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Season 7 Episode 4


Age: 35
Location: Tuscon, Arizona
Addiction: Alcohol and meth
What’s memorable: The jealousy he has toward his brother for getting the music career he wanted for himself, the fact that he abused his wife when drunk in front of their small daughter, how his enabling mother totally takes care of him.

Update: Rob Rowden passed away in late July 2023.  Here is his Obituary.

Official Synopsis: Once a gifted singer/songwriter, Rob was part of a successful band. He loved the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, but he began a long descent into addiction when he turned to drugs and alcohol to fuel his creativity. When his band fell apart–a casualty of his drug use–he was devastated. He lost his siblings’ respect and custody of his daughter. Now he spends his days in a haze of meth smoke and alcohol in his filthy apartment. But his mother still sees him as her sweet little boy. Will she love him to death, or will Rob’s family be able to save him from himself?

Original Air Date: December 2009

Interventionist: Jeff

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  1. Kevin Holmes

    Hope your doing good bro…

  2. Dugan Begay

    Went to rehab with Rob years ago a good guy


    Hope all is well Rob

  4. Whit

    This dude is more like his father than he will ever know.

  5. chose

    hope he’s doing well

  6. Maz

    Does anyone know if he made it?

    1. Chris reed

      Rob has passed away June 2023.

      1. Dizzy

        Oh no! Can you provide any more information about him so I can confirm this? Last name, online notice or obituary, family member’s Facebook post, anything like that? Thanks for posting, very sorry for your loss Chris.

  7. Michael

    Is this guy still alive? I started to worry when the captions on the screen said he had organs removed.

  8. Kara Bishop

    I would really like to know if he’s doing well and how is family is? I definitely hope you’re living a life of sobriety and being the dad that your daughter deserves!

  9. Katie

    I’m so shocked that there aren’t more comments or updates here. I was really affected by this episode! Rob seemed like a good person who needed a ton of help growing up and getting past blaming his dad for everything in his life. I loved the family— especially the siblings but also the ex wife. All really relatable people that I could imagine knowing in life. I hope Rob made it.

  10. Pang

    So few comments! Did he ever have a legacy update?

  11. Chris reed

    R.I.p brother

    1. JML26

      I just finished watching this episode, and I’m honestly surprised he lived so long considering the condition of his organs. Most people with Cirrhosis don’t live that long.