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Season 24, Episode 6

Age: ?

Location: Kensington, Philadelphia, PA
Addiction: Fentanyl, Crack

Official Synopsis:  Social media phenomenon Amber Rose travels home to South Philadelphia to come to the aid of her childhood best friend, Tina, who’s addicted to fentanyl and crack, but Tina is currently lost on the dangerous streets of Kensington.

What’s Memorable:  This episode was maybe not the best idea the Producers ever had was it?  Amber Rose seems like a genuine person here and truly wants to use her fame to save her friend, and I know that attaching her name to it probably increased viewership a bit, but making the actual addict a supporting character like this means we only get to know her for a couple days surprise filming time, with no confessionals or participation in her own story, and we don’t get all that attached to the outcome. Like, are we supposed to care about Tina just because Amber Rose cares about Tina? We don’t know her AT ALL, and all that we get to see of her is pretty terrible.  HOWEVER!  I feel like if you look at this episode as the story of Latina, it was a whole lot more successful. I am cutting Intervention a lot of slack for this weird ass episode because ultimately, it may have saved this girl’s life. She had never left Philly, her options to ever be able to leave were extremely limited, and the possibilities for her there seemed pretty dire given the environment and the people she was surrounded by every day. Intervention & Amber may have prevented her from getting to that place where she becomes hopeless enough to begin using the drug that is literally everywhere around her. Did you see her face when she realized she was getting out of there? They may have actually stopped an addiction, and all the pain and regret and trauma that would have come from it, from ever starting. And for that, I am glad they did this episode.  Something wonderful and rare came of it – this awesome, smart, full of potential young woman got to escape a terrible situation before she started making the kinds of decisions that ended up putting her mother in the life she’s in now. What an inspiring thing that is!

Interventionist: Michael Gonzales, doing his best with what he was given.

Date Aired: July 25, 2022

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  1. Johnny Juche

    Is this the worst episode of intervention ever?

    1. April S.


    2. Nivey

      Agreed! YES!!! I felt like it was all about Amber Rose!? Wtf?!! And this is the season finale!!? I’m soooo disappointed coming from a loyal fan since season 1! 👎

      1. Stefan

        Yah this is definitely the worst season of the show ever. Hopefully we’ll get some burnt off Intervention Canada episodes soon.

      2. Katie

        Totally agree! It was like she was promoting herself. Worst episode ever.

  2. AMA

    I hope Latina is able to live with Amber when she completes treatment. I felt so much empathy for her position of being the one person willing to break the cycle. She deserves such stability and peace.

  3. April S.

    What the hell was this episode!? We saw all of what, maybe 5 minutes of the addict and the rest was Amber Rose showboating? What a waste of time.

  4. Alexandra

    I think they had good intentions here but it just goes to show that without buy in from the whole family (so sad to see the brother dip out!) and longer rapport with the addict, it’s sort of doomed to fail. When they decided to do the “intervention” on the street I knew it was never going to stick. Amber wanted to help but she, not being a family member, didn’t have the sway the person calling the show usually does. I hope Latina is able to stay on the path she’s on now.

    1. Stefan

      Agreed. It reminded me of Larry’s episode in that sense (in addition to it ending with no updates that she went to treatment, something very rare in the history of the show).

  5. Kelsey

    As someone from Philly, this episode bothered me so much. Along with the very odd episode itself, I was so bothered by the private investigator’s words about the guys on dirt bikes and quads. Those kids are frequently all over the city and do not harm anyone, they even follow the traffic laws as you see them stopping at a red light (aka them surrounding the car). Incredibly often I find myself in the middle of the bikes and there is NEVER a problem. I feel as though the way Intervention portrayed these kids, who are just getting around, could cause a lot of harm. Next thing you know, some ignorant person from suburbia sees them and shoots because they are “nervous”.

    1. Kelsey

      The private investigator acted like they were a gang running the streets. They could care less, leave them alone. Philly has enough problems that need attention and compassion, as evident in Kensington.

      1. Erica

        I’m from Philly too and second all your statements.

    2. beelove

      i’m from brooklyn, and i had the exact same thoughts! a registered private investigator who ostensibly has deep familiarity with the hood had the nerve to act like a “gang of roving atv riders” was going to hem him up in broad daylight as he sat in his car. really? gtfohwtbs.

    3. April S.

      I was wondering if he was actually a private investigator or just a guy playing one to add suspense to the “rescue.” I mean, aren’t PIs normally discrete about their identities, and most definitely wouldn’t go on National TV to expose who they are?

      1. Stefan

        My thoughts exactly.

  6. Cathleen

    Absolutely bizarre. Hope this is not a new trend.

  7. Cordelia525

    I’ve been following Intervention since season 1, and I thought the “rescue” format was fine and maybe an interesting change. I found Amber Rose to be sincere. Goes to show that if the family isn’t united the intervention itself is not effective. The brother didn’t even show up.

  8. Mini

    This seemed to be an attempt with the producers to skate up the format, but it didn’t work. Some things should be left alone. Also, I miss the music they used to have on the show.

  9. Jess

    Reality TV + Intervention = cursed combo

  10. Gregory D Moore

    Low point for me came when Amber Rose stated, “I can buy a treatment center–but I can’t force her to go to it,” early in the episode, I knew it was going to be a bumpy night. This was the “Season Finale”? This doesn’t bode well. It seemed to be a collection of six, orphaned episodes from previous seasons. Leftovers. Six episodes does not a season make! This episode was a major misfire.

    1. April S.

      I agree with you about the “leftovers.” Each one had a different format/style and after the first 2, I thought it was going to be a running theme. But no, they threw in random episodes. Also, when Amber Rose said that, I literally said, “Oh well, good for you, Miss Perfect.” Ugh *eye roll*

    2. Elizabeth

      All I could think was, as rich as you are, the best that you can offer the daughter of your best friend is to put in a call and get her a job as a stripper??? I don’t mean to be judgmental but this kid is so young and has already been through so much. Stripping is a tough life and it’s a time limited sort of career. If AR can “buy a treatment center” why couldn’t she work with this kid to figure out what her dreams really are and set her up with something that might lead to a more stable future? Then again, maybe the kid really wanted to work in adult entertainment – I don’t know.

      1. Gregory D Moore

        Yes, that part they skidded right past, that Amber Rose got her a job in a strip joint. I pumped the brakes on that comment, too. Whoa…

  11. Sudie

    Will there be any more episodes in this season?

    1. Nivey

      @Sudie I believe that was the season finale! 👎

  12. Kat M

    I couldn’t get into this at all. I felt like most of the focus was on Amber Rose, and she doesn’t need another platform to promote her brand.

    1. Nivey

      I agree! It was weird episode to say the least! But I do pray her daughter’s find help and some peace, it was nice to see one of them thriving in LA. I felt deep empathy for those two girls! That scene with Tina smoking crack right next to her daughter in bed was terrible! I don’t care if the daughter is over 18 no child should ever be witness to that! Sad! Praying those girls make it! Xo