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I’m still missing some photos

So I’ve done a decent job of replacing the broken photo links with actual photos that won’t disappear again, with much help from fellow uber-fan Gregory. But there are a few more photos I can’t replace because these episodes are not available (not for free at least) on any of the streaming sites. If you have access to any of these episodes and can take a screenshot for me, that’d be real cool. Send to [email protected]

Note: This does not include Gabe, the narcissist gambler from Season 1. Please, don’t send me pictures of Gabe. You may have noticed that his episode is not on this site. This is intentional. I refuse to give that horrible little man any more attention than he’s already gotten.


Alissa, Episode 4 (Gambling)

Peter, Ep 7 (Video games)

Renee, Ep 7 (Bulimia)

Kelly P, Ep 9 (Anorexia)

Rachel, Ep 11 (Heroin)

Michael M, Ep 12 (Rage)

Randi, Ep 12 (Bulimia, meth) *Randi commented a while ago to tell me that her episode is not available because she found out about the intervention during filming. Which is interesting, don’t you think?  I can think of 5 more people who found out about the intervention whose episodes are available. 


Howard, Ep 15 (Alcohol)

Adam, Ep 16 (Heroin)

Michelle, Ep 17 (Meth)

Update: SUCCESS!!! Thank you so much to readers who sent me the photos I was missing. Y’all are pretty cool.