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S1E13 Michael

Season 1, Episode 13


Age: 20’s
Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee
Addicted to: Alcohol, Cocaine, Marijuana, Benzos, Opioids

What’s Memorable: Doing lines off the toilet in the restaurant bathroom.

Official synopsis:  A former top high school athlete gets hooked on pills and beer, after suffering an emotionally devastating incident – he was not put into a big game against a rival school.

Original Air Date: July 2005
Interventionist: Jeff

All comments.

  1. Clint

    Michael is in Chattanooga, TN. He does blow in a bar on Market St.

  2. Sara

    This guy is the only person I have ever seen say “yes” so quickly. As soon as JVV did “the speech”, Michael didn’t even let his family have a voice. I don’t know if Candy would have done the same, she is pretty intent on letting the family articulate their feelings for their own sake. I could actually relate to Michael in a few ways, and I wonder how he’s doing.

  3. K

    Just watched his episode and had to look him up. I wonder how he’s doing. I thought he was so handsome in his episode. Also made me laugh a few times. I could relate to so much of what he said. I hope he’s doing better

  4. Tommy

    Michael wasn’t in Season 2…He was in Season 1 on the Brooks episode

  5. Miss Drew

    Does anyone have any updates on Michael? He was so intelligent and articulate. I loved hearing his voice. He’s handsome as well. I really hope he found recovery.

    1. Family Member

      He did not. Multiple arrests and charges since the airing.

      1. Beatrice Thomas

        Aw that’s such a shame… I agree he sounded very intelligent and witty, and was attractive indeed. I hope for him he gets better!