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Season 14, Episode 4


Age: 43
Location: Raceland, Louisiana
Addiction:  Alcohol
What’s memorable: She’s been an alcoholic for 25 years, suffers from cirrhosis, drinks beer from her bed all day long unless she goes to the one bar in town that hasn’t 86’d her yet. The argument with her daughter was hard to watch. I enjoyed her follow up with Candy – she seemed down to earth and realistic but grateful that her health was improving so much and committed to her sobriety.

Update: Theresa Ann “Tee” Ledet passed away on September 5, 2021. Link

Synopsis: Theresa swore she wouldn’t end up like her mother who was a raging alcoholic. However, years later after several failed relationships and children, Theresa finds herself drinking uncontrollably–to the point that even cirrhosis of the liver isn’t enough to make her stop. Her daughter says she’s at rock bottom, close to death, and her family knows that an intervention is their last hope.

Original Air Date: April 2015
Interventionist: Candy

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  1. Kat R.

    Her dad was heartbreaking, losing his wife just months before to the same disease. So sad.
    I have to say I loved Teresa’s scrappiness when she was defending the cameraman in the parking lot. She’s got a lot to offer and I’m so happy for her.

  2. Sara

    I agree with Kat. Theresa had a spunk and tenacity in her that could give her the best chance at a successful life as a sober individual. I just hate how they rushed through her backstory, there was so much to her! A mother, the army, her childhood, the marriage, and so much more. And her health, they seemed to just barely touch base on that, and she was crazy sick. I LOVED Candy at the intervention/pre intervention. Her comment about the past is what keeps us drunk. Spot on, again, Ms. Finnigan.

  3. Brian Manson

    Theresa needs an intervention again , her attitude sucks now and the world needs to see her army days were limited because if alcohol and random sexual partners. She continues to deceive people on social media while drinking still…she is a lot more than what was in tv

    1. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

      What’s the latest with Theresa, Brian?

  4. Jo

    That homophobic tone where she told her daughter “you’re a lesbian”… even if her daughter is not gay, what a sour thing to say. I hope with all my heart she’s doing well now, but repairing her relationship w/ her kids is gonna take ongoing help

  5. Cathleen

    Does anyone know where this episode is available? Thanks

    1. Chance and Destiny

      It’s on Amazon Prime

  6. Stefan

    I’m amazed how few comments there are about Theresa.

  7. Chance and Destiny

    I hope for her family and herself that she stayed clean. She handled boot camp she could handle life. I wish there was an update. Her son seemed really sweet and her daughter deserved a mother even if she is technically grown. If you or your family ever read this please know that people are still pulling for you

  8. Molly

    oh theresa… watching this as an alcoholic trying to go through recovery was a real eye-opener. I liked her personality a lot, thinking if anyone can get sober, it’s theresa!

    1. Dizzy

      Thank you for posting this. So sad.

    2. Nivey

      I’ll never forget her spunk. Very sad news she was so young. Praying she would beat it. Rest in peace. Prayers to her family and sweet children. 🙏