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Season 17, Episode 4


Age: 36
Location: Missisauga, Ontario, Canada
Addiction: Meth, Fentanyl

What’s Memorable: The deeply disturbing way Clint behaves when he’s high. You know those crazy videos of people acting psychotic on frakka or bath salts? He’s like that. I’ve never seen anyone act this way on the drugs he does. I wonder if his untreated ADHD contributes somehow?

Official Synopsis: Clint, 36, was raised in a tight-knit, middle-class family. His parents expected success for their four children who were all precocious and engaged in school. But in high school, when his siblings had gone off to college, Clint fell in with the wrong crowd and began to struggle. The only graduation he would see was to a life controlled by crystal meth and opioids. At a loss as to where it all went wrong, Clint’s parents have seen their son’s excesses progress to crazy and dangerous levels. Without an intervention, they know he will die.

Date Aired:  August 2017

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  1. Dewey

    Thx for heads up

    1. Emmy

      I wonder if he didn’t know he was using meth(both appear same–white powder) and very common to meth are paranoias, skin itching/crawling etc(I have mental illness and have used meth and have become paranoid, visual and auditory hallucinations, skin itchiness/feel like bugs biting etc). Also, if obtained from dealer calling it heroin God knows what it may have been cut with??

      1. Lisa

        Exactly what i was thinking. Maybe he really thinks its fentanol but god knows what the dealers are giving him. If hes messed up enough they know they can get away with it. Im even wondering if flakkas involved here?

      2. Kara Bishop

        In the first five minutes of the episode Clint says “ I’m addicted to opiates and opioids, starting with heroin, and ending with Percocet and everything in between and crystal meth, which is a stimulant similar to Ritalin”.

    2. Janice

      Does anyone know if Clint is still alive?

    3. Stephanie

      Praying he is doing well and clean. I came to Google if he returned after his initial relapse. Addiction is so hard to deal with and from experience loving many addicts. When they realize in a clear head how much they are actually loved, is the absolute most dangerous time. I have many addicts I have loved and lost and many I will never give up on. Everyone is with saving!!!

  2. Brooke

    Weird how he mentioned meth and opiates but I didn’t see him do meth once. I only saw him do Fentanyl.

    Anyway, this episode was absolutely insane. Very sad.

  3. Ken

    What a beautiful family. So sad – there are no words. God Bless.

  4. Kei

    I genuinely fear for the guy. He honestly seemed likable during his rare moments of clarity, but wow does the stuff have a real stranglehold on him.

  5. Rudy

    What city is Clint from?

    1. Ashley

      He’s from Mississauga, Ontario

  6. DeNanner

    This episode was SO very disturbing. Wonder why they didn’t give a location and it sounded like his family was either Jamaican or Nigerian?

    1. Janelle

      The location was Mississauga, Ontario (a suburb of Toronto).

    2. Kei

      Can’t say this with 100% certainty, but I’m guessing his parents were originally from Jamaica.

      1. B

        These people sound Trinidadian, not Jamaican.

    3. beelove

      they sounded super jamaican to me (and not trini or nigerian).

      1. marbug

        I know him, he is Trini, not Jamaican and he lives in Mississauga, Ontarii.

  7. Janelle

    A small number of people become paranoid and experience hallucinations and skin crawling sensations when they are under the influence of opiates. That’s the effect they have on certain people, and Clint is obviously one of them. That explains the behaviour in his bedroom and in the public restroom.

    It’s unfortunate that Clint was not ready to get sober and didn’t complete treatment. Hopefully his family will hold their bottom lines because that’ll be the key to him finally hitting bottom and committing himself to recovery. As Jeff Van Vonderen always says, when an addict gets to use but the people around him have to suffer the pain and consequences, an addict will have no motivation to get sober. He won’t take responsibility for his problem unless the problem is 100% his own.

    I hope we’ll be seeing a lot more of that new interventionist Jesse in the future…<3 <3 <3 he's gorgeous 😀

    1. Anna

      Yeah one time I was prescribed Percocet after surgery and it made me hallucinate (I saw spiders). I’m in recovery but opiates were not my drug of choice.

      1. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

        My grandfather was given Darvon (IV style) and it hit him like you – hallucinations. It’s freaky to see a 90 year old guy try to climb out a window. I don’t know if it affected him that way because of his advanced age, or if it would have done that at ANY stage. Scary stuff.

  8. Dewey

    Where’s Candy & Jeff? Are they going to use the old timers anymore ????

    1. Janelle

      This was an Intervention Canada episode. They use different interventionists.

  9. Dewey

    Of course you are correct but usa episodes have had Sylvia doing them. I like Syl but I also love Candy and Jeff????‍♀️????

    1. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

      I like all of them except that Maureen chick in some of the Canadian episodes. She seems WAY too smug for my taste. Change my mind, people…

      1. Rob

        I agree, Maureen can be hit or miss. But I saw an episode last night when the addict left the intervention to have a cigarette and had accidentally dropped a needle in the room beside his sister’s foot. He felt so guilty and broke down in tears, and Maureen comforted him and said “you’re not bad; you’re sick.” It was a powerful, poignant moment and he really needed to hear that.

      2. Kitty Katt

        Sorry, I can’t change your mind because I’m on the same team as you.

  10. Jess

    This episode seriously upset me. Such a gentle by nature soul lost. I need any and all updates on this man. Is he just wandering the streets like this now? Since his family “rarely sees him” anymore? I’ve spent all afternoon googling and trying to find out what happened to this man and an not find anything.

    1. TaZeR

      I live in Mississauga and see this guy all the time walking around near Dundas/Confederation area, he sleeps on the benches sometimes and looks god awful.

  11. K.

    Sad to say this but I knew all along he is beyond saving. After 10 years of that kind of addiction it would have been a miracle if he cleans up.

    My hope was/is, that his family can shut him out and live their lives because they seem such great people and his sister has a kid/family now…

    1. Janelle

      K, I beg to disagree. Very few addicts are “beyond saving.” The only ones that can’t be rehabilitated are the ones with a severe personality disorder which prevents them from acknowledging their fallibility and taking ownership of their problem (e.g. Gamblin’ Gabe and Ryan from Season 3).

      There is hope for Clint. He just wasn’t ready to get sober when his episode aired. Maybe he is now or will be soon.

      1. Ron Manning

        I agree totally. Both that he is not beyond saving and that underlying psychological disorders block the potential (ie: Criste from season 2). He is definitely not beyond saving. I think his natural intelligence alone makes it a possibility. It is daunting, given that he had years to develop the habit in in a stable living environment before having to face the drug life.

    2. jacinda

      Never Ever too late! my husband is living proof.

      1. Clint p

        Hi its me CLINT

    3. Katie

      I know it’s not a popular opinion you’re sharing (witness everyone’s knee-jerk “NO- ONE’S not worth saving!!!” responses). But I hear what you’re saying. I felt the same way the whole episode. This guy’s family was always there for him and he never had to grow up. And then there’s the fact that he didn’t have a kid or a significant other. Addicts with kids are WAY more likely to change when put in the right intervention and rehab because they have something super compelling to live for. Whenever I see and addict who’s been an addict for a long time on this show with no kids. . . I get worried.

  12. Rae

    I hate to see such a genuine family suffer this much, but i feel this was a little too late as many would say. But what touched me the most was how sensitive the new interventionist was. Literally warmed my heart to see him hold his hand on Clint’s first plane ride (which from personal experience is terrifying, as mine was at the age of 22). I really good that Clint can find peace,as well as the family. Btw, love that the sis has the right spelling on her name (little joke)

  13. LisaM

    I have watched every single episode of Intervention, am in recovery myself, and am half-way through an Addiction Counsellor credential. And, with all that, I have never seen someone react to opiates like Clint did. It’s hard to shock me, but Clint succeeded. There’s clearly a lovely spirit inside of that very sick man, but as the woman at the treatment center said, “unfortunately, the addict won.”

    My heart goes out to his beautiful family; it’s a nasty, horrible disease for sure. It sounds like they’ve held their line. Good for them.

    On another note, new interventionist, Jesse! I like him very much & hope to see more of him! I really appreciated his calm and compassion, especially holding Clint’s hand on the airplane.

    1. Suzanne

      First of all, kudos to whoever said IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO GET CLEAN! I was absolutely horrified how Clint reacted when he got high. I’m in recovery myself and have 28 years of an awful opiate addiction & NOTHING anyone could ever tell me would convince me that the drug Clint did time & time again was an opiate of any kind..period.

      1. Kitty Katt

        Correct….he wasn’t using opiates.

    2. Kitty Katt

      He wasn’t using opiates.

  14. Juanita

    I missed the ending of this episode.. so, did Clint leave treatment? Is he homeless? Is there a follow-up episode?

    1. Jess

      Yes he left treatment after 32 days I believe it said. His family rarely sees him it said. That’s how it ended. I would love a follow up. I hope he is alright. I really felt for him.

      1. marbug

        Just saw and spoke to him a couple of weeks go….unfortunately still in the streets (same area, 10 & Dundas)….he is truely a lovely human being and it is very unfortunate that he is in such a bad place. Clint, I do hope our next encounter will be under different circumstances where you are in a better place. Till then, take care of yourself!

      2. JESS

        Has anything changed? Really hope Clint is doing better now. After all this time, this episode still haunts me. Any and all updates are welcome! Pls.

  15. HRBrand

    As a mom of a kid with ADHD and on the spectrum, I believe Clint is on the spectrum. He needs a whole different kind of intervention. One that can help him process his thoughts. The kicking in the air was part of my sons stemming behavior. He could not feel his body in space. Clint absolutely reminded me of this when he was high.

    It has taken nearly 11 years of therapy to help my son. And each year brings on new challenges. I’m hoping the right person saw that episode and can help.

    Obviously, this is just my opinion.

  16. Christopher

    It doesn’t bother me that they show episodes of Intervention Canada, but the way they are being deceiving about it I don’t like

    1. T

      Agreed! Anyone from Canada that can confirm that these are old episodes that have been aired already up there?

      1. BC Anon

        They aren’t. I’m a friend of one of the participant’s in Melissa’s intervention, and I can confirm that her episode was filmed last winter.

  17. Scott

    Wow opiates don’t do that you nodd off

    1. Kitty Katt

      He wasn’t using opiates.

  18. Kei

    A&E recently came out with an unreleased scene from his episode where he exhibited the skin crawling behavior:

    For whatever it’s worth, A&E attributed his behavior to “meth mites” as opposed to opioids.

  19. Kristy Van Veen

    what bothered me the most is how he’s using State assistance to get high off of there are clearly people who really need that need assistance and they don’t get it. how in the world did they just by giving a drug addict money to buy drugs?

    1. Clint Pascal

      Hey everybody it’s me it’s Clint the guy from the episode you can add me on Facebook bad Clint Pascal

      1. Grace

        How are you???

  20. P

    I really liked this guy, I hope that one day we’ll see an update that says he’s doing well! Fingers crossed for him and his family

  21. JESS

    Clint! Are you still around?!

  22. A

    He was on opiates. Fentanyl makes you act like that, look it up on YouTube. A big part of the high is “confusion”.

  23. Whit

    His sister died within the last couple years. RIP Rachel

    1. Caroline Bracco

      What?! That is devastating to hear. She was so lovely…in every way.

      1. Kitty Katt

        Yes, she sadly did pass away. Lovely girl, like you said.

  24. ShayLee

    If his sister really did die, can someone post a link to a death notice or something?

    1. Kitty Katt

      It’s on his mother’s FB page. His mother has the same last name as Clint (I’m having a brain fart on remembering her first name right now). If you go through her account you will see it.

  25. Mandy S

    The sister who passed was not the one featured in the show, that was Rachel. The one who passed was Tanisha and she chose not to participate in the documentary.

  26. Siouxsie

    My boyfriend and my best friend used to act exactly like Clint on opiates only. It was really weird when I first saw that because I had only ever seen people nod off, be very relaxed, etc. You definitely don’t need to do stimulants to act like that. I’ve seen it first hand. When I saw this episode I was like omg! Another person in the world acts like that! So crazy.

    1. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

      I think it has to be a cross-reaction or paradox or something (where the meds do the opposite effect than usual). I feel for the guy…has anyone else seen that he commented twice? Hi Clint! Hope you’re well…hang in there!

  27. Caroline

    As someone on the spectrum, I feel like he’s probably autistic. Which is a shame because before I was diagnosed I could relate to being the black sheep and feeling unable to succeed/focus and not understanding why. I wish there were facilities that specifically helped people on the spectrum/ADHD/ADD because our brains are wired so differently and we need unique treatment plans and therapy. Wonder how he’s doing today…He’s a very sweet guy.

    1. Savannah Lawrence

      Agreed. I am also on the spectrum. What I’ve found to be the most successful is for early intervention to happen, so he could learn the needed coping skills in order to deal as a functioning person with autism. What people need to understand about people with a neurodivergence mind i.e. people with ADHD or autism, is that we are traumatized naturally living in a society centered on people that have a completely different brain than us. So it really comes to no surprise that a lot of autistic people abuse drugs.

  28. Frost

    Yes he is alive, however still battling his demons.

    1. Christine arnould

      Clint has now passed away…. 🙁

  29. Silva

    I have been watching this show since season one, and i just watched this episode today. It has opened my mind for things i have never thought of before. When clints mother speaks on the pre intervention about undiagnosed adhd i went and checked it out on google what the heck was that. See im from brazil living in the us for about 11 years now and we dont talk a lot about this kind of stuff over there. I cannot belive the symptoms! every single one i have plus anxiety this has opened my eyes and explained so much about my life… Never been able to listen for a prolonged time, the person could be in my face talking about something in about 2 min im zoned out, to nowhereland and i dont even realized it until the conversation prompts a response from me. My whole school life i have never done any homework i didnt had too. And the ones i absolutelly had to do, like studing ofr a test, i could have a month to do so i would still do it the night before or the day of school. I would think ill be there 10 min earlier and copy from someone. But then it comes another problem, Im always late. I really underestimate the time it takes for things to get done. I have gotten frustrated both as a kid in scchool and now at work over things that dont really matter, and ive caught myself getting over that anger about as easy as it comes… When trying to listten to people they bore the hell out of me i usually complete peoples question or answer them before they can finish asking, only to feel like shit later thinking why couldnt i keep my mouth shut again. Driving, just like walking, ive caught myself some times realizing i had walked a great distance or driven miles without paying attention to exactly is going on around me. I barelly drive anymore cause i cant keep focused. I also cant drive at night anymore. I went to law school and was a second year dropout. I just couldnt follow how quick the information was passed around and you were supposed to learn all of that in such a short period of time. I often think about something that gives me anxiety like my own health, or some unpaid bill for way, way longer than i should. I always knew i had anxiety, nefer treated, and recently i was thinking i also have some form of depression. My mother is bipolar and esquizophrenic… She hasnt worked since 2001, and has been on disability since then. I still manage to work 40 hours a week, but i tend to call in at least once or twice a month. I have imnsonia, it takes me 12 hours in bed to sleep 4. Ive tried alcohol to help me sleep, melatonin, benadryl… nothing really helps… I have really bad asthma since im 1yo, but this past years ive been feeling so tired and fatigued its unbeliavable. Im 33 now. I just think this episode was such an eye opener and it kind of makes me feel stupid for not checking or looking into this before. I have been addicted to videogames for probaably as long as 1995. I zone out when i play. people can try and talk to me, i can try and hear music but all that information gets lost.. because im zoned out. Since i can remember i frget the most important stuff. Wallet, cellphone, locking keys inside the house multiple times, been to the airport twice to catch a plane without my passport. At work i start doing one task and before i know it im doing 3, 4 different things and inevitably one of them ends up forgotten behind my mind and i dont finish it until someone brings it up. I feel like my head is never in the present. Doesnt mean its on the past or future, its mostly a feeling taht i could describe as blank. Its almost as if i think of so many things at the same time unconsiously that i end up with a blank stare in my face. If anyone ever reads this i dont even know if it will make any sence, i feel like im all over the place.. My anxiety is so bad i have canled many things in my life for the pure fear of participating on it. The anxiety and sleeping deprivation is whats getting to me. Today ive taken 4 benadryl to try and sleep ive been up for almost 20 hours my brain just wont give up. Weed seems to help. I started smoking about 4 years ago. … Well idk where im going with this anyways i have never talked about this to not one person in this world. not my wife, dad, kid, no one. I think i need to see a doctor asap and see if adhd is the problem that explains it all for me with the anxiety and also if theres a way to ease all these symptoms. For Clint i hope he gets better, its hard to break that cycle. Eye opening day for me. If anyone reads, thank you and sorry for all thatt crap i just typed.

    1. T

      Silva, thanks for opening up the way you did. Adhd is real and can severely affect your day to day. My partner has Adhd and because her parents never addressed her illness as a child (among other issues), it evolved and she is now an addict herself. She has a behavior addiction like your video game addiction but is controlled with the right Adhd medication. I recommend at least seeing a doctor and talking about these symptoms you’re having. If anything can be prevented from getting worse, I say it’s worth checking into. I hope things work out and remember, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe your family can provide some extra support. 🙂

  30. Christine arnould

    Clint Pascal is ONE of my close friends, and YES I STRONGLY AGREE that he acts completely unexpectable when he uses, but on the other side of him HE WAS A COMPLETELY CARING AND LOVING GUY TO HIS FRIENDS, AND WE MISS HIM MORE THEN ANYTHING ,

    1. Stefan

      I’m sorry to hear of his passing. Would you be willing to post an obituary?

      1. Dahlia

        So many gone this year…must be the pandemic damaging peoples’ spirits. I feel nothing but sympathy and heartbreak for the family during this horrible time.

    2. Gigi

      Noooo! My heart breaks for his sweet family 🙏

  31. yo

    Rest In Peace Clint.

    From the episode, it was clear he was an exceptionally bright, sweet, and charismatic person, despite his struggles, and that he came from a family and community that loved and adored him very much. I hope he is at peace now, and that his loved ones can find some peace in knowing Clint’s spirit touched and inspired many more people than he ever could have known.

  32. Kitty Katt

    Just wondering why Clint hasn’t been added to ones who died list???

    1. Stefan

      He’s there last time I checked.

  33. Rosie

    My heart is broken now Clint is gone too 🙏😢😭😇😓😱his poor family lost a daughter now their son brother Jesse tried to help him too brother Clint you’re now an angel l my dear friend and brother you left the world too soon hon you will be missed All our love from New York City 💕😢sister Rosie

  34. Natalie S.

    Although it’s unusual, it is possible to react that way to opiates. I watched a documentary about the open drug market in downtown Vancouver east side and that’s exactly what happened. Two people shot up the same heroin. One reacted just like Clint, and the other woman said that is just how she reacts.

  35. Rayna

    Seems Clint has now passed away 🙁
    I have seen his episodes a few times and I really hoped he would make it. I find it difficult when the episodes are Canadian, from cities I have lived in, and/or are addictions that people I know and love have suffered from. So sad his family had to bury another child. Rest In Peace Clint.

    1. Britt

      If you wanna know about “free healthcare” in Canada let’s chat and also let’s make a documentary l have receipts

      1. Stefan

        Whatever problems it may have I guarantee it’s still better than what we have in the United States.

  36. Molly

    to the paramedic in this episode, if you ever see this: take care of yourself as best you can so you can continue your work for as long as possible. you are an angel who is meant to help others in this way