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S1E12 Michael M. & Randi

I’ve found references to this episode, but it is not listed on the Intervention Episode Guide and is not available on Netflix.  And as far as I know, it has not been re-run since it originally aired in July of 2005.  If anyone knows where I can find it, please let me know.

Synopsis (via A wealthy family is in crisis and desperate to help Michael, a rage addict with a long history of violent behavior who has punched 24 holes in the walls of his father’s house in the past year. And a woman seeks help for her sister, a bulimic and crystal meth addict who was sexually abused as a child by her babysitter.


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  1. liz

    I remember seeing this one..maybe try a torrent site? Michael was seriously scary!!

    1. Mike m

      This is Michael himself please txt me at 909-277-3172

  2. JML

    Does anyone recall an episode about a guy that was in a band-maybe the girlfriend too?? I think it was one of the first episodes.

    1. marcy lily

      That was Tim .

    2. Late To The Party

      Travis Meeks from Days of the New, maybe? His ep originally aired in April of ’05.

    3. Jan

      That was Robbie Pardlo. He and his ex girlfriend was in the Grammy nominated music group City High. They only put out one album before his and her breakup, and hero I f on with the other member of the group caused a complete split.

    4. marcy lily

      Again that was Tim Nold .His episode was one in the first few seasons . His girlfriend and her family were irritating and truthfully seemed to be using him . He was the guy that crawled in the drain pipe and was on crack . He was in a band called Burn Season but was managing his girlfriend Madison and her group that played at places like Six Flags and large theme parks .

  3. tito travels

    This episode (and all 13 seasons) are now available on iTunes. Thanks so much for creating such a comprehensive and useful guide to the show!

  4. Lady

    July 15, 2004 post Randi made on a thread on Intervention’s Facebook page:

    “Bobbi, my name is Randi Carrera and I was on the Intervention program 7 years ago. I have a life beyond my wildest dreams today. I still have to deal with life on life’s terms, but I don’t have to ever feel alone again. I have put a lot of energy into maintaining a strong beautiful recovery. This is a way of life for me now. You can go on line and find A.A. meetings in your area that you could attend. I will pray you will be given the gift of desperation, when you would rather die than to continue your misery. “We do recover, if we have the capacity to be rigorously honest.”

  5. Nikki

    They have the full episode on the A&E website now

    1. Halley

      Can you post a link? That’d be great.

  6. renee872

    Yes please post a link!!!

  7. marcy lily

    I have searched continuously for this episode and it always come up as the same Michael that was smoking crack and beating up his dad and poor little brother . The description was of a wealthy family but this was no wealthy family and the guy was destroying the house with constantly throwing tantrums and putting holes in everything .The guy was one of the few addicts I honestly thought should have been in jail because of the violence he was inflicting on his younger weaker brother and was repulsed by .
    If they were two separate guys they were both named Michael and there are no pictures of or working links to a different Michael . The same Michael M is always shown . Did maybe his episode get put on two separate episodes ( I think a few of the first subjects ended up on early follow up episodes or their intervention ended up getting re-shown with a new subject like they did with the “gambler” missing from this site ). I just wondered because Michael is the one and only subject I can not find . I was glad they did an episode on Intermittent Explosive Disorder /Intermittent Rage Disorder because it is terrifying .

    1. Kristy

      I’m pretty sure it’s the same Michael I have wondered the same thing.

  8. Frank Summers

    Has anyone seen this episode?

  9. Frank

    Here’s a forum post on the episode from 2005.

    It goes on for about 3 pages, but a lot of the stuff about Michael M. is the EXACT same stuff that was from the season 2 Michael.

  10. Stefan

    I asked about this episode on Ramoin’s channel and actually got a response from them:

    “If it exists, it’s not in the Internet. If it was I would know. Betsy’s episode wasn’t. Sorry for having to be so vague, but I can tell you this much: Randi’s footage was never edited into a broadcasting episode, but I doubt they deleted it. They never do. And don’t believe when A&E tells you that the only episodes that didn’t air were because the addict found out about the Intervention or because they knew it all along. There’s archived footage of several authentic episodes, starting from season 2 that “didn’t make it” because it was deemed either too boring, too derivative from previous episodes or too controvertial.”

    Randi supposedly contacted Dizzy years ago and claimed that the reason her episode never aired was because she found out about the intervention beforehand and agreed to go to treatment, thus the actual intervention never happened. Michael was subsequently bundled in with Adam and aired in Season 2 (this would explain why the timeline for his episode was a bit before Adam’s).

    I assume that this means Ramoin worked for the show in some capacity…

    1. J

      i’m extremely curious about the “too controversial” category. considering the show’s subject matter, it’s gotta be something really out there for it to be too controversial to air!

  11. Jeanette

    Here’s a short of the original episode (Still looking for the full one) would be good to get separate pages for Michael M and Randi…

    1. Stefan

      I think that’s from a different episode. As mentioned above, Michael is generally believed to be the same Michael in the season 2 episode with Adam.

  12. David

    I’m watching this on TV right now. If I would’ve seen this post before it came on I’d have recorded it 🙁

    1. Stefan

      Seriously!? Are you sure it’s not the Michael/Adam episode?

  13. Mary Dickinson

    I am looking for Season Episode 12 Michael and Randi episode of Intervention. I can’t find it anywhere. If someone has this, would you send it to me? Thank you.

    1. Dizzy

      It doesn’t exist. I know that’s a weird answer but it’s true! It just doesn’t.

  14. Charles

    Someone on ebay had the season 1 dvd for sale. This episode was not on the list printed on the actual dvd’s

  15. D.Moon

    A proper case of lost media it seems….

  16. Mandie

    I saw Randi’s episode when it aired on TV. I showed up to a treatment center in summer of 2005 and was surprised to see a cameraman following a beauty that reminded me of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Beautiful dark hair and walked with confidence and purpose. We watched her episode in treatment and we were all crying. Similar to when we see the guest on Intervention before treatment, and the surprise to see them sober, it is such a shock to meet the guest clean but watch them on TV behave,look, and speak like an addict.
    I had the opportunity to be in treatment with 4 Intervention guests.
    2 have passed away but 2 are still alive. I think those are actually good odds,considering this is about addiction. 💛

    1. Randi Carrera

      Mandie!! I remember you!!! Sober Way Home days!! It’s me Randi Carrera, I remember your big beautiful eyes and your youth and your tenacity! By the grace of the One I am still clean and sober one day at a time. I wish I had a copy of my own Intervention episode. I lent mine to a gal new in recovery and never saw it again. Too bad about Corrine and Adam. I actually live in the same city as Lana Rose who was also on the Intervention program. Small world. I hope this message finds you healthy and happy my love. Be abundantly blessed.