sympathy for Aaron, but she’d be so much better off without him. She seems like such a kind, loving person. She deserves better than this abusive crap.

  2. JM

    Looks like he kept fighting up until 2014:

  3. Rae

    Not sure how good hes doing. Looks like he might be in jail, but not sure what for.

  4. Angie Perez

    I am engaged to Aaron Brink. We live in San Diego California. He is clean and sober and works as a MMA trainer and is the current gladiator challenge interim heavyweight champion. He is fighting on March 31 2018 for the undisputed title of Gladiator Challenge. He does not do porn movies anymore nor does he use drugs of any kind. And no he’s not in jail.

    1. Julie

      Great to hear he is doing well!

  5. Katie

    Aaron & Vanessa got a divorce & appeared on Divorce Court in 2011. She still does porn under the name Cassandra Cruz. No clue how he’s doing or if he’s sober.

  6. Kitty Katt

    Here’s their divorce court episode:

  7. Linda S

    Just saw his episode on Netflix. Looked up his Wikipedia page and he and another person were arrested in May 2016 for burglary. He also violated his parole by being on some substance – didn’t say what. Also added that he returned to adult film industry in 2019 after a 5 year hiatus.

    1. Kitty Katt


      1. Dizzy

        Woah, that photo is frightening

      2. Stefan

        Yikes I didn’t need to see that before going to bed. It’s like something out of creepypasta.

  8. Tazz

    It appears that the Q Nightclub shooter is Aaron’s estranged son. I’m pretty speechless…..

    1. Stefan

      Yikes 😳

    2. Laura

      Interview with Aaron about his son. he talks about being on intervention along with clearly being under the influence and saying he was relieved his son wasn’t say despite him killing 5 people (yikes). My thoughts are with the victims.

    3. Stas

      Came here to see if anyone had realized this. Dude is SUPER homophobic.

    4. Laura

      Yeah, it didn’t click at first, but when I read his full name and that he was also an ex-MMA fighter, my brain went, “Wait a minute…”. Still in shock. What a piece of garbage that should never have procreated.

      1. Stas


  9. Liz

    And now he is a raging homophobe relieved that even though his estranged son is a murderer, at least he’s not gay. So trash. Clearly still an addict of some kind also. :/

    1. Gretchen

      Making a guess that A&E won’t air his episode ever again after all this.

    2. Stefan

      Yah he’s clearly one such person profiled on the show that is just a terrible person regardless of their addiction.

      1. Aaron

        Looking at the video whose link is posted above, he’s basically a meth head porn star proclaiming he’s a conservative Republican. Either the party of family values has considerably changed since I was born or those family values have changed or Aaron was a huge hypocrite.

    3. Marie

      I guess now we know why Intervention never did an update episode on Aaron. Holy shit. Literally.

  10. Adam Ide

    found this episode from the unfortunate q nightclub shooting. would just like to share the sentiment of sympathy for the beautiful Vanessa. she seems like a wonderful person that was in a very toxic relationship. hope she is doing well, not sure if she is still doing porn or not. also does anyone know if the nightclub shooter is her son or not?

    1. Stas

      The shooter is 22 or 21 I believe so I’m pretty sure he had already been born when they got together.

  11. lagaya1

    Oh my God! This guy is the infamous father of the Club Q shooter! I knew I’d seen him before. What a damn mess he is now.

  12. Alexandra

    Well full episode is no longer on demand…

    1. Lucy

      You can find it on MOVIES2WATCH.RU – Season 7 Ep. 9. as Robin’s one but it’s Aaron/Andrea’s.

  13. Russell

    Producers and family not even MENTIONING the son!

    Aaron brink is a total narcissist

  14. Alice Schmid

    Not sure if people noticed, but Aaron was sent to the Pasadena Recovery Center. AKA, Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew. Thought that was funny. wonder why he was never in that show.

  15. Matthew McLaughlin

    Update to Aaron Brink

    ‘Phew, He’s Not Gay’: Colorado Shooter’s Father Reacts As He Learns Son Killed Five In A Queer Club

  16. Ingrid

    Aaron and Vanessa divorced in 2001 glad she got away from him he has been in and out and in and out of jail since his intervention

  17. Brenda

    According to the internet he died May 2023. Not sure much more.

  18. Janel

    Looks like he passed away in May

  19. AMA

    I don’t think I have ever disliked any of the folks featured on the show as much as I grew to dislike Aaron, post-appearance. Finding out he cared more about his child’s sexual orientation than the fact that said child went on to murder the children of at least five other families truly disgusted me. I did a deep dive and also learned his son’s maternal grandfather is politician Randy Vogel, which infuriated me. Aaron had every reason and opportunity to get sober. He had the kind of connections that gave him an advantage over many others in his shoes. And he squandered it all.