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Season 1 Episode 3


Age: 29
Location: Portland, Oregon
Addicted to: Vicodin
What’s memorable: How crazy she gets when the package with her Vicodin doesn’t arrive in the mail. Also, the stealing from the terminally ill boyfriend and the insane amount of debt.

Official synopsis: Jerrie’s family calls interventionist Jeff Van Vonderen to help their 29-year-old daughter, who is addicted to Vicodin. Jerrie is so addicted that she has been forging physician signatures to get the prescriptions that she thinks she needs. She also walks around the waterfront to find drug dealers so she can get high.

Original Air Date: March 2005
Interventionist: Jeff

All comments.

  1. Andy

    I wonder whatever happened to Jerrie.

  2. Plain old Emily

    I never thought I would say this but I have never seen this one.

  3. Stefan

    I’d say Jerrie ranks as one of the most forgettable people profiled on Intervention. The fact that her profile has so few comments is a testament to that IMO.

  4. Plain old Emily

    Is there any way we can watch it

    1. Stefan

      It’s available for purchase on Itunes and Xfinity.

    2. Stefan

      Here it is if you want to watch it:

  5. Gigi

    This episode stuck with me because I’m from the area and Jerrie was strangely self-aware, the storyline between her and her boyfriend Patrick was heartbreaking. Also her entire debt situation, the scene of her stuffing her bills into a drawer full of other unpaid bills.. I understand wanting to use to forget about it all ):
    It seems like Jerrie may have fallen into a meth addiction for a bit, I found these two mugshots of her. Nothing since 2019 so hopefully that is a good thing and she is getting help?

    1. Dizzy

      You sure that’s her? I know faces change after long addictions but I don’t see Jerrie in this face at all.

      1. Stefan

        Meth really changes ones appearance remember.

      2. Janel

        Doesn’t look like her at all. Notice the “widows peak” in the mug shot? No sign of that in the episode

    2. kitty katt

      I don’t believe this is her. Meth or not.

  6. Natasha

    I wish there was an update on her… Im from Portland and km in recovery. I would love to talk to her