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Season 2, Episode 2


Age: 24
Location: California
Addicted to: Heroin
What’s memorable: The nodding off into the bathroom mirror. Man, that was horrifying. Also, her reaction to the intervention.

Official synopsis: Audrey, 24, was popular and artistic. Now, she is a heroin addict living on the streets. She has been an addict for 5 years and her family feels like the next time they will see her is going to be in a coffin. Her family plans an intervention to save her, if they can.

Original Air Date: November 2005
Interventionist: Jeff

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  1. Mira

    @ the end of the episode it says she got married- to a woman right?
    Cause I know herfamily was not accepting of her homosexuality due to thier religious beliefs, well at least one of her sisters said something homophobic.
    Anyway I just hope she didn’t get brainwashed into being straight by them.

  2. Tim

    She married a man, but it wasn’t because her family brainwashed her. Her family is actually wonderful. 10 years after her intervention, she is still clean and sober, has a wonderful relationship with her family, and at 8 1/2 months pregnant, she is going to become a mom any day now! I thank God that Drey and Intervention found each other, because this world is a much more beautiful place with her in it!

    1. Nicole

      Tim – do you know Audrey? How do you know this? Glad she’s doing well!

    2. Tommy

      It’s sad but this episode didn’t really paint her family as being wonderful if they are. I got more of the vibe that they wanted her clean so she wouldn’t be an embarrassment to the family anymore more than any health concerns.

      Anyway I’m glad she is clean and has a good family of her own

    3. Sorry Google

      So where is Audrey? Does she not have social media? How’s the marriage and the kid?

  3. hjackie

    I got a very weird sense of that family. She was crying in the intervention and I don’t believe one person went to hug her. The father came off as extremely extremely controlling. And if that family had not rejected her in the beginning, I doubt she would have gotten on drugs. When the father demanded that they go tell everybody that her decision was yes before she had actually said yes, part of me was rooting for her to say no just to say screw you to that controlling father Who seems very used to getting his way all the time and telling his family members want to do.

    1. Stefan

      Extreme religiosity plain and simple.

      1. Dizzy

        You have a point. I got the same vibe from Tamela’s dad, Gabe’s (adoptive) dad, and Ashley’s dad. All emotionally aloof and controlling, all very religious.

      2. Stefan

        My friend who was adopted from South Korea grew up in a very similar household as Gabe’s. His mother even looks just like Gabe’s mother lol

    2. Meg

      Just watched this episode and also was rooting for Audrey. Very happy to hear she’s doing well.

      Incidentally, Hjackie, her father said ‘let’s go tell everyone your decision’ after she told him ‘no.’ I read it as him just trying to get her back into the room to hear the bottom lines.

  4. Aisling

    I found Audrey’s Facebook:

    It appears she is doing well. I believe she has children of her own, someone said above that she married a man but I don’t see any pictures with him- if they were together at one point they may not be now. However she seems very happy and posts pictures of her parents, which is great that they’re close now! If anyone has any further updates I would love to know.

  5. Kimberly

    I just want to say that I have known this family almost my entire life & they are amazing people. I grew up down the street from them, Audrey was a good friend of my brother, her sister was my best friend and her father was my choir director. I’m shocked that this ever even happened but sometimes it doesn’t matter how great your childhood was, things just happen. Audreys parents were awesome, even took her best friend and her little brother in to live with them and ended up adopting them when Audrey was in elementary school. They were a major part of my childhood and I can’t think of one negative thing to say about them, I loved them. Audreys father is not controlling, he loves his daughter and it’s just his demeanor that you have misunderstood, he is a great dad!!!❤️

    1. Lorelei

      Any parent that refuses to accept their child’s sexuality and puts them through mental torture over it isn’t a “great parent”. I understand that if you’re religious and straight, you won’t understand that, but they chose passages in an old book over their child’s happiness, and THAT could never possibly qualify as “great parenting”, regardless of how nice they were to others lmao

      1. J

        This episode really touched me. Audrey, I hope you are doing well. I can’t stand these episodes where the family can’t accept their child’s sexuality due to religious reasons. Don’t be a parent if your love or acceptance is conditional. There is no justification to cause such pain to another person, regardless of what you believe.

  6. Amy Skaggs

    I believe Audrey’s parents just didn’t want to Remove her from their lives so much so that “no” wasnt an option. I myself am a former heroin addict and went through an “intervention” (untelevised of course) and the fear my family had of me not getting help is a fear that I’d never wish on anyone’s family. Imagine waking up every single day with a demonic like presence on your back constantly ordering you to do awful things to harm yourself. Constantly feeding off your trauma and fears only getting stronger as you grow weaker. That’s Addiction. One day at rock bottom, only at your weakest moment, you see a light. Its fight or flight. Whoever is reading this that needs help if nothing in this stands out to you , let this one word jump out and change your life. FIGHT! FIGHT until you take your life back. It’s possible. Addicts are some of the strongest people I know. Audrey if this gets to you. Thank you for reminding me in your episode of what my purpose is and I hope your well. You and your family have impacted me In just 45 minutes. Forever in my prayers I hope that isn’t the last time I see your story. God bless

  7. Lorelei

    Her mom and her homophobic sister just disgusted me lol the whole time during the intervention they just sat there with these ugly looks of disgust on their face while only consoling one another…. and that guy on here that was like “no her family’s behavior had no influence on her into marrying a man!” and then conveniently goes on to talk about god… right, I totally believe that her family’s (and the people who know her personally, like that guy) extreme religion-based bigotry and homophobia had nothing to do with it…. totally…. maybe it’s just because I come from a similarly bigoted holier-than-thou religious family, but I just wanted to reach through the screen and smack those two women the entire time

  8. Nivey

    I recently saw Audrey’s episode again on Tubi. Found her on IG and she looks to be doing well. She has two adorable children. Doesn’t mention any significant others. I did see her dad in one post so it’s nice to see she reconnected with her family! That scene of her dozing off in the bathroom mirror was harrowing! I didn’t know if she could ever make it? But I’m so happy to see that she has! Wishing her the best!

  9. Nahrissa

    Wow. I so desperately wanted one of her family members to tell her how much they love her instead of just issuing some really gross ultimatums (i.e. passing her photos around, tracking down her dealers, etc.) especially given how much she was clearly in pain at the start of the intervention. I know people on here are saying how great her family is, but man. Out of that whole room, her brother-in-law and her mother at the end are the only ones who seemed to really show any concern for her. I truly hope Audrey has found peace and continued sobriety, she seemed like a wonderful person.